VIDEO Jenelle Evans reacts to leaked video of fight with Nathan Griffith’s brother

Jenelle Evans Vacation Bikini Picture

During their vacation in St. Thomas, Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were joined by a two other couples, including Nathan’s brother, Noah, and friends Candy and Pat Hennessy. For the first few days of the trip, everything seemed to be going well among the pairs as they went on excursions and celebrated Nathan and Jenelle’s engagement. Unfortunately, things went south shortly after Nathan popped the question.

Ever since then, Candy Hennessy has been threatening to release unflattering videos of Jenelle. She teased on Instagram, “Don’t worry you all will get to see how Jenelle acts when she doesn’t realize a camera is on.”

As rumors began to fly about what the videos showed, Jenelle tried to stop the situation from growing into a bigger mess.

Jenelle Evans and Candy Hennessy
Jenelle and Candy during happier times.

“I just want all this drama to end. There was a point where we all were friends and after a day in a half of bad s**t said it has ended,” she tweeted on Tuesday. She added on Wednesday “they accomplished what they wanted” along with a broken heart emoji.

But Candy wasn’t convinced…

“This is the so called apology Jenelle gave us,” she said, referencing a screenshot of Jenelle’s tweets. “Now you tell me, does it say I’m sorry Candace and Patrick or does it say I’m sorry if I offended anyone. Last time I checked anyone you offended could be a lot of people and also she never specifies what exactly it is she is apologizing for… When you ruin everyone’s week by acting like a crazy b**ch you should call them and say hey I’m so sorry for how I acted.”

A few hours later, Patrick released the video in question — which seems to feature Jenelle telling Nathan’s brother she wishes he died in combat before repeating “I hope you f**king die.” The video cuts off when it looks like a physical fight is breaking out after Jenelle said she heard Noah’s friend died in combat. (Warning: Not SFW language.)

Jenelle quickly reacted on Twitter by saying the video was a very small snippet from their fight and fails to show the context: “Oh let’s upload just the part she wants right?! … And the words that were said to me before I opened my mouth were uncalled for. Two sides to every story.” She also subtweeted “be careful there sweetheart, we all have secrets.”

Meanwhile, Nathan has remained silent on Twitter about the most recent developments, but his last tweets show he supports Jenelle.

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  • Regina

    They all sound like complete trash.

    • Smileypants

      They all sound like they’ve been drinking. The only ‘trash’ I heard/saw was the sound of Jenelle Evans’ voice trashing military men.

      • LexiconD1

        Not kidding, watch the video, and listen to the and listen to the language spewing out of these peoples mouths.

  • erb123

    FYI the friend she mentions was blown up right in front of nate’s brother, noah. noah apparently picked up the pieces of his friends body :/

    jenelle’s friend ryan dolph (the king of trash) is saying noah was talking about jenelle’s kids right before the video started. which is probably true. but it doesnt matter. you dont go there!

    • Smileypants

      I doubt that’s even true. These people are parents and you’re taking the word of Ryan Dolph via Jenelle Evans??
      I call bs!!

    • Srsly

      So he can talk about her kid, but she can’t bring up him dying in combat,?

      • Pattipandi

        I doubt he wished death on her kids and if anything he was probably talking about her being a bad mom which we’ve all seen. She’s a loser.

        • Smileypants

          The fight started over Twitter. I don’t think anyone said a thing about her kids. They could’ve and maybe should’ve… But I don’t think they did.

      • How do you live with yourself?

        How tasteless to talk about a soldier that was blown up.

      • violet Beauregrade

        They’ve been threatening to release that vid on social media for days and she’s never once said anything about them insulting her or her kids cause she clearly thought they were lying about it. That weak as heck story is what she threw together to cover her butt when she realized they weren’t bluffing and put it online. And Jenelle had no friends of her own on that vacation, just nathan’s brother and his wife and his brother’s best friend and wife, so how does this “friend” of her’s have all that info knowing exactly what was said?

      • Smileypants

        Where’s this video? And that girl… has no business looking after a kid. She can’t even look after herself.

        • LexiconD1

          I saw it on Teen Mom Junkies. You don’t need to be a member, I’m not. I just read there occasionally.

      • LexiconD1

        Kids she, apparently, barely spends time with, see, or PARENT.

      • 900009

        She WAS ONLY mad because Nathan’s lie about paying for the trip was exposed..that is all..the video clip before the fight is up..

