PHOTO Jenelle Evans gives birth to son Kaiser

Jenelle Evans' son Kaiser photo

It seems this blogger got fooled just like everyone else! I was thinking it was perfectly safe to make a run to Target because Jenelle Evans and beau Nathan Griffith were enjoying a nice, giving-birth-free day at the beach, but it turns out she faked the whole thing and was actually at the hospital giving birth to son Kaiser!

UPDATE – MTV has revealed the charade was actually more than just today and that Jenelle actually gave birth Sunday, June 29. They also report that Kaiser weighed in at 7 pounds, 1 ounce.

Nathan actually broke the news a couple of hours ago on Twitter with the photo of little Kaiser above along with the tweet, “And you thought we were at the beach… Sike!!!”

Jenelle retweeted the picture and then added a separate tweet:

She later responded to a congratulatory tweet by writing, “Thanks !! We r all so happy and excited! ❤”

The gleeful couple didn’t share much more information, though Nathan did bask a little in the success of their deception, while also talking about Kaiser’s middle name:

Judging from the hospital bracelet on Kaiser’s ankle it appears as though he was born at 1:57PM. It is assumed he was born today, but I suppose it is possible it was this weekend? (I can’t quite make out the full date on the bracelet.) (If you read the update from MTV above you know that Kaiser was actually born Sunday, June 29.)

Congratulations to Jenelle and Nathan! We will be sure to add another post as soon as we find out more info and/or get a better photo!

UPDATE – That photo may not be coming too soon because Nathan posted on Facebook: “Thanks everyone! And due to certain stipulation we will not be posting any face pictures for a while.” So I’m guessing we will all have to wait until this week’s tabloids come out. My bet is on either Us Weekly or OK.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith duckfaces

And just in case you missed out on the deception, here’s one of Jenelle’s tweets from this afternoon:

Well played Jenelle, well played indeed.

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  • SS

    Babs, come pick up your new kid!

    • Coco

      Hahahahahaha!!!! Right

    • indyfan2007

      Awesome comment!!

  • big momma

    Maybe now she will grow up and try to be a mom to now both the kids.

  • Mia

    Nathan makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon. He is so narcissistic. Yeah, Nathan. It couldn’t possibly be the multiple DUIs, the fact neither of you have custody of your kid, you refusing to get a job even though there is proof you lied about your military service and you were dishonorably discharged due to bad behavior, or perhaps the fact both of you treat Barbara like a bottom of the barrel scum of a person while she raises Jenelle’s son. None of that is grounds for us validating our dislike towards your “genuality” and the fact we find you intolerable. We are obvisouly just judging the book by it’s cover and your insides are obviously full of good intentions and selflessness. Sorry we missed that all this time about you two.

    What were they trying to prove by pretending to be at the beach? It seems so immature and moronic. It just proves that they can lie about where they are. I assume it was some sort of attempt at trying to make us feel like we can’t believe everything we read. But they’re too g-d stupid to realize it also proves they very easily have lied about being with Jace and Emerson (I think that’s his daughter’s name, no?). For 5 years Jenelle has posted about how she’s a changed person and how she’s spending all this time with Jace and then 6 months later she’s added a new mug shot to the menagerie for an even more serious crime than the last. There’s not a doubt in my mind she’s played at least a few weekends off in the last 6 months like she’s been with Jase the whole weekend when in reality he was with Barbara. She’s done it for 5 years, and save for a recognizable drug problem Nathan is just as self-centered and abusive as her past boyfriends. He’s a lying, selfish, jobless loser that is going to leaver her as soon as her 15 minutes is up. But in Jenelle’s mind since he doesn’t do heroin he’s considered some sort of winner in her d**ks of the week contest to find her one true love? Whatever. I hope TM2 goes on at least 1 more season because I can’t wait to see the dumpster fire that is these 2 trying to parent. I give it til Christmas tops.

    • yep

      All of this is exactly how I feel when it comes to Jenelle and Nathan. None of this will end well. Of all of her trashy boyfriends Nathan scares me the most.

    • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

      Rotflmao that’s great

  • let us pray.

    That poor little baby, they won’t last an entire week with a newborn on their own. I really hope they used their MTV money for a live in nanny. But I bet Barb ends up having him 90% of the time and Jenelle and Nathan will occasionally show up for their instagram photoshoots. Jenelle’s probably super excited she can drink and do drugs again. Count down to cops being called at their residence. Poor Kaiser and poor forgotten Jace.

    • DubWhat Dubwhat

      Wont be long until they lock their baby in the car while they ‘go to work’.

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

    Well when you put your life on camera and social media don’t complain when people share their opinions about your shipwreck of a life

  • P

    With the birth of this baby starts a new reality of who spends more time behind bars- Jenelle behind the bars of a jail cell or Kaiser behind the bars of his crib. I’ll pray for ya little buddy.

