PHOTOS Pregnant model Sarah Stage shows off svelte 9-month baby bump

Pregnant model Sarah Stage 9 month baby bump

Pregnant model Sarah Stage became a huge sensation last month when her barely-there 8-month baby bump Instagram photo went viral, leading to more than 34,000 likes and an appearance on Good Morning America. The 30-year-old mom-to-be has continued sharing her pregnancy journey, and earlier today shared the above selfie at nine months!

“10 days until we meet,” wrote Sarah along with the hashtag #BabyJames.

Please understand that we’re not passing any sort of judgment whatsoever, just expressing our amazement at the uniqueness of each and every human body. OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton spoke with GMA about Sarah’s seemingly abnormally small baby belly. “The fact that she looks skinny on Instagram does not mean her baby growth is restricted or too small,” she said. “It has nothing to do if you can see her muscles if her uterus is the perfect size and she has gained an amount of weight that is acceptable.”

The general consensus in the medical community is that a “healthy” body mass index (BMI) is between 18.5 and 24.9. I think we can assume that Sarah is normally right there at 18.5, right? The Mayo Clinic says that someone with a BMI of 18.5 should gain about 28 pounds during pregnancy. Last month, just after sharing her headline-grabbing photo, Sarah said she had gained right around 20 pounds. That sounds just about right then!

For comparison, here are side-by-side photos of Sarah Stage with a couple of her pregnant gal pals — both of which were a few weeks further along than Sarah, but still…

Lucky to be pregnant at the same time as my @sunsetblonde #39weeks #36weeks

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Biology is so AMAZING! 🙂

In our previous post about Sarah we shared a timeline of her Instagram baby bump selfies up until then, so we will pick up where we left off last time and get you all caught up again! Here are more Sara Stage baby bump photos starting with the oldest and working our way up until just a few days ago.

Hi tan by @bondisands #34weeks

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

9 months next week Time is flying by… so excited to meet him (Tan: @bondisands)

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Happy Saturday everyone! #35weeks (TAN: @bondisands)

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Ahh #9months this week I can't believe it!! He's already 6lbs and still 4 more weeks to go #BabyJames

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Yaaaa my birthday dress came today from @ashleylaurenme #ASHLEYlauren #TEAMfabulous #35weeks

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Sleepy but here's the weekly selfie #36weeks

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Thanks for all of the birthday love #36weeks #SpaDay

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Good morning Almost #37weeks beyond excited to meet #BabyJames

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Last minute beach day #9months

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

Hi #37weeks .

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

He is growing so much! WHITE BIKINI from @dollswimwear #37weeks

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

2 more weeks!! (Gold Bikini from @dollswimwear) #LoveDollsSwimwear #38weeks #TGIF

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

That Sarah sure does have one helluva bikini collection! On a side note, Sarah has received a good deal of hate since her previous photo went viral, and she has been kind enough to continue sharing photos with fans, and we are appreciative of that. We wish her the best and can’t wait to meet little baby James! He’s probably ready to get out of those tight quarters as soon as possible. 😉

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  • starlight02

    Am i the only one who would feel cheated if my belly didn’t get all big and round and pregnant. She looks like she’s at the “i just look fat” stage in most of these pictures and that was the worst most uncomfortable stage for me. Maybe it’s just me but if i’m going to get pregnant again, i want that huge belly, it’s like a trophy lol Anyone else? Oh and Fyi she looks beautiful and i’m not saying anything other wise, just in case anyone wants to take it the wrong way

    • Ashley

      I agree! The bump is cute!! I would be disappointed if that was all I got lol

    • Dani

      I feel the same. She looks fantastical healthy and fit, nothing wrong with that, but I’d be so bummed if I didn’t get the big belly. I must admit I’m jealous of her glowing skin and the rest of her body not looking “pregnant”.

    • ManBearPig

      That’s funny because I feel completely opposite! If I wanted children and could somehow choose, I would definitely prefer a tiny belly. With that being said, I think all three ladies look lovely and healthy, regardless of the size of their bumps.

    • Danielle

      I have been pregnant 4 times. Two babies of my own, and two as a surrogate. All 4 times, I barely look pregnant. I don’t get the big round belly at all. I’m always super tiny. The surrogate babies parents were worried when I carried their first baby because I was so small they thought something was wrong until the doctor told them otherwise. They had a healthy 7lb daughter! Honestly I used to feel bad that I never got the big round belly, but now I’m happy! It’s easier not having to struggle around a huge belly.

  • Pattipandi

    Creepy and not cute. Her baby’s gona look like an alien.

    • twelfthnight

      She just has low body fat and a lot of muscle. The baby is going to grow just the same as any other child would. People with an average body fat percentage or even a slightly higher one due to eating a lot of indulgent treats during pregnancy have the typical pregnant look.

