Breaking Amish’s Sabrina High enters Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans’ feud

Sabrina High Farrah Abraham Jenelle Evans feud

It’s a Starcasm Twitter feud crossover event of epic proportions as Breaking Amish star Sabrina High has weighed in on the recent feud between Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham and Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans! In case you missed it, Farrah Abraham was asked in a recent interview about Jenelle Evans’ second pregnancy and she said “I would never go find a boyfriend right now, get pregnant, have a second child, without a plan.”

Jenelle took to Twitter to offer up her reply:

Sabrina must have just heard about the most recent Farrah vs. Jenelle spat because she took to Twitter tonight to share her thoughts on the subject, while at the same time revealing that even a young woman raised in a strict Mennonite family knows the difference between a barn’s front and back door:

#ZING It’s Breaking Farrah Abrahamish y’all!

The tweet sparked a convo with a fan in which Sabrina further explained her take on Farrah’s comments:

So now we know that Sabrina High is a fan of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, but the feud also outed two original Teen Mom stars as fans of Sabrina and Breaking Amish! Check out Tyler Baltierra’s response to Sabrina’s Farrah tweet and the resulting conversation that included Catelynn Lowell as all three heaped on the mutual admiration:

Although I had no idea that Catelynn and Tyler are huge fans of Breaking Amish (and Return to Amish) I was well aware of their mutual disdain for former cast mate Farrah. The couple were involved in an online feud with Farrah themselves just a couple of weeks ago after Farrah commented on Catelynn’s recent pregnancy in an interview with us by saying “it does make me very sad to still see them make poor choices.”

Catelynn responded by tweeting, “Huh bad choices?!? Hahaha I didn’t make a so called ‘sex tape’ but WE make the bad choices?”

Farrah responded on Twitter with, “Glad I moved on #DoorSlammed wish those #StillTeens all the best when your not a Teen #QuitPlayin.”

Tyler then took the slam game to a new level with his response: “If only that tweet made sense If your going to attempt 2 be a smarta*s at least make it sound good #BackDoorSlammed.”

Farrah then declared she was so over the whole thing before fanning the flames further by stating, “I guess this is just a cry for them needing attention and wishing that they had a life or something.”

So far Farrah has not responded to Sabrina’s comments, but that could be because she wasn’t actually tagged in the tweets. I’m guessing we will have Farrah’s insights on Sabrina’s recent pregnancy by the end of the week.

Is there any way TLC and MTV could work together on a Breaking Teen Momish crossover show? Count Starcasm in as an official corporate sponsor for those fireworks! 🙂

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    lots of stupidity and immaturity from all of them. grow up.

  • Mia

    Catelynn and Tyler both using the incorrect form of “your”…….*cringe*

    You think with an extra 1.5 years of high school they’d be pros at second grade level grammar by now. Farrah, Catelynn, Tyler, and Sabring: they’re all walking, breathing, living piles of stupid. To varying degrees, but all idiots nonetheless. And obviously they’re self-conscious about their own decision because why else would they still be trying to achieve validation and continuously bring it up any chance they can? Take the high road if you’re so much better and just let it go……

    • Sara DeGreef

      You shouldn’t be talking Sabring? YOU need to spell check yourself!

      • Jeremiah Raber

        i think you should learn how to spell her name first 😉

        • Sara DeGreef

          Me or Mia?

        • Michelle Hickman Belk

          Well said!! Lol

  • TA

    they’re all making themselves look like fools. grow up.

    • ms naynay

      Hahaha! I don’t even care….I just love it when someone, ANYONE, calls Farrah out & gets the last laugh. There’s just something about her that makes me want to see her taken down a notch or two. She’s always sitting up on her high horse spouting off about things she knows nothing about….especially motherhood. Farrah thinks she has it all figured out when it comes to being the “perfect” mom, but that’s only because Sophia is too young to know all the nasty, trashy things her mom did that are now & forever documented on the internet. Poor Sophia. Let’s just check back in on Farrah in a few years & see how “wondeful” everything is. She might have made a little change off her p0rn tape, but it’s gonna cost her dearly when Sophia gets old enough to understand. In the mean time….STFU Farrah!

  • Mike Hunt

    Meanwhile Farrah is just laughing all the way to the bank…

  • spottedgiraffe

    Do you know how pathetic you have to be to use FARRAH as your ticket to 15 minutes? Get a life Sabrina. Btw someone choosing not to get knocked up isn’t anything to pick on. Moron.

