Do the families on HGTV’s Fixer Upper get to keep the furnishings?

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HGTV has got a huge hit on its hands with the Texas-based Fixer Upper–and it’s not hard to see why. The endearing Chip and Joanna Gaines run a renovation and remodeling business out of a Waco storefront as well as their own home, do beautiful work restoring old, beat-up homes with loads of potential, and boast a sweet cadre of kids to boot. Fixer Upper’s first season was a ratings bonanza for the network, and the second shows no signs of slowing down.

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One question neither the network nor the Gainses have addressed directly is whether or not the newly-fortunate families on the show get to keep all the furnishings that Joanna uses to decorate the house when we see the finished product at the end of each episode. There’s always a bevy of furniture, a cavalcade of lamps, and a host of floral sprays, mantel frames, and sundry other touches to make each house feel like it’s already a lived-in home.

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Unfortunately for the many fans of Joanna’s decorating style, the short answer to that question is: No, the families don’t get to keep the furnishings. Every piece comes from Magnolia Market, the storefront Joanna runs in Waco, and is indeed added to the house to make it feel as cozy as possible before the new owners move in. In fact, savvy viewers have noted that bigger pieces–couches, overstuffed armchairs, dining room tables–are sometimes used in multiple episodes.

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Because they come from a shop, though, the pieces are available for purchase–either by those new owners, or by eager viewers. Magnolia Market’s website offers almost every piece you’ve seen on Fixer Upper, and oodles more. And, because Joanna and Chip have so many craftsman contacts from the greater Waco area, you can order any wood or metalworking piece you’ve seen on the show as well.

Joanna herself recently addressed the topic of Magnolia home furnishings in a Q&A session on her blog. Here’s what the Magnolia Mom had to say:


Heather Teems asked: “Hi Jo Jo! Something I’ve always wondered when watching Fixer Upper- do the clients keep the furniture and everything in the home? You always stage it so well but usually ‘staging’ a home means that it goes once the new owner moves in. Just curious!”
Hi Heather! It all depends on the client and their budget. Our show features real clients with real budgets. The furniture budget is not part of the renovation budget, it’s something some clients add at the end. About half of our clients already have all their own furnishings (some of which I use for the reveal), and others buy the items I decorate the home with. The main reason I decorate the rooms for the reveal is because I want the clients to get the full picture of how to maximize their newly renovated space.


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  • hart2015

    I knew they didn’t keep the furniture. Some don’t have enough money for the renovation, they definitely would not be getting free furniture.

  • gemma

    What about the custom pieces she has made especially for the homeowners? I’ve often wondered the same though, if they kept all the furniture and decor.

    • Brenda G.

      I feel like I remember reading in their website that the costume made furniture is put into their budget, and if it makes it go over they probably ask them before hand. Although sometimes I do remember hearing her say that something was a gift for them, a surprise. I think the show probably pays for that. I’m sure they can afford it. The show I mean, not the Gaines.

  • Denise Ross Cranford

    Love, love, love this show. Some episodes I’ve watched over and over.

    • BreeMorey

      Same 🙂 Chip makes me laugh a lot

  • shebee

    I was going to comment and say that I swear this article was ran about 2 months ago. Then I saw the comments which confirm that it’s the same one. Why recycle it?

  • Tejas Gal

    I like the shows concept but to be honest, they are very unprofessional. They continue to make misjudgements on the rennovations and some are $10,000+ errors . Some structural oversights are seen in the filmed walk throughs. They also make sure to use the budget and then some. In real life, if you put a nail through a waterline, that repair is on the contractor. If you under quote, that additional cost is on the contractor. I love their dedication to the family. I hope they are not shamming these home buyers. A rennovation should not exceed 50% of the cost of the home. Reviews of the tax records indicates, the tax assesor may not agree with the homes value. I am not sure I would want Chip working on my home. He does not always take in safety of equipment or others within the room. Maybe he gets rattled when the camera is rolling.

    • Texas Guy

      Lighten up “tejas gal”, it is a TV show—SHUT UP!

      • TaShonda

        Thank you!!! I was thinking this the entire time I read that post!

        • QWERTYUIOP

          i was thinking, give that blood pressure a rest.

      • kpas6185

        play nice.

      • shlbycindy

        No. YOU SHUT UP!

    • EdieBee

      I am pretty sure that is done for a dramatic effect.

  • June

    Absolutely the best show on HGTV! Recording tem all lets me watc over and over. I must admit, until Jo and Chip came along, I had long ago given up on HGTV and never watched it anymore. Even Nicole had worn thin. HGTV had better wake up and search for more like this couple or hang it up…enough redundant, B-O-R-I-N-G hose hunters, etc!!

    • Boots_Standifer

      Your comments sound as if you have been eavesdropping on my family’s conversations!

  • fourtyfourxtwo

    Love the show, I think Joanna is brilliant! She has a great eye and fabulous style – honestly tho, Chip annoys me. Sometimes I just wanna scream grow up dude! I tell ya what, if she “staged” a house for me there’s no way I wouldn’t keep every décor choice she made! Love her!!

  • Kathy Thornbury Allen

    Something I do not like is the waste. Most of these homes have perfectly functional kithchens,cabinets,light fixture,center islands,doors,windows that should be dismantled and donated. I am sure a habit for homes in New Orleans could use these items.

    • kpas6185

      Not sure why they don’t try to clean and keep some of the older pieces, even some of the tile work that comes up whole. Seems like the used cabinets, sinks, stoves, etc. could be resold.

    • Brenda

      I saw on one episode where Jo told Chip to be careful taking out the cabinets because they were being donated.

    • Cheryl Hatcher Dutro

      i have heard Jo say tell Chip more
      Than once to be careful removing caninets etc because they are donating them

    • kathy

      Instead of commenting on this site it would be better to contact HGTV and demand that they recycle/reuse many of the items that they smash and trash on these shows. I’ve even seen the Property Bros smash wonderful cabinets and a granite countertop. Apparently a sledge hammer makes better tv than the old guy volunteer from Habitat unscrewing things and carting them off for reuse by someone who is not an urban snooty.

