Carey Hart shoots down Pink pregnancy rumors with crude comment

Pink - Carey Hart - Pregnancy Rumors

Don’t expect a pregnancy announcement from Pink and Carey Hart anytime soon.

A tabloid recently said Pink is with child, based on eyewitness reports that Carey was “cuddling” and “rubbing her tummy.” The parents to 2-year-old Willow both responded on Twitter — with very different tones.

Pink began with a subtweet on May 7, writing, “It never fails: people will think you’re crazy- but usually only when you’re on to something good 😉 do what makes YOU happy.” She later added, “It crazy: record deal. Ur crazy: missundaztood. U crazy: marry mr hart. This is crazy: TBD etc etc.”

Motocross pro was a bit more direct and a whole lot more crude with his reaction. He tweeted, “Oh man, i was rubbing my penis yesterday, does that mean my d**k is pregnant?” So that settles that!

Even as an entertainment writer, I generally really dislike pregnancy speculation because 1. It’s a bit ridiculous to make a big deal about every single change to a woman’s body. 2. There are usually better things to write/talk about while we’re waiting for confirmation from the potential mommy-to-be.

That being said, Pink and Carey have been in the game for a while… If they (or he) hadn’t made a big deal about the story, it would likely have blown over. Just imagine if Jennifer Aniston responded to all of her baby rumors!

What do you think? Did Carey overreact or do you applaud him for shooting down the gossip?

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  • jebuz

    I still don’t know what he sees in this chick…smh…he is to sexy for her

    • r

      It’s called love .. You must be shallow

      • BreeMorey

        As if you didnt think it 😉

  • Carole Ann Davis

    I can’t see this or any other video. What’s the problem??????

    • starcasmnet

      There isn’t a video in this story. Just a picture at the top.

  • NoName

    I don’t understand what her tweet even means.. Am I missing something??