Bruce Springsteen Nerd Makes Super Bowl Halftime Song Suggestions

****UPDATE 2/1/09 – Here’s what Bruce ACTUALLY wound up playing:
Backstreets (Rockin’ horn section on a Bruce classic)
Born To Run (What can you say? Of course!)
Working On A Dream (Short version – more dynamic than the studio version)
Glory Days (Heh heh! Lots of Bruce fun on this one. He altered the lyrics to “football player” and “hail Mary” instead of “speedball by ya.” Also featured fun dialog between Bruce and Steven towards the end, wth Bruce letting his buddy know that they had to get off the stage or they would get “penalty time.”)
Great job Bruce!!!

The Boss will be playing the halftime show during the Super Bowl this year, and though these things are almost always disappointingly cheesy and forced, I thought I might get a little caught up in Bossmania and make some song suggestions. (****Warning during the course of this post it will probably become apparent that I watch the NFL and that I’m a big Bruce Springsteen nerd. Don’t worry, we’ll jump right back on Paris and the Real Housewives soon!) (Heh heh)

Bruse Springsteen suffers a wardrobe malfunction during the 2009 Super Bowl Halftime Show

First off are some songs that have titles that fit a football theme and then I will list a couple songs for each of the eight teams still alive in the playoffs.

Born to Run
Touchdownbound Train
Drive All Night
Season to Believe
We Shall Overcome
If I Should Fall Behind
The Hitter

New York City Serenade (Easy!)
Part Manning, Part Monkey (It was either this or Manning at the Top, but since I’m not a big Eli “Pete Wentz” Manning fan, then he gets my least favorite Bruce song)

Mweldemoros Banks (For Mwelde Moore)
Quarterback in Your Arms (For James Harrison, who has the most sacks of any player still in the playoffs)
BONUS! Silver Polamalu (for Troy Polamalu. Added on 1/10/09)

*Kerry Darling (For Kerry Collins)
*O Kerry Don’t You Weep For Me (From The Tennesseeger Sessions)
(*NOTE – Both of these songs could also have been performed during Bruce’s anti-Bush rallies back in 2004)

Countin’ On A Music City Miracle (Added 1/10/09 – A suggestion made in the comments section that was so good I had to include it. Thanks John R! Please – everyone else feel free to make suggestions! Even non-playoff suggestions like My City of Grudins or American Pigskin (41 Points). Anything goes!)

Darkness on the Edgerrin James (For Edgerrin James)
Open All Night (In Honor of the the Cardinals’ pass-happy offense and seemingly endless supply of Pro Bowl receivers)

My Delhommetown (For Jake Delhomme)
DeAngelonesome Day (For DeAngelo Williams)

Streets of Philadelphia (Easy!)
Donovan Nebraska (For Donovan McNabb)
(****And in honor of knocking Lil Tony Womo and the Dallas Cowboys out of playoff contention, Bruce should perform a heartfelt acoustic performance of Sayanora Cowboys)

Cover Me (In honor of their smothering defense)
Waitin’ on a Sunny Ray (For Ray Lewis. Maybe a Super Bowl victory will allow him to relax.)

The Rivers (For Philip Rivers)
The Ghost of Tomlinson Joad (For the Injured LaDanian Tomlinson)
(****Possibly a last minute substitution will be Vincent Jackson Cage, depending on how Vincent Jackson’s recent DUI arrest plays out and whether or not there’s jail time involved)

That’s it! Some honorable mentions for teams and players that didn’t make it include:
The Price You Peyton (For Peyton Manning)
Daniel in the Detroit Lions’ Den (0-16! I suppose they conquered a different Goliath)
It’s Hard to Be a New Orleans Saint in the City
Pink Cadillac Williams

(For those of you that aren’t Boss dweebs, here’s a list of his “real” songs in the order that I used them above: Born to Run, Downbound Train, Drive All Night, Reason to Believe, We Shall Overcome, If I Should Fall Behind, The Hitter, New York City Serenade, Part Man Part Monkey, Man at the Top, Metamoros Banks, Back In Your Arms, Silver Palomino, Sherry Darling, O Mary Don’t You Weep For Me from The Seeger Sessions, Countin’ on a Miracle, My City of Ruins, American Skin (41 Shots), Darkness on the Edge of Town, Open All Night, My Delhommetown, Lonesome Day, Streets of Philadelphia, Nebraska, Sinaloa Cowboys, Cover Me, Waitin’ on a Sunny Day, The River, The Ghost of Tom Joad, Jackson Cage, The Price You Pay, (Daniel in the ) Lion’s Den, It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City, Pink Cadillac)

PS – Football is no place for politics, so Bruce please stay away from dedicating Badlands to Al Franken or Satan’s Jewel Crown to George W. Bush. Football is a place for hot chick admiration, so feel free to dedicate Cynthia to NFL cheerleaders and beer commercial babes everywhere!

