Rutgers University to offer a class on Beyoncé

Beyonce College Course Rutgers

Do you ever find yourself thinking about Beyoncé’s ability to inspire social change? If you do and you’re also a Rutgers University student, you can transform those musings into legitimate college credits!

Politicizing Beyoncé is taught by Kevin Allred, a doctoral student and lecturer in Rutgers’ Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. He told the university’s website his goal is to help students think critically about pop culture.

“It’s important to shift students away from simply being consumers of media,” said Lecturer Allred. “When students don’t respond to theory or dense readings, it’s often easier to see things play out in the world around them.”

Although Beyoncé is the focal point, Lecturer Allred said discussions will touch on general black feminism, abolitionist Sojourner Truth and other recording artists.

There is some precedent: The University of Illinois offered a class on Oprah, Syracuse University had a course on Lil’ Kim and Georgetown University continues to offer a class on Beyoncé’s husband, Jay Z.

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  • Kelly

    I have no words.

  • Real star article on starcasm?

    Wow! And with such courses, what degree can one claim? What jobs?

    • Nic

      It’s probably offered under gender studies or women’s studies. Those corses are used to complete a number of degrees. At some places a women’s studies corses counts as a diversity credit which you needed to complete most degrees

  • pmo

    pelvic thrust 101?

  • shyla

    Allred? Woman’s studies? Is this jackass related to Gloria?

  • Guest

    Wow this is ridiculous! I could see maybe a class on pop culture, but exclusively Beyonce??

  • ameliaBedelia76

    on what topics? How to sell your soul to the devil? or how to hump a chair almost naked? gross..this country is getting dumber and dumber