Catelynn Lowell is pregnant!

Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are pregnant

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made headlines last month when they revealed they were trying to have a baby, and now it appears that their “hard work” has payed off! Catelynn’s brother River actually spilled the beans first on Facebook:

Catelynn Lowell is pregnant announcement by brother River Alexander Lowell on Facebook

He later revealed that he thought Catelynn was due January 10.

Last night Catelynn’s mom April also shared the big news on Facebook:

Catelynn Lowell is pregnant Facebok post by mother April

April later confirmed in the comments that it was Catelynn who was expecting and she added that Catelynn was 4 weeks pregnant. Catelynn and Tyler were in Ireland in early April, so perhaps her conception was due in part to the luck of the Irish?

Either way, congratulations to Catelynn and Tyler! So far there has been no official confirmation from either of them, although Tyler did leave a comment under April’s announcement post, writing, “Love you momma!”

Gotta love those Mothers’ Day pregnancy announcements!

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  • Agnes

    4 weeks pregnant? Really? Wow, they waited so long to announce this. They could totally let us know when she was 3 hours pregnant. Oh, wait…

  • Marley

    I can’t believe how early these girls are revealing they’re pregnant!!! I’m 12 weeks and I’m waiting to 14 to reveal,

    • PurpleDaisy

      Actually they didn’t reveal they were pregnant! Her mom and brother did!

      • Marley

        Either way, my personal opinion and through my personal experience, I don’t think anyone should have revealed it, in case of a miscarriage, I made same mistake last year and ended up with a missed miscarriage. If I was catelynn I would be pissed at my family. Thanks for pointing that out though.

        • PurpleDaisy

          I agree with you, it is definitely best to wait until after the 12 week mark. Just wanted to point out that it wasn’t actually caitlynn and Tyler that announced it

    • Erica

      i hear that i waited until i had my first ultrasound before i told close family and i was 16 weeks I’m pretty sure and then my husbands aunt went on FB and announced it to the world on Christmas before i wanted anyone to know! lets just say i no longer talk to her and deleted her post a minute after she posted it so people who thought they saw it felt crazy because went back to my page and nothing of the sort was there! i was pissed! So now we are keeping the name secret my parents know the name but they know how to keep secrets my husbands family there is no such thing a s secret they tell everyone everything! so nobody on that side can flap their big mouths about it!!! but its the smart thing to do to wait just so you know your in the clear and you know everything is okay with the baby and you know he/she is developing the way they are suppose to! Congrats on your pregnancy btw!

      • LexiconD1

        Not trying to be rude or anything, but what’s the big deal keeping the name secret? Nor is this directed just at you, I’m genuinely curious.

        I’ve had a kid (and understand the pregnancy part of wanting to keep it under wraps). I don’t get the secret name, or gender, thing, at all….

        And, for the record, my parents hate my son’s name, but I told them they had their turns, this is mine…the end of all comments, on that front anyway.

        • savannah

          My BFF had picked 2 names, Mollie because she’d always loved it, and Jack if she ever had a boy, named after her grandfather. Another friend of hers popped out a girl, named her Mollie (spelled that way.) Then had a boy, named him Jack. I think its something people put a lot of thought into, and then to have someone else use the name like that, its hurtful. That’s my thoughts on why people keep the names a secret.

        • Erica

          I just wanted to have one surprise in my pregnancy because before i wanted everyone to know i was pregnant his whole family knew and then when i found out the gender i told everyone just in case we got gifts it wouldn’t be gender neutral colors and i just think its a fun way to reveal your child the day they are born. And i told a few people what i wanted to name my child before i even found out i was pregnant and they got pregnant before me and used the name so i was like we will just keep it secret and pick a name that we both only know 2 people that have the name and they are our age that we went to school with but that is just me though. I know many people who wait to find out on the day of delivery and i think that is crazy i wouldn’t be able to do that i HAD to know when i went in for that ultrasound!

