Is 19 Kids and Counting’s Jessa Duggar engaged to Ben Seewald?

Jessa Duggar - Ben Seewald

As soon as 19 Kids and Counting‘s Jessa Duggar entered a courtship with Ben Seewald in September, many fans of the TLC show began wondering when they expect a Duggar Wedding Special.

There still isn’t an official statement from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. But, based on photos and comments from Jessa and Ben, a wedding doesn’t seem too far off. In fact, there are a few good reasons to believe Ben already proposed…

Clue No. 1

In the beginning of their courtship, Ben and Jessa were almost always pictured in a group setting or with a chaperone.

Difference between dating and courtship

Now, photos of Ben and Jessa appear to be more intimate. Ben even shared pictures from a self-described “Date Night.” (It’s unclear who snapped the shots.)

Jessa Duggar - Ben Seewald - Date Night

This development is significant because Jim Bob described the courtship period a time where the pair gets “to know each other in a group setting.” Only once a couple is engaged are they allowed to define their own “goals and standards.”

Clue No. 2

Ben recently shared seemingly professional photos of him and Jessa. The images definitely give off the engagement session vibe.

Jessa Duggar - Ben Seewald - 19 Kids and Counting - Engaged

Interestingly, Jessa’s left hand is either out of sight or intentionally hidden in all of the pictures Ben shared online.

Jessa Duggar - Ben Seewald - 19 Kids and Counting - Engagement Ring Inset

Clue No. 3

The biggest piece of evidence that Jessa and Ben are engaged came from John Rotan, a camera man for TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. In response to a comment on Raising Servants of Christ, he said Ben and Jessa aren’t allowed to talk about their relationship, but viewers should “stay tuned to the show… Jessa and Ben celebrated Christmas in a very special way.”

Although the comment is unverified, Christmas seemed to be when Ben and Jessa’s dynamic changed. Since then, Ben’s explicitly declared his love for Jessa — like in this post from early January: “I thank God for bringing Jessa and I together and for the amazing way He has blessed our relationship in 2013. I love you Jessa Lauren!”

The new season of 19 Kids and Counting will reportedly begin on TLC in March. We’ll likely get the official engagement confirmation around that point.

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    • Rene

      O man I thought she would’ve been the one to get away from the family.

      • Erica

        ohhhh noo i figured it out its gonna be Jinger

      • Jenna

        Guess it never occurred to you that she loves her family and complies with their wishes because she believes the same way? A more recent 19K&C episode showed the four eldest girls speaking at a birthday party about their attitudes towards romantic relationships- this is something they do frequently. Jill & Jessa spoke the most and you can tell they truly believe it. As the Duggar kids age, Jim Bob and Michelle encourage them to learn real-life skills and trades, get additional education (just because we don’t see them go off to college doesn’t mean they’re not pursuing a degree), and prepare themselves for life outside of the family home. That’s why Josh had a car lot from a young age, Jana & Jill are training as midwives, and along with John David are also trained as volunteer firefighters and first responders, John David also has a pilot’s license AND towing business, and Joseph recently completed training for emergency disaster relief. They’re not robots, nor are they brainwashed. They think for themselves- if they didn’t believe it, I truly think they’d chose a different path.

        • Agree

          Thank you Jenna for saying this. It seems that so many are quick to judge this family just because they don’t share the same beliefs as them.

        • anjealka

          If you look closely into the Duggars life style it is VERY controlling. While I agree they are pleasant young women and men, they have very few options. There option after 16 are limited. they are not allowed any brick and mortar college options. Real life skills are great but do you think out of the 8 kids that have finished homeschool (only 3 have GEDS) none wanted any college? Josh seemed to like his car lot, that was fine, but how many tow truck drivers, car lots can they have? In 2014 life skills are great but some of those 19 kids will need some college to support themselves. Josiah and Joseph both have no GEDS and besides a church approved disaster training program (costing 5k) what jon could they get to provide for a large family. The girls always have an escort. The trips they take are all church sponspored with approved chaperone. Michelle said they must go out in 2′s like discplines, so 25 year old Jana can’t go to the store without a sister. This is why Jill who is trying to become a lay (not certified , huge difference) midwife must have Jana come along who is a dolula and has admitted it is not something she wanted to persue. Lets say 21 year old Jessa wanted to leave, what could she do? she has no GED, no money, no friends outside of her church circles? Josh’s wife Anna had 2 sisters leave the ATI beliefs and they are shunned from the family(the first sister married & became less conservative & then let the younger sister come live with her at 18). I’m not saying they aren’t nice people, the strict discipline(very physical) from birth & rigid beliefs give them few options.

