PHOTOS Farrah Abraham gets a new Mercedes

Farrah Abraham gets a new Mercedes with daughter Sophia

As you’ve probably heard, Farrah Abraham starts her new gig as a “Celebrity House Feature” at Palazio Gentlemen’s Club in Austin Texas on Friday where she will strip in private sessions for audiences paying $500 for ten minutes or $2,500 for an hour. Farrah is reportedly getting half a million dollars for the gig and she has apparently dropped a large chunk of that on her new ride to work!

Farrah Abraham gets a new Mercedes Benz

Farrah posted numerous photos earlier today from the Mercedes Benz dealership in Georgetown, Texas where she looks to have purchased herself a brand new white E-Class Mercedes Benz! Farrah posed with daughter Sophia in front of her new whip, which was adorned with a red bow, and wrote, “MBofGeorgeTown E-Class #AMG surprise! Utility&Luxury”

I did a little research and it looks as though the Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG sedan has a starting price of right around $100,000, which is only a pretty large drop in the bucket when you’re getting five times that shakin’ your Mercedes Bunz for the rain makers at Palazio!

Here’s another collage with Farrah, Sophia, her Mercedes and a D’Andrea handbag:

Farrah Abraham's new Mercedes 2014

I think I now know what Farrah’s next endeavor needs to be! An app called “Farrah Abraham: Hollywood,” which will be similar to Kim Kardashian’s blockbuster fame game, but with the option to take more drastic measures:

Farrah Abraham: Hollywood game app

As soon as that app hits the iTunes store I’ll be heading down to the Mercedes Benz dealership myself! #GonnaBeRich

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  • Renee L

    Who cares? Oh wait! You forgot to report when her last period was.

    • Jenn

      Don’t worry Renee they will.

  • Andrea

    When are people going to be tired of seeing this trash? Who REALLY wants a private dance from a horse? Ugh.

    • Jenn

      I wonder if we could pay her in the form of sugar cubes…..

  • Hollywoodpecker

    Yeah and just like she showed up to that $3 million dollar house that was for sale for a photo op to make people believe she was going to buy it. You see her standing next to a Mercedes in a showroom, not driving it off the lot.

  • Nathan

    That poor kid is going to grow up to be so materialistic and confused about what really matters in life. I feel sorry for her.

  • Hollywoodpecker

    Say what you will about the horse, but at least she’s not latching onto Teen Mom in her mid 20’s like the rest of the girls are. Farrah may not make a living the way you and I would/or would agree with, but at least she’s clinging onto Teen Mom.

    • Hollywoodpecker


    • Bananarama

      Exactly!! I don’t like her but she’s honestly the only successful one, I wouldn’t call it successful.. Y’all know what I mean though.

      • TimM

        Brain dead you are…thats not sucess. Theres hotter women out there that refuse to be trashy enough to do what ferrah does.

    • frontdoormom

      I agree. I hate her…because shes making millions lol. But youre comment couldnt be any truer. Shes not on sucking the mtv t!t! Anymore. Everything she has is earned by herself.

      • TimM

        MTV won’t take her BACK anymore….she blew the name out by doing the ‘backdoor teen mom’. You really think MTV was okay with that? Look, shes removed from the next airing of that cast.

        • frontdoormom

          Regardless, shes making it on her own. Definitely millions more then me lol.

          • TimM

            Yea…but you can make millions doing hundreds of different things…..So you could sell your body too right? But would you?

            • frontdoormom

              Nope, never.

    • TA

      I dunno. I guess for me, personally, if I had to choose between the two, I’d chose to ride the MTV train for as long as possible over stripping and making p0rn. especially if I had a daughter.

    • Lyra

      If she was any other teenage mother she would not get paid a tenth of what she has been for porn and stripping. The only reason she is making so much at these other adventures is by using her teen mom fame/infamy. She easily could’ve used her status for a restaurant or other venture without selling herself out.

    • TimM

      No she went worse. Shes selling her body. Shes trolling for sugar daddies.

  • TA

    I never noticed how long her arms are.

  • Brandy Nicole

    Sophia is always dressed so homeless.

    • frontdoormom

      Lol!!! Her hair is always nappy too.

    • beth

      Agreed. And we all know Farrah doesn’t take care of her so not sure that we can blame her…

    • bambiglanville

      Unfortunately she’s probably just at that age where her mother (or Debra, let’s be honest) allows her to choose her outfits. I had to go back up and look at what she was wearing. hahahaha

    • Reality

      I am trying to understand why her mom lets her wear tights and a long sleeved shirt in August, in TX. I guess Sophia must dress herself now, since Farrah must not have time

      • Mommy

        My 3 year old dresses herself in long sleeves and winter boots in the middle of summer sometimes. I’m not going to wrestle her to change. If she wants to be hot then that’s on her. Plus she’s mostly indoors where the AC makes her cold.

      • Brandy Nicole

        Well considering Sophia does her own thing she probably just dresses herself and probably at this point does all her own shopping and everything.

  • MLo

    I’m sure it’s just a lease that she’ll lose once they stop coming to the strip club.

  • Bec

    Good. Hope she goes off and buys more expensive stuff…can’t wait for this camel to be broke working as a truck stop hooker. She’s already got the rode hard & put up wet appearance

  • Emilie

    Damn, she’s not spending very wisely is she? That money will not last forever. I remember when she was telling her mom “A Ford Focus is a cute car I would drive” lol And it will definitely get you from point A to point B just the same.

  • beth

    She’ll probably get in it drunk and crash it. At least that’s what I hope she does to it. #sorrynotsorry

  • Josie

    She’s really banking on the illusion that money buys happiness.

  • Mrs C.

    Unfortunately poor little Sophia will grow up thinking this is an acceptable way of making a living; making a porn and stripping in front of others to make a living.

  • jlo27916

    Farrah cares WAYYYY to much about material things and showing off money. She overcompensates for the fact that she’s a shitty mom and person with no morals. I feel really bad for Sophia- when she was firt on 16&Pregnant I thought maybe she had a chance and thought she was probably one of the prettiest girls on the show- Now? TRAINWRECK! And in the rear no less!

  • jlo27916

    Does she think this car will get her friends? A man? Some respect? Try again Farrah.

  • jlo27916

    She has no substance so she shows off her cars and purses LMAO This chick has issues!

  • faaaraahh

    She works right across from the Wal-Mart lol

  • my

    I hope she gets nailed by the i r s. All this money she brags about I hope she ends up Paying a big amount back.

  • Mommy

    I really hope she is putting money away for Sophia’s future and not just throwing it away on material things.

  • Me

    This broad is a glorified skank what is the fascination?

  • Adrian

    She continues to look stranger and stranger – I don’t know what looks worse, her chin, nose. horse teefs or googly eyes? She has forever destroyed her face, I remember when she was on, the first season and she could actually look kind of cute. She had to go f it up , like so many other women in Hollywood.

  • ohhhhno

    I live a mile from Palazzio and it really bothers me thinking this woman will be that close to me every night.