PHOTOS VIDEO Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind in fiery car crash, charges pending

Adam Lind burning Corvette after car wreck

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind faces pending charges after being involved in a fiery car crash Friday afternoon. According to a Sioux Falls Police Department press release, Adam was driving his 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 at “a high rate of speed” when he collided with a 2003 Lincoln Town Car driven by 87-year-old Donna L. Fodness. After hitting the Lincoln, Adam’s Corvette ran into a traffic signal pole and then a fence before bursting into flames.

The photo above is from the crash scene and was tweeted by @Flandeez as was this next one:

Police officers were summoned to the accident scene at the corner of intersection of 57th St. and Southeastern Avenue at 2:33PM and found Adam’s car fully engulfed in flames. Adam (who appears to have been alone) was removed from the vehicle by witnesses and was later transported by ambulance to Avera-McKennan Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the Lincoln Town car and her passenger, 94-year-old Orval E. Fodness, were also transported by ambulance to Avera-McKennan Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

According to the press release, “Criminal charges against Adam Lind are pending as the investigation continues.”

In case you missed it, Adam Lind has a terrible driving record that includes being convicted of three DUIs, pleading guilty to separate charges of exhibition driving and careless driving, numerous speeding tickets (including one for going 105mph), seatbelt violations, driving without a license, driving without insurance, and other traffic citations. Click here for a complete timeline of his arrests and charges over the last few years.

Here is before photo of (one of) Adam’s Corvette’s with his daughter Aubree in the foreground:

Adam Lind's Corvette

And here is a photo of the charred remains of his Corvette involved in the accident on Friday.

UPDATE – Here’s another photo from the scene from @BeccaKC, who initially tipped us off about Adam being involved in the accident:

Becca added:

UPDATE – Someone took a cell phone video of Adam’s burning car after the wreck and shared it on Youtube:

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  • Jen

    How does this douche still have a license?!

    • Harper

      He doesn’t, it’s suspended.

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    • heyBale

      And how does he find chicks to stick it in?
      Where is the appeal. Definition of a cretin.

  • Melissa

    Adam is an idiot, but thankfully no one was severely injured.

  • Jess

    Wow. He is one lucky person to have survived that crash.
    I hope the poor old lady he ran into is also alright.

  • Harper

    He’s lucky his daughter wasn’t in the car. Stupid idiot should never have been driving with his track record. Good luck getting custody of Aubree now.

    • LexiconD1

      If I was the mother of either one of his kids, he’d never ever be able to drive off with them, ever. As stupid as he is, he’d be lucky if I’d let him see his child(ren) without me being present.

      He seems to care for his kids about as much as he respect the law…

      • pmo

        and there has been footage that proves he drives with AUubree in the car. loved the above suggestion daddy randy get a court order again him having aubree in any of his vehicles.

    • Lola

      He wasn’t going for custody, it was visitation rights. He never has & never will have a snowballs chance in hell of getting custody.

  • gofyourself

    This reckless with a new baby. You could have killed yourself and your children would both grow up fatherless. Think a$$clown.

    • NorCalOffspring

      “You could have killed yourself and your children would both grow up fatherless.”

      Like they aren’t already???

      • gofyourself

        He can change if he is alive. Yes. There is a difference between him wrecklessly getting himself killed and the potential to change.

        • glk900

          and the 2 elderly people he almost killed..what abot them,,,bah..he needs to be locked up

        • Mary Jane Kelly

          Fatherhood X’s 2 hasn’t ‘changed’ him! Lots and lots of prison time might.

  • NorCalOffspring

    Don’t be mad at Adam. Be mad at the system. History repeats, and this moron is a good example of just that. Given his track record I wouldn’t trust him with a shopping cart, or a unicycle.

    • glk900

      i am mad at adam AND the system

    • uhhhh

      Uh, the system isn’t the one making this guy drive drunk, or speed, or be a douche. It’s ENTIRELY his fault, and sadly he will be a douche until he dies. Hopefully he won’t take anyone else out with him when he goes.

