Victoria Wilcher, 3-year-old mauled by dogs, asked to leave KFC because her face was ‘scary’

Victoria's Victories - Victoria Wilcher

The family of Victoria Wilcher, an adorable 3-year-old recovering from a vicious dog attack, received another blow last week when they were asked to leave a Mississippi KFC because Victoria’s face was “scaring” other diners.

Understandably outraged by the incident, grandmother Kelly Mullins posted the top picture to Facebook and asked “Does this face look scary to you?” She later told WAPT-TV the young girl understood the insult and “wept all the way home.”

“She won’t even look in the mirror anymore,” Victoria’s grandmother said. “When we go to a store, she doesn’t even want to get out.”

Kelly’s Facebook post, which was published on a page dedicated to documenting Victoria’s progress, quickly went viral — and caught the attention of KFC executives. A spokesman announced over the weekend that they’ve launched an investigation, but will give the family $30,000 toward Victoria’s medical expenses regardless of the probe’s outcome.

As soon as we were notified of this report on Friday, we immediately began an investigation, as this kind of hurtful and disrespectful action would not be tolerated by KFC… We have apologized to Victoria’s family and are committed to assisting them. The company is making a $30,000 donation to assist with her medical bills. The entire KFC family is behind Victoria.

According to Victoria’s Victories Facebook page, Victoria was mauled by three pit bulls while visiting her grandfather’s trailer park in April. The owner immediately put down the three dogs to stop the attack, but Victoria sustained a “broken upper and lower jaw, broken nose, cheek bones and right eye socket. She lost her right eye completely and the ability to move the right side of her face.” She also temporarily lost some function on the right side of her body, but has been making great strides in physical therapy.

On top of it all, Victoria’s parents welcomed a second baby girl in mid-May, so they are now balancing doctor’s appointments, medical care and a newborn. They are reportedly also struggling with the insurance company, which wouldn’t pay for Victoria’s feeding pump, pole or formula… Victoria’s grandmother said the reason they went to KFC in the first place was because she thought Victoria could tolerate some of the soft mashed potatoes.

One silver-lining seems to be the awareness that the KFC incident has brought to Victoria’s story: The Facebook page had 250 likes beforehand, but has since ballooned to more than 60,000 supporters.

UPDATE – There is now a report that the entire story may have been completely fabricated. Click here to read the deatils from two alleged sources close to the investigation as well as the response from Victoria’s family.

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  • Rachel

    So sad. Such a beautiful little girl. Also very sad that the dogs had to be put down. There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners.

    • rebecca


    • awoman

      They put down the dogs to “stop the attack”. (In other words, it wasn’t actually used as a punishment and no one called the dogs bad….it was used to potentially save her life in the situation she was already in.)

      • Rachel

        So you’re saying someone shot the dogs mid attack? Because that’s not what it sounds like.

        • awoman

          “The owner immediately put down the three dogs to stop the attack, but Victoria sustained a broken upper and lower jaw, broken nose, cheek bones and right eye socket.”

          That’s exactly what it sounds like there, though I haven’t read beyond this article.

          • Rachel

            “put down” makes it sound like it was done by a vet. Either way it’s still sad that the dogs were killed b/c they had a crappy owner who didn’t teach them not to attack children. Also, why the hell was a 3 year old put in a position where this could happen?!

            • awoman

              Look up “Girl, 4, attacked by 3 pit bulls” at WAPT news and you can read more about the incident. It still reads as though it was mid attack. It wasn’t done by a vet, the dogs never showed aggression and the article says the girl was indoors and the dogs ripped the door to get to her.

              The title of the article is: Grandfather, girlfriend face charges after pit bull attack .

        • are you kidding me?

          Why is putting down any animal that is killing ( yes had they not terminated them they would have killed her) sad? Pit bulls are known to be violent dogs. They aren’t even allowed to be owned in the county we live in because of their aggression. Not that all pit bulls will attack children but certain breeds are known for being aggressive. Thats like feeling bad for a murder because their parents didn’t ” teach them better” …

          • Rach

            “Are you kidding me” you’re a moron. It’s nothing like feeling sad for a murderer. Humans are not dogs. What a stupid thing to say.

          • spottedgiraffe

            Actually chihuahuas and dachshunds are the most aggressive breeds. They bite and attack people at higher rates, but since they’re small you hear nothing about it. Even though pitbulls attack less often when they do you’re gonna need a hospital, which is why it’s reported.

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

    Forget KFC, she’s too good to eat at that joke of a chicken joint anyways

  • Veronica Moser

    I’m glad KFC will be donating 30K to her medical needs now.

