PHOTOS Phaedra Parks signs on as Xenadrine diet pill spokesperson

Phaedra Parks Xenadrine ambassador

It seems The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Phaedra Parks needs a little more than her Donkey Booty Workout DVD to help regain her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her second son, Dylan, last May, because the Atlanta attorney has just been announced as an “ambassador” for the Xenadrine weight loss supplement!

Phaedra Parks Xenadrine spokesperson photo

Phaedra follows in her RHOA cast mate Kim Zolciak’s post-baby footsteps as a spokesperson for the supplement, which made headlines in the 1990s because it contained the controversial ingredient ephedra. The company has since eliminated ephedra from Xenadrine’s ingredients (Which sucks because it means I will be unable to work in an Ephedra Parks joke) (Wait, I just did!) and replaced it with “a scientifically advanced weight loss formula that’s designed to bring you extreme energy,” according to their Facebook page.

Phaedra Parks Xenadrine weight loss diet pill ad

So why Phaedra Parks? Given her resume as a successful Atlanta attorney and recent author, Xenadrine says Phaedra is “the epitome of today’s motivated, driven, and goal oriented entrepreneurial female.” A spokesman says Phaedra began taking Xenadrine because she was “looking to get back in stunningly amazing shape” after giving birth to her second son. Phaedra has been taking Xenadrine as a supplement to her diet and exercise routine, says the spokesperson.

According to the description attached to the promotional photos included in this post, Phaedra says “the weight loss formula gave her an extra boost of energy that not only help her barrel through her busiest days, but left her with enough extra energy for her workouts, cardio sessions, or tougher yet, another Real Housewives reunion!”

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  • jeff

    If you need a weight loss pill to help you lose weight, you’re not mentally ready to lose weight.

    • Guest

      Ugh so true. I have far too many friends on Facebook who hock their pyramid-scheme diet drinks. “It helps you lose weight!” “It has all the nutients your body needs!” “It cures autism!”… Seriously how about you just exercise and eat healthy? Any pill or drink to help you “magically” lose weight fast, CANNOT be healthy for your body…

  • Red

    Aren’t all of these weight loss pills just a bunch of caffeine with some other stuff mixed in?? I want to say I tried some about 10 years ago(Hydroxycut maybe) and all it did was make my heart race.

  • sara

    Kenya will have a field day with this!

  • pcofwork

    I don’t believe in these “miracle” weight-loss gimmicks, but I’m happy that Phaedra got the gig. Good for you, girl! Keep those checks coming!

  • Dizzle

    I LOVE Phaedra. But Xenadrine, man. Took that ish once a while ago and it f’d me up. But I think that may be when it still contained ephedra. Phaedra and ephedra? This is all too much for me.

  • slicky99

    They sell xenadrine at Whole Foods?