Brandi Passante bikini photo, plus Jarrod Schulz ‘cleanse raped’ by Brandi (aka goes on a diet)

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante

After years of sharing their work lives with millions of viewers, Storage Wars super couple Brandi and Jarrod have finally allowed A&E cameras into their personal lives in their new spin-off series Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job — and believe me, their personal lives get pretty dang personal! On tonight’s episode, Brandi and Jarrod decide they should try to eat a little healthier, but judging from this preview clip, the motivation was mostly Brandi’s:

I’m fairly certain that this is the first ever mention of “cleanse rape” on national television! And I don’t even want to see the fallout after Brandi’s sweating leads Jarrod to make the unwise choice of declaring, “I feel like you’re going through ‘the change.'” Except, of course, I do want to see the fallout! 😉

Brandi has always seemed to be a bit self-conscious about her body, despite the fact that she has amassed quite a huge following of male admirers since first appearing on Storage Wars in 2010. It appears that perhaps the cleanse and dieting has strengthened her self confidence a bit because the reality star recently shared something the world had never seen before: a Brandi Passante bikini photo!

Storage Wars Brandi Passante bikini photo

Brandi posted the photo, which features a whole bunch of healthy lookin’ peeps, including Jarrod in an Outlaw Apparel tank top and the couple’s children, daughter Payton and son Cameron, as a “Throwback Thursday” picture along with the caption, “#tbt I miss Hawaii” It’s unclear just how old the photo is, but Payton and Cameron don’t look that much younger, so I’m guessing it was from the last couple years.

Now we can all just sit back and wait for Jarrod’s Speedo pic.

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  • Vicky

    Brandi is my husbands fave celeb chick. Hes totes obsessed lol. Her mind is the real sell tho he loves the way she thinks. Shes really awesome. Brandi&Jarrod <3

    • Not your husband

      Your husband is a loser, time to find a new guy.

  • TA

    the way people use the word rape in such a non-chalant way is so disrespectful to victims of rape.

    think before you speak/write, people.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Makes me ill!

    • Dave Crist

      I feel the same about people that say retarded or call each other retard.

  • MF

    I think it is actually ‘cleanse rage’

  • dumdumduggan

    As a fan of brandi, you should do some research first. There are tons of pics of her in a bikini online.

  • afanaglenn

    These two make a unique couple. No doubt Brandi is the one with the brains, a good thinker. Just seems like a good person all the way around, and with those looks one would think she had a possible career in television, not a reality show. As for Jerrod, I see a rather shallow person but he shows that he cares for Brandi very much, refreshing. Wouldn’t watch the show but for Brandi, and Barry Weiss, a real character. And Darrell Sheets is the real pro on the show, very astute for a junior high graduate. But is more than book smart. While the show is filled with fakery, it is interesting to watch.

  • Dale A. Morrison

    I am truly impressed with Jarod and Brandi on the episode with their 2 children…you guys did a fantastic job showing them what to do and you guys look like a fantastic loving family..and the ones that comment about yall’s past just piss on them. Who hasn’t had a run in’s with the law over a couple different things which doesn’t affect your show at all…I hope yall will be on the show while it’s from South Carolina

  • PitsMcgoo

    15 years is longer than most marriages last.