Fox’s I Want to Marry Harry shows 12 women vying for a fake Prince Harry à la Joe Millionaire

I Want to Marry Harry - Matthew Hicks

This summer, 12 of America’s finest ladies will compete to win Prince Harry’s heart — or so they think.

Fox just announced I Want to Marry Harry, a Bachelor type of show conceived by Ryan Seacrest and Joe Millionaire developer Mike Darnell.

Similar to Mike’s 2003 reality competition, the women on I Want to Marry Harry believe they are romancing the United Kingdom’s real Prince Harry. In fact, they are fighting over an otherwise ordinary Prince Harry lookalike named Matthew Hicks. In other words, the ladies are obsessed enough with the British royal to willingly marry him — but not obsessed enough to realize their swooning over a totally different dude. Producers must have picked these women straight out of Harvard.

Prince Harry - I Want to Marry Harry

If the premise continues to mimic the wildly popular Joe Millionaire, the final contestant and Matthew Hicks could split a money prize. Again, that’s speculation — but it would make the reveal seem a whole lot less cruel.

Deadline reports the show was greenlighted last summer. In October, The Sun probably infuriated a bunch of Fox executives by revealing Matthew Hicks’ identity.

I Want to Marry Harry will premiere on Tuesday, May 27 at 8/7c.

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  • anjealka

    They can put this junk on the air but they can’t bring back quality reality tv like the mole.

  • Heather

    Do the ladies really think a prince of england would EVER go on a reality show like what?

  • Sinead

    how remarkably pathetic. Anything for a buck I guess. Won’t watch and hope nobody else does either.

  • Eryn Kados

    K so…….they going onto this show thinking they are trying to win prince Harry’s love when all the world knows this is not the real guy don’t these gals go on the net????? wouldn’t they find out that the guy isn’t the real Prince Harry?????