    • Rebecca

      She is so pretty! I haven’t been watching the show for several years, it’s crazy to see her all grown up

      • Steph

        All the duggar children are good looking, but Jessa has always been the prettiest!

        • Tia24

          I dunno, I’m a Jana fan myself. :) But all the Duggar girls are gorgeous, and they keep getting prettier by the day!

      • Sam

        I completely agree. He’s good looking too. They make a beautiful couple.

        • anjealka

          I agree they are a lovely looking couple, but can you explain how a boy that just turned 18, with no GED and a cash only windshield business and a 21 year old with no GED and no work history can be okay in 2014 with no plans to go to college & refuse to work for anyone not in their church circles. I had no issues with Josh marrying at 20 because he had a business & small house & insurance He had prepared for having a family and has been just fine but Ben does not seem prepared.

          • ?

            How do you know their future plans? How do you know they “have no plans to go to college & refuse to work for anyone not in their church circle.” Do you seriously think they show us every aspect of their lives on their show? Really, what do you care? Their family lives a debt-free life (Pre-TV) and has instilled the same lifestyle in their children. How many people can you say that for nowadays? Stop hating and accept the fact that they have different ideas then you. And seriously, a 3 year age difference in NOT a big deal. My parents years are 5 years apart in age and are happily married. They’re both of legal age, so get off it!

            • anjealka

              They were debt free pre TLc but living near povery 17 kids in a small 3 bedroom house sharing 1 bathroom. TLC paid for the house to be finished. I wrote a thesis on large LDS families & became interested in other religions & started to research the Duggars. Jim Bob was a smart frugal hard working businessman in the beginning. He made a few great real estate deals that could never be done today. I have no problem with his religion or large families. It is unrealistic in 2014 to think 19 kids will be able to not get GEDs or go to college and all be able to have a decent standard of living. I also think that if the kids are so well behaved and polite what is the reason for chaperones at age 25? Most people trust they raised good kids and let them have some freedom. It is scary that 25 year old Jana can’t go buy a box of tampons on her own until she is married. She seems like a sweet girl, is their that much temptation (per the duggars) she can’t go out 5 miles away alone? From the severe physical discipline the Duggars endorse (the Pearls) from birth to the excess control of the older kids, I don’t agree. Age difference in marriage is no big deal, my parents were 11 year apart, it were you are in life. My father had severed in the military, finished grad school & bought a house and was ready to be married at 36, my mom mad a grad degree & a career at 25 & was ready. A boy that just turned 18 with no GED is not ready to get married. If 21 year old Jessa had a teaching degree or was a nurse she might be able to work while he started a career or college but how can 2 young people with no education (well no GEDS) and no work history and no plans for college make it , maybe TLC money? Would you get your 18 year old who has no high school diploma, steady work or GED get married with the intent of no birth control & a large family?

              • cbhintz

                Anjelka I am also very interested in other religions and stuff of that nature and do a lot of research just on my own because I find it very intriguing. You said you wrote your thesis on this I’m just curious what kind of degree you have because I would really love to persue doing something like that but I wasn’t sure what kind of degree that would intale.

                • anjealka

                  My thesis came about because of a grant. I was going to an all women’s college and I was a stats major(double major with sociology-education to get my teaching certificate to make my dad happy) and they wanted someone to look into LDS women and Prozac rates. I had the math skills and I loved interviewing people so I got the grant. Sociology is the most likely major or social work(more practical career if you don’t become a professor/writer), but choosing a school that has a strong religion department at a non-denominational college. Now if you have a specific religion in mind and have nothing keeping you where you are I say go to that region and spend a year at a local community college being a participant observer. I know plenty of women that went to Mohave valley community college for nursing school who are not FLDS and they say it was an eye opening year, living and working with polygamist women who were in college. If you are looking for a career, I would lean towards social work at a school that has a good religion department. I didn’t go there but my # 1 choice would be Smith College school of social work, very diverse campus religiously, incredible social work program along with strong religious studies. Expensive and hard to get into but if you spent a year on your own before hand being a partciapant observer you might get an incredible opportunity there.

