PHOTO Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith back together in New York! (technically New Jersey)

Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans back together 2015

In “WAIT, WHAT?!?” news, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans casually shared a photo of her and ex(?)fiance Nathan Griffith together at the Electric Daisy Carnival in East Rutherford, New Jersey earlier today.

Jenelle dropped the photo bomb (in a different sense of the term) on Instagram and captioned it simply with a couple of flower emoji and a double heart emoji. In the picture, Nathan is sporting an Ohio shirt and a USMC hat while Jenelle is decked out in a floral outfit, befitting the Daisy Carnival, and a mask that she “borrowed” from a “fellow dude” earlier.

Also with Jenelle and Nathan is Louis Galletta, who is an event coordinator with Jenelle’s public relations company J Donovan Productions.

And yes, we were obligated to create this photo:

Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans back together 2015 Babs Evans

Let me point out that we have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what it means that Jenelle and Nathan were together, for all we know it was just long enough to snap a photo, although it seems unlikely that they both made the trip to EDCNY independently. I’m not aware of any sort of Teen Mom 2 Reunion shows being taped in New York this weekend (which would be one possible explanation for them both being there).

It appears we have no other choice but to freak out and speculate. Well played Jenelle, well played indeed.

UPDATE – While on her trip back home, Jenelle responded to a tweet expressing joy that she was back with Nathan in the same way Amy Winehouse responded to being asked to go to rehab:

And while you mull over the possibility of a Jenathan reconciliation, here are some more photos and videos of Jenelle from EDCNY:

Getting ready for #EDCNY !

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Super excited ! #EDCNY

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Pretty much craziness !!!

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Siiiiick #EDCNY

A video posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Siiiiick #EDCNY

A video posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Borrowed this from a fellow dude lol

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

I don't look happy but instead lol

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

Had so much fun tonight

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

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  • Myndee

    I can’t get past her face…..she’s obviously had work done, she doesn’t look half as worn down as she usually does and I want to know what all she’s had done. It’s more than just new drawn on eyebrows and some fresh foundation and concealer

    • awoman

      Agreed. She had work done. It’s a different shape. I just can’t figure out what’s different.

      • me

        Her nose and lips, I think.

    • sammi

      Lol I know. She does look different. I know for sure her lips have been plumped, they no longer look like a slit. She looks younger without all that caked on makeup and faux tan too

  • neenamoon

    ➊➋➌Run life with starcasm < ww­w­.­F­o­x8­1­.­C­o­m

  • starlight02

    My how times have changed I remember going to the EDC in the 90’s when it was an underground rave now it so mainstream crazy

    • lol

      Yea. Now it’s all the “rave”. Pun intended.

  • Fillers

    She had her nasolabial folds filled along with her lips enlarged. Bizarre that a girl so young would have such deep wrinkles but … Drinking, drugging & eating crap will do it.

    • Lauren

      Having wrinkles at 24 is actually completely normal.

      • tomisa

        you must hang around some busted-ass 24-year-olds then.

        • Mrs C.


        • sammi

          Right. Im 29 and people think Im 22-23. Jenelle looks 35 with makeup on

        • deena

          I usually don’t defend Jenelle, but people age differently. Even some teenagers have wrinkles.

    • Wrinkle

      Maci and Chelsea have wrinkles as well and neither of them have had a drug abuse. Wrinkles are genetic.

      • Ugh

        Both Chelsea and Maci drink/drank like sailors. And Maci smokes/smoked cigarettes. Plus they pound on the makeup. Plus they tan. All of those things combined can age you rapidly.

  • Ashley

    Umm according to Jenelle she doesn’t drink, yet the photos would suggest otherwise…

  • Drbzy

    Asa, can you just write all of the Starcasm articles..orrrrrrrr…?

  • Ace

    Wtf.. she’s deleted it now, but just yesterday on her Facebook she posted something along the lines of how she was enjoying being single and “no one cares about you, go away” (aimed at Nathan). Just can’t make up her mind can she, except about the fact she’d still rather be anywhere else than taking care of her kids.

  • Guest

    At least her lips look semi-normal again.