      • CP

        The system isn’t making him pay for any of these crimes.

        • jlt0102


      • NorCalOffspring

        Yet the system gives drunks and irresponsibly jerks like him second, third and fourth chances. In other countries you lose your license for life after the first offense!

  • Cc

    Am I the only one that considers Mabey the old lady who is way too old to be driving could have caused the accident? I’ve been struck by and 80 yr old man who was on the wrong side of the road confused before. Neither should have a license

    • Brittany

      With his driving record it’s safe to say it was Adam. I highly doubt these 80 yr olds were speeding enough to cause that much damage…

      • lance

        Yeah, and you apparently dont have any idea about sports cars and or physics. When a car weighing 2,000lbs more than a car made of fiberglass, pulls out in front of the sports car traveling at 50mph…what happens!?!….. Get an education girl. Or finish high school, should of learned that by now

        • Maiko Higa

          Even if the other car pulled out in front he never should have been going that fast, in the first place, nor driving with a suspended license.

    • Murphy

      Adam was speeding and the older woman couldn’t get out of the way fast enough to avoid him. This is one of the reasons why we have speed limits, especially on a non-interstate road like this one.

    • Gemma

      I am thinking the same thing…I’m not “pro-Adam” but should an 87 year old be driving? My grandparents are the same age and they don’t drive because they can’t. They are too infirm and slow. They can hardly get into and out of a car, let alone drive it. Hell, I know some 70-year-olds who aren’t in good enough shape to drive. Although I’m sure Adam’s speed added to the problem (and was the reason it ended in a fiery combustion that could have killed himself and others), but they could have been the ones who made an illegal turn or went through a light or swerved out of their lane. A friend was in an accident once caused by an elderly lady who was making a left turn on green but failed to yield to oncoming traffic who had the right of way, going straight. When questioned the old lady just kept saying “I had a green light”. My mom was also hit in a parking lot by an 80 year old man speeding through a parking lot as she was backing out, and he claimed he didn’t see her. Lets not all jump to conclusions. The old people could have caused the accident, even though Adam was speeding, and charges are “pending” because he was driving on a suspended license and speeding. But yes, after all those traffic tickets he should not be driving period and then he could avoided the entire situation. Hopefully they take away his license for good. But I’m definitely not pro-elderly driving.

      • KElsey

        The fact that its reported HE Was going at a high rate of speed and pending charges for HIM…..I doubt it was not his fault.

        • savannah

          ON A SUSPENDED LICENCE TO BOOT. God, I hope they never give it back to him either. He’s had tons of trouble with DUI’s and driving issues… does he have to kill someone to get them to take it away permanently?

        • Aliah

          You can be speeding and get into an accident that’s not your fault. Just sayin’. And the charges pending are probably because his license was suspended.

          • Redspyrobunny

            If you are speeding and get into any kind of accident, it IS your fault unless the other person was speeding as well. If you indeed are breaking the law-in every state, it goes against your insurance and your driving record and you are cited for it. Read up on the law next time before posting

      • TigerGirl

        He HAD NO license!! He has no business behind the wheel of ANY motor vehicle.

      • Redspyrobunny

        My grandmother will be 87 in July and still drives better and more cautiously than any teenager the states give a full unrestricted drivers license to! It’s pretty sad you jump to the conclusion that it had anything to do with an elderly woman driving and not immediately to the fact that Adam had no insurance, a suspended drivers license, 3 prior DUIs, was driving at a high rate of speed and has had several other serious traffic convictions!!

    • TigerGirl

      The article CLEARLY states he (adam douchebag Lind) was driving at a high rate of speed.

    • Redspyrobunny

      What the hell does it matter of her age? Did you consider that he wasn’t supposed to be driving in the first place and it is not the woman’s fault he chose to break the law AGAIN??

