Pregnant JWoww shares baby bump photo at 5 months, Snooki talks vagina clump and mucus plug

JWoww baby bump photo at five months pregnant

Snooki & JWoww star Jenni “JWoww” Farley announced on Christmas that she and fiancé Roger Mathews were expecting their first child, and earlier today JMomm shared her first baby bump photo!

JWoww is one week shy of five months along in the picture, but you sure wouldn’t know it. “Where the hell is she?” JWoww asked in her blog entry, before adding, “Seriously tho, I’m not complaining lol!”

We ran the photo through our patented Womb Zoom app for a closer look:

Pregnant Jenni Farley JWoww baby bump photo at five months with WOMB ZOOM

Still nothing. 😉

The lack of JTott bump could be due in part to JWoww’s emphasis on the “G” in GTL. “She’s definitely freaking out, she doesn’t want to get fat,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi told E! News at a pre-Super Bowl Party hosted by ESPN over the weekend. “She’s working out twice a day – she’s insane. But I gave her a copy of my book, so my book’s helping her. And any questions she has she knows she can come to me. I’m always here for her.”

JWoww backed up Snooki’s claims that she is a bit workout obsessed, and explained in her baby bump blog entry that she will soon be telling fans more. “I just wanted to tease you guys with this pic,” JWoww wrote, “because on Thursday I will do a huge blog on the workouts I’ve been doing during my pregnancy, the foods I love and hate to eat and how I’ve been feeling these past couple of months!!!” She then added, “I’m so excited to share more of my journey with you guys! Stay tuned, XOXO!”

JWoww actually shared a little bit about her baby bump trimming workout regimen yesterday with this Kettle Bell Ab-Blaster video featuring her trainer, Brian Blue:

And since no JWoww post is complete without at least a little dash o’ Snooki, here are the two BFFs in a video clip in which Snooki explains what it’s like going into labor in her usual no-holds-barred manner:

SNOOKI: When your water breaks — and I was thinking, you know, like movies where the water breaks and it goes ‘whisssshhhh,’ like this huge waterfall, and you’re freaking out and everyone is running in different directions. You’re going to the car, you’re speeding to the hospital… It wasn’t like that at all.

It was four o’clock in the morning and I got up to got to the bathroom, because you got to the bathroom like every five minutes when you’re at that stage, and I felt like I was peeing myself on the way to the bathroom. You know like a period when you’re not wearing tampons?

JWOWW: Oh that’s the worst!

SNOOKI: When it comes out and it’s really weird. Only girls will get it.

JWOWW: Boys, just cover your ears.

SNOOKI: Yeah, I’m sorry. Don’t watch this. But ummm, yeah I went to the bathroom and I felt, like, this big clump come out of my vagina and I’m like, “Is that my baby?!? My baby’s coming out!” And I looked and it was like a big ball of, like, boogers. And I’m like, “Upp! That’s my mucus plug.”

I think I will just end this post there.

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  • Seems Legit

    How is she 5 months and due in July?

    • Harper

      40 weeks = 10 months. You start counting after 4 weeks from the date of your last period. She is 5 months along and has 5 more months to go to make it to July = 10 months.

      • CJJCourtby

        40 weeks yes but one week is 7 days, 4 weeks = 28 days. Most months have more than 28 days so it does in fact work out to be 9 months, not 10

      • Yea

        Even according to your expertise, she would be due June not July.

        • ApApa

          Five months from February is July.
          1-March, 2-April, 3-May, 4-June, 5-July.

    • Yolanda

      I think I was 6 to 7 months along before my baby bump was visible and I wasn’t fat! Then one day my bump was like Bam! I’m here! lol Everyone’s body is different in other words!

  • Gia

    does snooki think talking sexual or gross all the time makes her a star? shes so gross TMI

    • ren

      Ha ha this is one thing I can relate to with Snooki. Once you get pregnant and have a baby, there is no shame left. You talk about it, and it’s just like talking about what you had for lunch today. No big deal. LOL I think only moms and dads can relate. People who’ve never had kids think talk like this is totally gross.

      • Ap

        Agreed! It’s not gross, it’s reality. In all honesty, 25 year old Snooki’s version of having a baby better prepared me than my 60 year old male Obgyn’s version did. It’s something only women who have had children will really understand.. I thought I’d be more self conscious but while I was giving birth nurses and doctors kept coming in and out and I didn’t care who it was or what they saw. All modesty went out the window. Snooki is just more open about it, but everyone who is pregnant has a mucus plug and yes it falls out.. It’s part of life.

        • Courtney

          Totally agree! I have actually learned A LOT about the pregnancy and giving birth stuff normal people don’t like to talk about or won’t mention from Snooki being so open and honest. Learned more from her than 16& Pregnant or Teen Mom!!!

          • Anonymous12261985

            All 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom tells us is that you can be a drug addict, not take care of your baby, treat your parents like shit, cheat on your baby-daddy, be abusive to your boyfriend and act like overall trash and get rich and famous for it.

  • Erica

    i think I’m missing the bump… lol she does NOT look pregnant!