      • Danny

        And who would pay for the time and expense to carefully remove, haul off, store, and deliver these used materials? The homeowners are spending their money on their new home. And Chip and Joanna are trying to keep the costs down to give the homeowners as much of what they want as possible for the money they have. Also, most of these materials are cut and sized for the particular rooms that they were installed in. You can’t just take them out and stick them in a different room and expect them to fit, function, or look nice. You would also need to test for asbestos and lead, and clean out all the insects and critters living in these things as well. It’s not as simple as it sounds. It may seem like a waste, but it’s just how construction works. I’m sure my 2 cents will convince you all that it’s ok to throw out old stuff, buy I tried (-:

        • kathy

          Habitat sends volunteers in to take out perfectly nice elements and offer them for sale in their ReStores to people who can be quite talented in reusing them. Many people look for cabinets and countertops to use in smaller spaces where countertops can be cut down to fit a smaller size. Many people buy cabinets for garages and basement work and storage areas. All of those reuse, recycle efforts keeps things out of landfills and quite honestly I don’t see a lot of testing for asbestos or lead paint on these shows. Taking perfectly good plumbing fixtures and throwing them out a second floor window into dumpsters and laughing as they smash and break is responsible? There are many people who cant afford the kind of fixtures that they use in these shows. I’ve bought very nice Kohler toilets for $20 @ ReStore and am tickled to death to have them and they work perfectly. These same toilets sell for $200^ @ Lowes and Home Depot. What can be reused should be reused and recycled. If you aren’t talented enough to do a retro fit then by all means throw it away but wouldn’t it at least be nice of you to offer it up to someone else who may have a better eye for things than you do?

          • firstoneout

            Our local ReStore doesn’t come out and disassemble. They rely on donations dropped off at the door. It is very rare that I find such great deals as you mentioned either. Most is overpriced such as Dollar store glassware for $2 a piece.

            • kathy

              Not sure who is running the ReStore in your area but in all of the homes in the area where I live will send volunteers out of take donations from a reno. I’m sorry that your stores are not getting good quality donations. I have purchased nice cabinets $10) + a Formica countertop for ($5) that a volunteer cut down to size for me while I was there for my laundry, a wonderful old wooden screen door ($30), a heavy duty commercial clothes rack ($5) that I will use for my garage sales, recently found a heavy rubber mat ($2) for the door into the garage, porch swing ($15) and a whole assortment of other very nice found objects! I make it a point to sweep thru there at least once a week. Sounds like the people that are running your ReStore are not connecting with people who could be donating to the store. They need to establish close contacts with builders, remodelers, building centers and townships so that they can encourage the residents to donate instead of throw away.

        • Lainey

          I second what you said. Unless you truly understand the concept of what happens to make cabinets work plus do you know if there is mold, asbestos etc where donating is not feasible. Plus telling HGTV that you ‘demand’ isn’t how things work in the real world. Maybe making a suggestion that a lot of viewers would like to see things donated to needy families or a Habitat locally would be a better (& nicer) approach.

      • favsis5bros

        I love these renovation shows, but every time they start smashing through things, I get a little sick to my stomach. Even if cabinets are only good enough to go in a garage, less waste is better!

  • deschl

    I really feel on these shows the homeowners should be given something because hgtv continues to air these segments and they make money for commercial time

    • suse

      Yes, what is the reason for accepting the limitations placed upon the homebuyer for agreeing to be on this show? It is certainly not low-price renovations (again, the 6 outlets for $1,000). Now, we see they have to patch walls after she hauls out her stuff at end, lol. What is the draw? I doubt anyone expects to be discovered for anything. I think, although nice, that Chip tries too hard — and no family is that perfect (Duggars, lmao). They are cute though.

      • Rob Rivers

        I remember the 6 gfi outlets for $1000…I was like WTH… I did that myself for way less than $100 lol

  • Deborah Collins

    dear chip and jojo, i so love your show. the way u both work together and bring in your kids just shows how u can work with them and show love

  • kpas6185

    Perhaps a scene of a non-decorated finished room and then a photo of a decorated finished room would be less deceiving to us viewers.

  • Adriane Flockhart

    I like this show too but it seems like she only knows one style. Every house looks the same.

    • Molly Snow

      shes done everything from farmhouse to mid-century modern, to victorian tudors on the show 🙂

      • suse

        And, yet, at the end . . . they all look the same!

      • 1 proud granny

        and every one of those houses have ship lap and chabby chic rusted fixtures- and barnyard sinks

    • Rob Rivers

      then don’t hire her

  • Kathy

    Love this show!! Chip is hilarious, makes me laugh all the time. I know sometimes Joanna gets frustrated with him, but usually laughs at him too. I want to know where Joanna buys her clothes! I LOVE her style!!

    • suse


  • Robert Paltjon

    I’m wondering what the “rolling picture” that they use before the final reveal costs???

    • Tara Hawley

      I read somewhere that the metal base is made by a local friend of his and the picture is from his friend that does billboards. The homeowners get to keep the picture in the end. Not sure on how much it cost though.

      • Perthling

        Who’d want to keep that really? Where would they put it? Ridiculous showy concept and more waste.

        • Jeffery Campbell

          Golly, you’re charming.

          • Perthling

            So you disagree that it’s a waste? At least I’m not fake charming like the people on this TV show. Realistic is not charming is it 😀

            • Jeffery Campbell

              It’s not up to me or to you to define what is wasteful on this television show. I like and you don’t. That’s all.

            • Kiesha Miller

              I’m not sure about “fake charming” but the Gaines have stated many times over that the big picture is so that the new homeowners remember what the home looked like before and in the end the new homeowners really get the “BIG PICTURE”. It’s a way to help people stay humble in my opinion, to be reminded of where it came from to where it is now. I don’t see the need to keep something like that in that size, perhaps smaller to hang on a wall but I like the “remember what it looked like” portion of the show because I sometimes do forget what was there beforehand by the end of show. Chip and Jo do not need to “fake charm” anyone, they are naturally charming and anything else is just fun bonus.