  • LexiconD1

    Why isn’t he in jail…numerous speeding tickets, numerous DUI’s, driving without a license CONSTANTLY? Obviously he’s a reckless driver, who has no regard for the people who have to drive around his stupidity, or the law.

    I hope he faces significant jail time, and a very very significant (to the point of having to sell off his fleet of cars/trucks, what in gods name does he do to afford those in the first place?) fines and lawsuits.

    • jlt0102

      Sadly he will probably just get another slap on the wrist.

    • Mary Jane Kelly

      He should be in jail and STERILIZED.

  • anjealka

    Papa Randy has been very generous with Chelsea over the years. His next financial gift needs to be a retainer to a good lawyer to make sure Adam is not allowed to drive his grand daughter, and IMO supervised visitation for a long time.

    • Mary Jane Kelly

      Chelsea has enough money to hire a lawyer now. She needs to assume the responsibility and quit relying on her dad for everything that happens to her.

      • anjealka

        I would love to see her stand on her own to feet & not depend on her dad(on in the past welfare which really got me upset). Her dad pays for girls weekends trips, concert tickets, cars, so I was just saying that before he spends another nickel on “fun stuff”, his money should be spent on a lawyer.

        • Lola

          Where do you get your info that she was ever on welfare?

          • anjealka

            When she had her wisdom teeth out Adam went to pick up her prescription and he asked her what insurance and she said medcaid(she actually said it 3 times because he couldn’t understand her). That is what I saw firsthand. I hand read numberous blogs that said her first house was section 8, there were all sorts of documents up about it.

            • Maiko Higa

              I remember reading that, too, and I’m pretty sure she mentioned it barely.

              • LexiconD1

                I thought she used medicaid when she had her knee surgery too?

            • kate

              you can be on medicaid and not be on welfare

              • anjealka

                Medicaid is a form of welfare. food stamps is a form as well. Medicaid is a welfare program for low income individuals. Since Chelsea was 16 and pregnant(or even 17) and had 2 working parents(one a dentist) how in the world did she qualify? Farrah’s parents did not(not a Farrah fan but her mom spoke of the 5k deductible from their bleu cross plan they had to pay). In order for Chelsea to qualify her parents would have to make under $1600 a month?

        • SpiritMama

          I think you are thinking of Kail (after she moved out of her Mom’s house she was in a program that helped her have a home for herself and Isaac, I believe part of the agreement when she got the help was that once she got back on her feet she had to pay back the rent and what not which I’m sure she did because she is very responsible and strive to always be moving forward in her life. Btw even with all the money she makes from the show she still maintains a full time job as a dental hygienist. Chelsea has never received any assistance besides help from her dad and it obviously hasn’t hindered her ability to achieve her goals and make a nice life for herself and Aubree. You can say what you want about her financial situation but NO BODY can ever say Chelsea doesn’t adore her daughter and do everything she can to give her a nice happy life because she wants for Aubree exactly what Randy wants for Chelsea…a chance to succeed at life!

          • anjealka

            Maybe we are watching a different show, Chelsea’s dad gave her a budget of $895 a month when she went looking for a new house, he was clearly paying for her house for years (after she supposedly had section 8 at the first house, I cant confirm this but have read blogs that had documents showing ownerships/vouchers), while she got her GED. She asked him for grocery money, spending money, he paid for concert tickets, birthday trips. For 4 + years she did not have a job (except for a few part time jobs here and there) how do you think she paid for clothes, heat, condo, new car, trips? This was from season one when they did not have a big salary(they supposedly didn’t get a decent salary till year 3). My big pet peeve was Chelsea took medcaid for at least 2 years. Randy was her dad and in a divorce usually a dad (who is a dentst) would have to cover his kids health coverage, instead Chelsea said on the show clearly I am on medcaid! That means the tax payers paid for Aubree and Chelsea’s several surgeries(knee 2times and wisdom teeth). My point was if Randy could afford to pay her rent, then he could afford $200 a month to pay for some blue cross insurance!