  • Miranda

    I sincerely hope that she can prove us all wrong…I’m not going to bash her, but I think we all have the exact same thoughts and concerns in our mind. I’d honestly be happy for the sake of the child if she was able to laugh in our faces.

  • Ashley

    Poor, poor baby. I really hope he somehow manages to have a good and healthy upbringing.

  • Mrs C.

    CPS hasn’t rescued that poor baby yet?

    • kiki

      No cuz they haven’t been discharged yet… gotta wait for that first

  • kiki

    I honestly want to start a stop watch to see how long this lasts

  • emmmxx

    I truly hope she proves us all wrong. Poor poor baby 🙁 there are so many loving people who would make such amazing parents to him….

  • Pat Brown

    hopefully she has really turned her life around, and it stays turned around. Like most, it has to be seen to be believed. Only time will tell, in the mean time, the hateful comments are disturbing at best, I hope for the sake of this poor innocent baby, she turns out to be a great caring compassionate mother.

    • glk900

      don’t hold your breath..what good mom spends her first day with her newborn on twitter

  • glk900

    nobody was fooled except maybe the tabloids…

  • Bob a booey

    Sike?!?!? Is he serious? He is so dumb, how about psych Nathan?

    • Lanie_Lane

      The context in which he used Sike is correct, although I haven’t heard it being used that way since 1986 lol

  • ren

    It seems like they are more proud of their little ruse than they are of their son. The twitter lie was kind of pointless… They could have just said nothing.
    They act like they are so concerned with people judging and making up lies, but it sure seems like they enjoy it; Statements like “Prime example to those who obsess with your life (…)” only serves as ammunition for fans to talk back.
    Also, if Jenelle is able to keep this baby, why can’t she have Jace back?

    • DubWhat Dubwhat

      Cause the court hasn’t ruled that she’s unfit for this one…..yet.

  • Demona

    Psych Nathan I still…dgaf

  • DM

    Whatever. I would rather she fake a day at the beach/pretend to no give birth than fake an entire pregnancy and stillbirth.

  • Sammy

    Congrats to them, and I wish them all the luck in the world. If she could be a good mommy, that would be the best thing for her children. Doesn’t hurt to be hopeful for someone.

  • TA

    what a stupid stunt to pull.
    and mere hours after she gives birth, she’s on twitter fighting with people. some things never change.
    time to grow up, jenelle. really. get off twitter and engage in real life.

  • Rebeccca

    As much as I hate to say it, most of us know this is not going to end well. 🙁

  • Renee L

    Jenelle is so wrapped up in her own publicity. She really thinks she’s something. And Starcasm, if you base your shopping around this piece of trash, maybe it’s time to step away.

  • Renee L

    Sad they used their baby for money from a magazine.

  • mysti

    Godspeed, tiny human.

  • SMH

    Some of the comments on this thread disgust me.

    • SS

      Well Jenelle disgusts us.

      • LOL

        Then why are you still on the article? You claim to hate her so much yet you are probably the first person to read the articles about her.

        • violet Beauregrade

          Pot meet kettle, why do you keep coming back to the article responding to the ‘disgusting’ comments since they disturb you so much? Oh wait don’t tell us..are you a closet bulimic trying to ditch your last meal? You can get help for it you know.

        • SS

          Do you think she’s famous because people LOVE her? Because she’s someone that others look up to? No, she’s a trainwreck. No one likes or respects her, but she taunts the public and begs people to print articles–sells her baby’s photos for cash, plays out her gay boyfriend’s cheating drama over twitter. But I came back to check on this story because she always shows up to defend herself in the most pathetic way possible–by making fake profiles, pretending to be someone else who tells all the “haters” how awesome Jenelle is and how the rest of us are jealous. It’s always hilarious.

  • CP

    I’m legit worried about this baby. Jenelle is a heroine addiction who will only start using again. And Nathan is an alcoholic. Not a good environment for a kid.

  • cookie

    That poor baby 🙁 I hope God watches over him, he needs someone on his side!

  • sammi

    Whats the point of lying about where you are? Janelle is hardly A-list for people to stalk the hospital to see if she had her baby. Just uncalled for stirred up drama on their part. I dont think this kid will even be ringing in his 3rd birthday in either of their custody. Kaiser’s poor little baby eardrums will be blown before he can sit up by himself. With Janelle and Nathan’s blowouts, Bab’s shrieking. Let’s not forget his first words will probably be “F*** You”, hard to tell where he’ll learn it, from his parents or his big brother, you know how Jace gets down smh.

  • DubWhat Dubwhat

    Not shocking. She’s a flippin liar. They both think they can make their money being in the tabloids and selling stories. Junkies, broke-ass, worthless pos’s.

  • Lauren

    I hope she proves everyone wrong. I also hope that she doesn’t forget about Jace. Poor kid has been through enough.

  • sammi

    Can’t wait to hear Bab’s shrieking his name. KY-ZAAAHHHH

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