PHOTO 16 & Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham flaunts drug use while kids are sleeping

Danielle Cunningham 16 & Pregnant

16 & Pregnant‘s Danielle Cunningham is one of the more controversial moms from the MTV series — thanks to post-episode feuds with Jenelle Evans, a domestic violence arrest and drug rumors.

When confirming her second pregnancy to us in November 2012, Danielle said that bad behavior was behind her.

“It’s already made me grow up so much more,” said Danielle, who appeared on the third season of 16 & Pregnant. “I’ve never been a drug addict. I smoked weed but, of course, don’t anymore and don’t plan to.”

Danielle apparently changed her mind sometime between then and now. On Wednesday, she posted this picture that seems to show her smoking a marijuana joint. She added blowing and smoke emojis.

Danielle Cunningham Smoking Marijuana

Danielle later responded to concerns about her young kids’ safety by saying they were asleep when she was smoking… And anyone who has a problem with her activities should unfollow. As the criticism continued to pour in, she added, “It is people like you that make me want to just delete this insta and make a personal one strictly for my friends.”

Although pot use has gained acceptance, the fact of the matter is marijuana is still illegal in Ohio, Danielle’s state. (Both medical and recreational use is outlawed.) So, not to go all motherish on this teen mom, but flaunting her illicit activity online isn’t a good idea.

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  • jenna

    The bottom line is that she’s an idiot and when MTV was casting for all the 16 and Pregnant shows they chose the bottom of the barrel!

  • bailey

    Lol its just a little weed after her kids have gone to bed, no big deal. Its not like shes snorting lines off the back of the toilet.

    • ConcernedCitizen

      How do you know she’s not? MJ use is accepted so she’s flaunting it…other more dangerous drugs (that I think she has admitted to using in the past) only an idiot would flaunt.

    • Em

      On one hand I agree that if she was taking a hit or two, it really isn’t a big deal. It would impair her just as much as a mom who has 2 1/2 glasses of wine once the kids are asleep (which I know many, many moms who do. And more than 2 1/2 too for some)
      BUT this is Danielle who is a huge self proclaimed stoner and I’d find it hard to believe she would stop smoking before she got extremely high. I’m sure “extremely high” is what normal smoking is to her. And that DOES impair judgement. What if one of her kids suddenly got sick or hurt in the middle of the night? Is she gonna show to the ER stoned off her ass? Her level of smoking is probably more equal to a mom who has half a box a wine when her kids are asleep. Not good.
      Also, her boyfriend/children’s father is a former (I think?) hard drug addict and it’d probably be good if he’s not around any drugs or alcohol period unless they want to risk a relapse.

      • Myndee

        I worked with a girl who would smoke when her son went to sleep, to the point of passing out and sleeping so heavy someone would have to shake her awake. Well one night her awesome boyfriend came home so drunk after she smoked herself asleep, her toddler was upstairs, he laid down next to her and vomited and choked to death on it in his sleep. NEXT TO HER. I said what if that had been her child? She couldn’t hear her boyfriend next to her, how would she hear a child upstairs?

        • Em

          That’s so sad, anything that impairs you that much is not a good mix with kids. Just stay childless if you want to party and be selfish. I had a former friend that got so blackout drunk every weekend (while her kids were home with a sitter) and didn’t think it was a big deal that she went home that way. She claimed she could still wake up and take care of them the morning after. Come to find out her 4 year old was regularly waking up and making breakfast for herself and her 2 year old brother while their mom was still sleeping it off. It was messed up.
          That friend also had to go to the ER on another friend’s birthday celebration night because her daughter (who was with her parents that night) had an allergic reaction to something. She showed up at the hospital trashed beyond belief. Once she sobered up, one of the nurses explained to her that if she had to make a serious medical decision, as her child’s guardian, they wouldn’t have let her because she was so intoxicated earlier. And that she needs to slow her drinking down for her kids. She stopped going out as much but still drinks regularly and now also takes xanax. Sigh. So it’s not just weed.

    • bambiglanville

      Flaunting it for the world to see and boasting about just shows how lame of a human being and mother she is.