  • kiki

    This story seems like it’s fake. I kind of hope it is. It’s hard to believe someone can be terrible enough to call a little girl scary. The whole story actually makes me want to cry. This world has turned into a horrible place

    • sammy

      I have my suspicions that since KFC stated they will pay for the treatments regardless of the outcome of the investigation, they believe the allegations to hold merit, and don’t want to have to announce they are paying the bills after the investigations turned up truth to the matters.

    • Veronica Moser

      They used to lynch even children based on the color they were born just because they wanted to get a drink of water in a restaurant, so its become a better place for some people for sure.

      • I_RIGHT_I

        No, “they” didn’t used to lynch children. Dumb@ss.

        • Veronica Moser

          Not only did they lynch them, they murdered 4 little girls in a church..
          So eat shit & die, molester.

          “Lynching Negro Children in Southern”
          “Birmingham remembers 4 little girls 50 years after infamous church”

      • Iknowyou

        A church was blown up with negro children in it – they were not lynched you idiot. In addition the terrorists didnt know the girls were in the church……..wrong again….

        • Veronica Moser

          Another retard thinking “lynch” means one thing even thou i alos quoted that for you retards too?? “Lynching Negro Children in Southern”

          again, eat shit and die.

  • Sara

    Poor baby 🙁 I wish I could hold her….:'( This is too sad!

  • nessa

    This makes me so sad. My daughter got attacked by a saint Bernard. Luckily I was right in front of them and kicked the dog off and luckily she was okay. And by okay I mean not nearly as bad as this poor baby in the article (14 stitches on her little face also 3 years old) Bless her Heart and I wish her nothing but the best. Dogs are animals very unpredictable.

    • ren

      I agree with you, any dog, any breed is unpredictable. My parent’s have a terrier/boxer mix who is afraid of his own shadow. He doesn’t bark and he’s super friendly and well behaved. Despite that, I have never left him alone with my kids. My son is now 5 and likes petting him but we are always by his side. The fact remains, that the dog’s head is as big as my son’s, and no matter how friendly and domesticated, their animal instinct is always there.

  • Wtf

    I’m just going to come right out and say it……I’m not 100% buying this story.

    I have never heard of anyone being asked to leave a restaurant because they are “disrupting customers” because of the way they look. I just find that really hard to believe. Not saying that someone couldn’t be horrible enough to say something like that, but I just find it unlikely.

    Is it possible that grandma stretched the truth in hopes that the story would go viral, the facebook page would get more likes and potentially lead to donations? That would be pretty sad as well. If someone had said something like that to my child, I would have immediately have gone to the store manager/corporate office with the name of the employee that said it, instead of just posting it on Facebook. Not saying she didn’t do that…I just feel like there are pieces of information missing.

    Interested to see how their investigation plays out. Prayers for this little girl regardless! Heartbreaking situation.

    • ren

      Well if some places are bold enough to ask breastfeeding moms to leave, then this is believable to me too.
      I agree about not taking the matter to social media.. But I guess this is what today’s society does. I also agree with you, there are probably pieces of info missing.

    • HarleyB

      ITA …because first and foremost, her face isnt scary at all!

      This is the fast food version of the classic ‘slip & fall’ scam perpetrated on grocery stores. Nuisance claims for quick payoff/quick cash.

      Hell, ABCs ‘What Would You Do’ did something similar….with different results. Diners spoke out against management.

      KFC said “Here….now take the $30K and go stay away.

      Don’t get me wrong….I wish the little girl the best….but I smell catfish.

    • Renee L

      And why would the grandma tell the little girl that they had to leave because her face was scaring people? She said the little girl cried all the way home. Don’t tell her that shit. Tell them they ran out of potatoes or are closing. God, another knock on her self esteem.

  • Bella

    Of course they had to add the fact that it was pitbulls, like they are the most dangerous dog out there. Seriously, ANY dog can attack at anytime. Dogs are trained by the owners who determine how a dog turns out. So sick of hearing how pitbulls are so dangerous when in reality they really aren’t, they can be the most sweetest dogs. I do however feel bad for this little girl and hope she has a full recovery with no problems, but on the other hand I don’t really believe that an employee would kick a little girl out because she was ‘scaring’ people because of her face, if it is true that is absolutely disgusting! But prayers to this little girl and her family!

    • Nathan

      “Of course they had to add the fact that it was pitbulls, like they are the most dangerous dog out there”

      They are the most dangerous dogs out there. That is just an objective fact. Comparing pit pulls to other dogs is like comparing a grenade launcher to a bb gun. Sure, either gun could just as likely be used in a crime, but which one is going to cause the most damage when it is used? We don’t allow even responsible people to own grenade launchers for a reason.