              • Annette

                I agree with everything you said. Chip and JoAnna are the neatest, funniest, fun loving couple and great parents that I have seen. Love JoAnna’s style and I hope the show will continue for a few more years!

            • Glenda Stange Harris

              Why do you care if it is waste or not? They are doing what they want with their show. You and I don’t get a vote. Nor should we.

            • Joette Johnson

              You sounds like someone who finds negativity in just about anything.
              You seem to know quite a bit about a show that you do not like.
              Makes me wonder if you a “closet watcher”.

            • Luann

              Then don’t watch! It’s that simple, I love this show!

        • Brenda G.

          I’m sure the show pays for it. I mean it is a show, they want some showiness and big reveal stuff. I can do without it, I watch this on Netflix and I usually skip it, but I can see why they do it–whether I think its stupid or not. I don’t think the Gaines or the homeowners pay for that. That would be a waste of money.

      • Lisa Thomas

        The homeowners don’t get to keep the before canvass. They did explain on their outclip show that they are stored somewhere.

  • Wil Justin

    Physicians Seek Farmhouse For Growing Household.

    Huge Farmhouse on 30 acres, with 5 bedrooms for $410.
    $65k budget was for ALL renovations. Unbelievable. hehe.
    At the end of the episode, Rebecca Mahan even asked Joanna and Chip:
    How did you do this with our budget?
    But of course no one cares to explain.

  • Robert Geddes

    My wife and I enjoy the show, but agree on the fact that Joanna is a one-note designer. If is is not white or cream, forget it.

    • SaraJ

      That’s because white and cream are the best!! It lightens up the rooms and make them look bigger.

      • Ruairi MacRae

        So does yellow and gives some life to the room.

      • 1 proud granny

        there are other colors beside white, cream, and gray

    • Ruairi MacRae

      Or gray, today’s episode had a perfect house that wasn’t chosen. In her brain storming she was going to paint light gray over a lovely yellow and a sage green room. I hate whites and grays. Wonder if the client ever gets a color choice.

      • Robert Geddes

        So, the wife and I watched the show again for a while. Chip seems to do only demolition.
        Joanna is fixated on white, cream and distressed wood. Oh, and shiplap, shiplap, shiplap ad nauseum.

        Joanna, “We can knock down all these walls, put in shiplap and distressed wood then paint everything white”.

        • 1 proud granny

          If I was the homeowner and they put shiplap in my house-they would remove it at their coast

  • Alex

    Great show, very entertaining!

  • Rick Hughes

    They seem to over charge on a lot of stuff…like $1000 for 6 gfci plugs? You can get a 3 pack at lowes for $50…. although they do do a great job with design

    • suse

      I just said the same thing before I read this! I choke when he tells her to call the homeowner because they need $5,000 to replace a toilet.

      That 6 GFI outlet episode had me choking! I just replaced two in my house ($16+/- a piece and a screwdriver!!)! They charged $1,000 for that??? If you can turn a screwdriver, you can do that. I would like the job of replacing/installing JUST the plugs for Chip.

      • Rick Hughes

        Lmao!! You and me both!! No wonder they are able to build there own gated community … it is crazy… I guess it is the same old story of making your money on the backs of the little guys… although I hear they do do some good stuff for people there clients could get a lot more for there money

        • T

          Rick Hughes….jealous much? Why so much angst towards folks who work their tails off? When is ok in your eyes that they get to enjoy the benefits of working hard?

  • wokkawokka

    The show has gotten way too “gimmicky” and trying to make them look like the “perfect family”… I used to watch the show and now it’s so staged and fake. Don’t get me wrong it’s better than 99% of those shows on TV but it’s becoming apparent of too much producing involved.
    What they don’t tell you is that Waco Texas has one of the highest crime rates in Texas. Real high.

    • Marry

      I love the show too, but I to have been searching for other shows! It seems too product looking but one of thinking about that it’s HGTV responsibility, in other word the Wayfair maybe costing HGTV. Which in turn for me is costing HGTV, because they HGTV is not genuine, nor honest about the gain’s have no degree in what they are doing, two therefore costing HGTV a fortune. Which that makes me feel better. What I don’t know if Joanna Gains & husband are receiving payment like the addict renovation (no something?) who receives $5 million (dollars) annually. That is real payment for doing what you like and want to do. Can anyone say are they receiving payment ($$).

  • Latham jacoby

    I am remodeling a home.
    And there is no way they can do all the custom work and stay in budget.
    This show is deceiving.

    • Jeannean Lomax

      How is that deceiving…. must you know every family that’s featured TOTAL budget?? just because YOU can’t afford furnishings doesn’t mean others can’t..its Called staging for a you expect them to reveal an empty house???

      • Barb

        I don’t think that Latham is referring to the staging portion of the show. Considering the fee for Joanna’s design work, Chip acting as General Contractor and then the actual building materials and labor, it does seem a bit cheap for what the end result is! However, as we all know, costs for EVERYTHING vary depending on where you live!

        • marty

          Do any one notice the prices of the houses in Waco, tried to compare price on Miami FL, then you understand why they can do such a great remodeling work with such low budget! !

      • Rob Rivers

        I think it would be refreshing if they revealed an empty house..

      • sharon willbanks

        The network picks up the Contractor’s fee and, yes, they do stage it and do sometimes use the Client’s pieces if they fit the design. However, the Customer has the option of buying the pieces used in the staging. This is much like when you go look at a model home or even a previously-owned home. The Customer is getting their services at cost considering the network picks up the 10 – 15% Contractor’s fee.

    • kathy

      I agree. When they talk about the cost of granite countertops I have to wonder where they get them for that price. The best I can do around here in WI for the prices they quote is formica and there is nothing wrong with formica. There are some beautiful choices these days and for about a 1/3 of the price I can get something now and don’t have to feel bad if I want to replace it in 10 years. I’ve seen lots of press about granite/quartz becoming less popular and I wonder how all of the people that put it in will feel when some urban snooty comes in in a few years and sniffs at it and calls it a ” total gut job”.

