Maid of honor and former Gypsy Wedding star arrested for stealing bride’s purse, wedding rings

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding star Eden Boswell mug shot arrestedMy Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding star Elvis Boswell mug shot arrested

Former My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding stars Eden Boswell and husband Elvis Boswell (mug shot photos above) were arrested at a wedding Sunday in High Point, NC after they allegedly stole the bride-to-be’s purse containing wedding rings and $1,000 in honeymoon cash just prior to the ceremony. Did I mention Eden was the maid of honor? (And judging from her mug shot photo, a topless maid of honor?) How about Eden being eight months pregnant? And you seriously will not believe how this nuptials-wrecking Bonnie and Clyde got caught!!!

According to the police report obtained by WGHP Fox 8 and statements made during the couple’s court appearance on Monday, after the bride realized her purse was missing a family friend told police that she saw Eden Boswell with the purse earlier in the day. The family member was able to easily identify Eden from these angel wing tattoos on her back:

My Big Fat American Gypsy wedding Eden Boswell back tattoo angel wings

Police questioned Eden and Elvis and both denied stealing the purse, but officers later found the purse, the rings and most of the money in Elvis and Eden’s truck. How did that happen? More amazingness…

The District Attorney recapped the prosecution’s side of the story in court on Monday. “Eden Boswell, the defendant, stole the bride’s purse and took it to her truck where her husband Elvis Boswell was waiting. The couple then hid the purse in the back of the truck but accidentally locked themselves out of the truck before Elvis could leave.”

Police requested to search the truck and the Boswells said they were welcome to search it if they were able to unlock it, which Eden and Elvis apparently assumed wasn’t likely. “Police were able to get in, much to the suspects’ surprise,” the D.A. said.

Here is a video report and a brief summary from WGHP:

The responding officers said they found the bride’s purse, the wedding rings and some of the missing cash in the Boswell’s truck. The total value of the stolen property was $6,100. According to the police report, $5,800 worth of property was recovered. $300 cash was missing.

The honeymoon cash had apparently been specially marked. “Some of the money was missing. Elvis was searched and a $100 bill was found in his pocket. The $100 bill had ‘honeymoon’ written on it,” the D.A. told Judge Tabatha Holliday.

Police arrested Elvis and Eden.

Eden’s bond was set at $6,100, which was the value of the stolen property. Eden pleaded with the judge to have the bond amount reduced. “If it’s a problem with me going back to West Virginia and reducing my bond or anything, I can stay in the state of North Carolina with my grandmother and my dad,” she said.

Elvis Boswell also pleaded with the judge, asking that his bond be lowered so he could get his pregnant wife out of jail. “I’d be grateful if you could lower my bond so I can help get my wife out,” he said. “Because she’s eight months pregnant as it is. So I would be really grateful if you could do that.”

The judge decided to leave Eden’s bond at $6,100, and after the D.A. pointed out that Elvis Boswell has a history of fraud charges, the judge actually raised his bond amount from $6,100 to $10,000.

“Other family members were concerned about relatives of the suspects coming down from West Virginia to cause problems. The suspects are part of a gypsy clan and both, according to them, cause problems,” the D.A. added. “Both suspects confirmed they were part of a gypsy community and even bragged about being on the TV show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Season 2. This was confirmed.”

Meanwhile, back at the wedding… The bride and groom were eventually married Sunday after a lengthy delay, and were reportedly still able to go on their honeymoon. The bride asked that her identity not be revealed.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Eden Boswell Elvis Boswell

As far as Eden Boswell’s appearance on My Big fat American Gypsy Wedding (photo above), you might remember her from Season 2, Episode 3 titled “Don’t Mess with the Nest.” Here’s a summary of the episode from a great recap over at

Eden is a 20-year-old gorger and former cheerleader/pageant girl who gave up her All-American, good-girl life to marry Elvis Boswell, a 23-year-old, alarmingly tattooed Romanichal gypsy. Eden says she was drawn to Elvis’ dark and dangerous charms and the gypsy penchant for living in the moment. The pair had a daughter, Arial, and Eden did her best to blend into the gypsy way of life, but having Elvis on the road working five days a week — and then complaining about her lack of homemaking when he was home — caused the pair to throw in the towel not long after. Much to the delight of Elvis’ glamour-puss mom, Tammy, who looks like a cross between Lisa Welchel and Christie Brinkley.

