VIDEO YUUUP! Dave Hester is returning to Storage Wars

Storage Wars dave hester darth vader darth hester

I have to confess I didn’t see this coming! After a very bitter falling out, which included a lawsuit and a war of harsh words in the press, A&E is bringing back storage auction bidding super-villain Dave “The Mogul” Hester when Storage Wars returns on August 12th!

The first announcement came in the form of a tweet from A&E on Tuesday, complete with a Dave Hester photo:

The news was confirmed yesterday via a press release for the new season, which stated “New episodes of A&E’s hit original series Storage Wars, featuring the return of legendary bidder Dave Hester, will begin airing with back-to-back premieres on Tuesday, August 12 at 9PM and 9:30PM ET/PT.”

UPDATE – A&E has now released the first promotional video highlighting the return of Dave:

It is still unclear how much Dave will be featured or how often, and he hasn’t mentioned the return at all on his Twitter account. (I hope his return isn’t unofficial and pixelated or something like that!) Actually, as recently as March, Dave was still bashing A&E, Storage Wars and Barry Weiss’s spin-off series Barry’d Treasure:

And speaking of Storage Wars and Twitter bashing, one person clearly not happy that Darth Hester is headlining A&E’s version of The Empire Strikes Back is Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets, who apparently isn’t allowed to address Hester’s return publicly, which doesn’t stop him from addressing not being able to address Hester’s return publicly:

It seems Darrell’s gag order doesn’t include critiques of Dave as a human being either:

Talk about your “WOW factor!”

Interestingly, Darrell did seem to shed a little light on what happened in this interaction with a follower:

On a more positive note, Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Dotson is back out of the hospital and doing well after suffering duel aneurysms last month:

Sticking with the Star Wars theme, it’s awesome to hear Obi-Wan Kedotson is back!!!

As I mentioned above, Storage Wars returns with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, August 12 starting at 9/8c on A&E.

  • KKKawKayzhun15

    I hate how fake this show is.. but, I do like ex-strippers like Brandi, so i suffer through them occasionally on a slow TV night..

  • Stephanie

    This guy is a jerk

    • Mark


  • katherinedbatista

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  • mariusica

    On the same day, the Brandi & Jarrod new show will have its premiere (they extended the trial pilot to full series).

  • Josie

    Can’t stand Dave. I stopped watching because of him. I guess it’s a good thing I never started again.

  • Flashie Gordon

    This just put the nail in the coffin. It was getting bad but this makes it worse. Won’t be watching that show anymore!

  • cant resist

    Well I guess I’ll have to stop watching this show again. I couldn’t stand him the first time, and I won’t watch now.

  • Steve Giardini

    Dave Hester and the antagonism between him and the rest of the cast is part of what made the show fun to watch in the first 3 seasons.

  • Kira

    Dave Hester is a bully & an a$$ who gets a kick out of screwing over others. I won’t watch these episodes & am truly disappointed in A&E.

  • Username

    Hester is awful. He’s also the worst at over-valuing his purchases. I won’t be watching this show when the new season starts. I don’t even watch reruns that he is in.

  • Tanooki

    I may quit watching too. All the stuff you see online about his personality and what he does on tv is fairly well accurate. I used to live out west and a couple of times early in the show being around (year 1-2?) he loaded up his truck and brought boxes of stuff to a flea market I’d hit every sunday. Never was the man nice to anyone, not even when taking their money, not even a smile and hardly a thank you. He was loud bellowing to get attention, rude in general, snotty about questions or just ignoring them entirely, and just quick and abrupt with people. He’s as much a scumbag as the media and his own efforts make him out to be. Why they brought this cretin back instead of Barry is amazing. Losing Barry is what dropped the ratings, not this twit.

  • Jay Campbell

    It will be interesting how the ratings are going to be

  • Mawiseman

    The reason Hester is back is it was the only way the producers had to provide him with enough money to pay off the $122,000 judgement they had against him. On a much happier front is the return of Dan Dotson. Take a good look at his first episode back because before you is a walking, talking MIRACLE !

  • harriet

    Dave is one sick puppy, he must have had a horrible life

  • wildman

    wake up everyday hoping to read where hester the molester has died a pain filled death

  • Rick Shelton

    You know Dave is one of many of JERKS on this show, Darrel you have no room to talk , You need to get educated or maybe grow up, But with that said I’m sure all of you are scripted to be the way you act on the show if not WELL my 6 year old grandson has more sense then all of you put together