    • Debbie

      Jealousy is the green eyed monster .. get your own show …

      • JMH


    • Lita

      They have connections with companies for the remodels so they get good deals on most of the supplies.

  • suse

    Although I do like her taste, there should be a drinking game for when Jo says “shiplap.” As stated in the article, it does make sense as to why all end results seem to always look somewhat the same. Seems like a lot of trouble to just haul it out (must pay well!). Living in Texas, I also think the cost of renovations/repairs are extremely high considering he is using the same hispanic labor we all use. I live in Houston and workers/craftsmen are abundant and it is easy to develop a relationship with good guys that prefer lots of work for less than holding out for expensive jobs (e.g., they are making a MINT, lol!!). I do like her taste, but I don’t know if I want everything to be that metallic all the time. SHIPLAP! (TAKE A DRINK!)

    • Debbie

      Hmmm .. not a problem .. speak and it is done ….

    • 1 proud granny

      ship lap and run-down, rusty lighting and cabinet knobs are ugly

      • Anita Borst


  • suse

    If they do not keep the furniture, she always is having that cute (Clint?) making custom tables, etc. That seems to be a common thing on every show. If not a dining table, a picnic table, kitchen island (I guess that falls within the kitchen budget); but Chip is the realtor as well (isn’t he?). Does he kick in his commission as well? With the extremely high priced renos, a real estate commission, selling the furnishings to the homeowner, along with a HGTV salary, they should be doing preeety (as we say in Texas) good.

    • Dave Dinkins

      Renovation is not that hard to say.

      • suse

        What does that mean? All you could come up with is that I shortened renovation with reno? You must be one cocky narcissistic If that is not what you are talking about, so sor. (that sorry).

        • Debbie

          Don’t worry be happy …

  • Midwest

    Chip is so annoying. He mugs for the camera and acts like a 12 year old. Stop it! The show is fun but I need less of his lame act.

    • Debbie

      He is real .. down to earth .. happy too is the word. If you don’t like it then don’t watch.

  • jre

    No wonder all of Joanne’s interiors look the same; she’s using pieces over and over again. And how many times have I seen her large roman numeral clocks hanging here and there

    • Debbie

      Because they work .. why do people buy items like hardwood flooring or stainless steel appliances …

  • Rick

    Love what these guys do with the budgets they have to work with. The love it or list it pair can’t seem to get a toilet installed for less than 20k.

  • Sherry Steineke


  • sherry steineke

    Love, love, love this show! It is so refreshing to watch a show where there is so much respect for each other! To see a couple that is so talented and just plain nice to each other is awesome! This show is so enjoyable to watch and I learn a lot every episode! What floors me is their ability to see the beauty in a run down house and to execute the finished product!

  • Michael

    Love the show.Question, When they show the list price on a house, do they not get a chance to make an offer? Seems they pay full asking price.

    • firstoneout

      I remember that there have been some homes that they were able to get for a lower price than the listed price.

    • Brenda G.

      No, they sometimes get the houses for less money. They say it right before the reveal, I believe.

  • Randi

    I loathe this show. I hate their perky, goofy commercials so much I have to pause the tv then fast forward so I don’t have to see or hear them.

    • Debbie

      Hmmm .. why are you watching it then …..

  • doris

    I would like to know the brand and color name of the green and grey they us inside so many houses is.

  • guest2visits

    While the Gaines’ seem nice enough, I’m about over their show.
    Half the time we see no bathroom renovation. The estimate appears to cover the main portion of the home, kitchen & the face lift for exterior. Very misleading & a waste of time if I’m supposed to pay attention to the repeated bylines referring to the costs & budget.
    I’m also over her materials/aesthetics. They must have cornered the market in cheap white subway tile & buckets of black grout.
    And it’s obvious the interior décor isn’t part of the budget either – hardly any of the clients make mention of those details since they’re not paying for them. Supposedly.
    The estimates for pop-up expenses also appear absurdly high or just unreal in how a contract covers costs. Close-ups at the end show sloppy paint, etc. I observed one make-over where the kitchen stove top hung over a designated children’s play area, & the margin of bar to sit was mere inches – over said cook top. Just some crazy design decisions here & there, to make an unusual effect, I suspect.
    My husband says those blow-up images of the before-home are fairly cheap but it chaps my ass every time they role it out – I keep thinking what a waste and how irritating it is that they cut away for the commercials after the big fat poster dramatics.
    Now I simply skip everything – the inevitable kids story, the goat story, the family farm, the birthdays, the anniversary…yadda yadda…. the poster on wheels… and watch the final 4 minutes to see if there are any good things to take away from their reno.
    What I >DO< like is the fact that old, usually solid homes & properties are getting a new life, and that's a positive anyway.
    Who knows how accurate any of the tv-budgets really are, and that's a major part of home renovations.

    • kathy

      I so agree with you about the subway tile. Sooooo tired of seeing that in every reno and flip. It’s cheap and it looks cheap. And then people on the HGTV FB page keep calling it “classic and timeless”. I could have agreed with thsat until it has been so overused. Blah!

      • 1 proud granny

        I would like to see one show of Fixer Upper that doesn’t have any ship lap or rusty used fighting fixtures. I know the furniture is staged, but are the homeowners stuck with the old rusty handles and lights?

        • Kathy Garrity Blanchard

          Maybe you should get another designer granny. Most of us love that style

        • J syphrit

          Me too! Jars instead of vases. Galvanized metal for storage. We put that stuff in the recycle bin.

          • NCork

            This is a style of Joanna Gaines , this is what her fans the homeowners pay for , if you don’t like her taste or style then you shouldn’t watch and or become a client ! Big shocker ” if you prefer seafood over steaks then you might find a seafood restaurant !!!! Go figure

            • Gwas

              I agree with your comment also NCork. If some of you don’t like the show, which it sounds like you don’t, turn the channel! Don’t watch it! Would you keep going back to the same hairdresser if you don’t like the way they do your hair? Duh! Easy solution!!!

