Jenelle Evans reveals due date and boy and girl baby names

Jenelle Evans pregnant again baby bump photo

In case you haven’t heard, Jenelle Evans is pregnant again with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith’s child, and the expectant mom and dad are currently in New York City with the rest of the cast of Teen Mom 2 making the press rounds promoting Season 5 of their show, which premieres Tuesday, January 21 at 10/9c on MTV. On one of her many stops, Jenelle spoke with Wetpaint about her pregnancy and revealed not only her due date, but the names she and Nathan have picked out for Jace’s sibling!

“The due date is June 29,” Jenelle reveals, adding, “I’m 16 weeks yesterday.”

And what does Jace think about having a little sibling on the way? “He’s really excited,” Jenelle tells The Stir in another interview. “Every time we go out to the store, he’s like, ‘we can get that for the new baby!'” Jenelle adds, “He keeps asking me, ‘When’s the baby going to come out? Why is it taking so long?’ He’ll change from ‘I want a boy’ to ‘I want a girl.'”

So will Jace be getting a little brother or a little sister? Jenelle says she and Nathan haven’t found out the sex of the baby yet, but that will probably happen later this week. And when it does, she will of course make the announcement online!

But don’t worry, Jenelle and Nathan are ready for a boy or a girl, and have names picked out for each.

“I let Nathan pick the guy’s name which is Kaiser, but we haven’t picked a middle name yet,” Jenelle tells Wetpaint. “And if it’s a girl it’s going to be Lydia Marie.”

Jenelle says that the names don’t have any hidden significance, she just likes the sound of them. (Although I can’t help but think choosing the German word for emperor as a name for her son is at least a small gesture to her many online detractors.)

As a blogger I suppose I’m hoping it’s a boy, because then I’ll be able to make numerous “Kaiser bun in the oven” references. 🙂

So what do you think about the names Kaiser and Lydia Marie?

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  • heyBale

    kaiser? thats a name they give to police dogs, …so jenelle.

    • Lisa

      Ugh, that’s a f****** horrible name. Not surprised though… this is Jenelle. :/

      • heyBale

        omg, …now imagine Barbara saying it over and over. too funny

        • Babs

          “Kyzuh” lmao

          • spottedgiraffe

            Well kyzuh, I seen ya wiff kieffah

        • Lisa

          Ahahahaha! That’s going to be hilarious!

        • sammi

          OMG I totally just said it to myself in the Barbara voice. Kyzuhh! or Li-dee-uhh! I love the way Babs talks. Is she from Boston or something?

    • BlahBlahBlah

      I personally love the name and my family don’t even think twice of it ;P

      • frontdoormom

        Wtheck are you trying to say?!

        • keffah

          She’s speaking Jenelle. Your too intelligent to understand.

  • sammy

    I can’t be the only one in such heavy denial thinking she’ll just pull a Nikkole and all of this will go away?

    • Minnie

      I honestly don’t know what to think, her belly looks huge in this picture, but if you look at the ones from this weekend in NYC, she doesn’t look pregnant at all.
      And she’s dumb as all hell, admitting to taking 4 Zofran in an hour! If she is actually pregnant, I’m terrified for the safety of that baby.
      Also, Kaiser and Lydia are terrible names.

  • Mrs C.

    Teen Mom should’ve paid for sterilization for Jenelle.

  • kt

    hahaha at kaiser bun in the oven. well played, starcasm


    Whatever they name that poor child will be the least of his/her worries.

  • ChelseaWasLyke

    Guys, kaiser… It’s really not a mystery, they were high, and had the munchies… Kaiser rolls.

  • Ashley

    I’d love to know how her mother feels about all of this. Or how Jace will feel in 10 years, his mother deciding to have another child, while he was left to his grandmother to raise.

    • anjealka

      The timing is not favorable for Jace. Best case is Janelle is a 100% perfect mother (doubtful), gets married, a job, and a stable home. That would take a few years. By that time Jace is in school and would have spent nearly half his life with his grandma. Would it be fair or good to have him go live with Janelle? Of course the more probable scenario is fighting, breakups arrest etc and Jace stays in his stable home and it is little Kaiser or Lydia that gets the really hard life.

      • Ashley

        No I for sure think he should stay with Barbra. But I think it would be hard to watch your mom parent someone else, but wouldn’t parent you. You know?