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  • You have the best f*cking site!!! I love your humor… You are supertastic!!!! 😉

  • btw, why Springsteen? Why do they always have old ass performers? Why not um… who is hot for the lil ones right now? Oh The Jonas Brothers? LOL how cool would it be if they had the Jonas Brother perform with Springsteen, wickedly uncomfortable!

  • Starcasm

    Collie – Thanks for the compliment! As far as old-ass Super Bowl Halftime performers, I suppose it’s their way of playing it safe. Personally, I think the atmosphere is a just a tab bit too ridiculous and short for a live concert performance anyway – they should hire that Zhang Yimou guy who did the opening and closing ceremonies in Beijing! Something fun, artistic, and visually stunning. Heck, let Cirque Du Soleil do it, as long as Criss Angel isn’t involved. Oooooh – How ’bout a symphony orchestra playing stuff while they show highlights from the season on a big screen.

    Anyway – I am thankful it’s Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, and U2 instead of The Jonas Brothers, Toby Keith, or some horrible choreographed musical thing with dialogue, a narrative and a bunch of ridiculous costumes! Bruce could really deliver, though – if he pulled out one of his short, gut-punching stories and then dedicated a song like Badlands to those suffering through hard economic times (keeping the politics out of it) then it could be really great. Blah, blah, blah…

  • It all comes back of course to the 2004 Janet Jackson debacle… they had put MTV in charge of the half-time show and oops a boob popped out! So, the NFL just wants to play nice. That said I think the more recent shows featuring aging rockstars has been more entertaining — Prince kicked ass 2 years ago, Petty was kinda lame last year – but Bruce always delivers a good show.

  • John R.

    Prince definitely rocked it. Really, really great.

    Meanwhile,…you’re falling down on the job. You just know Bruce is gonna play “Countin’ On A Music City Miracle” with the Titans on the sidelines…

  • Being a long time tramp on these backstreets, and not being a fan of either Manning, Part Manning/Part Monkey, I’m glad I didn’t have a drink in my mouth when I read that because either my keyboard & monitor would’ve been splattered or I’d have choked! Price You Pay for Peyton … ummm, errrr, no – there needs to be a Bobby Jean or Glory Days reference or something for him. Quarterback in Your Arms would be perfect IF it was for either of the Patriots star quarterbacks, but hey, whatever is played, I’ll take ’em as they come. Starcasm – do I know you ? 😉

    Collie, 2 things kiddo

    a) It’s us old ass football fans that can afford to go to the Superbowl to begin with and it’s also us old asses that might consider buying Cadillacs because of their Super Bowl commercials – so there is a HUGE amount of commercialism involved and yes, sorry, much of it is aimed at “us”. Sure plenty of Jonas Brothers fans WOULD go, except they’d need Mommy or Daddy to not only pay, but they’d also need them to rent a hotel room and they’re certainly not heading to the Caddy or Lincoln dealership anytime soon.

    b) As (eh, hem) old as he is, Springsteen COULD play with the Jonas Brothers and would no doubt very easily gain some new fans amongst your generation and I’d bet you in a NYC Serenade minute that the Jonas Brothers would put their foot to the floor darlin, they won’t look back if they ever get a chance to perform with with the “old man”

    • Starcasm Staff

      Hardcorest comment ever! (Another Bruce nerd in the house!) I’m gettin’ busted on for not matching up the theme of the songs to teams and players! It was all I could do to get the titles to match! Heh heh! Thanks for the great input Bosstowncaper! I’ll see what if I can’t do better during the Final Four. (Do people still say “busted on?”)

  • John R.

    Wow! My humble little (super awesome) entry made the blogroll of honor! I must say, I thought I was Dancing in the Dark on that one…Glad to see you saw the Light of Day!

  • imbuttinin

    Ronde-vous Barber!

    Alas, the Bucs’ season is over already.