            • Lola Peake

              homeowners put in an application to the show in hopes of getting featured. if they didn’t like joanna’s style they wouldn’t apply to that particular show. every designer has a go to design. joanna is more into antiques and distressed pieces. you have to know that going into the project. i’m sure the homeowners get more of a say in the design then what the show shows.

              • Barbara Johnson Oliver

                I’ve read where, yes, Chip & Jo do consult with the clients during the renovation to make sure the house meets their needs.

        • Anita Borst


        • Lola Peake

          i’m sure they get more of a say in the design then what the show lets on. it makes it seem that joanna makes all the decisions but she does have a meeting with them to find out what they like and dislike.

        • warcostsmore

          That is a style that they use. I would think the person would know her style before they contracted.

        • warcostsmore

          That is part of her style design. Its Texas for god sake…They like that. I think the houses look great.

      • Lynda Janzen

        My bugbear is the ubiquitous use of those cheap-looking 1950’s patio chairs for dining rooms. Perhaps younger people don’t know that is what they are. Yuck!

        • Lynda Janzen

          Yeah, absolutely! We hated them back in the day. To think they are now used in a dining room is hilarious. “Oh, so mid-century, dahling!” Haha

    • Perthling

      I agree with you. I only watch the end too because I got sick of seeing them show off their family constantly and their expensive “toys”. And Chip does anything for a laugh e.g. eating a cockroach (and his wife carrying on about it for the next 20 minutes on and off). Or did he really not eat a cockroach and just ate something black and said it was a cockroach in an attempt to make viewers laugh? I don’t really care either way because I didn’t laugh and “teenaged class clown” was boring try-hardery when I was a teenager. Now to see that they don’t even give people furniture has made me not want to watch at all. Surely they can give people that stuff rather than charging them too much to profiteer even more on top of their TV money and after using them to make the money on TV – and considering they had so many boats sitting outside their house etc they come across as vultures to me now. No more for me.

      • guest2visits

        I probably sounded harsh. I don’t mean that they’re not nice, likeable people. I’m sure it’s a sweet story concerning the family and all…and yes Chip is a ham – a huge ham. Mostly, my gripe isn’t about whether the family is cute or not – it’s WHY is there ALWAYS a bunch of backstory about everything but the renovations for most ALL the home shows & especially this one!
        I want to see the flips for info on costs here & around the world. How things get handled or financed…just the nuts & bolts, the how-to, the newer materials & fashions regarding home building, etc.
        I’m not tuning in to watch the Brady Bunch or a string of homilies about the blessings of this good fortune or that family anecdote & so on…. and FixerUpper has become 2 shows: Gaines Family, & home reno with a stress on interior decoration. For me, anyway.

        Sooo many reno shows want to make it about the host personalities, the facts & figures get lost in pursuit of slap stick or fake situations. This isn’t the only home show where I’ve decided to skip everything but the last few minutes.
        Sounds like you watch these programs for the same reasons I do! It gets super irritating when it’s not really about honest information, instead it’s a setup that has little to do with house building or flips.
        My faves are Property Virgin because the host (Egypt) has minimum drama & the show follows a direct line to the conclusion. Also Income Property for the same; small backstory that covers the pertinent matter, then the build with logical solutions.
        I like a lot of House Hunters too, depending on the locale & the clients.

        • Spock13

          Does it bother anyone that the little girls are always wearing dresses and carrying purses, even while playing a “boys”vs “girls” whiffle ball game. That the girls make pies and learn to sew while the boys are encouraged to use power tools? I have a small ranch which I work the cows and calves. Train the horses, I can make a skirt without a pattern in about fifteen minutes, I’m rusty. My Aunt and Uncle loved me but they tried to push me into gender roles. I wanted to feed the cows and load grain not clean house, my mother excelled in teaching me that. I wanted the outdoor work. Why not give those children a view of the whole world, maybe the girls might like demo day I know I would!

          • jlnatty

            Yeah, it bothers me. But what do you expect – it’s Waco, TX. Joanna Gaines will raise her little girls to be sweet on the outside and killers on the inside.

            • aroseisa

              Just like you apparently.

          • Brenda G.

            There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m all for girls playing with tools–since I love playing with tools–but there’s nothing wrong with a girly girl who wears dresses, likes pink ponies, and plays house. Gender neutrality is a nice ideal, but not everyone has to be forced into it.

            • warcostsmore

              You see staging often in the shows that flip houses. This is what they are doing. Now, I think to be honest, they should say they will stage the house. You get that in a home for sale.

          • Joe Shmoe Idaho

            oh for cryn out loud…do you people have anything else to criticize or pick apart a Human family about…my god I am losing faith in people in general…NOT Chip and Jo, but you weirdo eyes wide shut-stompers of others clothes, get out of your OWN mind once a day…jeez, enjoy life and LET Live. I give up on these social hater forums

          • Anita Borst

            100% agree with you!

          • guest2visits

            Haven’t checked this site in a long time. Sorry about that!
            I would say it’s probably true the girls are televised in dresses/boys in jeans…. but who knows what they wear day-to-day. It could be to appeal to the type of audience they think they have, or it could be the girls themselves want to be extra pretty for the cameras & get dressed for that…. I don’t know.
            I figure since Joanna is most always dressed in jeans or shorts or pants appropriate for the job or just because she like to – I think the girls have a good chance of seeing that they can choose to wear what suits them & it doesn’t mean they MUST wear a skirt to be pretty, feminine or acceptable. I hope.

            I always hate it when they show a woman trying to look like she’s at work on a construction site without her hair pulled back, fake nails, or with all her jewelry still on her hands and slippers instead of work shoes – it’s obviously just for the tv camera because no one in their right mind would try to work that way!