    • sammi

      Yea I know lol

  • kieffer

    Good for them if they can work it out. He seems just as cray as her though.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Jenelle is an absolute fool that deserves her misery at this point. She never learns. Wonder which grandparent kaiser was dumped on this time.

  • ChelseaaWasLyke

    Yay! The crazy train is back in business!

    Bring on DUI number 5, and mug shot number 15? 16?!!

    • Don’t forget another domestic violence charge and 911 tape of Jenelle screaming on it!

      • violet Beuregarde

        Already in progress! She got in a fight with Nathan again last night and took a tire iron to his car for “stealing her phone”. She now has a warrant out for assault.

        • Lol I swear I can predict the future! Now did we get the 911 tape yet?

    • BreeMorey

      I love this

    • violet Beuregarde

      I lost count too. I just know we’re waayy past ‘we could use her mugshots as a calendar’ point.

  • Renee

    You guys suck at reporting all you have to do to find out there back together is go on Nathan’s Facebook page and he posts about how he is finally feeling better after being sick and jenelle comments you must have gotten sick from me, sorry babe”

  • GeorgieD.

    Back together again? Really? *Yawn*

    He’ll be pinning her head against the toilet again and snatching off the engagement ring in 5…4…3…2…

  • Jenelle I thought you were smart enough to move on from that douchebag. >.<

    • violet Beuregarde

      Lol! what on earth gave you that idea? She has claimed domestic violence against boyfriend Josh, baby daddy Andrew, fiancee Gary, boyfriend Kieffer and husband Courtland and has gotten back with each of them multiple times. Why would you think she’d dump Nathan?

      • She did dump Nathan………… She got back with him is the problem. I thought she was smarter than that because she’s actually grown up a lot since giving birth to Jace. Why don’t you not judge her for past events? Would you like someone to judge you for the rest of your life, over all the stupid things you’ve done in the past?

        • violet Beuregarde

          Can you not see that she’s literally done the same sh*t with every other boyfriend/fiancee/husband she’s had? She’s had them all arrested for “hitting” her, she’s then broken up with them and gotten back with all of them a few weeks or a month or so later. I get that you don’t want to judge her or hold her responsible for anything she ever does, but I don’t get why you’re continually surprised she’s does the same things with guys that she’s done in the past.

          • I don’t understand the ” ” around hitting. You think she lied? Because if you think that, that’s pretty low.

            • violet Beuregarde

              The fact that she has gotten back with each of them at some point including Courtland who allegedly beat her so bad he cause her to miscarry, she clearly isn’t bothered by it that much judging by these photos. And we all know if you’ve had a guy arrested for hitting you, the first thing you should do is let your young child continue to be around them after which she has done with each of them…Also just wondering, when Jenelle told her (future?) brother in law she wished her died in Iraq along with his best friend who did, was that ok to you?

              • Well clearly she was bothered by in since she no longer has anything to do with Courtland. When did I say that was okay? XD I called you low for suggesting that she lied about being physically abused. People like you are the reason some of those who are abused physically, emotionally or sexually, aren’t believed.

                • violet Beuregarde

                  Um you missed the part where she got back with him, let Jace around him, and got pregnant again. The abortion was talked about on Teen Mom 2, the only reason she finally dumped him is not because of the child she lost, not because of him beating her, but because he cheated, she said it herself. So clearly she wasn’t bothered by the abuse and isn’t bothered by it now since she, as you can see, is back, yet again with another man she’s had arrested for hitting her and no doubt will continue to let her young kids around. Because thats what good parents do don’t cha know; let their young children be around abusive grown men.

                  • Umm you missed the part where she’s moved on. Yea, she made one smart move by aborting it! It says she’s back with him. Until I see it from her on FB or or instagram, I won’t fully believe it. But okay, you have your opinion and I have mine. Agree to disagree. 🙂

        • jlt0102

          The problem is she keeps repeating the same mistakes from her past over and over, she hasn’t changed one bit.

          • Really? She’s not on drugs, shes taking care of her two kids, she’s going to school and on top of that getting amazing marks in school, she looks a heck of a lot better from her days on hard drugs. Now please tell me she ‘hasn’t changed one bit”.

