Awkward Photo of the Week: Jessica Simpson sprawled out on her carpet

Jessica Simpson

When you’re a mother of two young children, it’s not uncommon to find yourself playing on the floor. However, I’m not sure quite sure what kind of playing this is.

The pop superstar and fashion mogul posted this rather weird picture of herself sprawled out on the floor with the caption, “I love carpet.”

Based on Jessica’s personality, I’m sure there is a funny story behind it… we’re just not quite sure what. Either way, you have to admit she’s looking slim and trim in her all black outfit and those sky-high heels.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a couple of recent pics of Jessica’s adorable tots. Here’s a photo of 2-year-old Maxi Drew getting into her mommy’s makeup.

Maxi Johnson

And a photo of little brother, 1-year-old Ace, on the go with golf balls.

Ace Johnson

After seeing these cute kids, I hope the rumors of Jessica and Eric getting their own reality show are true!


  • Guest

    Her kids are beautiful!

  • M

    What the hell?

  • sammi

    Her kids are so stinking cute

  • savannah

    I saw that pic on my Instagram feed and was like… WTF? Just keep posting your cute kids, and keep the carpet loving off camera. LOL. Such a random and weird thing to post!

  • starlight02

    First off She looks amazing, second her kids are absolute dolls and third that picture is weird but this is the girl known for thinking chicken of the sea was actual chicken lol