            • Redspyrobunny

              She did not live with her father and was not a full time student so therefore she was not eligible to be on her fathers insurance plan. She was however eligible for Medicaid so who cares if she revived medical assistance for healthcare?? And you are incorrect about her being on welfare-clearly the documents you saw were false. Also why do you care what her dad pays for? Jealous?

              • anjealka

                I don’t care what her dad pays for, I was just saying originally instead of concert tickets or a trip his next money gift should be a lawyer to protect his granddaughter.
                Not jealous, I have a grad degree and nice lifestyle. When Chelsea was 16 and pregnant her father not medcaid should have paid for her healthcare. All divorces assign the healthcare costs to one or both parents. Randy being a dentist & having a marriage longer then 10 years in SD would have been assigned to pay for Chelsea’s medical costs till she is 21(or out of college). Why should the taxpayers(me) pay for Chelsea’s baby and medical care like knee surgery and wisdom teeth? when her father could have paid for a policy? or paid for the medical bills? If her dad could buy her a car , he could pay for health care. Some parents on the show(amber’s, catelynn. Kail) qualified for medcaid and that is 100% fine. Farrah’s mom didn’t and paid for Farrah bills. Papa randy used loopholes which hurts the taxpayers and sets a bad example. Again not jealous but it is a pet peeve of mine, it is not just Chelsea it is estimated about 50% of babies born on medcaid are done so with fraud and it is costing us all million. I would never deny a baby healthcare but before you get pregnant you should have insurance or be prepared to make payments. Chelsea being on national tv just is an example that you can get away with medcaid fraud without consequence.

                • Michelle

                  They already have a lawyer dumbass!

          • Redspyrobunny

            FYI kaylin is a dental ASSISTANT and not a hygenist……HUGE difference in salary!

      • TigerGirl

        Why is Chelsea even being brought up in this? Whether or not her dad pays for anything for her or hwr daughter has NOTHING to do with Adam Linda driving habits

      • Ulla

        Why do y’all care if Randy helps her out financially?

        • Mary Jane Kelly

          I don’t ‘care’. The original comment said that her dad should pony up the dough for a lawyer. NO he shouldn’t. This girl made her bed with this loser and now she should assume the responsibilty of taking care of her own life. If she has money for all the other things documented on that show – she can taper off and hire a lawyer.

    • LindsayTS

      Chelsea is not much better. She is always shown driving around her kid while talking on the phone.

  • Brittany

    What a selfish a**hole! He could have killed somebody! Time to grow up and stop caring more about your random vehicles than yourself and your family. It’s ridiculous. He thinks he’s some cool bada** when he really is just an idiot that makes horrible decisions. I would be terrified knowing my daughter had to ride in a car driven by him.

  • HoardersFan

    Chelsea was right about not wanting her daughter in a car with him. Throw him back in jail. He has learned nothing.

  • Sara

    He’s lucky to be alive and even luckier to not have injured anyone else!! How irresponsible!!

  • Lanie_Lane

    This is from TMZ….

  • Erica

    what an irresponsible @sshole he could have killed two people or more and he drives with a suspended license? what a moron i hope he gets laid with good charges

  • Mary Jane Kelly

    Congratulations Taylor!!! He’s YOUR immature douche bag now….until he inevitably leaves for the grey bar hotel.

  • LauraK

    First off, I agree with everyone who said that he should not be allowed to drive with his child(ren) in the car. He shouldn’t be allowed to drive with ANYONE in the car actually, hellooooo??? He doesn’t have a license and shouldn’t be driving at all!! If he is currently on probation, there is an excellent chance he will do jail time for this, which is well deserved as far as I’m concerned. Seeing the photos of the accident scene, I’m shocked that no one was killed. As far as trying to blame the 80-something year old driver, you can not assume that she is not a capable driver simply because of age. There are good and bad drivers… of all ages. I have an 87 year old grandpa who is an excellent driver. Good reflexes and eyesight, exercises everyday. On the flipside, my 86 year old grandma no longer drives because her senses have slowed. Once you reach a certain age you are required to take a driving test annually. If a driver in their 80’s is on the road and ‘unsafe’, it is the fault of the state, just as it would be the fault of the state to give a 16 year old a license who does not deserve one. The evidence clearly shows Adam’s far less than stellar driving record. The odds of this being the fault of the old lady are pretty small. Adam just in the wrong place at the wrong time???? DOUBT IT!

