PHOTOS Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith celebrate son Kaiser’s first birthday together

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On the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, viewers will watch as Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith’s relationship goes from good (when they got engaged) to very, very bad (when he was arrested for domestic violence, a charge that was later dropped). But, in real-time, it seems the exes are actually on pretty great terms!

“Even though we have our ups and downs one thing will never change… U are and always will be a great father,” Jenelle said of Nathan on Instagram yesterday.


A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on


In addition to celebrating Father’s Day together, Jenelle and Nathan also marked son Kaiser’s first birthday one week early.


I had to sorry Kai ! had his birthday party today and it was a huge success !!!

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on


Based on the amount of cake Kaiser ended up with on his face and the kind posts from Jenelle to Nathan, it seems the celebration was a huge success.

Watch Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship highs and lows on the new season of Teen Mom 2, premiering on MTV on Thursday, July 9 at 10/9c.

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  • Kendra

    Glad they could be civll to celebrate Kaiser’s birthday… am I the only one that secretly hopes they work things out!?

    • EgoPrincess

      I hope things work out too and they get back together and get married jenelle loves him and is clear heart broken i d hate to see her not have a chance to get him back. They re so perfect together if they d both chill out!!

      • Daisy

        you are both nuts…or 13

        • spottedgiraffe

          It’s interesting to watch the devolution of society on a comment section.

      • violet Beuregarde

        I’m sure you’ve said the same things about all the other guys she’s been with.

    • erb123

      you want a couple where both partners were arrested for DV against the other (separate incidents) to work things out?????

      • Kendra

        obviously they both need help but that’s why i said WORK THINGS OUT… nobody is perfect. no relationship is perfect. But when kids are involved, I think there should be a fair effort in trying to make things work and getting help on both sides.

        • spottedgiraffe

          No. When there are kids involved if domestic violence happens the relationship needs to end immediately.

        • violet Beuregarde

          LOL! It’s like they’ve merely had a few bad fights over petty little things rather than multiple arrests for domestic violence on each other.

    • Lyra

      They didn’t fight because they were incompatible, they fought because she only knows how to deal with stress by getting angry or turning to drugs. She would have the same issues with any other guy, once she gets some therapy and/or prescribed meds (for any mental problems) they probably would get along fine.

      • Myndee

        She was on prescription medication for her bipolar disorder, but stopped taking them because she didn’t like the way they made her feel. Because not beating on and yelling at your mother is such a horrible way to feel

    • spottedgiraffe

      Yes you ARE the only one that wants a couple that beats each other up and uses the cops as a weapon back together.

      • ….

        No kidding. Her fans are either very young or insane or think these types of relationships are normal. These two are toxic and should have never, ever had a child. Violent addicts (that are not sober in any which way!) are not a good match and that’s what Nathan and Jenelle are. I hope Barb takes Jace with full legal custody and moves away. Poor Kaiser though. Seems like Nathan’s family is just as messed up and enabling.

    • Gum

      You sure are the only one. They have young children that don’t need to constantly be around their middle school-like nonsense. Did you forget that less than a month ago, Jenelle accused him of beating her and running her over with his truck in the middle of the night? And of course it was all lies she was the one who actually assaulted him. And that was just this PAST arrest, you can go through all of last year’s too! You really think young children deserve to be around that all the time? Sorry but that worn out “nobody’s perfect” excuse does not erase multiple arrests for domestic violence against each other. Not on here and certainly not to any family court judge.

    • Demona

      No by the way Jenelle is looking at Nathan with love in her eyes she agrees with you.

  • Bruja

    There is poor Jace, in the last photo, barely noticed and not even mentioned.

    • Renee L

      Poor baby. I wish I could adopt the little guy.

    • Yep

      This is about his brother. He has a birthday party every year too. Which almost always gets posted on here. Jace isn’t being ignored. You’re just making drama. Let it go.

      • Bruja

        You’re right, Jace is never ignored by his mother. Hell, she is mom of the year as far as he goes.


  • Mrs C.

    What was she trying to caption on that picture? Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand what she meant “I had to sorry Kai”…

    • erb123

      it means she put the cake in the baby’s face

    • Lol

      Well jenelle isn’t known for her intellect so bare with her.