      • Demona

        The world talks about her kid, her lack of parenting, her everything. I’m sorry but this attitude people have that they can say or do whatever they want because of their kid is utter bull crap. You can’t say the most vile, disgusting things in the world and use your kid as reason why. NO your kids aren’t an excuse to act like a total dbag. It just sets an even poorer example for them.

  • gofyourself

    Oh dude, that was fvcked up.

  • Annoyed2010

    What Jenelle said was wrong I agree there, but I think these people are only posting status’s and videos about Jenelle to get attention on themselves.

    • Scott

      I would have posted it in a heartbeat too to let everyone know what an awful person she was. Who the hell says cr*p like that? Like how soulless do you have to be? She hopes her new fiancé’s brother would have died in combat while serving? I’m glad when she started taunting about how his best friend died they all jumped up to kick her a*s.

    • Smileypants

      No. It’s to show who Jenelle really is.

      • Smileypants

        Also… Why? What does it accomplish for her?

        • Murphy

          Because its incredibly frustrating having to support the facade that Jenelle is anything more than white trash scumb. seems as though that was the straw that broke the camels back.

        • Lyra

          Anyone who watched the show could see Jenelle has said and done things just as extreme. These people knew what she was like and still wanted the free vacation. It does seem like they are setting her up by only releasing a small clip of the video. As terrible as things are that she says I would like to hear what’s said to her to provoke her. Also I wonder why you don’t hear Nathan in the video? He normally yells louder then Jenelle so I find it odd that he wasn’t saying anything.

    • What?

      so what if they get attention?? it doesn’t matter what anyone says to you, you never wish death on a person especially not your future husband’s brother and you certainly don’t bring up their best friend dying tragically in combat in front of them

  • Mike Hunt

    Get her flaps out of your mouth, Starcasm. There’s no justifying what she said.

    • sammi

      Flaps lol

  • Stacey Chaudoin

    omg…no respect for our military who are fighting for HER freedom of speech…no apology will ever be good enough or even matter.

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  • Joelle Banks


  • Ginger

    When the first word of this vid came out Jenelle never said anything about them talking about her kids, cause she probably didn’t think this tape really existed/they would actually post it online. Now they did and thats the narrative she’s going with? Very weak effort Jenelle. And her “sorry you got offended” tweet before she deleted it says she knows it was wrong. But, then again these are people who left their infant with people post online about showing him X-rated films.

    • Smileypants

      Yes. So they could go on another ‘well deserved’ vacation. A week they left their 6 month old for THAT. And what’s the old saying? Five years and still no custody of Jace!!
      … Even though he’s the ONLY reason she has any money at all!!!!! I am SO sick of people defending this!!!!!

      • Guest

        Kaiser was with them.

        • TA

          kaiser wasn’t on the vacation.

        • Get it right

          The roll was left with G-ma Doris.

          • SneakyCentipede

            The Roll…lol!!!!!

        • Smileypants

          Kaiser was watching porn with Grandpa!

          • LexiconD1

            Another website linked the Twitter which she stated how ‘happy’ Kaiser was to be watching an ‘X rated’ movie with his Grandfather.

            These ARE Nathans parents, so I didn’t expect better from them. They raised Nathan after all.

            • spottedgiraffe


              • LexiconD1

                Check out Teen Mom Junkies (great sources of information for all things Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant related when you’ve been offline for about a week like I was.) One of the posters have a link to a Twitter picture of Nathans Mom posting about the baby watching porn with his grandfather.

                I hope she mistook ‘X’ rated for ‘R’ rated. But, as they are Nathans parents…

                • spottedgiraffe

                  I just saw it and it was a pic of the baby smiling wtf

            • MeMe

              OMG, these poor lil kids…

          • ameliaBedelia76

            what is that story? Ive been reading that online all over the place.

  • Vee

    Wow, regardless of what was said wishing death upon someone is like wishing it upon yourself.. And then jenelle wonders why bad stuff happens to her.. She’s so annoying…

    • Smileypants

      She was pissed that somebody tweeted info about who was paying. That’s all it’s about. Not kids. Twitter.
      There is physical evidence.

  • nell

    Who is surprised by this? That she got drunk and said inappropriate things? Isn’t this why mtv pays her? all about those ratings

    • keys

      MTV had already left filming and she has said nothing about being drunk in this video nor does she appear to be. Though i’m sure she’ll try to use that as an excuse as soon as she thinks of it later. Her voice sounds stable not slurred at all and she jumped right up and ran straight at Nathan’s brother.

