Jenelle Evans’ fiance Nathan Griffith arrested for domestic violence

Nathan Griffith no shirt

According to multiple local news outlets, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ fiance Nathan Griffith was arrested this afternoon and charged with criminal domestic violence after and incident at their home in South Carolina.

Horry County Police Lt. Raul Denis tells WBTW, “There was some kind of physical assault — although it may have been minor.” Denis reveals that the arrest took place at approximately 4:15 PM, and that police were also at the residence approximately 12 hours earlier for another incident that did not result in an arrest at around 4:45 AM.

WBTW reports that MTV film crews have been at Jenelle and Nathan’s home filming the upcoming sixth season of Teen Mom 2, including today. It is unknown if cameras were rolling when Nathan was arrested, or when police arrived early this morning.

So far we have been unable to obtain a new mug shot photo of Nathan, but will be sure to update as soon as we do. We are also reaching out to try to find out more information about what happened.

Meanwhile, Jenelle has remained quiet on social media with her only tweets over the last eight hours being from around noon:

Nathan’s arrest comes at a time when the couple have reportedly been having some issues, and less than two weeks after Jenelle was detained briefly stemming from an issue with an unpaid ticket and a suspended driver’s license on February 24.

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  • Tamtam


  • BcAtl

    Well saw this coming! It’s not a Jenelle Evan’s relationship until someone is arrested for domestic violence!

    • Bec

      It ain’t over until jenelle accuses you of beating the sh!t out of her.

      • Christen

        And even then…it’s probably still not over!

      • Ylanaty

        lmao, funny, but sad and true…

      • BcAtl

        Yup I forgot that part! Lol

  • Ashley

    I hope her “new phone new start” means that she isn’t going to give Nathan her new number. If he really did assault her. I’m not a big fan of Jenelle. But someone needs to be an adult in that house. There’s 2 children involved, not including Nathan’s daughter.

    • BreeMorey

      I NEVER condone domestic violence, however, I feel some blame needs to be placed on both parties!! As we have all seen Jenelle is not above provocation… No one should hit anyone!! But no one should taunt scream and hate on people until they want to beat you either…

  • Mia

    I’ll wait to judge. Only because I wouldn’t put it beyond jenelle to say something like “I wish you’d have died overseas!” In which case, she deserved whatever she got. I’m sure neither side is innocent.

  • Wanderlust

    Like she once said : It’s just like the Notebook yall !

    On a more serious note, I hope Kaiser or Jace weren’t around when it did happen. They should get their sh*it together for their kids sake. So much drama going on … they both need to grow up and to not have any kids.

  • BreeMorey

    Excellent 🙂 Another reason for the judge to grant custody to Babs 🙂 Thanks guys xx

  • Tabitha

    keiffers probably keeping her company while Nathan’s in jail

    • barbinop

      Keefa…as Babs would

      • Sarah

        Have fun livin’ in ya cahhh with ya boyyyfriend…….

  • goo

    I’m guessing he abused her on camera and she had to make a show of it. If she really wants Jace back now, she has to leave him. We’ll see.

    • 900009

      BS..she does not want Jace back..ever.

      • Regina

        She never really had him in the first place… so sad.

    • starlight02

      Nathan was pushing her to get Jace back, Jennele always was making excuse why they couldn’t or shouldn’t . That guy has always given me the creeps

      • vicky

        jennele just can’t live wth out a man. She’s so troubled,no more kids for her . She needs to get tubes tied. I feel for her mother so much. Her daughter is mentally ill.

  • Vegasmomma


  • Courtney

    Nathan can’t even look away from himself long enough to take a selfie, he is so disgusting and narcissistic. New phone, fresh start, I bet he broke her phone again and she acts like she’s not going to tolerate it anymore but we all know she will be defending him and gushing about him in a week. Both arrested with new mug shots in about a week…. Yeah you have a real good chance of getting custody of your kids! Idiots!!!!

    • 900009

      more likely the phone broke when she threw it at him. He is a complete ass but I don’t believe for one minute he hit her.

      • JustMe

        I can believe it.. Nathan seems and looks like a complete @ss….

  • barbinop

    And she wonders why her mom was reluctant to give her custody of Jace. Wake up girl and stop being a welcome mat for men

    • ameliaBedelia76

      dude she ain’t no welcome mat. She has severe mental issues that need to be addressed and dealt with.

  • Red


    • Red

      Oh, and check Stevie Ryan’s twitter. There are screenshots of a DM between her and Nathan where he said that Jenelle told him if he ever tried to leave her, she would put marks on herself and have him arrested for domestic violence. The bitch deserves to rot behind bars. You can’t just cry domestic violence and ruin people’s lives because they do something you don’t like. I hate to say I don’t believe her, but I don’t. She pressed charges on Kieffer, Gary, AND Courtland for domestic violence. It is a pattern with her. She is a sociopath and though I don’t think Nathan is a great person by any means, I hope the judge gets wind of her pattern and throws her ass in prison.