        • OCad

          You would probably enjoy Flip Or Flop. It centers on a couple in real estate in Orange County, CA. They purchase out-of-date homes, often in foreclosure, and flip them. It’s all about the numbers and financing.

          • Kimberly

            Except they have since been divorced & the network advertises new episodes as if they’re just a happy loving couple!!

      • Jacquie Heslop

        I enjoy the fact that they have fun and look on the bright side of life. You can tell they genuinely care about each other. It is so much better than the numerous couples on tv that spend their time arguing and swearing at each other. Also If they were totally out to lunch on their costs I do not think so many people would hire them. Chip and Joanna have to pay for all the furniture they use so they can’t just give it away for free. Furniture is expensive. They have done well for themselves. Funny how when people come up with a good business plan and work hard to make money and provide for their family they are automatically criticized. Wouldn’t most of us buy nice things for ourselves and our families if we did well financially? If they earn it they have the right to use it.

        • Alice Denny

          I loved your response. As someone said earlier “jealously is the green eyed monster”.
          Some people find it hard to be happy for others success.
          atd-Chesapeake, VA

        • Ludie Evans

          I think that all these people that critize Chip and Jojo should not watch the show. As for my self I love the program and it gives me a lot of ideas. Keep going Chip and JoJo.

        • Kathy Garrity Blanchard

          Gosh what a bunch of haters in these comments. Don’t watch it. No one wants to hear how envious you are of their success.

        • Lola Peake

          sounds like perthling needs to change the channel. why go on and on about a show you don’t like. i don’t like most reality tv shows and therefore i don’t watch them. nor do i go to their websites or articles written about them just to complain.

      • Paula

        You do know how to change the channel,right?

      • Joe Shmoe Idaho

        ya know what “I” get sick of?
        People (in General), but mostly People like you that have no sense of humor or a kid-like playful joy of life anymore. Chip is just a fun type guy, He’s genuine, and Joanna is smart and inviting…knit-pickers on this thread on the other hand are depressive and negative…Don’t watch the #$%^&*@Drnisecranford:disqus show if it perturbs your empty glass…”sick” of you type people…ya find the worst in all and broadcast it. Take a nap>

      • Anita Borst

        I totally agree with you. I don’t watch the show anymore. It really bothers me how every penny is used of the homeowners budget but then problems come up and Joanna and chip have to call the owners. They do an initial walk through. Its obvious in older homes nothing is going to be to code. Really disappointed how people who watch the show can’t see what is really going on.

        • Anita Borst

          And they have so much money. People who renovate their houses through chop and Joanna are getting ripped off horribly!! It’s really sad!!

      • Barbara Johnson Oliver

        change the channel!!!

    • Ply

      If you all that complain about Chip and Joanna Gaines simple solution….. STOP watch so everyone else doesn’t have to read about your whining!!!! Then all are happy!!

      I’ m sure you all can find a wonderful reality show to watch instead!!!…

      • guest2visits

        This is the place to praise or complain about a show.
        If you like the show, fine. Tell people.
        If you wish to see some changes or improvements, then reasonable people will talk about it in a reasonable & thoughtful way. That’s what everyone is here for.
        I don’t hate the people or the show, but I’m disappointed that most home improvement ‘reality’ shows are doing the same things – including this one.
        Too much showtime devoted to the host’s personal stories & not enough time devoted to the actual process. Questionable estimates, racetrack timelines.
        If that doesn’t matter to you, then you can write about your happiness with the show to your heart’s content… no need to tell me what you think I can or can’t write about.

    • Anja gribnau

      ok, negative Nancy. The show is awesome. Though the clients don’t get to keep the furniture and decorations, Joanna does a fantastic job at showing the possibilities of how someone could make their home look like, and she does that by putting in so much work with decorations. They both do an amazing job together.

      • guest2visits

        Whoa Distressed Debs.. this is an awfully old post to be digging around in. What do I care if they keep the interior design goodies or not? If they can’t show the bathroom reno’s – then keeping the couch or the flower pot isn’t important. Not to me – I’m there for the house flip, not so much the cool rug & wall art.
        Add to that the many, many family stories – there’s just no time to reveal the home flip in it’s entirety.
        Like I said – too much Gaines, not enough FIXER UPPER.
        I also said this was the problem with most home-reno-reality shows. Not just this one.

        • Anita Borst


      • Anita Borst

        You are blind anja if you can’t really see what’s going on with this show!!

    • Anita Borst

      What really bothers me is you know in older homes there are going to be other expenses popping up yet Joanna uses every penny in the homeowners budget. Then calls the homeowner and says uh oh gonna cost you more money!! Their design dosent cover everything . I like chip and Joanna but there are many many misleading things. Watch the show real close you.will see what I’m talking about. If someone is going to pay 250k for a,renovation budget the entire house dam well better be remodeled. You can buy a brand new beautiful house for 250k!!!

      • guest2visits

        So true, I can’t think of anyone who would agree to a set price to cover everything without itemization – not realistic. And then a silly little bit about choosing an extra feature that should already be part of the deal. Eye roll…
        Who knows what the costs really are, some estimates are outrageously high. I often hear the amount the clients have to spend & think they should be able to get a lot more for their 250k, also.
        If the costs are going to be deliberately misleading then at least show the whole renovation to make it more valuable to the viewers who are interested in the construction and rehabilitation of properties.

        • Anita Borst

          I completely agree! 🙂

    • Barbara

      Don’t watch since you are so negative!

  • yellowrose

    Love….this show.

  • Alexis

    The show is fun! The renovations are well-planned and beautifully staged. My husband and I enjoy the program but we think Chip’s antics are overdone. As an obviously bright, talented man he doesn’t need to body slam walls or eat bugs for viewer attention. As well, Joanna’s appreciation of shiplap is becoming her television trademark! How about her unerring eye for design and notable business acumen? Just wondering if anyone has had similar thoughts!

    • 1 proud granny

      What does Joann do if the home owner doesn’t like rustic design, ship lap boards, or wants to choose their own colors?

