Jenelle Evans files for divorce from Courtland Rogers, is not seeking support

Jenelle Evans Courtland Rogers divorce filed

The inevitable (inEvanstable?) has happened as Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has officially filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. Jenelle, who is currently pregnant and expecting in June, filed the papers this week in Brunswick County court.

“Jenelle is only seeking a divorce from Mr. Rogers at this time,” Jenelle’s attorney (and guardian angel) Dustin Sullivan tells E! News. “She is not seeking any support of any kind. She is looking forward to a new chapter in her life.”

That new chapter looks to include a new husband in Nathan Griffith (everyone assumes the proposal will come moments after the divorce is finalized) as well as a new son, Kaiser.

But, if we have learned anything from Jenelle and Courtland’s relationship history, it’s that nothing gets done without an over-sized serving of drama. Here are the two spouses having a nice conversation about the next step in their relationship on Twitter:

In honor of Jenelle’s pending deCourtlandization, I thought I’d play a little tune from a lady who knows a little bit about relationship drama, Tammy Wynette:

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  • Harper

    Married to one guy and knocked by another…pretty trashy.

    • Lexie Grace

      Lol her and Kim kardashian both. Married to Kris and pregnant by Kanye! Classiest women of them all I tell ya!

      • TH

        Jenelle probably feels special that Kim and her have something in common.

  • sammy

    Am I the only one not anticipating a Nathan proposal? His ass is gonna be so far gone come the birth …

    Also, I know next to nothing about divorce, but can’t he still hit her for alimony?

    • Red

      I will be shocked if they actually get married. I wouldn’t put it past her to fake a proposal though.

      I was also wondering about the alimony. I remember reading that a pre-nup was not signed, and I don’t put it past him to try and get as much as he can out of this.

  • Red

    Twitter. Because it is too hard to make a phone call and discuss things like normal people.

  • heyBale

    Chinelle is such a dik

  • kiki

    Am I the only one finding it funny that inEvanstable has ‘stable’ in it?? The only way that has ever been said about her and its in an ironic way

  • Nicole

    Courtlands “winky face” in his twitter comment creeps me out.

  • justme

    She waits until NOW to file??? Ummmm….her baby is almost here…next month. As I understand it If she is married then her husband is the “father” legally…watch him try to get money either in general or to “sign”.

    • Lola

      She had go wait to file because of the laws in her state.

      • Jen M

        Yup, in NC you have to be separated for one year before filing for divorce.

    • A

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! Lol

  • Sammy

    At least they seem to be handling things civilly.


    wait till he asks for support! cant wait ot see the fire works then!

  • jamie

    I just love that they called him Mr. Rogers lol.


    Maybe she needs to get some advice from Kim K. Seems they’re birds of a feather. Married to one man, pregnant by another and trying to get a divorce finalized before the birth of a child.