  • Ashley

    Trashy and irresponsible. Even if the kids are asleep at the moment, they could wake up and need their mom, who would not be able to give them her best care and best judgement while she’s high on drugs.

    • Ace

      Was just about to say the same thing! I have nothing against smoking weed (although I haven’t in almost 5 years, since I got pregnant), but I wouldn’t do it with my kids in the house. I don’t drink/get drunk for the same reason. And it’s not really a huge necessity in life anyway.

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  • Sam

    She looks trashy, not cool. What is wrong with these people?

  • DM

    And this was the girl who before her episode aired said she hoped to be picked for Teen Mom so she could “make the big bucks”

    • Yep

      She’s so disgusting, I hate that she even has any fans. She’s also super racist.

      • MarvelousBeauty

        What happened racist? I’m just

  • amanda

    It’s just pot.

  • twelfthnight

    If this was just a story about a mom smoking pot while her kids sleep, I’d say that’s fine. It’s no different than having a drink. Just plan ahead and know who you can call if you need to get somewhere instead of driving your kids around after smoking a joint.

    But the fact is that she’s flaunting this, she’s looking for attention the same way 14/15/16 year old girls in highschool do. Time to grow up, you’re a mother of two. If you want to smoke, go right ahead, but nobody needs to know about it. Least of all Instagram and Twitter.

    • claire_a_belle

      Perfectly stated.

    • Em

      I totally agree. There something so immature and trashy about being 20 something with two kids posting pics of yourself getting high. Like she’s trying to shock people and look cool. I’d same the same thing if she posted a pic of her puking in a toilet after drinking too much at the club. You have two kids, grow up.

    • Lyra

      Of course there aren’t a lot of details on this story, and call me whatever you like, but I think it’s very irresponsible to be high, drunk, or use over the counter/prescription medication that can make you drowsy/sleepy/or otherwise impair you if you are the sole caregiver to children. If something happened you wouldn’t be able to respond properly with a clear mind. Get someone else to babysit.

      • twelfthnight

        Most people who smoke weed as adults do it for the same calm buzz as having a beer or two or one rum and coke or something. They don’t aim to get sky-high or trip balls.

        There is a HUGE difference between having a drink or a smoke while taking care of your kids and getting so wasted you’re throwing up or blacking out or so high that you’re chewing on couch cushions because they remind you of donuts. And as for prescriptions, sometimes those are medically necessary, and you just need to know when to ask for help.

        If a person is becoming ACTUALLY impaired from performing tasks from their use of alcohol or pot, then no, that’s not responsible while taking care of a child no matter what. You still have to remain clearheaded and I don’t think one joint or a beer is going to have you messed up enough to start dropping the kid or something.

        • Sweet Venom

          Agreed. I think people on here are believing that the adult will be so high that they’re tripping balls.I know people that get high for that out of mind experience, but there are others that just relax, and they are completely clear headed and functioning.

      • witchywoman999

        You might want to tell this to the millions of alcoholics out there with kids.

    • MarvelousBeauty

      I feel the same way. At least go outside. She’s just proving everyone right that the party girl will never leave her. Two beautiful babies or not. It’s sad.

  • ashley lesniak

    Hope the cops see this and charge her with endangering the well fare of a child! That is complete bull shit

    • Zz

      Yes, people can but to think CPS would do a damn thing about it is laughable. I’ve known heroin addicts keep custody of their kids even though CPS was warned over and over again about it. I mean straight up abusive parents rarely get their kids taken, trust me, they aren’t going out of their way for a weed smoking mom. Esp if Danielle still lives in Florida which has one of the worst CPS agencies in the country.
      And to call the cops themselves LOL good luck with that.

      • Zz

        Oh now I see she lives in OH. Still though cops will not arrest you for posting a pic of yourself smoking weed. If they did half the idiots on twitter would be in jail. She may get a CPS visit though, but after seeing my meth head neighbor not lose her kids, I doubt anything would be done.

        • witchywoman999

          They don’t prosecute for roaches.

      • ashley lesniak

        Wow poor kid. Hope she grows up!

      • MarvelousBeauty

        Florida is actually pretty strict when it comes to children. At least in Hillsborough County. I’m sure there are counties all over the country who”look the other way” when it comes to marijuana. If she had any sense she’d have at least went outside. Poor kids!