      • Gum

        Lol if were talking Jenelle speak, you mean “bear” with her.

  • Brandy Nicole

    I bet they are back together. At least for this week.

  • erb123

    pretty sure they are back together and not just ‘keeping it civil’ nate doesnt want to work and jenelle cant be on her own.

    notice how there was no mention of nate’s other kid, his daughter emory, missing from the family event (that happened on fathers day) pretty sure he hasnt seen her in a while.

    • violet Beuregarde

      The kid’s birthday isn’t for another 9 days, she could’ve easily had the party next weekend. She didn’t want Nathan to be with Emery and her mother on father’s day so she bumped her Kaiser’s birthday up 9 days early to give him another reason to spend time with her.

      • Bec

        Yup plus she has a vacation planned and will be gone on kaisers birthday

        • Kay

          This bitch sure does take a lot of vacations for someone with two kids.

  • Hah

    Why would they mention jace when it’s kaisers birthday party?

    • Duh

      Oh we don’t know maybe it’s because Jace is Kaiser’s BIG BROTHER!

      • Meeshel

        When I post about one of my child’s birthday, I don’t mention my other children.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Jenelle did the party a week early in an effort to hang out with Nathan. If she didn’t celebrate it on Father’s Day they would have had separate parties, but this was her way of being around him. Why she wants to be with him after they’ve both filed domestic violence charges on each other I don’t know. Where’s Emery?

    • violet Beuregarde

      People are guessing she had the party early so Nate would be with her and her kids on Father’s day not Emery. She did the same thing with her baby shower too.

      • Guest

        That’s so sad! God, she’s such a nasty cow.

      • Lauren

        For real. But Nathan should’ve insisted Emery being there as Kai is her brother too. But maybe Allison doesn’t want her around Jenelle anymore seeing as her & Nate are no longer together.

        • erb123

          nate and allison (and her parents who have full custody) have a very strict custody schedule w nate only having supervised visits. i wonder if he was even allowed to see her if he wanted

      • spottedgiraffe

        Poor Emery. Jenelle only cared about her when she was threatened by Alison. Now that she’s served her purpose she’s not considered family.

  • L

    Jenelle doesn’t even mention Jace that is sad. Does Jenelle care about Jace?

    • erb123

      no and she wont care about kaiser once nate is out of the picture for good. she only cares now because he is a pawn.

  • Tabatha Marie Jimenez

    Ok she obviously isn’t the one taking pictures and it was Kai’s birthday not jace’s. I’m sure everyone else has a perfect life though ?

    • Bruja

      But she sure is the one that posted them, and couldn’t even mention the presence of “big brother Jace standing by Kaiser with cake face” or something like that, right?
      Really? Not Jace’s birthday.

    • tootie

      Everyone here is totes a jeli h8r!!! They totes don’t know what it’s like!! I’ll admit it, I lied and told my book club my husband ran me over in a suburban last month right after I told my brother in law to go die in combat on our engage vacay#truluv, when I really smashed his face in cause he looked at me funny and it was hard for me to turn myself in to the cops the next day, but I did dang it!!! So don’t judge us and LEAVE BRIT-NELLE ALONE!!!

      • Bruja

        I’m so ashamed…

  • Gum

    “You’ll always be a great father”?? Jenelle if you had been fighting with him you’d have deliberately kept him away from the party and then blasted him on twitter for not showing up and caring about his kids. As usual after you both get arrested and break up, you get lonely and want to get back together with him. And nice try keeping him away from his other kid on father’s day by needlessly having kaiser’s party like a week and a half in advance. What are you going to do on the fourth of July if he wants to go and spend the day with her? blow up his car with fireworks??

  • Emily

    These pictures are kind of blurry so you can’t tell but Kaiser looks a lot like Nathan! Same eyes, just like his daughter has, too. He doesn’t look like Jace at all! Jace looks just like Jenelle.

  • violet Beuregarde

    Interesting that she’s comfortable having her young children around the man that she said assaulted her and ran her over with a truck less than a month ago.

    • Renee L

      Funny how that happens huh?

  • TA

    At least wear a beach cover for the cake and photos. She’s such trash.