  • ann marie holohan

    now i’m no Farrah fan but isn’t what she said sensible, having a plan before another child shows she learned from her previous experience unlike Jenelle who just had a baby with a guy who is abusive to her mom,verbally,has no job and drinks too much hence the 3 DUI’s,sonds like history repeating itself as didn’t jace’s father have the same tendencys.

    • ms naynay

      Thing is, Farrah’s all talk. We all saw how desperate she is to find a man on Couple’s Therapy. She would JUMP at the chance to find someone to marry & have another child with….it’s just that she can’t find anyone who will put up with her horrid personality. That statement out of anyone else’s mouth would be sensible & on point. Out of hers, just plain hypocritical & jealousy fueled. By the way, this comes from the same girl who filmed her p0rn flick WITHOUT using birth control, then went on that TV program “The Test” & took a pregnancy test (you can Google & watch it online) because she suspected she was pregnant. She also drug her parents with her & acted like a spoiled brat towards them on national television….soooooo she would NEVER risk another pregnancy without a plan?? Hahaha!!!! Well she DID & with a P0RN STAR she barely knew. Great plan, there, Farrah! She’s full of it. I agree, though, NONE of them are behaving maturely & ALL of them need to get off Twitter & GROW UP!

    • Sara DeGreef

      Barbara deserves what Nathan says to and about her she herself has many issues and actually Nathan and Jenelle planned Kaiser so Farrah has NO ROOM to spew her bullshit

      • ann marie holohan

        so barbara deserves to be berated by a man who has known her a year because she has issues that makes no sense sorry and he should be thanking barbara because without her where would jace be,and yes they planned the baby but that’s it,about 2 weeks of being together which in itself is pure stupidity and the height of irresponsibility which is what farrah is referring to they are in no position to have a child as they are not stable enough,she is no referring to the fact that the baby was planned or unplanned in regard to conception

        • Jayme Franklin

          I wish Jace would have been given up for adoption bc his upbringing has been so sad, with Barbara screaming all the time, and fighting with Jenelle.

    • Jayme Franklin

      Jeez. You misspelled nearly every other word.

      • ann marie holohan

        I misspelled 1 word which was meant to say not,instead it says no so look again,everything is spelled correctly

  • Renee L

    I didn’t even read it yet because Farrah and Sabrina aren’t the sharpest of kitchen utensils. However, STARCASM, in your weekly spelling error, the subtitle to this story in the box off to the side has Catelynn’s last name as Loweel.

  • Regina


  • kiki

    What Amish chick said was awesome! Totally late to say anything but still awesome.

  • Javi’s Fear

    You know what I don’t like Farrah and I think she’s a joke but what she said was kind of true. Jenelle is an idiot and this Sabrina chick who the heck is she?! Catelynn and Tyler should just shut the f**k up and go away.

  • Sara DeGreef

    Farrah has NO room to be dissing any of these girls. Tyler and Catelynn are the smartest ones they did the right thing by giving Carly up for adoption and so what if they are pregnant again? Its their business not hers! Jenelle and Nathan have made mistakes in their lives but there is no reason to be bashing either of them they have been making better choices for themselves and for Jace and the baby again its their lives everyone else who it does not involve should stay the hell out of it! Comparing Nathan to Andrew is a HUGE mistake because Nathan is NOTHING like him. Yes Nathan has a drinking problem but he is there for his son and for Jace Andrew never was and never will be! Barbara deserves what she gets from Nathan and Jenelle herself because Barbara is no saint like everyone else makes her out to be just because she took Jace in when Jenelle couldnt handle taking care of him herself have you seen the way he acts? THATS BECAUSE OF BARBARA! She is no better a role model then anyone else is for that child. Its really pathetic how all of you hate on these people without actually KNOWING the situation! The ones who need to grow up are you NOT THEM!

  • ameliaBedelia76

    these list of losers…tyler, catelynn, sabrina need to chill. farrah was asked a question & she answered it. They are acting like she just came out of left field with her comments. jenelle needs to act like her life is not so clean. sure farrah did porn but lets not act like jenelle is some angel just b/c she was prego. sabrina is an uneducated loser who needs to stay out of it.

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    Call her now