      • MeOhMy

        Was that Nathan saying that she had said that? If so.. I don’t believe it.. not saying that it was said by her but who is to say he hasn’t been violent to her and that he didn’t say that to “cover” himself

        • Red

          Again, it is one of those things you wish you could believe her on, but she has cried world one too many times. Given her history, I believe it.

        • ameliaBedelia76

          he said that weeks ago.

      • spottedgiraffe

        She also tried to say Andrew hit her on one of the teen mom reunions and he wouldn’t take her bait and she got so mad. She’s crazy. Either she actively seeks out abusive men or she’s a liar.

  • Smh

    Damn it, Mongo!

  • ….

    So where are all of the “they’ve channnnged!!! Stop judging!!1!” people now? I honestly hope Kaiser is at Nathan’s parents most of the time. I cannot imagine an infant sitting around and listening to the fights these two have. Jenelle was arrested WHILE PREGNANT because she was arguing so loudly with him that neighbors called the cops and they decided to take her in. Nathan is a nutcase too that needs to be cut off of his VA benefits considering he claims to have a TBI yet attempted to become a MMA fighter a few years ago. A person with a legit brain injury is not going to start a career in MMA!
    Both of them are scum. And MTV’s attempt to make them look like a storybook family is ridiculous. She thought she was pregnant by Nathan, who she had met 2 weeks before on a dating ap, but it was the remains of her aborted baby from her husband Courtland. What a beautiful love story! I don’t know how you can get any trashier than that.
    And of course MTV will have some producer blowing smoke up all their a*sses. Watch the Being Farrah special with an MTV producer excusing every single thing that heinous bitch has said and done. Jenelle probably has her own producer that does the same. Barb isn’t perfect but in this case Jace will be better off with her. He said he was scared of Nathan. And Jenelle was happy that Nathan (someone she knew barely a month or 2) could “discipline” Jace. Neither of them have a paternal/maternal bone in their body and they have no business having custody of kids.

    • nycgirl


    • Regina

      Yuck I forgot about that left over abortion thing… that was truly f*d up.

    • spottedgiraffe

      I heard she only has kaiser during filming and all the other times he’s at his grandma Doris’ house. He’s safe for now….

    • ameliaBedelia76

      i wonder why does Jenelle get the money from MTV & not Barbara? She is the “Mom” in all of this. No, she is a deli clerk at Walmart. Jenelle is no mother to Jace, why MTV write her the checks to blow on vacations, drugs, cars etc..?

      • …..

        I wonder the same thing. Barb should get what all the other moms (Chelsea, Leah and Kail ) get considering she’s caring for and raising her grandson. Why Jenelle gets a big check from MTV yet her mother, who is raising her child, doesn’t is beyond me. But watching those MTV Teen Mom specials showed me how the producers on these shows are enabling idiots. I’m sure Jenelle has someone from MTV in her ear telling her that everything she does is fine. Because it makes good TV.

  • caseyb

    Where is there baby when this is going down!!? 🙁 Poor kid

    • BreeMorey

      I read on another article that the morning of this incident she was meant to go to a custody hearing with Babs but postponed it for “couples counciling” I dont think it worked lol

  • Lauren

    Out of her all her domestic violence cries, I do believe Nathan would get physical with her. He’s a drunk & he sounds like a mean one. Jace was even filmed asking Jenelle if Nathan tried to kill her. Jenelle doesn’t deserve custody of either Jace or Kaiser. Poor kids.

    • JustMe

      I agree but Nathan doesn’t deserve custody of the baby either (or his daughter). I think that he pretty much had a feeling something was going to happen and that is why from what I heard he wanted only his mom to babysit the baby not babs.. so if she would get the baby if need be.. hope that is not the case.. would rather that baby be with Babs..

      • violet Beuregarde

        Especially since his mother tweeted about showing him porn.

      • Lauren

        Oh hell no. He’s just as bad as Jenelle. That would make sense but Babs is already full time taking care of Jace & part time taking care of her other grandson. Adding a baby would be overwhelming for her, I feel like. Poor Kaiser.

  • LexiconD1

    You’re not in a ‘real’ relationship with Janelle, until you get arrested for Domestic Violence.

  • nycgirl

    She should be sterilized.

  • Cristina

    That’s sad. I feel sad for Jenelle, and Kaiser who has to grow up in the middle of this.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    there are rumors he wasn’t even home but that she called him & said she was going to hurt herself if he didn’t come over. AND the police report she confirmed she was living in a hotel!

  • HowDoUKnow

    Such trash. Pathetic loser beats women?