How many kids does Kim Zolciak have now?


When the public first met wig rocking Kim Zolciak on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008, she was a single mom raising her two daughters with the financial help of a married Atlanta sugar daddy she called “Big Poppa.” Six years later, she’s married to Kroy Biermann, and has had four more children at a dizzying pace. Is Kim going to give Michelle Duggar a run for her money?

“It’s incredible,” the reality star told PEOPLE about her super large family. “I thought I was done with my girls. I was on Real Housewives of Atlanta and my girls were out of the baby stage. If I never got married again, I was okay. And if I never had any more children, I was okay, too. I was in a great place and then bam!”

daughter Kaia Rose and son Kane Ren, on November 25, 2013.[9]

Kim’s first child is Brielle, born February 25, 1997, from an ex-boyfriend. She had Ariana October 17, 2001 with ex-husband Daniel Toce. Kroy Biermann adopted both Brielle and Ariana after he married Kim.


Fairly soon after she met NFL Football player Kroy Beirmann at Dancing Stars Of Atlanta, she got pregnant with their first child and her third, Kroy Jagger Beirmann Jr., who was born May 30, 2011. Kim and Kroy got married November 11, 2011, and immediately got pregnant again with Kash Kade Bierman, who came into the world August 15, 2012.

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In 2013 Kim got pregnant again with twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren, who were born November 25, 2013.

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A new season of the family’s reality show Don’t Be Tardy airs Thursdays
9/8 c.

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  • Amethyst

    All of her children are just beautiful, but I can’t get over how unbelievable stunning Kaia is, definitely one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! Kim seems like such an amazing mom too, glad to see that she found someone who loves her and her children unconditionally and to see how happy she is!

  • September24

    Kim’s oldest daughter is a little bratty. I hope she changes her tune.

    • Getout

      Typical teenage girl. I wish her show was an hour long, I find her much more likable than I did when she was on RHOA.

      • Brandy Nicole

        Me too. I just love her.

    • Donna

      She’s ditzy and acts like a bimbo. Not attractive these days. People actually like brains these days and someone with a job

  • QueenBey

    3 baby daddies – keepin’ it klassy kim!

    • Amethyst

      Why does it matter how many baby daddies she has, all her kids are well taken care of as well as provided for AND Kroy adopted the two older ones. Plus, there is ten years between her second and third child!

    • Lanie_Lane

      I guess with 7 kids, 3 daddies isn’t too bad!

      • Annabel

        She has six.

        • Brandy Nicole

          Math is hard lol

          • frontdoormom


        • Lanie_Lane

          Geez, not sure why I put 7. I clearly can read & do simple math so it was a simple typo.

          • Brandy Nicole

            And my comment was sarcasm. Seems like people forget what that is now days and get their panties in a bunch.

            • Donna

              I think Kim should take some of Kroy’s advice. I realize it’s new money to her, as she was a single parent with two children by two fathers, and working as a nurse’s aide. She met a married, wealthy man who supported her and gave her a good lifestyle. You can tell she never worked for it as she wouldn’t be so careless with money.Kroy, on the other hang comes from humble beginnings but worked very hard to get where he is at. I think she pushes him with the extravagant lifestyle and hope that one day when he no longer can work, she didn’t bankrupt him. What is she teaching Brielle? The girl seems ditzy and unappreciative. At her age, she should be in college or working a job, instead of injecting her lips and sitting home.

              • FarrahsCryFace

                The only work she had been doing was on big poppa. She was an RN back when her girls were babies but hadn’t done that since before her RHOA days. All her girls are being taught is to play dumb and marry money.

  • jlo27916

    People hate on Kim but I love her because she doesn’t care- she knows what she wants and how to get it- why does everybody gotta talk crap about her? She may get her money from her husband and the show but at least she’s not stealing from people like the god awful Giudice!

    • Guest

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    • evelynkwilliams

      just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
      didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
      there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
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  • Stephanie

    What does she have more of kids or wigs?

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

    Pretty soon she’s going to be a grandmother, watch that Brielle

  • frontdoormom

    Ohmylord her kids are beautiful! All of them! I love this lady!!!!

  • MsNijai

    Let me give it to yall like this, from day one Kim was giving all the Atlanta Housewives except Kandi lol, a run 4 there money and was the only one that didn’t have a husband at the time. One thing that I love is consistency no shade…Lol and she has been consistently slamming all the housewives from day one and to the present day continues to hold the title of one of Atlanta’s most fabulous women. I love her, she put a new meaning to the word “milk” lol and baby she did it how it was supposed to be done Got her COINS and tipped. She met Kroy which is the best thing that God could have ever sent her way and the rest is history really true Good things does come to those who wait…love you Kim and family

  • Rob

    Please STOP referring to Brielle biological father as the child molester Toce! Ask Kim WHY she doesn’t speak the truth about Brielle biological father? He’s a good man who was DENIED access to his daughter. Kim brainwashed & out right LIED to Brielle & the media about him. He has ALWAYS had a relationship with Brielle up until the gold digger Kim saw & ran with the jackpot Kroy!
    She pushed Brielle into begging her real father to sign off on the adoption papers just in time before Brielle 185th bday!!!!
    Just Kims way of putting her ducks in a row to make sure if the marriage ends with naive Kroy she’ll always get that hefty child support check for multiple childre straight thru the last ones college years. She made sure she is financially set for at least the next 25 years off of Kroys back!
    Come on Kim we all in Connecticut KNOW Brielle biological father is Tom!