Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert talks about divorce from Corey Simms, marriage to Jeremy Calvert

Leah Calvert - Teen Mom 2 - Divorce from Jeremy Calvert

Within the past few years, fans of Teen Mom 2 followed Leah Calvert’s story as she welcomed twins, got married to Corey Simms, got divorced, suffered a miscarriage with Jeremy Calvert’s baby, got married to Jeremy and had a healthy baby girl.

Through it all, many of us have been pulling for Leah and those in her life — and were disheartened to hear Leah comment in the fifth season trailer that her second marriage was apparently coming to an end.

With the fifth season premiere of Teen Mom 2 on the horizon, Leah’s now opening up about the challenges in her second marriage, the lessons learned from her first and what she thinks about Jeremy’s divorce threats.

As far as the oft-disputed question about why she and Corey divorced, Leah said there was simply “too much hurt.” Although they divorced, Leah told The Stir that she and Corey maintain a strong, loving relationship as co-parents.

“I believe with all my heart that Corey and I loved each other, maybe we just were not meant for each other,” Leah said this week. “Still to this day I’m sure we love each other; we have kids together. I love him as my kids’ father, and I’m sure he loves me and respects me as Ali and Alleeah’s mother.”

After the divorce, Leah quickly went on to find happiness with Jeremy — and she insists it truly is happiness. Speaking to WetPaint, Leah said she and Jeremy occasionally bicker “like any married couple.” Unfortunately, the littlest issues quickly get blown out of proportion when Jeremy brings up divorce.

“He throws out the word all the time, but we never end up getting a divorce,” Leah said of her arguments with Jeremy, which generally stem the demands of Jeremy’s pipeline engineering job. “It does bother me… There’s only so many times you can cry wolf until one day it’s really gonna happen. I think he’s learning that you can’t just throw out divorce every time. And that’s the good thing about me and Jeremy’s relationship… We work through it.”

Teen Mom 2 - Season 5
^Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Leah Calvert and Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin in New York City for a press tour. Throwing that in there to explain why there have been so many Teen Mom 2 stories lately!

Leah was adamant “right now there’s nothing wrong,” but she does think she and Jeremy would benefit from marriage therapy.

“He thinks of people that go to counseling as filing for divorce tomorrow and I try to explain to him that’s not the case. We’re just doing it to build our relationship stronger… He finally agreed to go and I think it would be great for us.”

Leah added she cuts Jeremy some slack because he has a steeper learning curve.

“I’ve kind of been in a marriage before, I’ve kind of had to grow up fast. Jeremy’s still learning so I’m not gonna rush anything or jump to conclusions.”

UPDATE: Leah spoke to In Touch about how Ali’s diagnosis with MS tested her marriage with Jeremy, but ultimately the experience has brought them even closer together. “We love each other unconditionally,” Leah gushes. “There’s no one else I could call my best friend, and that’s really the key to the family.”

The Teen Mom 2 fifth season premieres Tuesday, January 21 at 10/9c on MTV.

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  • Jules

    Wow, that sounds like such a mature relationship. -_-

  • Ashley

    Sounds like Leah is gunning to be the third Teen Mom “star” to be cast on Couple’s Therapy.
    Her marriage would benefit if they BOTH grew up & got their personal lives off of TV

  • LaLa84

    If he’s constantly throwing out the word divorce during every little fight, it sounds like he is manipulative.

    • Erica

      yeah like oh ill just throw getting a divorce in her face then ill get my way… pshh yep that will get the relationship going strong besides her always on her toes that he’s going to bring it up again… crazy crazy

      • LaLa84

        It’s the perfect way to keep someone like Leah around because she’s so desperate for a man’s affection to make her “Complete”. If he says he’ll leave her, of course that’s going to make her shut her mouth and fall in line.


        Leah never could be trusted in any marriage.! She just has more babies to stay on teen mom.! She is so pathetic.! Those two husbands were to good for her,! She is trash.! Hope they get there girls.!

  • Sara

    I’d never let my husband throw that word like that everytime there’s an argument. I’d be so pissed I would never allow that. He sounds like a manipulative jerk…or maybe he’s unhappy but doesn’t have the balls to get a divorce…or maybe he doesn’t want to split his paycheck? What the heck? Sounds real mature..