            • jlt0102

              Oh hi Jenelle…

        • SneakyCentipede

          If I continued to make the same mistakes over and over along with excuses for never moving forward in my life, I would be deserving of people’s judgement; which she is.

          • Does that mean I get to judge you for the rest of your life over you being so damn negative? ’cause I’ve got a feeling you don’t find positive in anything. Can I judge you for the gross username? Sneaky centipede? Sounds like some screwed up human centipede thing. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t judge you because I don’t know you, just as you don’t know Jenelle. You know what the media shows you, not the full story. Figure out the full story before you judge alright? Alright.

            • SneakyCentipede

              Lol, judge away.
              I wont even begin to bring up the major defects in your silly argument because you would probably get confused. At least there is still one soldier marching on in the Jenelle army, carry on 😉

          • Renee L

            This chick Emily is total C U Next Tuesday. She’s lap licking all the teen moms and gets offended over anything said about that. She’s an angry one.

          • violet Beuregarde

            Amen! PS starcasm has yet to report she has a warrant out for fighting with Nathan and hitting him again yesterday night. The cops are looking for her to charge her with assault.

            • SneakyCentipede

              It just went up now. I wonder where I little friend is now, lol

  • Well I called this last month! It’s like she sucks guys into a toxic relationship with her that will forever go on.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      yeah’s called having a kid together. they will be like this for the next 20+ years. no real news here. im sorta gettin bored with jenelle.

      • No that’s not called having a kid together, their kid is nowhere around!

        • SneakyCentipede

          Plus she has repeated the same toxic cycle with every guy we’ve seen her date and she didn’t have kids with any of them. She wont get rid of him until she finds a new, even bigger POS. I never thought I’d see the day day that Keiffer would be looking good by comparison…

  • BeeRenda

    I hope they kill each other so those boys will have better lives..
    I also wish the worst of luck on the people behind Teen Mom/16&P and the ‘journalists’ who keep reporting on this ‘mother’..

  • sammi

    I like your new lips Jenelle. They no longer look like a slit between your nose and chin

    • peobo

      Why are people so obsessed with plump lips? Her lips looked fine before.

  • Dana Swank

    Ha! I recently started watch TM2 again (old episodes) and Jenelle and Nathan deserve each other. Of course he took her back. He probably figured the pseudo fame and TM money is worth putting up with her craziness.

  • Daisy

    And another weekend of partying while someone else takes care of her children..miracle story

  • mimi

    Oh yay! Another weekend spent partying and drinking instead of spending time withvyer children ?

  • Okay Jenelle Jenner

    Please can that one fan of hers (who was probably Jenelle or Nathan) come and defend this idiot who still does not have custody of her son while obviously partying? Her “moms need a break!” posts are like every other day. The grandparents are basically raising the kids. Both of them do not have legal custody of their children (Jace and Nathan’s daughter) that should be their priority. So, no, they are not allowed to have fun until they legally get their damn kids back and stop expecting other people to raise them. Some things are worth judgement. Apparently getting back with that scumbag, social media, drinking and plastic surgery are still more important than going to court and getting Jace back. Oh and for a supposed recently recovered drug addict a festival would be the last place she should be. Lots and lots of drugs there, just being offered. And maybe the reason these girls fail over and over again in their “sobriety” is because they have some weird idea that drinking and getting drunk is fine as long as it isn’t the drug of choice they were addicted to. Amber recently said she “drinks occasionally” which sent up lots of red flags. Real addiction programs would tell you to not drink for awhile, even if that wasn’t your issue. You can easily transfer one addiction to another or being drunk can make you want the drug you were addicted to and you relapse. And we all know Nathan with his multiple DUIs isn’t going to stop Jenelle. I hope MTV ends up as criticized as TLC is being right now for paying and allowing horrific behavior for ratings.

  • Demona

    When you’ve had her addiction issues drinking like a fish for fun can’t be a good thing. Just saying.
    I’ve known addicts that thought they could handle their booze.
    If by handle they meant switching to cheap vodka so they can down a gallon a night & still pay the rent, they do very well for themselves.

  • Regina

    That sweater makes her look super fat. How crazy that clothing can do that, since she’s so skinny. Huh.