              • Celeste Lawler

                I agree with you 100% But the Duggar girls probably aren’t allowed to use tampons, don’t you think?

                • anjealka

                  They actually can’t use tampons, they have a some sort of teaching about losing your virginity to tampons. In fact some strict families (I’m not sure if the Duggars do this but some families they fellowship with do), give their daughter a counted supply of pads every month and track their cycles. We know Michelle tracks her cycles on a calendar the family can see, yuck!. I should have said Jana can’t go by a blouse, makeup or milk on her own.

              • SpeakinDaFacts

                They built that house and it took 3 years because it took that long to save up for the supplies to do so. The Duggars believe in living debt free. They own that house free and clear and TLC was not the one who paid it off. Sure they made an income from that show…but TLC did not pay it off. Get their life story book…it is disclosed in there how they went from a 3 bedroom home and then one day Jim Bob prayed over some land that friends said would be a great opportunity to build on.

                • anjealka

                  I have a copy of the book (even bought it on a yard sale & saved the difference). They were actually 5 years into building the house, they bought the kits outright(they got one for free because the holes were drilled wrong). the kits contained the frame, roof, windows, doors but no the interior like drywall, electrical, plumbing interior doors, flooring, paint etc. If you watch 16 kids and moving in, you will see they were stalled, over a year behind on labor on finishing the inside and TLC hired people to do the inside work and gave them the furniture which was over 75k. Michelle has thanked TLC many times for doing this. While I believe they would have finished it themselves and debt free, it would have been years. It is great the Duggars learn skills, and the outside of the house is a lot easier to learn, framing, concrete then learning plumbing and electrical and finish work like taping and finishing drywall and baseboards. Jim Bob has admitted he was over his head in knowing the trades like electrical and plumbing and needed help. I was always hoping one of the boys that liked construction a lot like JD or Joseph would have been allowed to take some trade classes in electrical or plumbing.

          • Sam

            You make a lot of accusations and assumptions in your posts on this family. Where is your proof/source?

            • LexiconD1

              Google Bill Gothard, ATI.

              Learn all about the cult the Duggars, and those like them (The Bates) are apart of.

              Anjeakla is very far from wrong.

              • anjealka

                At least the Bates are easing up these days. 3 marriages and an engagement in 7 months. They are being a bit less restrictive about courting and who their kids marry. Kelly Bates also seems like she is okay to be done having kids and looks genuinely excited for grandkids and in laws where as Michelle still really wants number 20. the Dugars seem to be coming more involved with ATI and other groups and follow the teaching blindly with no room for individuality. I’m sure Jim Bob would never let John David marry a pant wearing waitress/car hop from Sonic that graduated from a real college like Zach Bates did.

                • LexiconD1

                  I guess a failed ‘courtship’ will do that.

                  If I HAD to be stuck in this type of family, I’d rather be a Bates, than a Duggar.

                  • anjealka

                    I wonder why Kelly Bates says she does not use ATI homeschooling anymore but Gil is still on the board of directors. Kelly said Allysa is moving to FL in May after her wedding. Could she be the first one of the Duggar/Bates to break away?
                    Call me nuts(or maybe answering too many sister wives questions today) but I would rather be polygamist (not with kody) then a Duggar or a Bates. At least you get a college education, a career if wanted, and a lot more freedom.

                    • LexiconD1

                      True, as long as it’s not FLDS, and stuck up in the Short Creek area (I follow a ‘lost boy’ on YouTube, they still call this area that), or on one of those ‘ranches’, like the one in Texas.

                      I’m glad I had sane parents.

                • Tia24

                  I don’t think John David is going to get married. He’s said before he doesn’t want to. I suppose he could change his mind, but I doubt he’ll find someone.

                  • Celeste Lawler

                    Maybe he’ll turn out to be the gay child statistics indicate the family is likely to have.

            • anjealka

              Jim Bob has said ATI (look up ATI it is their homeschool program) is against members working for anyone else & training is to be done with church members only & chaperones are required. Look up any of the programs they say the follow ATI, IBLP, Family research council (Josh’s job), Focus on families, Quiverful movement, Pearls discipline methods. there are so many sites of kids that have grown up with the same programs or grown women & men that have left or people still using them but live in extreme poverty (try 12-15 kids & being self employed with life skills and no GED, they all don’t look like the Duggars). Look at no longer quivering, free jinger , TWOP, plenty of facebook discussions, or just look up any of the programs like Pearl dicspline or ATI homeschooling. My husband comes from a religious family of more then 20 kids so I have nothing against large families or religion just wish the Duggars took a less restrictive approach.