      She’s probably eating extremely healthily and still working out so there’s nothing weird about that. You’re seeing uterus, muscle and skin and very little in terms of fat in between.

      • Pattipandi

        And it’s creepy looking! Pregnant women should look curvaceous and bountiful. Not muscular and bloated. I’m sure the baby will look cute after a while, but I’m sure it’s gona be real small and skinny for the first couple months.

        • twelfthnight

          It’s ‘creepy looking’ because it’s unusual because most women are not that fit. She looks fine. Different than the norm, but absolutely fine. There is no medical reason to gain 40, 50, 60 pounds during pregnancy if you can help it. If you feel that you ‘should’ look a certain way during pregnancy, by all means do that for your own. Just don’t spit on someone else because they’re different than you.

          This woman obviously went to a doctor, and the doctor has advised her about whether her eating and exercise habits are allowing the baby to grow at a healthy rate, and I’d guess that they are or she’d have made a change.

          When I was born, full term, I was 5 pounds and a couple ounces. My ex was born 2 months premature at around the same weight. We both had sufficient ‘chub’ and were both healthy. Some babies are just small. All newborns are weird looking, hers won’t be any more or less odd looking than anyone else’s simply because she has less body fat than the average mother.

          • Pattipandi

            I’m not “spitting” on anybody. She’s a model, she could care less about what anybody says about her I’m sure, and this is a satire website where people just need to take these comments for what they’re worth. I’m sure I sound ignorant, and like an a$$hole, but that’s all I take this kind if website for.

            But I do like the look of a pregnant looking pregnant person if we’re having real talk.

      • awoman

        We’ll see after she gives birth.

        • guest

          I want to see her whole body after she gives birth. Of course she looks skinny, because she is pregnant. Her legs look big to me. Its an optical illusion. She looks small because everyone is focused on her stomach.

          • lulu

            It’s impossible to tell what size her legs look because she has them at an angle in every shot.

    • Pattipandi

      And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

    • Idiot

      let us know when and how karma hits you for saying an innocent baby is “gona look like an alien”

      • Pattipandi

        Clearly you’ve never seen a newborn that looked like an alien. Karma or not, it happens. But I’ll letcha know what mine comes out looking like. Do I just come find you here, Idiot?

      • Tamtam

        Babies don’t come out looking cute. They get cuter when they start gaining weight. But if they’re born preterm or premie they do like kinda like frogs.

  • twelfthnight

    She looks amazing, good for her for being in such great shape, wow.

    I love the pictures of her with her also pregnant friend. They look like those joke pictures girls take after a large lunch with their pregnant friends.

  • Kail

    I don’t see an issue or the hoopla….for those of us in the lifting world this is pretty normal. I lifted during both my pregnancies and since my diet was clean before and during along with well defined abs I was back to my normal self with 2 weeks for both kids. I guess we live in such an overweight unhealthy world these days, no one knows what’s healthy anymore

  • Phil McCrackin

    I think Starcasm just turned into a photo album for this woman. It took me 12 minutes to scroll through all of her pictures.

  • TA

    I’m so sick of reading about this chick.

  • me

    It looks photoshopped

  • awoman

    I’ll be incredible shocked if the baby doesn’t have a low birth weight. I hope there are no complications and the baby grows properly.

    • Kail

      If she’s gained the designated weight there would be no issues. She appears perfectly healthy.

      • awoman

        We’ll see after she gives birth. She does not appear perfectly healthy. She appears to have an eating disorder.

        I’ll bite my tongue if her baby doesn’t have a low birth weight. Of course.

        • Kail

          How does she have an eating disorder?

          • awoman

            Let’s wait the two weeks and see the size of the baby.

        • BeautifulBrownBrainiac

          I don’t agree about any eating disorder but I pray her svelte size is a result is not indicative a low birth weight baby. Otherwise, work it girls!!!!

  • Brandy Nicole

    I’m mad. Never given birth and don’t look nearly that good lol

  • ren24

    I can’t help but think; She must be like 7′ feet tall! Where is that baby hiding!? lol I’m only 5′ tall and gained the recommended amount of weight with both my kids. Having such a short torso (there are literally only a few inches from my boobs to my lower abdomen) my babies’ butts had nowhere else to point but OUT! lol So for this woman to be so flat, she has to be at least 7′ tall right? …. Right? ; )

    Regardless, it’s pretty impressive.

  • Dana Swank

    She has fans….? Seriously. Who is this woman?

  • Guest

    Whether she gained the recommended amount of weight or not, she still looks too tiny. I don’t care how fit she is, her belly should be at least a little bit bigger. She is carrying a baby, a placenta, and amniotic fluid.

  • bambiglanville

    Where does the baby fit?!