  • Renee L

    Can she never wear clothes? I get it may have been a pool party, but put a cute swim cover thing on. She’s going to be the mom in a bikini while Jace & Kai’s teenage friends are over. Also, Kaiser is a cute baby.

  • Lauren

    I get that it’s Kaiser’s birthday but why push Jace off to the side? Poor kid. Jenelle needs to give it up & admit she has no interest in being there for him except when they’re filming. I just want to adopt him out of that dysfunction.

  • Bec

    Aw look..Kai! Your first bday, a week early (because mommy needs to go party and make sure daddy can’t spend Father’s Day with his first born child) and mommy has her b00bs resting on your head, how sweet.

    Does this girl not own a coverup?!!? She looks like one of those troll dolls I had as a child, short and stockkkyyyy

  • sammy

    You forgot to mention that Kaiser’s face is covered in cake because JENELLE PUSHED HIS FACE INTO THE CAKE. She admitted herself with an “lol” and that’s why she captioned it with sorry I had to. What garbage.

    • Ashsizzle21

      Thats something very minor. A lot of people do that, at least around my part of the woods. So critical.

  • misShelly

    These comments are REDICULOUS!!! I’ve had a million birthday pool parties and In every single picture my mom and I are in our bathing suits for cake and presents. And how in the world can you conjecture so much from 3 pictures. You can’t see the entire party, maybe Emery was there. And Jenelle wasn’t taking the pictures, she’s in them. She had no control over what other people captured. Jace is clearly standing right next to her. OYE! So many pessimists!

    • Candy

      I know right? I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t have a happy day with my young children and the man that ran me over with a truck last month without negative people commenting on it. Also I say we all spell ridiculous as REDICULOUS and in all caps too.

      • misShwlly

        Yikes, who peed in your Cheerios this morning. I’m sorry spelling police. I’ll proof read all my posts for the all important starcasim or whatever this is from now on. Especially since I’m on a road trip with my entire extended family, just reading this for entertainment while I’m on break from school for my Master’s of Science on Nursing. Thank you, the world needs more spelling monitors. I salute you!

        • Ingrid

          I thought it was fairly obvious her comment was more of a commentary on how funny it was that you’re here yelling at us for being pessimists yet blatantly ignoring the long list of reasons everyone is. Namely because of the numerous violent accusations Jenelle made against this man less than a month ago (including him running her over with a car) yet her being completely fine at having her young children around him. Un-surprisingly you decided to ignore all that and dedicate your entire post against her 1 sentence-long spelling criticism of you at very the end of the comment.

          • misShelly

            I’m sorry you’re right. Nobody should ever put their dysfunctions aside for the sake their child, I forgot that was the new American way. I’ll try harder to get my panties in a bunch over something I have absolutely no control over. I’m sure next time my negative comment will make the difference in their lives!

  • JEs_Chinions

    LMFAO at these comments… Everyone commenting here is, as Jenelle would say, ON POINT.. everyone besides the two 12 yr olds who think these two are “PERFECT TOGETHER!” (Hi Jenelle!)

    I mean who doesn’t want a man that ran you over with a truck like a couple weeks ago (no big deal, happens to me all the time!) or a woman who obsessively stalked you for weeks to find out where you now live so she could nonchalantly come “surprise” you & pick up your child (baby) one evening (midnight) after dinner (86 fireball shots) because it was her time with the child (mtv cameras are here!) OH and just kinda argues (physically assaults) you on her way out the door (aka oh sh!t, the cops are coming for her… again.) #RelationshipGoals

    Gosh, why do you people have to always look at only the negative stuff? It is completely normal for people to make mistakes (15 -&counting- mugshots later) when they’re young! She’s a teen (24 yr old “mother” of two) mom (babysitter) & she’s showing the REAL struggles (6-figure annual income) all young moms go through by giving us (12yr old girls) this amazing opportunity to watch her grow (a mugshot collection) as a mom, completely uncut (including pierdiddlerpics4all)! SHE’S AN INSPIRATION! #LeaveHerAlone #HatersGonnaHate #Jealous

  • Cristina

    Nice bar bracelets Jenelle. Next time cut them off for your son’s birthday party.