    • Guest

      Not sure where you got your info that after a certain age, you have to take a driving test annually, but that’s just not true.

      My understanding is that several states have tried to pass laws like that, but organizations like AARP have fought against them (and won), citing laws against age discrimination. If you live in a state that has managed to get around this somehow, and I’m unaware of it, please enlighten me.

      Oh, and it’s not that I disagree that this SHOULD happen. I have a 90-year-old father-in-law who refuses to give up his license, and he’s a danger! I’m just not aware of any state in which it is happening.

      • MSMerri

        I just learned that apparently there are a few states, Illinois being the strictest, where drivers have to take a road test every 4 years when they renew their licenses after a certain age (I think 75?). At age 81, Illinois drivers have to road-test and renew every 2 years, and at age 87, every year. These laws are the strictest in the country.
        There are a few states that require a doctor’s clearance to drive at each license renewal after age 75, or so.

        But organizations like AARP do indeed fight these changes, or any changes that might be viewed as age discrimination. AARP offers voluntary driving classes for older drivers. The problem is most people who need these classes won’t take them. Older people are generally scared to death of losing their ability to drive, and thus their independence.

        We’ll all be there one day!

      • LauraK

        For some reason I can’t copy and paste the link from my phone, but if you go to the Illinois DMV website you can view the rules for senior drivers. The age a person must be to have to take the test annually is older than what I thought it was, but there are in fact different rules as Illinois drivers get older.

    • Redspyrobunny

      While I agree with everything else you’ve said, there is no state that requires a driving test after you reach a certain age.

      • LauraK

        Yes there is. Illinois. You can check it out on the Illinois DMV website under ‘senior drivers’.

  • lance

    You all are media thirsty creeps gooking and gawing over a reality t.v. show. In which does not at all accurately depict the people in it. I am a personal friend of Adams and nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of arrogant aholes running there mouths about someone the media depicts differently than his normal everyday life. Adam is a very good man with a very good heart, not his fault the media shows differently. I hope none of you have ever made any mistakes in your apparently perfect judgemental lives, hypocrites. Everyone is going to be alright and thats all that should matter.

    • Lola

      Once is a mistake, making the same ones repeatedly are choices. And how anyone can say he has a good heart when he was too busy sleeping to be there t bring his daughter home from the hospital, and it damn sure wasn’t because he worked the night before, he had no job. Want to leave his daughter w/Chelseas mom to go out to some car race on her 1st night home. And lets not forget that lovely text he sent wanting to sign his rights away on that mistake. !st ep this season he calls Chelsea a dumbass & storms out of the restaurant because he knew everything she was saying was true & he cant handle the truth. Hes still driving around on a suspended license. Just got done doing jail time for his 3rd DUI. Sorry, he does not have a good heart. He turned his back on Aubree numerous times because he rather be out drinking & driving crazy. I bet he treats Taylor the same way. We already know they break up all the time & he cheated on her. Their plan to try & clean up his image didn’t work..

      • me2

        He sent that text after he learned Chelsea had slept with his friend while PREGNANT with Aubree. I’m not excusing his words,but do you blame him acting out in anger for that?

        • me2

          Oh and who did he cheat on Taylor with? Good ol’ Chelsea, who sought out Taylor’s friendship after they broke up for the sole purpose of laughing behind her back because she had no idea what had happened. What a sweetheart/sarcasm.

          • LexiconD1

            So what?