      • Smileypants

        I had thought maybe she was drunk because of the ‘hope/wish’ thing. Maybe she’s just a complete moron all the way around.

  • BreeMorey

    Wow! I actually was starting to think that she cleaned her act up!! She had me fooled.. I hope she never gets Jace back….. She is talking to her Fiance’s brother.. that’s messed up

    • gofyourself

      Me too!! She was basically sedate last season and I figured she was finally on meds from a psychiatrist.
      Well, she’s either off her meds, or she was a really good actress last season.

      • BreeMorey

        I think she was medicated lol There was no other way she could just sit there while Nathan yelled at her mother, the person who stepped in to raise her child…. Oh wait I forgot she is a massive a hole!!! I think the whole relationship was planned to get more money lol I think they are both sly and knew how to work MTV the first date, the baby, the engagement and now the wedding all falling into their own season lol Classy

        • gofyourself

          I mean, it’s no wonder she loves him. He does all of the yelling for her now. lol

          Two peas in a destructive pod.

          • BreeMorey

            hahah so true 🙂 She pays and he fights her battles… Its pretty random how he wants custody of Jase more than she does.. She knows he is better off with Babs

            • Lyra

              I always thought it was weird that he wanted Jace more then Jenelle did. I think it’s good that he does, maybe he’ll be the driving force for her to get Jace back.

              • BreeMorey

                But i think he only wants jace back either because he doesnt like Babs or its good for ratings!! Why isnt he focusing on getting his own kid back???? because she doesnt bring in the MTV dollars thats why

                • Lyra

                  I would rather him want to get Jace back more then Jenelle does, then the flipside of him not caring about Jace at all.

                  I don’t think I’ve seen his daughter on tv at all. I wonder if the child’s mother won’t allow it or if MTV just doesn’t want to film it. They do have her (at least some of the time) because there are photos posted of her and Jace. Not to defend him but I’m not going to judge since there is really no info on whether they have her or not. Does he share custody with the child’s mother? Or the grandmother? Who knows?

                  • BreeMorey

                    The mothers mother has the daughter… Nathan apparantly can’t get custody because he has PTSD, all the more reason Jace should stay with Babs. i understand what you are saying, but I just don’t think his intentions are right and Babs really loves Jace, i think he is better off with her 🙂 I think Jenelle and Nathan need to work on themselves and their relationship lol imagine when the MTV money stops and things get hard… I think they are both ticking timebombs

                    • justme

                      Well said!

                    • ameliaBedelia76

                      Truly, these two fight ALL the time..literally. The y broke up at Disney. Could you imagine what that was like for Jace on that trip? Suppose to be a little kids dream to go to Disney. Yet, his Mom & another one of her boyfriends were fighting the whole time. They were fighting like cats & dogs on this past trip. Funny how much $$ they have for all these vacations, rings, school tuition, new homes etc…?

                    • Demona

                      They fight because they are both addicts. She just traded heroin for pills/booze. I’d spin money in a slot machine that girl was sedated and calmer last season because of pills which tend to be tamer than say plunging needles in. He’s a drunk. Booze worsens the PTSD. So they fight. Most addicts do. Destructive relationships for everyone not just their kids…hence it bled into his family during this trip.

              • 900009

                the WORST thing in the world would be for these two douche canoes to get jace back

                • Lyra

                  I agree with you guys they aren’t stable enough for Jace. I just think its good, albeit odd, that Nathan wants Jace back. At this point Jace is in school and so it’s probably a lot easier on Babs not having to worry about daycare while she works. I think Babs will keep him during the school week and send him over to Jenelle’s on weekends (when she’s alright) will probably be what happens for the rest of his life.

                  • sammi

                    The damage has already been done to Jace. Its just a waiting game as to how bad its going to be. Saying he is better off with Babs is like taking the lesser of the two evils. Babs is as phfucked up as Janelle is. She raised Janelle. She also said she didnt believe in disciplinary action until the kids are 10. So Jace does what the hell he wants. I see many suspensions, fights, and arrests in Jace’s future

            • justme

              I don’t think it’s because she thinks being with Babs is best for him. I think she just doesn’t want him. Too much trouble & she has no bond with him. He would get in the way of her weed smoking & lying around playing Xbox all day. She ain’t got time for that!

      • ameliaBedelia76

        i doubt it about the meds, she was prego last season & she couldnt take them if she was pregnant

        • gofyourself

          Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil are all prescribed to pregnant women who need them during pregnancy.