        • ren

          I learned this time around that keeping the name a secret isn’t such a bad idea; My first son was name after someone who died so everyone was all for it. My second son, I really wanted to name him Cash. But everyone basically made it clear that it was a terrible name. When he was born we named him a different name. He’s 11 months old now and my husband and I STILL regret not going with our first choice! I honestly wish I hadn’t asked for people’s opinions. We look at him and still think he could have been a “Cash”. He’s THAT cool of a kid. I’m never having a third, but I tell everyone, if you want, keep the name a secret!! No one will “poopoo” it to your face once you’ve officially named your kid.

          • GingerAnn1212

            My grandmother hated my daughter’s name so she called her ‘girl’ or ‘the little girl’. That is even what she wrote on her birthday cards. Cash is a cool name.

            • MommyX3

              That’s just evil!

            • single mom

              That’s just wrong and when I went through my list of names for my daughter I liked Xhexiana xhex for short it was in a book and everyone thought it was stupid and wrong and I had alot of people tell me they wouldn’t call her by her name so I gave her a different name that my sister doesn’t like either and she upsets me alot because she calls her by half her name its annoying!

        • LexiconD1

          Thanks to all who answered. I hadn’t considered the name stealing (although that did happen to me too.) Luckily, my son ended up with a much better name.

          My parents wanted me to name my son Hunter (Mom, and just so you know my last name is the name of an animal) and/or Nash (Dad)…uh no thanks. So yeah, I TOTALLY get the horrible Cash name abhorrence 😛

        • Lyra

          My next one I’m going to keep secret. People think they can persuade you to change it, because the baby’s not born and you can still change your mind. Once its on the birth certificate, people might not approve of it but they know not to waste their breath, because you’re officially decided on it. (And it’s a lot harder to change it at that point!) Plus you don’t have to deal with pressure/negativity leading up to birth.

          • Guest

            I wanted if I had a girl to name her faith and I shared that with my friend. And about a year later she said she was going to name her daughter faith. I tried to let her know that I had wanted that name for as long as I remember and she acted as if I never told her. We are no longer best friends.

          • single mom

            My next child I plan I keeping secret with the sex and the name. Everyone new it was a girl after my second ultrasound but I kind of wish I hadnt found out or told people.

        • amberc88

          ughh im having that same situation now!! im due in about 4 weeks and i have 2 names that my husband and i have been back and fourth on this whole time both our parents hate the one name, which that alone makes me want to choose that one, just out of spite! its like you guys didnt like when people went off about names you liked so why do you feel the need to do that to me?? if you dont like the name than keep it to yourself cause i dont care! cant say that i liked the names you picked.. lol

        • single mom

          I think its kind of the mothers or parents way of just keeping that baby theirs because after it comes out you have to share with everyone and sometimes you dont want to I mean I didnt want to share anything with my husband because we were separated anyways and I was a first-time mom doing everything myself. I didn’t want to share the name with him or anything.

    • MommyX3

      So what? That’s your decision and who said you were the one who decided when people can announce it?

  • sayit

    Dumbest sh!t ever. Sorry. I love Caitlynn and Tyler. I don’t doubt they love each other but I feel like this was done just to stay in the spotlight.

  • Bryony

    So I’m going to assume their announcement that they’re “trying to conceive” was a way to cover their tracks when they found out about this surprise pregnancy. “Oh crap, we’re pregnant. Well let’s tell everyone that we’re trying to get pregnant, and a month later we’ll announce this pregnancy so it’ll seem like this crap was totally planned & we’re responsible! *air five*!”

    • twelfthnight

      She didn’t announce it, her brother and mom did. And if she’s due in January like her brother says, they would have gotten pregnant about the time they made the announcement, assuming that was over a month ago.

      Unless they’re all lying, I don’t think this was a surprise.

      EDIT: The image is photoshopped, by the way. They haven’t announced it. The original image has “TeenzFav” on the board, not “I’m pregnant”.

      • Bryony

        Her brother and mom didn’t announce this without her FULL knowledge, I guarantee.

        I bet this baby is born at a timeframe that puts conception more in the Feb/March time frame.

        • Brandy Nicole

          She told them knowing her mom will blab anything.

