Amanda Bynes says there’s a microchip in her brain, wants $1 from everyone reading her mind

Amanda Bynes Microchip

Apparently Amanda Bynes had much more to say during her Sunday discussion with an In Touch reporter than the news about her engagement. For starters, she believes a microchip was implanted in her brain.

“I want a dollar a day from every person who [is] reading my mind,” Amanda, 28, said last weekend. According to other sources, she shows signs of paranoia by accusing random people of taking her picture. (Although, to be fair, the accusation is often true.)

Amanda said she plans to get a nose job and recently got cysts removed from her face, which could explain the bandage she’s been sporting. She explained, “I look so hideous… Everyone can use a little plastic surgery.”

Amanda Bynes Engaged

She also spoke about her relationship with her parents. Here’s how In Touch framed that portion of the conversation…

While many of her ramblings throughout the day made little sense, Amanda made one thing perfectly clear: She wants nothing to do with her parents, Rick and Lynn. “I was miserable living with them,” she says. “I would have rather been in jail.”

That’s all the magazine offered online for now, but there’s apparently more from their “day with Amanda” in the new print edition.

The first round of statements from Amanda’s interview with the magazine were disconcerting. The latest revelations are downright sad and scary. The interview also raises some questions about journalistic ethics: It seems the magazine has been sitting on this troublesome information for three days, during which time Amanda allegedly attacked someone at a nightclub and stumbled shoeless around Bloomingdales.

So far, Amanda hasn’t done enough harm to herself or others to qualify for a 5150 hold and allow her parents’ to petition for a new conservatorship. However, her statements show that someone (other than paparazzi) should be keeping a close eye on her… The trick is, then what? Should she be given the space to do harm so that authorities step in? Or, should she be protected from that, but enabled to continue as is?

It seems no one really has good answers — which demonstrates how difficult it is to help someone with a mental illness when that person doesn’t want help.

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  • Jamie

    I really wish the best and hope she gets the necessary help she needs. Someone please call Dr. Phil!!!

    • bambiglanville

      ah he’s just as useless as cleo the psychic.

    • TA

      Dr. Phil?? what drugs are you and Amanda doing together??

  • Wtf

    Why are magazines interviewing her?? Just leave her alone!

  • Regina

    I just watched She’s the Man this weekend and am so sad about Amanda knowing that she is not the same girl anymore. Hopefully she gets better but I have no idea how. 😐 🙁

  • Lyra

    Remember when the Mom said she didn’t have any problems except for weed? I wondered at that time if the Mom really believed that or was trying to publicly save face for her daughter. It is hard to accept that a loved one has a problem, especially when you hear crazy rumors through the media and are not seeing it for yourself. I hope that her parents realize mental illness is not something to be ashamed of and try to cover up. I hope they learn to stand up and say their daughter has a problem and they will be there by her side to help her overcome, and become advocates/role models for others going through the same thing.

  • Murphy

    Where is she sleeping at night? I hope she’s eating properly and brought warm clothes.

  • Miranda

    God this is so sad. She’s starting to look a lot like she did last year. Clearly she has some mental issues and the medicine was helping…wish she would’ve stayed on it. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she does something to get another psych hold and for her benefit I hope it’s sooner than later…

  • TA

    is this all an act on her part?
    or is she really that far gone on drugs again. it’s hard to tell with her…

  • Mrs C.

    Poor thing, mental illness is no joke. Hopefully her parents step in again and put her back in treatment.

  • Hayley

    Someone please help her! 🙁

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