    • frontdoormom

      Yep. Sounds like he wants a divorce but is waiting for her to say “fine”. Give the man what he wants!
      Idk why he even married her, especially with how she openly flip flopped from him back to cory then back to him. Hes just as big of an idiot as she is.

      • :))))))))

        I thinks he knows Leah values herself by her family, and that he can get whatever he wants if he threatens that. I think he is just a manipulative jerk

  • mere

    coming from a psychologist’s point of view and my knowledge on healthy marriages, the whole thing sounds super immature, and I’m sure it’s coming from both ends. It’s never good to throw around the “D” word in your marriage. That really is how divorces end up happening! To be honest, Leah has always driven me crazy on the show (I frequently change the channel when she comes on) because she acts SO immature!! Hopefully she’s maturing.

  • mysti

    Wow, threatening divorce all the time. What a catch.

  • Amy Maynard

    they will be on couples therapy next season….

    • Erica

      aww i love your daughters glasses! she’s adorable!

      • Amy Maynard


  • Brynn

    I make jokes to my friends and family and say things like “If i buy another pair of shoes, hubby will divorce me” or “He’ll divorce me if I spend that much!” (obviously he wouldn’t) but my husband and I would never actually threaten each other with a divorce over trivial issues. That’s unacceptable and sounds really unhealthy.

  • A

    i smell a real divorce in their future!


    Haha! “I’ve KIND OF been in a marriage before.” Wonder why that one didn’t work out. And “He throws out the word all the time.” Totally sounds like a success story in the making. Ahh this girl is so dumb it has become amusing.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Jeremy sounds immature & using divorce to keep Leah feeling insecure 🙁

  • Chels Kae

    Leah divorced Corey, to marry a guy that looks just like him o_O… Chelsea, looks very pretty in that pic..

    • frontdoormom

      Lmao very true. I wonder if he notices how similar they are…in a lot of ways. That would make me run the other direction if my husband stuck with me because i remind him of someone else.

  • A.J.

    She’s deluding herself, big-time. There is nothing normal about someone threatening divorce every time they get into an argument, and the fact that he doesn’t feel the need to go to counseling raises some red flags, too. It seems to me like he’s waiting for an excuse to actually get divorced, but he wants her to go ahead and give him the green light. I’ve never been crazy about Jeremy (or Leah, for that matter), and their relationship is not the field of roses that she’s trying to present.

  • Annie

    Hinting around for a spot on Couples Therapy, is she?

  • Pat Brown

    she’s what 21 22? She will still be married to him in 5 years? No way, she is a little loser that will never change, probably will be a bunch of other kids and at least 3 other men, get this junk off the air!

  • lapblonde28

    Leah must be forgetting that the reason she and Corey got a divorce was because she cheated on him right before they got married. Maybe her comment of “too much hurt” meant that Corey was still hurt over that.

  • yesisaidit

    If these girls focused more on themselves and devoted the time and energy they have spent trying to find husbands and make new babies they would be much better off. Five seasons later and what are these girls doing that is much more or even comparable to woman of all ages who have children and bust there behinds to support them. (Without the assistance of an MTV paycheck) Sure anyone can go out and buy a house or fancy car buy a man/husband too when there racking in MTV paychecks once twice or however many times per year. But lets face it when you strip these girls of all the fame and material possessions the show has allot them what are we really facing. Most of them would really be living the reality that MTV tries to portray on Television. Multiple marriages and babies isn’t an ideal role model situation at age 21,22 coming from girls who got pregnant at 16 years old. Neither is being married and carrying someone else baby. This is not to knock all teenage mothers but its just to say that there are 16 year olds out here who have had babies but actually LEARNED from there choices they’ve gone on to seek degrees or at least stable jobs or a career to support themeselves. The focus after becoming a teenage mom should be on continuing to grow ones self and not chasing men.

  • Guest

    I still dont like her

  • Billie Havok

    Theyll end up doing porn like farrah did….

  • mark Andersen,

    This was even faster than I could dream of, dr.rivers(dr.rivershebalisthome@gmail.com). Thank you for taking time to listen to me and answering all my emails. I feel emotional strong again. My confidence is back and I see my future clearly. I am forever grateful for your help for re-uniting me with my old lover.

    mark Andersen, Seattle, new york

  • Demona

    Reading all the comments here about how awful Germ was to threaten divorce with the new information about her affair with Corey being around the same time that was filmed…..hilarious. Guess there was more to the story than MTV wanted to share.