Amanda Bynes roams Sunset Strip after being released from mental facility


Amanda Bynes was released from the psychiatric facility where she was receiving treatment and was later seen roaming the Sunset Strip last night.

Bynes was on an extended 30 day hold as requested by doctors and granted by a judge, but on her own accord she went before a hearing officer at the facility and requested to be released. For the two weeks she has been at the location she’s been steadily taking her prescribed medications and sounds lucid – according to sources with TMZ.

The hearing officer decided that Bynes could no longer be held involuntarily. She was released from her hold and walked out the front door.

She was photographed last night on Sunset Boulevard looking for a place to stay. She stopped at a diner where she was said to have been talking to herself. She informed her server that she was shy because she had a procedure to her face that required a bandage.

TMZ reports that she was looking for a hotel room but had been turned down at several locations.

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  • sammy

    This is sad. Shame on Starcasm for exploiting an obviously very ill woman. I wish Amanda the best.

    • Guest

      How are they exploiting her?

    • Posh☮

      then by reading this article you are feeding into their “exploitation”. Shame on you!

  • ren

    Urgh. I can’t watch anymore. *covers eyes*
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her. All the best to her and those who love her. xox

  • Mrs C.

    Our mental health system has surly failed her and many other’s. We have children who kill & vet’s on the corner begging for money and food who suffer from PTSD; the united states isn’t a third world country and we should be able to care for those who suffer from mental health. Truly heartbreaking.

  • sheen

    I’m very sorry to hear this. She’s proved time and again that she is extremely unstable and is unlikely to keep up with her medication outside of care. Under what grounds did they feel it was okay to release her?

    The mental health system is so messed up.

    • Tracy Flood

      Maybe she’ll follow Brittany Spear’s footsteps and do Vegas shows!

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  • …That judge should be held on review and have all their cases reviewed by a new judge. They are the ones who clearly lack any common sense, since immediately after being released she did all the things that got her sent to the mental ward in the first place.

  • HeyHey

    It’s not the behavioral healthcare facility’s fault that she was released, take it up with the legal system instead. If her status converts from involuntary to voluntary then she has a right to leave and they have to let her go. It’s probably on record that the discharge she initiated was against medical advice and that’s all the facility can do according to federal and state regulations or else they risk losing their licensure to provide any services.

    This is typical for those with chronic mental illness; they start to feel better once their medications kick in and so once they feel better then they don’t think they need the meds anymore so then they become non-compliant and eventually they decompensate again.