          • LexiconD1

            Jessa is going to have that smug look knocked off her face the first time she realizes she’s stuck with a boy who has no education, living in a shack, being pregnant with baby after baby….

            Ben is not as lucky as Josh, who had his ‘business’ handed to him (although Jim Bob still owned it, as per an episode when they wanted to open the lot on another lot and they wanted to speak to the owner..yeah, not josh, Jim Bob), a house (owned by his grandmother), don’t know a thing about his insurance…

            Ben is still a child, so is Jessa for that matter.

            • anjealka

              Josh got a high deductible plan when they got married. I might not agree on a lot of programs the Duggars endorse but Jim Bob is big on high deductible health plans(and pay cash for the little stuff), life insurance and renters/home owners policy. It is part of the debt free plan to protect the debt free assets.

            • Tia24

              “Smug look knocked off her face”?

              You sound F***ing psychotic.

              • LexiconD1

                What’s wrong with you?

                First you reply to a post, and article, that is THREE MONTHS OLD. Then you act like a five year old, name calling another poster instead of posting back with any sort of intelligence. Jeez, get a life, or a clue…

          • Tia24

            They’ll figure it out. All I can say is it will probably be a very long courtship. He has a lot to do before he’s ready for a wife.

        • Anna

          Yeah… but how does a 18-19 year old guy have such major crows-feet at such a young age?

          • Just Saying

            Who cares?

    • anjealka

      The Duggars are sells outs for ratings (which have been low). Anna was 6 months pregnant & showing when they made the special announcement on the Today show 2 days before the season started. Poor Jessa can’t tell anyone she is engaged because of ratings ploy! With 2 Bates married, One Bates getting married in May and one engaged, you bet Jim Bob is making sure he gets a wedding soon!

      • Noodle

        She can’t tell anyone? You mean the public? I’m sure the people who matter to the couple already know.

        • anjealka

          I’m sure family knows, but Ben family has clearly been warned. His aunt leaked the courting, by posting a picture of Ben’s girlfriend Jessa on facebook, Jim Bob was mad that it came out before the season finale. That is why the season finale was changed to Josh and Anna through the years. I just don’t think right that Jessa has to be careful who she tells to spoil the show. Maybe she wants to tell the lady at the coffee shop she likes to go to, or people at church. I just remember how hard Anna said it was to hide her pregnancy for 6 months. She said she was asked at the grocery store, everywhere she went because she was showing but could not say yes because of TLC contracts. baby and weddings should be happy times to share with anyone you want. 25 years ago it wouldn’t have mattered but with social media, telling one friend can get the leak(like Ben’s aunt).

          • Jenna

            A contract like that isn’t exclusive to their show…..most reality shows have very similar restrictions. Obviously it’s inconvenient at times, but they’re being loyal to whatever contract they’ve signed….and that makes them sell-outs?

            • anjealka

              The contract was signed by Jim Bob 9 years ago. Was it agreed upon by all the kids then? and all the future kids and grandkids? I think that is the big issue with TLC (we see all the crazy happening with the Gosselins) that parents sign contracts and kids have no choice. I live where TLC has taped another one of their popular shows, and some of the kids in that family do not want to film and the schools and neighbors are made about TLC. In fact my son’s BFF was staying with us for a few days & I had to sign a TLC waiver because they wanted to film at the school. His friend didn’t want to be filmed and many parents agreed & it turned into a mess at the school. TLC cares only about storylines and money and not about kids. The parents signed the contract and got the money but so many people, kids, neighbors, friends are all affected by the contract. Any women over 18 like Jessa should be paid separately and have a separate contract.

      • Tia24

        I don’t think she’s engaged. She doesn’t seem smitten with Ben and he needs to get his finances in order and get a job before he can support her. This relationship will take more time, and probably more closely mirror a normal relationship timeline.

    • anjealka

      Does anyone else find it concerning that Ben was 17 when they started courting, he is now 18 and Jessa is 21. There is a big gap between 17 or 18 and 21 in maturity and life experince. If they are engaged I guess it will be TLC money that makes they look like they have a fairy tale life because he just graduated from homeschool in June & is trying to start a windshield replacement business(cash only), and hopes to be a pastor someday. Jessa has no GED and has spent the last 6 years since leaving homeschool doing? organizing? packing for the trips? childcare?

