Blac Chyna’s mom Ms. Toni calls Kris Jenner pimpstress, continues anti-Kardashian tirade

Blac Chyna's mom Ms. Tokyo Toni Instagram comments Tyga Kardashians and calling Kris Jenner a Pimpstress

On Friday Blac Chyna appeared to be attempting to call a truce with her ex (and father of her son King) when she tweeted, “Tyga I forgive you ! Im over the drama …..” It seems her mom, Ms. Tokyo Toni, didn’t get the memo as she continued her earlier tirade against the Kardashian family by calling Kris Jenner a “pimpstress,” the Kardashians “perverts,” and Tyga a “real jerk” in a comments made on Instagram over the weekend.

I should preface the comments by pointing out that it was recently reported that Kris and Bruce Jenner didn’t approve of 17-year-old Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga because he was currently tied up in a contentious custody battle with Blac Chyna.

* Please note: The text below is just how it was posted by Ms. Toni, except for the edited profanity.

Now KRIS And her husband or wife Bruce Jenner no longer wants Kylie around Tiger due to a bad custody battle b!tch its your daughter … BE A MOTHER AND NOT Pimpstress!!!!!!!!! MOM MANAGER? Of what? SMMFH!!!! The bad part is she made the statement don’t mess with Tiger into the custody battle is over!! No b!tch you go ahead and marry him!!! CHYNA DONT WANT HIS BEGGING ASSSS!!!


Ms. Toni continued to share her take on the situation in the comments section:

Thanks because this sh!t is real it doesn’t seem like it but it is I never took his sad or her aside from TMC to going to concerts with him because it was their business no one else’s no one sleep with them no one is in their house with them so no one knew or should know anyone’s business if you’re not in their home!! This guys a real jerk I don’t like him I never will like him again.


She seemed to almost regret saying all these negative things about Tyga in this next comment. Almost.

I went on TMC to clear the air telling everyone that we are family no matter what I told them how man taiga got into it back-and-forth over this but yet he is still going to be my son-in-law and Kings father now I almost regret even saying his name out of my mouth knowing the envoy you disrespectful trifling trader that he is.


Ms. Toni summarized her opinion by adding, “China needs to get full custody of King out of that environment.” She then further explained:

It’s perverts all within that house!!The reason why I say this is because if Tyga think nothing is wrong with f**king with the minor and the grandmother think nothing is f**king wrong with the minor then guess what my grandson needs to come out of that house.


H/T The Shade Room for capping Ms. Toni’s comments for posterity.

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  • Sara

    I don’t even know who Blac Chyna or her mother are and I don’t care to find out why they are relevant, but I hate her mother strictly for the fact “husband or wife”

    • MsAwesomePants

      I have no idea who any of these people, Tyga included, are, either. And that “husband or wife” was asinine. But I thought the whole tirade was, too.

    • spottedgiraffe

      They’re people involved the the constant kardashian drama

  • frontdoormom

    I gave up trying to read that nonsense. Whats with their names…blac chyna…toni Tokyo? Wow.

    • MsAwesomePants

      Don’t forget Tyga/Tiger/Taiga!

  • BreBreezieBre

    One Ima need momma to slow her roll she is taking it too far it’s one thing to back your daughter up but in the beginning you wanted YOUR daughter to give him another chance so before you talk about someone’s else parenting look at yours your wanting your daughter to get back with a GROWN MAN that left her for a minor! There is no way in hell would I want my daughter to get back with someone like that I would be doing everything to get him to stay as far as away from my child and grandson. Second we all know kris and Bruce haven’t been the best parents why kee bringing it up

  • Mrs C.

    Mama needs to take a few classes, spelling being one of them. She’s acting like a ghetto a%@ pre-teen. And really, Bruce’s transitioning should be left out of this mess. She should be ashamed, a grown woman, a grandmother trash talking. SMH.

  • Minus the spelling errors, ratchetness, and drama, everything she said was right lol. The Kardashian family are all ho3s and their mother is a pimp! The only reason why Bruce and Kris are saying anything now is because Blac Chyna is bringing their daughter into the custody battle. I think if Kylie wants to “date” a grown man and act grown her self she should be involved in the custody battle. Kris and Bruce are so wrapped up in their own crap they forgot or don’t care they have an underage daughter shown her azz literally!

    • MsB Cheet

      Thank you. I couldn’t have said this better really. You don’t allow a 25 year old to have sex with your 17 year old. You press charges. Kris Jenner is shameless and Bruce/Caitlin or whoever is also. Kylie will resent them if she doesn’t now.

  • pmo

    wow mama one ugly lookin biatch.

  • Michelle

    Is she on drugs? Im assuming she is.