1994 Miss Argentina Solange Magnano pictures: Former beauty queen died from butt-implant surgery / gluteoplasty

Solange Magnano

37-year-old Solange Magnano had a gluteoplasty in Buenos Aires Wednesday and died Thursday from a pulmonary embolism “when liquid injected into her buttocks ‘went to her lungs and brain,'” according to TMZ. The site reports that Magnano’s cause of death is still under investigation.

Wikipedia says there are two different kinds of gluteoplasty: “The lifting of the buttocks” and “The surgical enlargement of the buttocks through the insertion of a moulded synthetic implant or through the use of substances such as elastomer.” It sounds as though Magnano was having the latter variety done.

Here are a few Solange Magnano pictures. Surprisingly, there aren’t very many quality images of the former beauty queen.

A sexy Solange Magnano models a shimmering dress Solange Magnano models a gold metallic dress Solange Magnano modeling photo Solange Magnano models a formal black evening gown

Solange Magnano bikini swimwear pageant photo
Photos: www.glamourargentino.com.ar

Magnano won the Miss Argentina title back in 1994 and is the mother of 7-year-old twins. She was married and had started her own modeling agency.

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  • Carmel

    These white women need to appreciate what they were given an abundance of, white women have alot of hair so work with it: dye it, primp, style it. Leave the lips, tits, and hips to the sistas. This is a woman at war against her body. I cannot help but to think all of these cosmetic procedures are used to look more like black women because all of the body parts being enlarged are the ones that are commonly found to be fuller on the sistas. Not to mention the tanning of the skin and that is another story.

    • Whitey

      She wasn’t white Caramel. She was Latina. Leave the posting to people who know what they be talking about yo.

      • andrea

        Most Argentines are white as far as race is concerned. They are mostly of European heritage (not only from Spain, but mostly Italian, German, and Welsh). It is the only country in South America where they are truly Europeans living in a different continent. Even their culture is European. Do a little research. It’s pretty interesting. And, if you go to Argentina, you’ll see most people aren’t short, dark, with broad faces. They’re beautiful.
        Latina(o) is a term that originates from Latin (Italy) and is used incorrectly. When you say “Latin” you are referring to one of a few languages that are of the Romance language. Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Romanian. All these people are true “Latins”. The language Mexico and Costa Rica (for example)speak is Spanish that was left behind by the Spanish.
        The “Hispanics” we see mostly today are very mixed with indeginous people or natives that have some sort of blood mixing (usually very little) of Spanish about 200 years ago. Most of which has been diluted and lost. Mexico and most of the middle American countries are 85% indians and 10% indians mixed with Spanish, and 2% of people who have maintained their Spanish blood by marrying selectively. Though most of these people claim to be “of Spanish decsent” we know is ridiculous. What is left behind is the language basics of which has been converted and changed dramatically.
        The more south you go in South America, the more European blood you find.

  • andrea

    But I forgot to mention: Miss Argentina looks to be mixed with largely Spanish, Italian, and some Indeginous indian.
    As I said before, MOST Argentineans are white. A fair few are not.