Courtland Rogers found out about Jenelle Evans’ abortion from Teen Mom 2 preview

Jenelle Evans Courtland Rogers March 23 2013

Apparently we weren’t the only ones shocked when the Teen Mom 2 trailer mentioned Jenelle Evans got an abortion: Courtland Rogers, the father of the unborn child, never knew Jenelle was expecting!

“It’s not fair that I found out about the pregnancy on a Teen Mom commercial! I didn’t know anything until I got out because I was trying to stay away from the drama,” Courtland told Radar Online, referencing his recent release from prison. “I would have liked to have had a say in what happened, at least have Jenelle talk to me. Anything would have been better than finding out from television.”

Then again, it’s not like Courland and Jenelle are really on speaking terms. Although they are still legally married, Courtland’s been in prison for the better part of the past year. Plus, when Jenelle was making her decision, she says she was more concerned with Jace’s best interests than Courtland’s.

“At the time I needed to do what I needed to do,” Jenelle explained last week. “I wasn’t in the best situation. I was living back at my mom’s, just got arrested for a felony charge. I was in such a depressed state… My body was so out of whack.”

So far, Jenelle hasn’t addressed Courtland’s interview in social media — possibly because she’s too preoccupied with some drama involving Nathan Griffith’s ex-girlfriend: Apparently Nathan was living with this woman and raising her child when he first got involved with Jenelle. Now the woman alleges Jenelle “literally ruined my life and family.” Nathan stood up for Jenelle — who is carrying his child — by tweeting, “We are happy and in love so lay off it.”

To tie this all back around to Courtland, he seems willing to do as Nathan requested. He told Radar, “I’m glad she’s in love with somebody else.”

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  • LaDy

    What the hell is going on? There’s way too much info in the last part of this article. Jenelle and Nathan or having drama or what? I’m very confused.

    • heyBale

      From what I gathered of it… Jenelle wrecked the “home” of nathan’s previous relationship that included the female’s child and left her in dire straights without him. & all this drama seems to be playing out on twitter

    • starcasmnet

      Yeah, but that’s basically the status quo. It’s all playing out on Twitter if you’re really curious…

    • Ashley

      I guess his ex girlfriend is claiming that he texts her a lot (Nathan’s), and that he’s only with Jenelle for the money.

  • Ashley

    I don’t believe for one second that she “miscarried”. I think he “didn’t know” because the abortion they show is the “miscarriage” she supposedly had with Courtland.

    • kiki

      The miscarriage was supposedly in the early spring and the abortion was fall…

      • Ashley

        According to MTV. They’ve been known to fudge with timelines to get a story across.

        • Red

          True, but she stated on twitter that the abortion was her second pregnancy with Courtland. And that “I miscarried in early 2014 January or February I think” and worded another tweet with “I had a miscarriage duh lmao”

          I don’t believe for a second she miscarried either. I think that whole thing was fake. I have had a real miscarriage(I miscarried twins right after I got married), it was devastating, and I can tell you exactly the date it happened. You just don’t forget like that. Nor would you ever see me phrase it “I miscarried lmao DUH”. So I really thing it was more of Jenelle fudging with everyone instead :

          • Kristy

            I have also had a misscarriage and I couldn’t tell you the month or year. Everyone deals with it differently. I was upset but I pushed it back and moved forward. Not defending Jenelle!!

      • Elenna

        Courtland actually made an interesting comment during an interview that Jenelle’s alleged pregnancy was, not at the time she said it was. So she could’ve been lying to us. Knowing her track record that’s not a stretch.

    • Demona

      I know the timeline they are giving means she had 2 pregnancies but I doubt it. The obvious health concerns & the fact your not supposed to have 2 pregnancies that close don’t mean much to Jenelle but I just find it doubtful. I think one of them is an outright lie – either he doesn’t know because it was aborted not miscarried or there never was a miscarriage. TBH abortion makes more sense for the girls indifference at the time.

  • Allie


  • Steph

    Does anyone know if Cortland will be appearing on the new season? Or was he in prison the whole time?

    • ChelseaWasLyke

      No he won’t, that’s why MTV hired Nathan.

    • Snowbunnie_xx

      Jenelle framed him, MTV hired Nathan in order to give Jenelle a better image.

  • Katie

    Omg who cares already.

  • Jamielynn

    Nathan got jenelle pregnant and another girl at the same time. Also has another kid he doesn’t take care of. Why on earth…. Does Jenelle keep getting pregnant on purpose. Girl needs some serious consulting.

    • kiki

      Bri’s kid isn’t Nathan’s.

  • Elenna

    I personally think he’s lying to try and garner sympathy, and failing. The reaction both of them had to Jenelle’s ‘miscarriage’ leads me to believe that it was the abortion that’s going to be featured, with some b.s. MTV spin to it. They were both back to drinking, shooting up, and acting stupid as usual within hours after a little bit of faux sadness. Even if Courtland wasn’t consulted he didn’t give a damn anyways. Why would he? He’s already got one child he doesn’t care about.

  • Aliceinwonderland

    You do not have to watch teen mom. Follow Jenelles drama live on her twitter for entertainment.

  • Snowbunnie_xx

    Jenelle is the most VILE of all creatures, it’s safe to assume from her track record (not to be confused with her track marks) that she didn’t abort that baby because she had Jace’s best interest in mind. She aborted that baby because it’d get in the way of her next fix, Nathan’s d**k, and she couldn’t trap her newest SOULMATE with a baby if she was already pregnant.

    I’m willing to bet, as soon as the MTV checks cease, Nathan’s running for Tennessee to be with Bri, and going to be a FAMILY like they were. I’m also leaning towards Bri’s baby being NATHAN’S. She got pregnant around the time Jenelle was locked up (imagine that;)

  • JJJJ

    If Janelle had as many dicks sticking out of her, as she’s had stuck in her… she’d look like a porcupine. Enough said.