        • Jenelles Life Choices

          Do you really think pregnancy would stop her from doing anything? There was a lot of shit going around about Nathan encouraging her to smoke weed and (dont know much about alcohol but I’m pretty sure this was also said) drink fire ball because apparently it helps with morning sickness. Jenelle is a selfish human being.

  • jen

    Where us the baby? With babs?

    • jen

      You know, that infant.

      • TA

        I think he was with Nathan’s Mom.

  • TA

    revenge only brings anger and drama upon yourself. and you look like a fool. be the bigger people, Pat and Candy.
    nobody is surprised by this video, these former friends are as big of a loser as jenelle is by posting this video and talking about how bad the vacation was.
    they’re all such trash. and jenelle is crazy. I feel so sorry for Kai, at least jace had babs.

  • Lauren

    Jenelle is deplorable & not a role model. She had just gotten engaged & talking like that to her fiancé’ brother. No respect. And if Nathan doesn’t leave after this then he is just as deplorable. Well, more so than he ever was before. Her kids deserve so much better.

    • TA

      Nathan won’t leave. She’d keep the baby away from him and he has no money of his own to fight for Kai. He’s stuck with Jenelle now.

      • Smileypants

        She’ll only keep that baby if she has someone to give him to… He is the major caregiver of Kaiser, I think. When he was tiny still, all pics she posted were of Nathan and Kai. That girl doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body… and never will. She likes the $$.
        I’d be willing to bet that if it weren’t for MTV she’d never see Jace at all. She barely does now and he made her her money.

        • justme

          No way would she want Kai. If Nate left she wouldn’t have him OR his mom to take care of him the majority of the time. And if she loses MTV $ she won’t be able to afford full time day care, which is where he’s at all day every day right now. Nah, she wouldn’t keep him.

      • Lauren

        But if the rumors are true that his mom has Kai most of the time then I could see them fighting her for the baby.

  • A.C.C

    Wow. It kind of made me sick to hear that. You don’t ever tell someone how much you hope they die and to even go further and say you wish they would have died in combat and bring up old scars about his friend who actually did die in combat.. No, just no.. He died for you to sit there to be able to think and say what you just did.

  • jlo27916

    She may be a “better mom” now (questionable really), but she’s still immature as all hell! She’s such a spoiled brat that has no respect for anyone…

  • Ashley

    It doesn’t matter what anybody says to you, you should never wish death on anyone. She should know this, as a “mother”

  • Stefani

    She’s screwed. There’s no way to justify or explain those words. They were clear to me. Just screwed.

  • Pattipandi

    Who says s h i t like that to somebody? A soldier non the less. Such gutter trash.

  • Wtf

    She talks just as vile on camera when she’s being filmed for Teen Mom, so I’m not really surprised that she acts the same when the cameras aren’t around.

  • cookie

    She is such a horrible, disgusting, putrid person but this is no different than she acts when the MTV cameras are rolling. I hope she got her butt whooped after that remark! I don’t know how anyone could be a “fan”, friend or supporter of her, she is pure scum!

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  • Melisa cole

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  • Mimi

    MTV paid for the hotel and dinner etc.. So there’s no way Jenelles card was charged for charges to the room.

    And even if there were charges put on to the room… Maybe that’s how Barb felt when she was working her ass off and raising Jace while Jenelle stole her credit cards & ran off with Kieffer.

    Karmas a bitch…

  • SneakyCentipede

    I was totally distracted by the girl who was shooting the video repeatedly saying “HAAAY DONT SAY THAAAAAT” in her heehaw accent lol

    • sammi

      I know! Me too

  • bambiglanville

    and for a second people thought this girl changed… she never will.

  • LoLo

    I would not tell someone I hated that I hoped they died. I could never live with that on my conscience.

  • 1990TD

    As an European it’s somewhat funny to read ‘he fought for our freedom’. You’ve always been free and the wars that are fought, are overseas and never managed to enter America. And dare I say it? The war fought in the Middle East is started by America to prevent a war on their own land. American people will always be free until war enters their country. I’d rather have my country, our military, to stop fighting in a country that never threatened us…

    (Of course Jenelle shouldn’t have said it tho, it’s not like I’m supporting what she said. I’m giving an Europeans view on the American wars and ‘freedom’)

    Expecting many negative votes…

  • MeMe

    OMG! Why would Jenelle say some messed up stuff like that? That’s horrible, and this was at her future brother in law?That chick’s crazy

  • Demona

    This girl is just vile. Hoping someone dies so she has the freedom to stick another needle in her arm.

  • PCpolice