VIDEO Amanda Bynes dancing up a storm before shoplifting

The inevitable video from Amanda Bynes’ New York City shoplifting spree has emerged and it’s certainly a wild, if not sad, scene.

Bynes allegedly tried to make out with a hat at Barneys on Wednesday and in this clip she’s seen cutting a rug before her failed attempt at stealing a shirt from Pookie & Sebastian.

Amanda also grinds on her driver as an attendee from the store tries her best to do her job…

Things have been breaking bad for Amanda since being released from her parent’s conservatorship.

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  • LaLa84

    Are they sure she’s not on meth? That looks like the behavior of someone who is tweaking.

    • Bryony

      My thoughts too. She looks to me to be pretty clearly on drugs, in addition to her mental illness issues.

      • LaLa84

        Exactly. I have worked at a Mental Health Hospital, and typically didn’t see patients that acted that way unless they were extremely manic, coupled with taking some type of upper. My best guess is meth, possibly coke.

        • kat

          She is abusing Adderall. This spike in dopamine for a person with possible schizophrenia often leads to mania and psychosis.

    • micro OP

      Lots of time people with mental illness self medicate with drugs. It could be both. Poor girl 🙁

  • Ashley

    The video isn’t showing up

    • Jamie

      The one at tmz worked for me.

  • glk900

    If this was Miley Cyrus press would call it artistic expression and sell tickets to it like her horrible art exhibit…both are are narcissistic crazy self absorbed twits

  • lindsay.

    there’s still a part of me waiting for her to stop & yell “GOTCHA!” like it’s been some social experiment all along. Sadly, I don’t think that’s the case. It makes me wonder, has she always lived with a severe mental illness?

  • Bec

    I know many people think these shenanigans are funny but to me they are sad, there is nothing funny about people with mental illnesses acting out. I don’t laugh at the crackheads in my city when they are dancing on the side of the road and I didn’t laugh at this video. She needs help, not people gawking at her odd behavior.

  • Josie

    That’s so sad. I feel for her parents having to see her spiral out of control and have nothing they can do about it. That poor driver looks embarrassed, but at least she has some level of protection and supervision with her.

    • Guest

      Her parents are in complete denial about her mental disorder and talking to the press about her isn’t going to help her. I pray the God she gets the help she needs. Poor thing.

  • Mandelane

    Despite her abnormal behavoir, I must say she looks really great!

  • kate

    Yeah…. whatever is going on here is absolutely not solely (or likely at all…) the cause of smoking weed like her mom says.

  • SammyG

    homegirl is a really, really bad dancer.

  • Iysis

    This is really sad at this point like really sad. I never thought any of her stunts or what not were funny but after she was getting help she really cleaned herself up, now she is back to her old ways. I hope her parents find her and get her long term help because she seems to be getting worse by the minute.

  • Jlo27916

    Omg that was so sad. She is SO sick! That poor driver- I mean wtf