      • Bella

        No, they are not viscous dogs unless the owner trains them to be. ANY dog can be viscous, just like any human can. If a parent raised their kid to be a killer obviously it would, same with dogs. If you really think pitbulls are the most dangerous dog out there you need your head shaked. Almost people sit there and say they are the most dangerous dog yet not even 90% of them have owned one, let alone been around one! And I’m sure you fit right in there with one of those categories, so sit there and shut your mouth when you probably don’t even know what your talking about!

        • christee

          I say this as someone who has worked with animals (animal hospital, grooming salon, and volunteer), but I believe the bigger issue is not solely a lack of training (although that is a biggie), but many of the less responsible owners of so-called vicious breeds, are probably also the same people who aren’t spaying or neutering their pets. I have no data to back this up, and no idea if such exists, but I’d bet my money on most maulings involving intact animals. People incorrectly believe that a female should have a litter of puppies “just once” so they can experience motherhood or some stupidity like that. Newsflash: it’s a dog. Not a human. They definitely feel the need to procreate, but it sure as hell isn’t so they can go to soccer games, recitals, and pta meetings for eighteen years. And for the males…I think the men who refuse to neuter their male dogs are probably insecure about their own manhood, and need a big, dangly bits all there, dog to show the world that their peens aren’t the size of a vienna sausage. The other theory I have is not that the whole pit bull breed as a whole is aggressive, but they fall under the terrier grouping. Terriers are very smart, very stubborn, and were bred to be aggressive for vermin removal, livestock control, and guarding property. The problem is not that these traits are inherent, so much as who needs a dog to go in a hole after a badger these days? Environmental adaptation has not caught up with the current age for some breeds. But it’s easier to claim “vicious dog” than to understand why they can be like that in the first place.

          Also, I agree with the previous sentiment about dacshunds. The only times I was ever bit were by a German Shepherd (which was more of a nip from a tired, dying dog than a real bite), and a dacshund (who bit through the middle of my fingernail and split it. Fun times.) Of all the pits that would come through our clinic, I would take one of them over most of the rotten little shithead dacshunds we saw. Following behind them (for us) would be Chesapeake Bay retrievers and German Shepherds, Chihuahuas and Pomeranians.

          (Sorry for the length, and to any doxie fans, know I am not anti dacshund; I once had one myself and she was my baby, and I still get emotional thinking about her. The only real breed bias I have is yay Rottweilers, because the canine love of my life happened to be one. Yay all dogs 🙂 )

        • Stfu

          So how come when I was 6 years old playing with my barbies, next to a family friends Great Dane and pitbull I had my face mauled RANDOMLY by the pit? That damn dog was a FAMILY pet, was raised the same as the Dane, yet the Dane never touched me or acted vicious, infact he tried to hide behind the couch.
          I’ve never owned a pit, never will, and will never let my child stay where there’s pitbulls are present. They ARE dangerous, and they ARE unpredictable. It’s in their blood to kill, just like its in a collies blood to herd.

    • sanoga

      “Of course they had to add the fact that it was pit bulls, like they are the most dangerous dog out there.” Ummm it wouldn’t be accurate journalism if they excluded a FACT just to appease fanatic dog freaks like you. How about pit bulls stop being savage, vicious beasts?

  • christee

    I get the impression that it wasn’t necessarily the opinion of an employee, so much as maybe an idiot customer. Real or fake, this story sucks all the way around. She is a beautiful little girl, hope her recovery is full and speedy, and not littered with assholes.

  • spottedgiraffe

    When a dog mauls someone, instead of just putting the dogs down and having it be over the owner really should go to jail. You know if you have an agressive dog or not, and you shouldn’t have them in public areas without muzzles if you aren’t willing to train then properly. A dog mauling is the result of an irresponsible owner and the owner should be punished for negligence honestly.

    • sanoga

      …no? I don’t really think it’s fair to lock someone up with murderers and rapists just because they were lousy at training their dog?

      • spottedgiraffe

        But it’s okay to lock someone up for having weed? Or for having an open container in your car when you haven’t been drinking at all? You aren’t allowed to drive without a license so why should you be allowed to have a dog that has potential to harm?

  • Sweet Venom

    Maybe the story is stretched, cause I mean she’s adorable. Even with those scars she’s really cute. Can’t imagine why someone would ask her to leave.

  • IngeC

    That makes me sad – such a beautiful little girl!
    People can be really ignorant and dumb at the same time!

  • Larissa

    TBH I do feel like this story is stretched to get money and to go viral which upsets me because the lengths people will go through is ridiculous but at the end of the day we don’t know if it’s true or false and if it is true, there should be surveillance video in the KFC right? Even if there’s not video inside the dining area, won’t there be video of the front cashier where you order then it would show an employee leave the front, confront them, then we’d see the family walk out on tape minutes after upset?

  • Veronica Moser