      • Maiko Higa

        That is odd. Maybe its his facial hair but he looks older than the few 18yo I know.

        • anjealka

          He graduated homeschool in June 2013 and turned 18 this summer. It was one his facebook as well as his family’s facebook pages.

          • Maiko Higa

            I don’t disbelieve it.

      • Alberta

        Why do people think only three Duggars have GEDs? I’ve never heard it said on the show or in their books that they don’t allow the kids to get GEDs. In fact Michelle has talked about them doing the test. I’m pretty sure she mentioned when Jinger did the testing.

        • LexiconD1


          If I recall correctly, only the first three have GED’s when they left the dinning room table school, and Jill may have gotten one, if she’s studying her lay midwifing (not sure what the requirements are for that, because it’s not through a accredited school through the state). She can’t be a nurse without having a high school diploma (from a accredited school) or a GED, so she may have one.

          But, the rest only have a not worth the paper is was made on, ‘home school’ “diploma”. At least as far as I know, for sure, from Jinger/Josephs ‘graduation’ party pictures I saw on the TLC website.

          • carol hunter

            I’m sure all the dugger children have money put away for them from being on the show … 19. Kids and counting…counting… This will help any of the children when they get married… And I’m sure it’s a good amount of money..

            • carol hunter

              Remember their slogan( buy used and save the differance ) I’m sure their dad will help them with the knowledge on how to make money. They Will do well finacilly .. money will not be a problem for them.

              • Vedamoon

                Michelle also said, once Josh got married, that “all financial ties were cut”. The man is the provider for his family and it’s his responsibility according to their beliefs. In hearing this, it sounds like once you leave the nest, you’re on your own.

                • anjealka

                  Michelle did say that but Jim Bob actually owned the car lot that Josh said he owned and his grandma owned the first house he and Anna shared for 4 years. So much for cutting ties!

            • LexiconD1

              If you believe that, I have a Ocean front property I’d love to sell you in Iowa…

              Because it’s about as likely.

          • Amy Edmondson

            Homeschooling isn’t necessarily a ged. My homeschooling program came with a high school diploma and now I am in working towards my masters in nursing.

            • LexiconD1

              There is NO WAY the Duggars home school towards a diploma. Even they admit to that.

              YOU may have gotten a decent education, but THEY did not. If I were you, I’d not compare myself to them.

          • Anne Troxell

            I would like to reply to your comment that a homeschool diploma is “not worth the paper [it] was made on”. I was homeschooled from the third grade through high school, and my two younger sisters were homeschooled from grade school through high school. When applying to universities, we were informed that university admissions departments routinely place homeschoolers in the same bracket as those who graduate in the top 10% of their high school class. This demonstrates that a homeschool diploma is worth much more than the paper on which it is written, which is even more than you allow in your comment above.

            My sisters and I all are college graduates. I have an advanced degree, as does one of my younger sisters. All three of us are employed in good jobs. We owe our livelihoods to our parents and the homeschool education they provided.

            Homeschooling is recognized by many people as being a good, solid, respected method of achieving an education. It is ignorance and naivete that leads people to think that homeschoolers are regarded as uneducated, and/or that our education is lacking or deficient.

        • anjealka

          Michelle talked about the GED early in the show & Josh got his and was very proud. As time went on and filming of the show, the completion of homeschooling has changed from the GED to a ceremony at 16. The 3 confirmed GEDs are Josh, Jana and Jill. Josiah, Jinger, Joseph and Jessa had a homeschool graduation but no GED, and none of them have done any further education since 16, just life skills & ATI programs. John David is the only question mark. he has never mentioned having a GED during his several failed attempts to run for public office and several kids who were in the same homeschool program said that Jana got the GEd & John David didn’t. Arkansas does not require any test scores or a GED to finish homeschool.

          • Tia24

            While I like many things about the Duggars, 16 isn’t a good age to end someone’s education. Some of them have gone further, but I don’t know if all of them continued their education.

            • anjealka

              From what we know Josh, Jill and Jana are the only 3 that have gone beyond age 16, got a GED. Jill has taken a few online courses via a school non-accredited in Texas. It is Jessa and Jinger I really feel for 5+ years of nothing after homeschool has ended but maybe a few ATI camps and chores. John David and Joseph seem happy doing manual labor so Im not bothered by them not doing more. I just wonder with the huge pack of boys all finishing home school in the next few years what they will do. Josiah has been sent to a 2 year religious boot camp.