        • Myndee

          She’ll just say the baby came early to cover, but when the baby is 8 lbs people will wonder

  • twelfthnight

    Her family has so little respect for her. River said she was due in January, so she’s like a month and a bit along! She probably JUST found out, and confided in her family because she was excited. What if she miscarries? She now HAS to tell everyone because otherwise it’ll be a media firestorm of “Is Catelynn the next Nikkole?” accusing her of faking the whole thing when there’s no baby.

    I understand being excited that your family member is pregnant, but she’s a public figure and has to go through the whole thing in the spotlight.

  • P

    Her getting pregnant secures them more tv time now or in the future on MTV. Hope the baby doesn’t get secondhand lung cancer from that chimney of a grandmother.

    • TA

      both cate and Tyler smoke too. hopefully they’ll both quit now.

      • Pat Brown

        just said that! And Butch if he’s still in jail now, not sure!

    • xo

      I think the only reason Tyler wanted to have a kid was to get a new show.

    • Pat Brown

      and chimney of Cate and ty, both smoke, they are just all gross, white trash!

  • Dani

    That sure was crummy of her family to announce her business. I don’t think their relationship is ready for a lifetime commitment that a baby is, but I hope I’m wrong and wish them the best.

  • mere

    I don’t understand how someone can not want to get married to their significant other, but be okay with having a child with that person. does Tyler not realize this is really a lifetime commitment to Catelynn? which is what he’s afraid of??

    • twitchy87

      Since when do you need to be married to want to have a baby. Marriage is just a piece of paper. He loves her and she loves him and that’s all that matters.

      • twelfthnight

        Tyler says he isn’t ready for the commitment of marriage. Nobody is arguing that you need to be married to have a baby, but you need to be even MORE committed to raise a baby than you do to just be married, and apparently he isn’t ready for THAT, but is ready for this.

      • Xx

        That’s not the point people are making. He *was* ready for marriage a few years ago when he proposed to her… so much so that they had a wedding date set, Cate lost weight and picked a dress and everything… And then suddenly during Couples Therapy he decided that they should call it off because he wasn’t sure about whether he could make that type of “commitment” to her anymore. Along with giving her a list of things she had to change if she wanted him to stay with her. There was nothing loving about them on that show, it was sad and showed how differently MTV edited them. If my boyfriend/at some point fiance of many years decided that out of no where, it would raise many red flags about why all of a sudden doesn’t he want to marry me or if he even really wants to be with me.
        Not to mention a baby is a also huge commitment, I’d be confused if I were Cate and he didn’t want to marry me anymore but had no issue having a child with me. I think he’s stringing her along for fame and it’s sad. And they planned this pregnancy! Why isn’t Cate like “Hey let’s have that wedding we had planned now if we’re going to try for a baby anyway?” Unless Cate also changed her mind but she seemed very excited about marrying him before. IDK it’s odd and I wonder about it’s timing with MTV bringing back Teen Mom.

        • Brandy Nicole

          I question if he is even straight or not. I really wonder if he is gay and that adds to why he won’t marry her, but he will keep her around.

      • Anna

        Marriage is not just a piece of paper. If it was, would gay people be fighting for their right to be legally married? It is a serious commitment and a public proclamation of that commitment.

        I think Catelynn is just trying to hold to him any way she can. We all know she wants to be married to him; him to her, not so much. So if she can hook him with another child (and the loss of Carly makes him more vulnerable to this idea), then she can ‘keep’ him that way.

        Other than that possibility (that a baby is all she can get out of him), I don’t understand why they don’t marry first. They want to have the child together and stay together to raise it, not arrange some kind of co-parenting situation. So why not get married?

  • ren

    Well I think it’s great and congratulations to them! A baby is always good news and I’m sure Catelynn and Tyler are over the moon about it. When I got pregnant I shouted it from the rooftop at 4 weeks also! Both times! : ) (I didn’t tell work people, but we pretty much told everyone else. God forbid, if anything bad was to happen I would have needed all the support anyway.)

