MTV’s Teen Mom ‘Being Dad’ special premieres Sunday, June 8

MTV Being Teen Dads Teen Mom special premieres Sunday June 8

MTV’s ground-breaking docu-series Teen Mom shines a harsh spotlight on the difficulties faced by young mothers forced to leave their adolescence behind as they face the responsibilities of being a parent and the maturity it requires. But, the network doesn’t want us to forget that the dads also have their side of the story, and on Sunday, June 8 they will get to tell it as part of the “Being Teen Dads” special!

The “Being Dad” special will feature dads from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 including Ryan Edwards, Corey Simms and Jo Rivera for sure, with Gary Shirley and Adam Lind also probably appearing. (I am not sure if Tyler is going to be on it.) It will first air at 11/10c in the morning after a marathon of MTV’s previous Teen Mom catch-up specials “Being Catelynn,” “Being Farrah” and “Being Amber.” “Being Teen Dads” will have an encore airing Sunday evening at 8/7c (and will be followed by “Being Amber” and then “Being Maci”).

Here is the brief description of the show from the TV listing: “Jo and Vee consider marriage; Corey works on co-parenting with Leah while having a wife; Ryan is ready to move out on his own.”

According to The Ashley, the “Being Teen Dads” special “will have the same ‘behind-the-scenes’ feel as the ‘Being Maci’ and other specials and was not shot in front of a studio audience.” She adds that “The interviews were taken at the guys’ homes and feature candid conversations about fatherhood.” The interviews were reportedly conducted in April and May, so the topics discussed should be relatively up to date.

As The Ashley mentions, we can only hope there will be more great Teen Dad revelations like Gary Shirley’s confession that he once used Saran Wrap as a makeshift condom, which garnered this shocked reaction from his Teen Dad posse:

Teen Mom dads animated gif reacting to Gary Shirley's Saran Wrap condom story

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  • Lola

    Tyler shouldn’t be on it. He’s Carly’s sperm donor, not her dad or parent. What would they show him doing anyway? Yelling at his dogs and telling Catelynn she needs to “work on herself.” I am over those two idiots.

    • boop

      I also hope that he’s not on it. I’m sick of their same ol’ story line. He’s not a father. All C&T do is whine and complain and sit on the couch. blah

      • ladyfeet

        The thing is though, it shows what another option is when you become a parent as a teen. You can always choose to have this other path and C&T show that.

        • Lola

          I think their story on 16 & Pregnant was awesome but they never should have been on Teen Mom or any of the following specials. It’s awesome they gave their kid to a loving, stable home but they aren’t parents. They just aren’t.

          • Lyra

            They are the birth parents. If we’re categorizing parent by who isn’t a big part of their kid’s life there are a few other girls on the Teen Moms shows that fall into that category. The show is trying to compare how the different girls/guys choices impacts their lives and the kids lives down the road. Tyler and Catelynn are pregnant again now so it would probably give him a new storyline.

        • boop

          I think my problem with C&T is also that they haven’t done much that they said they would. They said they gave her up so they could get a decent education – they both dropped out – so their story line isn’t awe inspiring. Tyler is too busy trying to be an actor instead of bettering himself

        • FarmerTodd

          The only thng leah needs to focus on is closing her fing legs so she does not have another hideous and deformed beast of a child like Aliannah again.Ali is such a freakshow and one of the scariest looking beats i have ever seen w/those cross eyes,club feet and deformed legs and torso.Leah needs to put this creature in a cage and lock it in the attic for life

          • PurpleDaisy

            Oh my god! That’s an awful thing to say! She is as beautiful as any other child

          • juju

            seriously and YOU how ‘good looking are you’ troll ? Show your picture..i want to have a good laugh.ha.

    • ladyfeet

      I mean, it does show the difference between what life is like when you choose to parent or when you choose to give up a child for adoption. I think it is always good to show him because it shows what another option always is.

    • AliceInOneLand

      I think “sperm donor” is incredibly harsh and unwise to use in this situation. There are parents who couldn’t give two s**ts about the kids they planned or said they’d raise on their own. In my opinion Caitlyn and Tyler care a lot about that little girl, more than most selfish parents who keep their kid in horrible situations even though they know one call and that kid could be connected with a couple who would give it an amazing life. What Caitlyn and Tyler did is incredible I could not imagine giving my child up but they gave her a better life and they still care about her and her well being.

      While I think you are right about Tyler and Caitlyn’s story being “done” as far as Carly is concerned, I have to completely disagree with you on the use of the wordage. Tyler doesn’t deserve to be labeled a “sperm donor” but many men across the country who have done far less for the children they’ve had definitely do.

      • TA

        amen. C&T were the few from the show who selflessly chose adoption because they knew they couldn’t give their daughter the kind of life she needed and deserved. most of the other couples should have made the same choice.
        how insulting to refer to Tyler as a sperm donor. he’s more interested and involved in Carly’s life than some of the other “dads” whose girlfriend kept their babies.

  • deftones


  • Tiffany Celestia Tolle

    lmao i cant stop watching that gif because of ryans disgusted face!!

    • frontdoormom

      Lol me too!

  • Pat Brown

    Gary looks around 50 years old, it’s hard to believe he’s only 27, he looks so much older. Poor Leah, that child was doomed at birth, if she comes out normal on the other side it will be a real miracle. None of these people have anything interesting going on, they are all losers, them and the girls. It’s so over, but here is MTV trying to cash in again!

  • :]

    Bless you Tyler. He did sneeze right? Poor Gary, he should get in a stick diet n be healthy if he wants to see Leah grow up!

    • LaLa84

      I just wonder how he keeps squeezing into those American Eagle and Affliction shirts. If those threads could speak, they’d be screaming “NOOOOO PLEASE STOP, I’m about to rip!”

  • barbinop

    Some things are better left unsaid and I think what Gary said qualifies under the catagory TMI….ewwwwwwwwww!!!!

  • juju

    Lmao to this gif..awesome..