Gigi Hadid accused of snorting coke in Cody Simpson’s Snapchat video

Gigi Hadid Cocaine Denial

Gigi Hadid is denying rumors she snorted cocaine while hosting a Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring Break event with boyfriend Cody Simpson this weekend, saying she’s insulted people would believe she might do drugs — let alone during work.

The hullabaloo began this weekend when Cody posted a Snapchat story of the young couple hosting the poolside event. The camera starts on 19-year-old Gigi as she’s dancing. When it cutss back to her, she’s leaning over the DJ booth with her nose down.

The public Snapchat was quickly picked up and saved by a number of outlets, including Ocean Up, a blog that captured a clearer picture.

Gigi Hadid Cocaine

Although the low-resolution video makes it hard to know what to think, Gigi took to Twitter to shoot down rumors she was snorting a substance such as cocaine.

She took specific aim at Ocean Up for fueling the rumor by posting a poll on their website.

In another comment, she directed more criticism at Ocean Up, saying, “you are the pits of the world. It’s very sad that you need to go to those lengths for someone to maybe read your s*** blog.”

The controversy is likely a bit of a downer for Yolanda Foster’s daughter, who recently walked at Paris Fashion Week, was named the face of Maybelline and is a new Victoria’s Secret Pink model.

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  • Courtney

    Why won’t she tell us why her nose was on the countertop then? What else could she possibly be doing? Head planking?

  • bambiglanville

    It’s hard to tell, but like the previous commenter noted- why not state why your face was down on the counter?

  • Kat

    Looks like she bent over and her hands on the counter . Maybe fixing a shoe ?

    • Courtney

      Lol I always rest my head on the counter nose first when tying my shoe! Seriously though, she can’t even see her shoes when everything from the chin up is 1 inch from the countertop!

      • Jordan Blanchard

        Her head isn’t on the counter…. its by it I agree with kat

  • Niall’s Badass_1D_JB

    Gigi is really pretty

  • Gg

    It does looks suspicious but on the still frame it actually looks like she’s listening to something maybe her phone?

    • Courtney

      Or snorting something off her phone. Usually if you’re listening to something on your phone you tilt your head so your ear is over the speaker not your nose. Plus she was only down there a few seconds, not long enough to listen to something but more like to snort something trying to be sneaky.

  • Adrian

    To me, it looks like she is studying a book about Lyme Disease. : )

    • savannah

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man. I just LOL’d at my cubicle.

  • Emily

    Yeah it seems weird. Like there’s really no explanation for having your nose down on the counter like that but I can’t imagine she would snort coke in the middle of the day in front of all those people.

    • Jen

      If you’re high I doubt you really care about what the people around you think. She looks guilty to me.. If so im very disappointed.

  • Jenn

    C’mon lady own up to it. Lyin’ isn’t going to get you anywhere. You were snorting a fat rail and drinking a mixed drink and having a gay ol’ time. Many of us American’s have been there too, not all, but many. And man it sure is on heck of a time!

  • Ash


  • Bec

    Young rich white kids snorting coke at a party in an exotic location?!?!
    Why I never!

  • Tabitha

    There’s a photographer in the background… I highly doubt she’s railing lines in front of him not to mention the other hundreds of people around her.

    • Pattipandi

      Unless everybody up there was partaking. The people down below have no clue what’s going in general.

  • Tee

    Her hand is clearly on the counter and she is leaning over, her nose is ABOVE her hand if her nose was down on the counter I would see her hand

  • Tee

    U wouldn’t see her hand

    • Jenn

      what hand? (i didn’t watch the video) but in the picture her hand is in front of her. You need that hand in front of you to hold your 100$ bill put to your nose to snort that fat rail.

    • Pattipandi

      You need your hand to hold whatever is catapulting that shit up there, you don’t just stick your nose to it!

  • Carabara

    What else is she supposed to say its all lie lie lie

  • spottedgiraffe

    Gigi it’s not like you had to work for your career. Your mom bought it for you and hyped you up constantly on rhobh hoping agencies would pick you up for the pr. Since you didn’t work for your job you can pretty much do whatever ridiculous thing you want. You’ll still be hired. So just be honest about your nose candy. It won’t damage your career.

  • savannah

    The video is so grainy that you can’t tell either way. It does look really compromising, and to believe that a young model, in Miami, partying the days and nights away is doing drugs isn’t that far fetched it just seems like such a short time between her dancing to having a straw up her nose…I don’t know. It would be terrible trying to defend yourself when you hadn’t been doing something. The issue is, it just looks so bad. And not in her favor at all. Hopefully if that IS what she’s doing, this will smarten her up because the papz and hanger-onners will be relentless from this point on to try and “catch her in the act”.