  • Valerie

    I hope Tyler doesn’t get cold feet on becoming a father like he did for the wedding

  • Christen

    She just posted on her Instagram that she’s quitting smoking so…she probably is Preggers

    • Anna

      It would have be much more responsible of her to quit smoking BEFORE she conceived. Many months before, actually, to get the levels of continine in the follicular fluid down to zero. Instead, the embryo was conceived in a bath of the main metabolite of nicotine. Way to go.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        was thinking the same thing 100%

  • savannah

    Just throwing it out there, I’d be PISSED if any of my family revealed my pregnancy on social media at only 4 weeks. Ack! Congratulations to them, but people need to learn to keep their mouths shut.

  • Pat Brown

    So will they bring the new baby with them on their visits with Carly, and introduce her to their new sister or brother? How awkward, and you have to think going forward, Carly will be affected, they kept that baby, a full sibling but gave her away, really sad situation all around…

    • A.J.

      I was actually thinking the same thing. Carly may understand, but there’s a big chance that she may feel hurt and confused, wondering why they gave her away but kept this child. They may be older now and have their own house, but they still have a lot if the same issues that they did at 16. I also wonder how Brandon and Teresa will react to this. With the troubles that Catelynn and Tyler have with them right now, I imagine that it wouldn’t make for a happy situation, either.

    • Ashley

      Hopefully Carly will be thanking her lucky stars she was adopted out of her birth family!

      • Anna

        Amen! Butch and April are train wrecks! (And Tyler’s sister is a stripper!)

  • enjoythesilence

    Congrats to them (I guess.) Not surprised that they’ve lasted this long though. People were insistent that they’d be done once the show ended. Wrong.

  • wtfever

    So let’s put off getting married but go ahead and have another kid?! A baby is not a band-aid and will not save your relationship or keep him around. SMDH.

  • Anna

    So, in a way, it was the conception, birth and adoption of Carly that makes having and keeping this second child possible? They are famous for getting pregnant and going thru with an adoption as teen parents. Would MTV have continued their story on Teen Mom had they kept Carly? The twist to their story was the adoption. MTV paid them to follow that story. Had they not benefited from the Teen Mom gig, would they be in a position to have another child today. Not could they get pregnant, etc, but would they be able to say they were in a good situation to have and raise another child? I get the feeling the TM money was more money than they could have ever made otherwise.

    If the consensus is that the individual moms who are in the Teen Mom series benefit greatly ($$$) from their contracts with MTV, it stands to reason that the same benefit applies to someone who gives their child up for adoption but is on the same payroll.

    Without that TM money, where would they be today?

    • Brandy Nicole

      I believe they have both dropped out of college at this point too. I had high hopes for these two but they went down the drain awhile ago.

      • sammi

        Whatever happened to that money they asked fans to help them raise in order to pay for college? lol

        • Brandy Nicole

          Or going to college to make carly proud.

    • Pat Brown

      working at Starbucks if that!

  • violet Beauregrade

    I truly do think they never got over Carly and are having this kid to fill that void. Just a few weeks ago Cate was trashing Brandon and Theresa for not letting her plaster new pics of Carly on her twitter. She trashed them and kept repeatedly calling Carly HER child, HER daughter, and putting the emphasis on them being her ‘adoptive’ parents. She even faved a tweet someone sent that called them losers.

    • wow

      That is so disgusting. They needs some major therapy and not from corrupt Dawn at Bethany Christian. As someone who was adopted, nothing makes me angrier than someone referring my mom as my “adoptive mom”. She’s the one that has raised me my entire life, she’s my mom. Period. My bio mom is just that my “biological mother”. Who I have connected with as an adult and even she refers to my mom as my mom and takes no issue with me calling her by her first name. It’s like Cate and Tyler think Brandon and Teresa are just babysitting “THEIR daughter” for awhile. Cate and Tyler need to realize Carly will not appreciate them bashing her parents once she’s old enough to read the nasty things they’ve said. If my bio mom had been publicly bashing my parents on social media I would have zero interest in having a relationship with her.

