VIDEO Shia LaBeouf says lack of love as a child led to his public outbursts in adulthood

Shia LaBeouf Ellen DeGeneres Show

After what was reported as an epic “meltdown” that involved him wearing a paper bag over his head to a premiere and spitting at cops, Shia LaBeouf now says it was all part of an “existential crisis” that he’s moving past.

“I had some hiccups. Some judgment error,” he told Ellen DeGeneres on her show this week. “Being a kid of abandonment, I thought that being an actor would somehow fill that void… You just want to make a mark… So, I think we suffer from the same thing, which is just a lack of attention and love.”

Shia explained it took a day in jail to make him reassess his actions.

“This was the worst time. I really went away with it. They put a Hannibal mask on me and a lead jacket,” he said. “It was very scary.”

Now, the 28-year-old actor says he’s as good as he can be, thanks to support from his mom (who had to play “mom and dad” while he was growing up) and regular exercise.

Shia LaBeouf Running

“A lot of things are connecting spiritually, but also a lot of running, a lot of physical. Running is big in my life,” he said. “I was running a lot before, but I really picked it up a bit. It’s become like my salvation, running.”

Shia stars alongside Brad Pitt in Fury, which premieres in theaters next week.

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  • Josie

    Huh? So because he didn’t have a dad, just a supportive mom, he acted like a idiot? Sadly, LOTS of kids don’t have dads nowadays. I know it’s hard on them, but the vast majority don’t flip out like Shia did. I’ve always suspected his behavior was for publicity purposes. Whatever. Hopefully he truly did find an outlet and will begin to act like the 28 year old ADULT he is. On a side note, I think he is a fantastic actor and can’t wait to see him and Brad Pitt in Fury. Looks like an awesome movie.

    • kat

      Josie, you clearly don’t have the understanding of the extreme effect abandonment has in children; they can develop severe anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. These issues DO extend into adulthood and often children of abandonment become addicts or criminals and “act out” their pain. He is 28 now and acknowledging this and it’s fantastic he can apologize and figure out the origin of his pain and reconcile with it.
      Furthermore, not having a father does not automatically mean you suffer from abandonment issues. This statement you made is INCREDIBLY ignorant and others perpetuating that kind of mentality really sets us back in terms of mental health awareness. I think it’s fantastic that he is acknowledging this publicly so that we can have a dialogue about mental health.
      Often children of these situations (nature and nurture components) develop personality disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder which is WILDLY misunderstood.
      As a product of extreme abandonment and abuse as a child, I have acted out much like Shia did. Only now as an adult am I able to start putting the pieces back together. Please have some compassion and understanding before posting ignorant comments like this and shaming people who are open about having had emotional struggles leading to bad judgment.

      • Josie

        Don’t I? I’m sure I have much more of an understanding than you could ever imagine based simply on an internet post. The only indication of abandonment in the article is that he had a supportive mother and no father. There was nothing to indicate his mother abandoned him or he was abused. Perhaps he’s the one minimizing and misusing the term abandonment. I understand this is a hot button for you. I have plenty of my own, but I stand by my comment.

        • kat

          Furthermore, I am not excusing his actions but am applauding him for taking the road less traveled: owning and admitting his mistakes and doing the painful work to acknowledge childhood abuse/abandonment so he can move forward and grow. Bravo, Shia

  • Flashie Gordon

    BS!! That is just plain old stupidity and childish! Don’t blame your behavior on “abandonment”. You are way passed your teens and you are an ADULT! Start acting like one.

    • kat

      Flashie, please refer to my comment below on Josie’s post

    • Amanda_56

      Maybe the abandonment mixed the craziness of fame from such a young age were all mixed in one. Unless you walk a mile in some ones shoes, you really don’t know how they feel. Also, people have different coping skills, or lack of depending on their experiences. I don’t think his life experiences are that common.

  • Larissa

    I’d still do him 😉

  • Iysis

    It’s funny all the people defending him and his actions because he didn’t have a dad in his life. So Chris Brown was raised by a single mom and people didn’t excuse his stupidity because of it! This isn’t an excuse to act like a child because you had no father, you’re a grown man now dude claim it and just get yourself together! I guess him not having a father also caused him to walk the red carpet with a bag on his head too huh, oh please.

    • Slim louis

      Brown beat a woman. Different stories. Abandonment is having a parent around that then leaves. It’s not not having one parent.

      • Iysis

        Both were “abandoned” so have sympathy for both and let both get a pass for their “crimes”. If being abandoned makes you do things like this it might also make you hit someone too! No double standards.