            That makes Adumb (in case you don’t get it, this is how “I” think his parents should have spelled his name. It’s more appropriate to his character) look worse than Chelsea. She doesn’t owe Adumbs new idiot anything. Adumb did/does.

            Isn’t Adumb the same mature guy who left his second baby Mama a couple of days after she gave birth? How about his arrest record, want to discuss that? Is he up to date on his child support?

            He’s not worthy of your defense. However, if you continue to defend him, that says all I need to know about the type of person YOU are.

        • mrsh

          Yes, I do blame him because one day Aubree will be able to see that her father called her a mistake. Even if Chelsea cheated on him every single day it still doesn’t exclude how he verbally abuses her and constantly calls her “dumb”, “stupid” or “bitch”.

    • mrsh

      Obviously this was written by Adumb himself or his baby mama #2. He is an idiot who has no regard for anyone, not even himself. I hope Chelsea never allows him to drive with Aubree in the car, he’s a menace on the road.

    • Ryker

      I haven’t posted or said anything judgmental regarding Adam/Chelsea/Taylor. I agree that the media depicts what they want viewers to see. I will also say that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but most people learn from their mistakes. I used to have a huge addiction to alcohol and would drive drunk all the time. Luckily, I was never in an accident, hurt anyone, or ever pulled over. I woke up one morning and decided that I did not want to be the cause of someone’s death because of my “mistake”. So I proactively took the steps I needed to get an interlock system installed in my car and found me a counselor. It took me 3 years before I finally decided I was well enough to have that interlock system taken out. I am not throwing out this story to make myself look good, I am just stating that if Adam really cared and really wanted to make those changes in his life he could have. He needs to make some obvious changes for the sake of his children. Also, this is a big difference between huge mistakes and small mistakes.

    • Oh please..

      Sorry to tell you your friend is an idiot. Regardless of how he media portrays him they didn’t make up all of the charges against him or the fact that he went to jail. They also didn’t make him say the numerous disrespectful disgusting things that he’s said over the years on his own volition. Take your whining someplace else because everyone knows your friend is a complete loser.

    • Anna

      Oh, he has a great heart; especially when he called the mother of his newborn a “fat stretchmark b*tch.” Oh, and I almost forgot the part when he said, “Tell me where and when to sign the papers over for that mistake.” Yeah, SOME HEART.

    • Redspyrobunny

      Hilarious!! The simple fact that he has had three DUI convictions, had no insurance and was driving with no license shows his regard for human life. He’s never tried to take care of aubree and he will eventually drop out of paislees life too. This good heart he has must be hidden under his arrogance and charm. I agree that reality tv only shows what pulls viewers in but this article was not on any tv show. It’s real life and I certainly hope he pays dearly for being “such a good person!”

  • Regina

    I would never ever let my child get into a car with him after this. So irresponsible and unbelievable.

  • Dorothy

    anyone who said it was not Adam’s fault and said hes a good man with a good heart. Obviously anyone who said here is so DUMBY ASS. Adam deserves losing his license for his lifetime. I sure hope Chelsea and Randy won’t allow him having Aubree riding with him anymore. Very immature daddy. Now its Taylor’s problems, she better think clear now for Paislee’s sake. Adam got into lot law troubles. I pray he will never get his license back ever again. He is very sick immature Boy.

  • Lya

    What an irresponsible idiot! Thank God none of his children were in the car.

  • lance

    Bahahaha. You people have no clue. Adam does have a work permit, ohhh wait none of you guys would know that. BECAUSE, none of you understand the making of a reality tv show, or the timeline factor. instead, 95% of you live your life for drama, whether it be your own or obviously preferably someone elses. Daaaaar. Some people. Adam has good witness to the accident, which is the same brave man that pulled him out of his car….so to break you haters hearts, he wont be charged.

    • LexiconD1

      Good luck, Adam (ahem, ‘lance’)…with a SUSPENDED license, and a criminal driving record, you’ll be spending time in the house of many bars…

      Hopefully, if there is any justice for those who are forced to drive with a dip shict like you, you’ll be in there for a good long time.