      • sammi

        They are obsessed with her and its sickening. Brandon and Teresa dont deserve that. I think it would be best for the three of them to now close the adoption. Enough is enough

    • sammi

      If I were Brandon and Teresa id close the adoption asap. They should have closed it long ago. This is why Teresa didnt even want Tyler and Cate to know Carly’s new last name. They have no right to put her pic up on social media if her parents dont allow it. And if Brandon and Teresa close the adoption Catelynn and Tyler will use the excuse “we were lashing out cause we’re hurt” “carly’s our baby” wah wah wah wah, or try to blame it on them being young and not knowing any better. Take my advice and leave this losers in the dust. Carly doesnt need them. If she choose to when she gets older, let her find them on her own.

  • Alexia

    They are still so young. Reading that post by Catelynn’s mom “Gonna be a grandma again” sickens me. She put Catelynn through hell for choosing adoption. Maybe now she will start treating Catelynn right again. Twisted b*tch.

  • Me

    There are thousands of women with stable careers and loving husbands who are trying to conceive with no luck and this twit gets knocked up like nothing. The world is twisted.

    • Anna

      You mean nature is twisted lol

    • Renee L

      I think about that every time I hear the name “Jenelle”.

  • Myndee

    Who knows if she is farther along and just told her family she’s 4 weeks? She could say oh the baby came early and lie about the due date, because it does seem a little fast that she’s already pregnant after having recently announced they’re trying and all the drama with Brandon and Theresa, and the rumor of the original Teen Mom cast coming back.

    And hope Tyler doesn’t decide at eight months that he’s not ready to be a father like he decided he wasn’t ready to be a husband….

    • Brandy Nicole

      I’m not sure how that works. I’m not ready to pledge my love and life to you but I’ll knock you up and literally be stuck with you forever. A marriage you can get out of, not easily but you can, parenthood not so easy to change your mind about.

      • Myndee

        He can’t really just disappear, that wouldn’t be good for his image, so that’s out. I get you don’t have to be married to be in a loving relationship and have children, but it helps to actually WANT to be with your partner.

        • Brandy Nicole


          • Myndee

            I think they act more like roommates than a couple, and honestly stay together for appearances and the possibility of a show. But good news is, when Tyler isn’t helping with the baby AT ALL because f that commitment, Catelynn has her live in sister to help raise the baby

  • Asia

    So, they are ready to have a baby, but not get married….This is a clear example of what is wrong with society.

  • Brittany

    “Payed” off? Really?

  • tina

    Why cant anyone just say congrats. They said THEY were trying. So HE obviously is ready or he wouldnt have been trying. Um duh. CONGRATULATIONS TYLER AND CAITLYN!! And who cares when they reveal it thats THEIR decision.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      why not? b/c Tyler has left Caitlyn to persue his acting career. Why? b/c Tyler has made it clear that he can’t commit to marrying Caitlyn but he can commit to a child with her? It makes no sense.It isn’t the marriage that is in question it is his very public announcing of his inability to commit to Caitlyn.

    • random capitalizations!

      Yes, because NONE of THESE MTV reality SHOW people HAVE EVER had ulterior MOTIVES, LIKE fame and MONEY. Including having CHILDREN OR pretending TO have BEEN pregnant for BOTH.

      (Don’t be naive because you believe the carefully crafted edit MTV gave them. They are no angels and they don’t need your defense, they’re rolling in money by making their “fans” believe in their true love. They can handle negative responses without your weirdly capitalized rant)

      • Myndee

        He looked so annoyed with her during their catchup special, and I got the feeling they’re more roommates than committed, loving boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • ungrateful brats.

    Hopefully this gets them over their unhealthy obsession with Carly. She is not “their daughter” and they need to stop referring to her that way. Carly has parents that have been raising her since she was born, that is her mommy and daddy. Cate and Tyler will never be that to her, they need serious therapy to understand that. And both of them deserve all of the criticism they get after the trash they talked about Brandon and Teresa on their public twitter with their psychotic fans, who I’m shocked haven’t tracked Carly down and stolen her back for Tyler and Cate by now. Both of them are as trashy, ungrateful, uneducated and immature as every other idiot on these shows. If I were Brandon and Teresa I would have closed their adoption awhile ago, they have serious boundaries issues and still do not get the concept of open adoption. They give a really bad name to what an open adoption could be.