  • Rob Rivers

    All the home show’s are ridiculous,but they wouldn’t be on if someone(us) wasn’t tuning in to watch….Chip are more entertaining than the nut’s from flip or flop

  • Liz Henry

    Huge fan, my favorite on HGTV!
    Only one thing that frustrates me, what about the rest of the home? If all in budget is spent what about the remaining bedrooms and bathrooms?

  • Rachael

    If don’t them self it can happen

  • Joe King

    Hands down the best show on HGTV.

  • 1 proud granny

    can the homeowners specify the paint colors, design style, and wether or not they want shiplap in their home

  • Tanya Bertolina

    Are the renovation costs accurate? Seems to the costs are to low for what I see done. What is included in the numbers? Could anyone get the same deal on a renovation or is there some freebies because it’s in tv?

  • Perthling

    The real reasons they use the furnishings for the TV show is to advertise her home ware store, to make their renovations look like they are worth the budget and to make the houses look “TV worthy”. They don’t really do it for the home owner’s benefit. At the end when the home owners are back in there saying how much they love their newly renovated home and have family and friends “visiting” they show the TV furniture and not their own. They all wouldn’t have bought all of that so why aren’t they sitting on the floor or using their own furniture even then at the bit where they’re supposed to be living in it? Because their furniture and homewares aren’t good enough for these TV people. Fake TV dressed as reality strikes again.

    • Debbie

      And you know this because ……

      • Perthling

        Because they are advertising her homewares store and they don’t give the people the furnishings (they also don’t say on camera that the furnishings aren’t staying in the properties). Those actions say it all. Another reality TV fraud.

        • Kutebare Kisama

          I know this is an older comment but she does say the furniture is not staying when she uses the word ‘staging.’ Also we do not know what is said to the homeowners before or after the show airs.

        • Amy Wells

          The clients are given the opportunity to purchase the furniture and other items if their budget allows.

        • Glenda Stange Harris

          We are not the ones who contracted for the renovation. The people who are having their home renovated are fully informed and agree to the terms of the contract. That is not fraud.

        • Kathy McElhannon Owens

          Joanna says on the show that she is staging the house.

      • Kim West

        The show is entertaining and a great way to get decorating ideas. You sound jealous and rude. Maybe you would not fit in well with good southern hospitality. They do an excellent job and work very hard. If you had your own store, show, and we’re able to get more advertising for less, you would do it too. There is only so much time in a day and it is television. You expect them to do things to make it look great. They are not doing anything unethical. Just trying to make an honest living, provide more jobs, while having fun. You should get out more. Maybe go visit the silos.

    • Lola Peake

      i’m sure the same principles apply to every home renovating show on hgtv. yes, the staging is done for the show but its not to deceive anyone. we’re all adults we know how the television industry works. hgtv is trying to make money as well as the show hosts.

    • Steven Barrett

      In fairness to the hosts, they do their level best to affordably deck each completed house for the final moments of that particular show, house, etc. to demonstrate what could be used inside the building within the confines of good taste, respect for the region, things of that nature. I live in New England and would like to see more old fashioned “Yankee” furnishings and touches, but my tastes just wouldn’t work for this show and the hosts’ purposes. Because the Gaines’ respect the individual tastes and rights of each improving homebuyer to “deck out” their new homes to reflect their personal tastes, obviously they don’t expect or insist that the new homeowners buy everything included for the last 10-15 min’s worth of filming. If this is what people are apprehensive about, I can’t blame them and neither, it appears, do the Gaines. I think the writer stirred up an issue where there was none to begin with.

    • Steven Barrett

      “Fake TV …”? Please. You’re not willing to presume that the Gaines should refrain from doing what every other furniture store and arts n’ crafts stores specializing in old, antique, furnishings should have to absorb unnecessary expenses by not bolstering the a ready supply of items to “sweeten the deal” after they and their associates have invested beaucoup buckets of sweat under the hot Texas sun.

    • Lisa Thomas

      I think this comment is very unfair to the Gaines. However, it took a little while me to figure out there was no way the “all in” budget could possibly include the furnishings. What I did think after investigating is how disappointed I was – my serious, and I do mean serious, dream was to retire to Waco in a few years and have Chip and Joanna “do” my forever home. I guess now I will need to include in that dream an extra hundred thousand plus for furnishings. I am curious to know if Joanna would then add an up charge for her services.
      I love the show, the Gaines, their values, their obvious love for each other( I don’t believe they fake that) and their beautiful children!

    • Joanne Teresa Green

      Common sense should be applied here, people. Staging is done at a cost, be it on TV or in “real life” home sales. It costs extra. Of course HGTV and the Gaines’ want the home to look beautiful for the viewers. It is an option for the Fixer Upper home owners to buy the “staging” or not. I love seeing the creativity and remodeling done by Chick and Joanna Gaines. Their children are so cute! And the fact they do not own a TV says a lot about how they are raising their children. Maybe the Gaines’ children will grow up “not addicted” to all the electronic devices children are glued to today. Look at and LISTEN to people, not stare at devices when you are in a the same room with someone!

    • Babygirl

      Your a hater.. Duh.. I’m an interior designer and I stage homes all the time.. it is necessary for clients to visualize their space and the potential the space has when furniture is placed properly and show flow in the space. Some clients purchase the entire home furnishings which can me very pricey at one time.. we all take our time to furnish/design our homes.. and if you add up he costs you will see it costs thousands of dollars.. therefore if home furnishings is bought one lump sum .. you can spend over $20/30 -50 thousand dollars.. and a lot of clients don have that amount lump sum.. get it!
      Oh and if their advertising there business.. soooo whattt.. that’s smart.. you would be a fool not to use the platform to grow you business.

  • Elaine

    Joanna on the eligible bachelor episode you used three planters in his entryway can you tell me where you purchased those I love those.

