VIDEO Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Jungers’ commercial for

Jamie Jungers commercial video still

Not only can Jamie Jungers hook up with famous golfers and give hot tub interviews, she can also read from a computer screen! Here’s Tiger Woods mistress number four in a commercial for

OOF! “All I ask is what I do and what’s happened between the golf legend and I be between us and spare me and let me shop.”

Her voice blurs out her body! How could you do that Tiger?!? Maybe he had one of those golf course guys in the room holding up a “Quiet Please!” sign.

Forget, Jamie needs to be working for Hi-OOOOOOO!!

Are you having difficulties keeping all of Tiger Woods’ mistresses straight? Are you confusing Jamie Jungers with Jaimee Grubbs? Then you need to check out the Tiger Woods Mistress Scorecard – a cheatsheet chart with names, photos and brief bios for all the mistresses we know about so far!

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  • Tiger Woods is no more, nor less human than any of us. He is almost a billionaire, so his dirt is turned into gold by the ethical alchemist of society. Those of you who are so offended by Tiger Woods actions should be reminded that not many of us would pass an examination if placed under the microscope of morality. He is an excellent golfer. Yet, he was and never will be anything more than HUMAN! We all are. Look at it in that light and you’ll be less disgusted by this man’s actions. Remember, our dirt would be worth sifting through in the river of righteousness if it contained the valuable mineral known as Fame. Here is a funny video song on Tiger Woods.

    Lighten up gang and laugh through this. After all, he is a Golfer not a God.

    Malik Jubal

  • anen

    he’s married with kids not only did he cheat once but 15 times!!! and counting with different women it’s fun to make fun of him