    Can’t wait until MTV cuts all of these “losers” (as one of Cate’s fans called Brandon and Teresa on twitter and which Cate then favorited on twitter. Very classy Cate) off and they realize what real life, work and parenting entails. Not the fairytale that MTV presents young parenthood as.

    • Myndee

      My husband is adopted, and he found his birth parents (after talking to his mom) to ask about medical history since I was pregnant, and we wanted to be prepared because my family medical history is awful, and if his is we want to know what we’re in for if anything serious. The crazy obsession never stops!! His biological mom was great about not pushing a relationship when he reached out, he told her I have parents, no disrespect thank you for what you did but I’m not comfortable calling someone else mom. The father on the other hand…OMG it’s an older version of Tyler and Catelynn!! Obsessive, controlling, demanding, and all around crazy!!

    • twelfthnight

      They’re HUGE anti-abortion and pro-adoption advocates, and honestly their adoption story is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. They try to make it sound great for the cameras, and the speaking engagements, but like you say, they still feel Carly is their child, and I really do think they need the professional help to understand that she isn’t.

      I think this baby will just intensify their obsession with Carly. I feel like they’ll get wrapped up in the “this is what Carly was doing”, “I wish Carly was here to be with her little brother/sister” etc.

      • sammi

        Exactly. They need intense therapy to get over Carly. Its a very unhealthy obsession. They seem to think she is theirs and she isnt, she never was. Carly will most likely not want anything to do with them when she is old enough. What will she really have to say or need them for. They creeped me out when they said on a Dr Drew special they want to be like a babysitter/aunt/uncle to Carly, Dr Drew looked at them like they were on dog food lol. Not to mention the shrine they had of her with pictures of her all over the wall. They need help. This is what happens when kids have kids and make adult decisions like adoption.

        • twelfthnight

          After seeing the way they act, I almost wonder if abortion would have been a better option for them instead of adoption (I see the irony in that, of course, considering they’re now so against abortion). That way at least there’d be closure. There never was a kid who they have to wonder what they’re doing every day or obsess over. It seems that it may have been easier to grieve the loss of an aborted fetus than to grieve the loss of a living person they have very limited access to.

          Really though, I think they should have just kept Carly. Sure her mom and his dad are useless sacks of crap, but Tyler’s mom seems to be decent, and Cate’s dad is managing to raise her brother well enough… There were good people they could have turned to. It’s not like they JUST had April and Butch.

    • sammi

      Ive said the same exact thing on previous threads. They walk around like Brandon and Teresa owe them something. Carly is not their child and they need to get that through their heads. They made me mad on that special when Catelynn was babling about “I birthed her, she came out my vagina”. Thats about all you did Cate! Its like they gave her up because they didnt want the responsibility but yet they want to share in every milestone as if they’ve always been there. Where are they when Carly is sick, where are they when school tuition needs paying, when clothes need to be bought, feed bought, when she needs braces at 12, nowhere on the scene and yet they want to be a part of every little thing they do like they actually take care of her. Carly will be so confused and creeped out by them when she is older. She will wonder why they are always in the picture but didnt want to raise her. As for them having a baby, I think its a terrible idea. Tyler’s had one foot out the door for a long time now and a baby wont make him stay, it will only cause resentment. Catelynn is very codependent on him and she will fall a part if he leaves her with a baby by herself. I dont think they should have been having children until their relationship is where it should be whether separate or together, and college educations and real jobs. How long do they think these speaking engagements are going to last? How long do they think they can make a career out of giving the same speech over and over on their “journey”.

  • bad idea

    When will couples realize that having a baby does not fix a crappy relationship!? Babies add tons of stress even to stable, happy relationships. I know a few couples that had no issues and ended up in marital counseling after having kids. I also hope Tyler got therapy for his anger problems because if his dogs annoyed him that much they better pray that they don’t get a colicky baby.