  • Debbie

    You guys are incredible .. consider migrating to colorado .. love your designs .. both Chip and Joe .. great combination. 🙂

  • Debbie

    To Chip and Joe .. just keep doing what you are doing and remember you can’t please everyone and the Lord is the only one that counts. 🙂

  • nerevar59

    I’m glad they smash everything, and it’s great going into a landfill. Quit your whining. Keep it out of the hands of the “entitled”.

  • Lynda Janzen

    I wonder what prompted Joanna’s love affair with shiplap? This is a wonderful addition to the HGTV line up. Love the Gaineses and love the show!

  • aznative

    Maybe someone should ask the Gaines to have someone come in and take out recycles. They probably already do this. That is a great side business alone. Which I had a warehouse and land this would be an awesome business refurbishing like savage dawgs.

  • Guest

    Chip and Joanna appear to be lovely people. They are very talented. That said, they are victims of what’s lightheartedly called DCD: delusional celebrity disorder. I really enjoyed them in the beginning when they were “real”. Unfortunately, the network has molded them and their show so much that they are no longer that. I just watched an episode last night where Joanna appeared to have zero interest in the house, let alone the couple they were helping. Sure, everyone has bad days, but her demeanor in the entire episode was painful. Chip carried the whole thing. Their kids and their gated “farm” are part of the show for “interest” and the “unexpected problems” are for drama which every reality show requires. I put up with it until I saw that the couple had sold out their charming, flea market ways to corporate America and the mass-produced products of Wayfair. Jaw-dropping. My hope is that they one day remember who they were when they started this gig. I wish them well. They just don’t make me swoon anymore.

  • PastorLez

    I love this show. Wholesome, family-oriented, entertaining, and it, at the least for all those negative and not so optimistic comments, it gives you geeat design and construction ideas. I think this show is quite refreshing. A wonderful option for wholesome families, rather than all the junk that crowds the networks these days. #justsayin’

  • karthena

    I know that the homes are staged and that doesn’t surprise me. That’s actually what I would expect, but I wonder if they get to keep the things that they actually nail to the walls? I can’t imagine they would do that and leave holes in the newly renovated homes. Anyone know the answer? Thanks! I absolutely love their show. I think they are the cutest couple, I love their banter, and I love Chip and his silliness.

  • susan ricker

    Do the clients get to keep the light fixtures, lamps, things on walls,


    I Love your show and watch when it is on…Hands Down on a Winning CAST, Including the Kiddos….They are just Adorable and they have Incredible Manners and I don’t think that they act that way just because they are on T.V…I truly think it is from the People that have raised them, YOU GUYS…. I really don’t understand why they don’t get to keep their furniture though, because on Property Brothers, they DO get to keep their furniture and ALL that they show on TV….AND of course, they ONLY show rooms that they Fixed….I don’t understand….I Love You Show, I see some Incredible House “Fixer Upper’s!” But I don’t understand WHY they get so little, IS it because they have less money and when the Property Brothers do their Reno’s, their Clients have More Money to work with???

  • Yfvaccaro

    If the ones that don’t like the show have to sit and complain about the show WHY DO YOU WATCH IT! I personally love the show, love seeing their family celebrating with them, it’s a wonderful change from some of the crap on other channels. I personally love the ship lap, my husband hates it but still loves the show, doesn’t sit and complain about everything……. Haters need to watch something else, sounds like you are just jealous you didn’t think of this as a show for you. I love your show can’t wait for new ones to come on ❤️❤️❤️???

  • Dorothy Cordova

    How disappointed. I thought this show offered something new. Smoke and mirrors.

  • Kim Hernandez

    Love the show also but I wonder if they have ever had a flop and their client didn’t like the house?

    • Urbo

      Yes! My brother is great friends with Justin Reed (“Asian Ranch”). While they were pleased with the “look” he described it to be “like a movie set prop” the work was done quick and messy. He said it was a nightmare repairing all the carelessness. i don’t know if it was necessary, if Magnolia Homes wasn’t taking responsibility, or if there was something more than that but I know there were legal actions taken. I think they loved everything at first glance but once they moved in it was a huge headache. I have no idea if this is a common theme with clients (I would assume not) but even so, it really makes me like them and appreciate their business no less. I guess I just take he show for what it is. Entertainment. And I’m happy that while watching I leave with a little inspiration (even if the same inspiration I got the week before)

  • Valerie Vickers

    So, how would one sell Joanna a furniture piece. I have a side board I think she would love. She used one in an episode of the couple that moved from Cal. To Waco to be close to daughters in college. Valerie Vickers, Huntington WV

  • sara56

    Watched the show a few times. Got turned off by Chip. Also it is the same design each time. Anyone can paint rooms and put $50k furniture in and make it look good. Also got tired of the gushy owner’s reaction. Joanna has to have her praise. I like flip or flop. Christina has great taste but she is all about getting it sold. No sops to her ego, just what appeals to prospective homeowners. Which sometimes does not work. They are good at showing flops. They teach you about sucking it up and moving on. Love their successes too.

  • Carolyn Patterson

    I love this couple and their family. So much talent and nothing fake. Jo Jo is so talented, beautiful transformations of homes. Awesome taste in decorating. I can’t wait from show to show to see what they are going to do. My daughter lives in a puzzle house. In Montgomery Texas. The contractor took her to the cleaners. So for years as a single parent she has tried to fix things herself. I would love to have her home on the show. She has 5 1/2 acres and just got an offer to sell to a newcomer. She loves her acreage and has lived in the house for 18 years. I wish we could have y’all here! Amen

  • linda centabar

    i would buy everything jo puts in those homes shes the best decorator keep going fixer upper not like love it or list it they need to seal those two behind a wall they do

  • shopgirl

    Absolutely love this show and have made and or incorporated some of Joanne’s decorating ideas in my home.

  • bohicasis

    Personally, i love them. Their family, home life, design style, back stories, all of it. Hats off to seeing a happy couple on TV, doing what they love, having healthy loving exchanges. They make the “reality tv” shitck a better place. PS: if i had the income they would def be my “go to” for a revamp, including furniture