    • jo

      She’s definitely a gorgeous young lady and whether I agree with their choices or not, I wish her all the best in her future. :)

    • sunshine

      Jessa is not engaged, but I am the Duggars are appreciating the buzz. :-)

    • Badbadcat Badbaddog

      not suprising she was the first girl to be picked

    • Badbadcat Badbaddog

      jinger is the one who wants to escape the family

      • anjealka

        My guess is Joy Anna. She has not gotten the perm, hasn’t gotten into the childcare or cooking yet and spends a lot of time with cousin Amy & grandma(Grandma is Jim Bob’s boss at the real estate company so she might secretly be giving some of the younger girls some girl power:)

        • LexiconD1

          I hope she and Josiah run together. They both look so miserable since the enforced ‘gender’ rolls have been set upon them.

          Even if they don’t, I still await the inevitable book written by one of the kids someday…

          • anjealka

            As much as I would love to see Josiah run, my bet is he is the next boy to get married. I love seeing his individuality & hoped he would break away. He has said multiple times that he looks up to Josh. Josh pegged him as the most social and most likely to get married next. Seeing Josh & Josiah team up to pull those (stupid) pranks at The Bates’s last wedding I think Josiah is staying. My hope is that he finds a girl to marry that is a little less strict.
            Joy is 16 and has ended homeschool? so less then 2 years to watch. I just hope she isn’t sent to the Gothard re-programming camps too much before 18.

            • LexiconD1

              I don’t know. He seemed like Smugger jr UNTIL the Jubilee debacle.

              It looked like it all change for him from then on. I think he’s smart enough to have figured out though that he’s pretty much been screwed over by his parents to make it in the real world though.

              Still, I hope poor JoylessAnna makes it out of there soon…and Amy helps her.

              Eh Gods, can you picture her at one of those Journey of the Heart brainwashing camps…

          • Tia24

            Forced gender roles? What is so wrong with a woman being a woman and a man being a man???? You sound like one of those people who encourage their sons to dress up like princesses because they want attention when the kid gets teased. Bullying is so wrong, but some of you people seem to WANT it to happen. And that’s just as bad.

            • LexiconD1

              AGAIN with the name calling.

              How old are you?…

            • anjealka

              The forced gender roles also means separation to the Duggars. Jackson and Hannie used to be best friends but at age 8 they were forced to separate. Same with Joy, she was a tomboy and liked playing sports with her brothers but got sent away to an ATI camp and came back with makeup and is now forced to hang out with her sisters. My daughter is having a birthday next week and 9 of her 12 invites are boys. She likes pokemon and basketball so in 5th grade she has more guy friends, but her room is a pink princess room full of dolls so why should kids be forced into any roles, if one day they like pokemon and the next day Barbie I say ok.

    • Ggv

      Just because you were home schooled does not mean you do not receive a high school diploma! I was homeschooled my entire life and yes I have a high school diploma. I also received bright flight (ACT score 32 or above) from John Brown university where I receive a BS in biology. I am now in medical school.

    • Mimi

      I think that it is only her purity ring…

    • Kael

      I cannot believe it! Well, actually I can. They are for sure engaged

    • PurpleQuill

      You know, whether or not the Duggar children will ever be poverty-stricken because of the show is besides the point. It is foolish to project an image that this is a good life plan for others to follow. In the ATI cult(ure) of which the Duggars endorse, the girls are not “encouraged” (or perhaps forbidden) to go to college or take any employment which puts them under the authority of an unrelated male (not father, not husband). Besides that, if/when the girls marry, any work they might have possibly done will no doubt cease, because the stance against ever using birth control will make babies soon and often very likely.

      The boys in an ATI family are also “discouraged” (perhaps forbidden) to go to college, unless they can (and parents agree to it) pursue a degree in which college is a definite necessity (such as law). Even in such a case, they would be ” encouraged” to gain all possible college credits through non-traditional means, such as taking CLEPs and on-line courses. College is mot seen as a way for a person to learn the liberal arts, expand their understanding of the world and interact with a wide variety of people. No!

    • igotplans2

      She’s a lovely young lady, and he seems like her perfect match. I think they’ll have a very strong partnership and will do great things together.

    • Priscilla Robledo

      I think Jana is soooooo beautiful