Tammy’s delight was short-lived, however, because even though reconciliation is not the gypsy way, Elvis took Eden back. Much to the delight of Eden’s gorger mom, Melissa, who says that even though she’s pretty sure her daughter could do better, the pair just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

If that didn’t ring any bells, then I’m sure Eden’s powder blue Sondra Celli wedding dress will! Check out this video clip of Sondra’s design inspiration and Eden trying it on for the first time:

So far there has been no official statement from TLC about the incident. I can’t help but hope the wedding was being filmed for My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 4! Although I suspect it would have been mentioned by either the police report or WGHP if that were the case.

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  • Renee L

    Oh we all know who Eden is. Not surprising. It’s the gypsy way y’all! But the channel guide blog says reconciliation is not the gypsy way? Oh hell yes it is. These people live to break up and get back together and forgive for the crappiest things.

  • jlo27916

    Wow. SOOOOO classy! EIGHT months prego? Stealing at a wedding? from the BRIDE?! And YOU are the maid of honor? Class act. And then gypsies wonder why so many people have preconceived notions about them and want to complain about how they are stereotyped- then how about you tell 90% of y’all to quit stealing, lying, and fighting (why don’t you tell the Russians too)!? this has got to be one of the most ghetto stories I’ve ever read!

    • Jem

      Except that, as it says above, Eden ain’t a gypsy.

      • Bub Fluy

        ^ lmao she might as well be a gypsy with this shit

        • Drea

          No kidding! If I was from this culture I’d be embarrassed. Ugh how about the ridiculous woman Tammy who created that hot mess “Elvis” sooooo trashy

      • Drea

        Eden is gross but I think she was taught that trash from her mother in law

  • spottedgiraffe

    Lol they named their child after a font

    • Brandy Nicole

      Or a Disney Princess.

    • Renee L

      She probably meant to do it after Ariel the mermaid, and decided to get a little fancy with the spelling, not realizing the font, Arial.

  • JustSomeGirl

    Ooh and she was Maid Of Honor! I’d kick her ass, if I were the bride

  • Brandy Nicole

    I actually know the family lol

    • Curious

      oooo… tell us more :)

    • Renee L

      Oh Brandy, you MUST tell us!

      • Brandy Nicole

        Town I used to work in was loaded with rumnis. I know some of the family, the ones I know not bad people at all. Actually most of the gypsies I personally know aren’t bad people. They work hard and play hard.

        • Renee L

          That’s cool, they must have made work very interesting. I know the Boswells, Smalls and Stanley’s are big families, I imagine it would be hard not to know someone from their families working around them. Thanks for sharing.

          • Brandy Nicole

            I loved when they came in. It made my day so much more interesting and loved heading their stories. I know Stanley’s also. They are quick to tell you the gypsy sister Stanley’s are not real Stanley’s.

            • Renee L

              I know Kayla and Laura aren’t Stanley’s, but Nettie (I always hear Nettie Pot Refill in my head from that nasal deal lol) and Mellie are, right? Both are daughters of Lottie?

              • Brandy Nicole

                I do the same with the Nettie thing lol. From whati understand Lottie married into the Stanley family. She already had Nettie so she is not a Stanley but from What I understand Mellie is. But they don’t want her.

                • foxyfoxy

                  Why don’t they want Mellie

  • sanda

    The bride she stole from is pictured above in Eden’s wedding. It is Christin Burris Roberson.

  • jlo27916

    I don’t get it- they flaunt around like they have money- she gets that crazy and probably expensive dress, yet they have to steal? Gypsies like to live beyond their means!

  • Drea

    Oh and by the way… as a mother I was blown away by Tammy (The joke Elvis’s so called mom) and then I watch the next episode where you got Tammy’s sister who is even bigger of a joke …u got these idiot women are trying to teach these other young girls how to be wives!!!
    Omg are you kidding me it’s like the blind leading the blind what a joke.
    All I got to say about Tammy is look at her kid she raise him and he is a complete loser stealing from people on their wedding day just nasty.
    And I don’t think for even a second these girls would be all messed up and they had nothing to do about your psycho ass mother in laws…and then you find out they’re related the psychos are related go figure