    • Courtney

      Jenny isn’t the smartest girl…. is there a chance she read the pregnancy test wrong and she’s not even pregnant?!? Lol j/k I know she had a sonogram! 😉

      • Erica

        haha i needed a giggle this morning thanks! :)

  • Nia

    I honestly don’t think shes pregnant

  • shebee

    I have seen some women who show late but this is crazy. I know doctors say it’s fine to workout during pregnancy but two times a day seems excessive. I don’t get women who say they want to be be pregnant so badly but then are afraid of getting “fat”. Getting fat, even a little fat is a part of being pregnant. Once you are pregnant it’s about the health of your baby. Gaining 20 pounds and giving up my flat stomach was so worth it at the end of 9 months. Never thought I’d say this but Jenni should listen to Snooki. She bounced back well after Lorenzo.

    • Courtney

      I agree! Some women want to be pregnant so bad yet it’s all about how they look and risking the baby’s health to look good while pregnant! Jenny is so selfish that it will be interesting to see if her baby changes her for the better like Snooki. I hope so!

      • bailey

        Omg you’re responding to yourself

        • Courtney

          No I’m not! It says: Courtney (arrow meaning responding to) Anonymous12261985! Look again!

    • Anonymous12261985

      I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant and look the same as she does. I barely work out. It depends a lot on how tight your abs are before your pregnancy, the tilt of your uterus and so on. Many first time moms do not begin to show until past five months and into their sixth month. It is also safe to NOT gain excess weight on your body, as long as you consume enough calories to support the baby. Your body provides for the baby first and you second, so you’ll lose fat mass at first if you aren’t eating enough. But as long as JWOWW isn’t losing actual body weight (burning fat is fine and is ADVISED for overweight and obese women), then she’s not being reckless at all. Her doctors would tell her if she was WAY over doing it. As long as the work outs are safe during pregnancy, her vitamin levels are good and she’s eating enough to maintain a healthy grow-rate for the baby, let’s not sit here and bash her because she deals with her pregnancy differently than some others.

      Mostly the “let’s not bash her” is directed at Courtney, who is getting a little carried away calling the woman selfish, when she doesn’t seem to know the mechanics of what is and is not safe and why.

      • Courtney

        Seriously?!? I SAID “Some women”!!! Then I SAID, “Jenny is so selfish that it will be interesting to see if her baby changes her for the better like Snooki.” I think we can ALL agree that Jenny even admits that she’s selfish. I NEVER said that SHE was selfish for not having a baby bump! That’s ridiculous! I was just wondering if a baby would change her for the better like Snooki changed for the better. How is that being, “carried away”, or not knowing the “mechanics” of what is safe?!? I think you got a little carried away and read into my wording without understanding what I wrote. Besides, I was agreeing with above comment about women who want to get pregnant so badly but then are afraid of getting fat! Calm down and read it next time!

      • Courtney

        Let’s not bash random people for saying something they didn’t say!

  • Paige Myrissa

    I am currently 6 months pregnant with my 3rd and still barely showing. Everyone’s body is different. Although I will say that not only is it not healthy to work out that much while pregnant, its not necessary either. You don’t have to be in the gym constantly to have a healthy pregnancy and bounce back quickly afterwards.

  • ManBearPig

    Is she honestly that worried about getting “fat” during pregnancy? She already had one tummy tuck before she was famous, I’m sure she can afford another one after the baby. Good grief.

  • hmm

    Everyone ignores the fact that Nicole has admitted to an eating disorder and a weight obsession in the past; Yes, she lost all of her pregnancy weight and looks “better than ever”, but all of her fans ignore the fact that she may be using extreme measures to get to that “perfect post pregnancy body”. Tori Spelling (Who I am NOT fan of) said that it’s very common in Hollywood after having a baby to claim that you’re immediately back into bikini shape from “healthy diet and exercise” She said after her 4th baby, she did a bikini spread in some tabloid and talked about how she just did pilates and ate clean and that’s how she regained her pre pregnancy body. And she said it’s all a lie. She got as skinny as she seemed from not eating. Starving herself for days. That’s not to mention the celebrities moms that go to the gym and work out against Drs orders a day or so after their child is born. That’s their focus, not the baby, just not being “fat”. Remember the 2 months or so after North West’s birth, Kim was MIA. They sell their “new post pregnancy body” left and right.
    Jenni seems especially vulnerable to all of this “don’t get fat while pregnant” because while I think Rodger is a nice guy, she’s had very mean boyfriends in the past that would call her “fat” and I guarantee that sticks with her, even while pregnant.

  • RK1288

    that’s nothing more than a little F.U.P.A……for being 5 months i’d be alarmed…or at least her doctor should be! my good friend’s sister is 6 months and she looks like a normal pregnant woman. no bueno.

  • LaLa84

    When I was 5 months pregnant, I wasn’t showing (and I’m not a super skinny like JWOW, my workout routine was seriously lacking. You couldn’t even tell I was pregnant until I was past the 6 month mark. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Snowbunnie_xx

    Can’t really blame the chick for not wanting to get “fat”. Her imagine = money.
    People taunted, harassed, and bullied Snooks about her weight, BEFORE Lorenzo.