CONFIRMED Dustin and Fred Hurt not returning to Gold Rush, filming their own show

Fred Hurt Dakota Crew Gold Rush Porcupine Creek

It looks as though Discovery Channel’s most popular show has lost one of its most popular cast members as gold miner Dakota Fred Hurt and his crew, including son Dustin Hurt, will reportedly not be back for Season 5 of Gold Rush.

I was contacted by the admin of the Gold Rush Alaska Gossip Facebook page, whom I have worked with on previous Gold Rush stories, and his sources tell him that Fred and Dustin wanted a raise for next season but were unable to work out a deal with Discovery Channel. As a result, they were let go from the show.

The report backs up a previous story that ran in the Chilkat Valley News back in April that claimed Discovery Channel would not be filming in Haines, Alaska this summer — the location of Dustin and Fred Hurt’s mining operation at Porcupine Creek.

CVN spoke with Scott Gala, the Haines location manager for Raw TV, the production company behind Gold Rush. Gala revealed that he was informed by a Raw TV executive producer that Fred and Dustin were being dropped from the show. “Raw TV will continue to produce Gold Rush and follow Parker (Schnabel) and Todd (Hoffman),” Gala added. “Everything would remain the same, but the Haines location would be dropped.”

But, fans of Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt may still have some hope of seeing them on the small screen again soon as they have reportedly hired a different production company to film their summer mining season! There are no details about how they plan to air the show — whether it be on a cable network or through a site like Youtube. Of course, that decision may not have been made yet as potential bidders wait to see what the finished product is like. (According to a recent post on Gold Rush Alaska Gossip, things are going “amazingly well.”)

Gold Rush's Dustin and Dakota Fred Hurt are reportedly filming a new new show

As far as the location, recent photos of Fred posted online have him still in Haines. It is unclear if Dustin is with him there, or if he is continuing his plans to start mining elsewhere.

Meanwhile, another member of the Dakota Crew, Melody Tallis, is currently working for Tony Beets. Judging from her recent posts on Facebook, she will not be featured either on Gold Rush or on Fred’s new project. “[I] don’t think it is in the cards for me to be filmed this season,” Melody wrote earlier today. “I miss it as it was added fun. I am still mining and as Gloria said…enjoying the moment. I love the North country. They are filming but that is all I can say.”

We will keep our ear to the ground and let you know as soon as we hear any more about Dakota Fred’s “spin-off series.”

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  • Josie

    Fred is so dang annoying. I stopped watching the show after the second season because you can only see Todd fail so many times before getting sick of it, but don’t think Fred is a big loss. Dustin on the other hand…..OMG. What a beautiful piece of man!

    • yaynohurt

      Until he opens his mouth. Then he sounds and acts just like his dad. YUCK!!!

  • yaynohurt

    Whoo hoo !!! Couldnt stand watching them, or hearing them talk. It really did hurt..

  • Screech

    good they suck

  • Antpoo

    You horrible negative people. You make me sick!

    • JAKE Says

      Look who’s talking. Right away you start calling people horrible and negative. Then you say people make you sick. It sounds like you are the negative one

  • JAKE Says

    Todd should be fired. How can his crew keep following him. If Todd stayed home and Dave ran things, they would have a lot more success. But as it is now, they barely work 12 hour days, if that. It should be 14 hour days every day. That’s why Parker succeeds. Todd is too out of shape and doesn’t have it in him. Put Dave in charge. Furber doesn’t do much, but at least he is there and ready. And losing Greg was a big mistake. Greg can go for days non stop. So this year, Todd will have the same failures as every year. At least the tv show is paying them.

  • resetplz

    These were arguably the most entertaining of the bunch. Discovery should have considered them an investment instead of a commodity.

  • eAbyss

    Damn, they were just starting to grow on me.

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  • doc holiday

    Fred and Parker were the Only two people worth watching–Dustin and Fat Toad are losers.

    • Goldman

      Fred and his crew are proper gold minors I know as I’ve mined for gold in Clayton brook Lancashire ,

      • mike

        Ya I’m a proper gold minor iv had great success in my dreams too.

  • mike

    I no longer watch gold rush, can not stand todd and his dad!

  • watershield

    Um?.. seson 5 todd, parker, tony, and some one else……

  • muddog

    Dakota Fred was a selfish fool PARKER plowed through snow so LITTLE Fred could get back to his cabinet. When PARKER NEEDED electric part LITTLE Fred thru the SCREWS TO PARKER SHAME ON U . YOU ASK FOR HELP BUT DON’T RETURN IT YOUR A PIECE OF

  • aaron s

    Those guys good miners. Make mistakes easy, Todd just needs a break, coming sooon. And the Dakotas having their own show June 14th. Fan wait to see it

  • MarinDem

    LOL at Fred & Crew including whomever started the rumor that they are one of the most popular crews. NOT! Fred’s Gold Bust show won’t even get any views on You Tube!

  • The Architect

    Tony Beets is the only reason I watch the show. He’s hilarious.

  • curious6348

    Sad part is, any person who has worked in Mining can shoot big holes in every show.
    A real mechanic has so many options available to repair every problem with equipment so quickly it’s funny.
    All the Boss wants to no is: can you fix it?,
    How long til it runs,

    What does the crew need to do?
    These three things keep team work, a crew and a goal at finger tip reach.
    Some of the scenarios are sad, guess they count on City Slickers to eat up the tension, but real work ethics and problem solving beat BS every time.
    Sorry producers..