  • TA

    no big deal. I know parents of all ages that smoke a little weed now and then after their kids are in bed.
    she’s a piece of trash, but not because she smokes weed.

  • Anna

    Stop taking selfies and focus on the important things in life.

  • bambiglanville

    Ugh I wish this girl would go away once and for all.

  • Ky

    She should spend some of that weed money to get her jacked up teeth fixed.

  • Brandy Nicole

    I for one do not use any drugs. However I don’t judge those who do. I honestly do not think smoking weed, using any kind of drug or drinking even your children are home is a smart idea. God forbid there be an emergency. I’ve never drank with my kids in the house or in front of them. It’s just not worth a risk of something happening and not being able to do anything. This however is just my personal opinion.

  • Hayley

    It’s weed. She’s a mother and she is most likely doing it to help with stress. Her kids are asleep. It does not slow your reaction time to the point of your house being on fire and you not being able to do anything. She would be fine. My parents both smoked marijuana when I was a kid and I’ve made straight A’s and been in many sports, and they showed up for each game. All while high. My dad has never been in a wreck while high, and he’s smoked for 20 years. IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL. The stigma surrounding it is ridiculous. Almost all the teen moms do it. At least they’re doing something that won’t leave their children alone if they die, like heroin.

    • Guest

      “Almost all the teem moms do it.”
      Enough said!

  • Natalia

    Anyone surprised? What a stupid thing to do. I don’t care if teenagers smoke weed but when you have two children to take care of it’s time to put the bong away and grow up.

  • Renee L

    She just looks like she smells of smoke, tampons and Loves Baby Soft perfume. This is the bitch that got arrested for fighting with her GRANDMA. And, the last time MTV did a follow up with the 16&P moms, she was acting like she was Queen Shit. She was saying just because she got pregnant at 16, she shouldn’t have to miss out on being a teenager (way to take responsibility) and was on the phone planning the next party while riding in a car with her dad. She was saying something like “you better come to the party”. Her dad was trying to be so cool and hip and young and yells out, “And if you don’t come, you’re LAME!” I wanted to dig a hole and climb in it for 2nd hand embarrassment.

    • perfect.

      LMAO at just your first sentence.

  • Sarah

    “A marijuana joint” hahaha ohhhhh starcasm.

  • pataskalabeatdown

    Her and the baby dad both piss up there veins. So weed is the least of there worries. Poor kids are gonna be so familiar with trap houses and hypodermic needles. Hopefully these children won’t be nearly as disgusting as there parents. Such a waste of oxygen she is.

    • atj

      So Danielle is a user too? I thought it was just the babies father? That’s sad, if it’s true. Those poor kids. :(

  • Rhiannan

    Me personally I don’t think she’s trashy for smoking marijuana but irresponsible yes. I know everyone doesn’t feel the same way as me nor do I expect yall to. But marijuana is good for a lot of things! I personally think it should be legalized in all states. But she shouldn’t be going around flaunting that she’s smoking it! If you’re gonna smoke keep it to yourself & don’t do it around your children!

  • Karina

    Can’t believe how stupid she is. Drugs are disgusting, period.

  • Sweet Venom

    I’ve heard of parents doing this, and usually they have smoked weed long enough so they are not completely out of it if or when their child wakes up and needs them. The trashy thing is posting this online for the world to see. Of course you’re going to get criticism from those that have probably never smoked a joint before in their life.

    • Lola

      Usually is the keyword. There is no guarantee. If you’re going to take anything that will impair your thinking (including meds, booze, or otherwise)
      you need to have someone else there to be able to respond to the kid. Essentially a designated babysitter. I had surgery and my hubby was able to stay home for one day. After that I didn’t take any painkillers because I was watching my daughter and I knew there would be a chance that I would fall asleep. It’s the sacrifices of being a parent.

  • spottedgiraffe

    I feel like this same thing happened a while ago but on twitter. What a mess. I wonder what made her & Jenelle fight because they are kind of similar.

  • Badbadcat Badbaddog

    CPS loves to take kids away from weed smokers, and the chances for abuse and murder run high in foster care, while the chances of getting the kids back is 0.