      And, here’s hoping the fines/lawsuits makes sure you’ll never be able to afford another car again.

      For the record, my cousin (my godfather) was murdered by a drunk driver. It changed my family forever, and not for the better. I don’t sympathize with people who disregard the laws of the land, especially when they have the potential to harm or kill others.

      • lance

        Whatever you say, I’m standing up for a friend that many of us know well outside of media portrayal. And frankly, the guy your calling a “dip shict”, has spent more time in the chow line in Iraq than you spent in high school. Hense, until you have your facts straight and are living a perfect life, take a step back and realize theres more to people than you may know and maybe you should concentrate on perfecting your lifestyle before you try telling or perfecting someone elses. We all live a totally different lifestyle. In the great makers eyes we were created equal. In the great makers eyes all sins are equal all imperfections are equal. Thats all I’m saying. Everyone is soo caught up in denial of there own imperfections, they pass it on as judgement to the next guy.

        • lance

          He was not drinking either. Yes he was speeding, not at a high rate of speed either. It was both there faults him for speeding and the older couple for disregarding a red light. Hows this directly his fault? Where are your facts coming from? Exactly, the media. Where we come from 50 in a 40 is nothing more than speeding its a $105 ticket. And I hate to tell you, the same would of happened at 40. Thats that, and thats physics. Motion weight and gravity. Everyone is fine. AND the only reason it says criminal charges pending is due to the fact that he, no did not have a license with him, but the work release order was signed and sitting at the courthouse waiting for him. Nothing to do with his driving record period, but the fact the police were unaware of his work release order.

          • Maiko Higa

            That didn’t make the situation sound any better… he’s on work release and driving on a suspended license? I don’t know about your state but in mine work release means you leave jail, go to work, and go back to jail, if you get caught screwing around where you’re not supposed to be they revoke that privilege. The people I know on it take the bus and walk several miles because public transportation sucks here. Adam may be a good guy and a good friend but he is making very bad choices, as his friend you should help him make better ones.

        • LexiconD1

          Wow, you just fail on all accounts…

          I’m glad I don’t live your ‘lifestyle’, so glad.

          • lance

            You just cant handle facts. Good luck solving the worlds problems miss got it all figured out :/

        • Redspyrobunny

          So just because he spent time in the “chow line in Iraq” gives him the right to drive intoxicated, speed like an idiot, talk nasty to both his baby mothers, cheat on both of them and be such a wonderful (sarcasm) father to both daughters?? I didn’t know there was any excuse for breaking the law or any judge that lets you get away with it simply because of your past.

  • Maiko Higa

    Who was the third person to go to the hospital? The article says 3.

    And what an idiot.

  • Rae

    Holy shit; he could’ve died along with the elderly women. Hopefully this accident teaches him to be responsible with driving. Though if I were Taylor and Chelsea, I wouldn’t let him drive the girls anywhere for a long while.

  • A.J.

    I am so glad that the people are alright. This could have turned into a very tragic situation very quickly, especially since the others are elderly. This is absolutely ridiculous; Adam needs to be slapped with charges that will actually stick this time, and the police department there needs to stop treating him with kid gloves, before his recklessness and inconsideration gets even more out of control. He clearly has not learned his lesson, and has no intention of changing his ways. Because he hasn’t faced any real consequences for his actions before, this whole situation is a joke to him, and he doesn’t care.

  • Pat Brown

    Adam is a scum bag, pure and simple. Chelsea is non impressive, she speaks in a squeal, is dumb as rocks, and I don’t see her shaking up the world with her brilliant insightful mind!

  • amberc88

    I would never let him EVER have the kids in the car with him!! Thank god they werent with him this time!

  • Renee L

    In the video above, why do 3 separate rescue vehicles drive past the car? The car is just burning away!

  • Demona

    How did we go from Teen Mom 2 dead beat inseminator of Chelsea to Teen Mom 2 Star?