        • Amanda_56

          I give it 3-4 months tops before babs is raising Kaiser /Lydia.

          • anjealka

            I think it will be harder for Babs to get custody of this child because the father is in the picture right now and Janelle has more money then she did when she signed over Jace. Doesn’t his parents have custody of his kid (or is that Janelle’s husband’s kid?). Maybe both sets of grandparents can share custody of this new baby.

          • :))))))))

            NO this ones is for nate’s parent. Babs is raising Jace, Nate’s ex-girlfriend parents are raising Emery, so this one is for them!

        • MyFamily

          My cousin was found in a crack house at 6 weeks old and then raised by her grandparents. They were older and told her mother that if she had another kid, they couldn’t take another child in. She had another kid and the difference between my cousin who was raised by her grandparents and her half-sister who was raised by her drug addict mother is SHOCKING. Jace should stay far, far away from Jenelle.

    • MPmom

      In 10 years, he’s be too busy dealing with his own knocked up girlfriend, since I doubt the cycle is going to stop with Jenelle.

      • Guest

        You do realize he would be like 13 or 14?

        • MPmom

          Yes, and that’s not much younger than his mother was when she had him, is it?

  • Oh boy…

    Remember when she said if Jace would’ve been a girl, she would’ve named him JonBenet? -.- Good thing he was a boy. And good thing she didn’t think of that name this time around!

    • wow

      There is something super disturbing about that. I mean even if you like the name and yes, she was a very pretty little girl… Why would you choose such an unusual name that will make everyone immediately remember a murdered child? If I ever met someone that named their daughter that, even if they claimed they had some other reason, I’d give them the side eye.

  • crazy

    I like the name Lydia but what the heck is Kaiser? Jenelle has been pregnant way too many times and I feel so sorry for this new child. She may have “changed” a bit and is “sober” (questionable), but she still lands up in jail quite frequently and moves all the time. This poor child will not be born into a stable environment and it will probably end up in Bab’s care as well.

  • ManBearPig

    Nothing to do with the sh*tty names she picked out but does anyone know what happened to her pitbull, Jax? People on twitter have been saying that he’s dead and she hasn’t posted anything about him in awhile so it makes me wonder…

    • Agnes

      Is that the one that got her tail broken (probably by Jenelle or Nathan… :/) and Jenelle said they won’t take him to the vet and claimed “he was this way from the beginning” (while his tail was ok in the pictures from a week before that)???

      • ManBearPig

        Yes, that’s the one 🙁 and I figured he was but I guess I was curious if anyone knew what happened. Poor baby. She isn’t the type of person that can handle a pitbull or any pet for that matter. I can guarantee she doesn’t take them for walks or obedience classes….how could she when she spends all day in bed? Then she wonders why they chew up her sh*t and stuffs them in a cage in the garage. Oh well, it’s just a dog.. keep it while it’s a cute puppy, give it away or put it to sleep, get a new one and repeat! She has the same mentality when it comes to her kids. Have one, give it away, get pregnant, get rid of it, have another one, repeat. I seriously hate her, she is a truly rotten human being.

    • spottedgiraffe

      He is definitely dead.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    I was watching her post on instagram of them in NYC with the other teen moms. I wonder if these other chicks even like jenelle. I mean she is a dirt bag. The other ladies may have their own personal issues but are all mothers first. Jenelle doesnt have custody of her child, is a drug addict, who has no job, married and pregnant with another mans child. In real life, who is friends with a person like that? Even though Jenelle says she cleaned her life up, sorry it takes more than 4 months to prove that with someone with her track records.

  • Sara

    Kaiser…like that bread kind? Well, not my business anyway, but I must say I can’t believe she’s so proud of this when she doesn’t even have custody of her own son. Shame, Jenelle, shame on you -_-

  • Clara Bella

    I’m actually surprised that she chose a “classic” name like Lydia. She strikes me as someone who would name her child “Zaylee” or something like that lol

  • BlahBlahBlah

    I love the name Kaiser lol
    I named my son that because my husband’s side of the family is Germanic ^_^
    Lucian Kaiser, I think is a strong name and no one thinks of it as the bun or hospital, why do you think they named those companies? lol

    • erb123

      uhhh you really think no one thinks of the roll when they hear that name?

    • Sara

      Well, I guess it depends, if it fits with the last name, it can be a different story….But Kaizer Griffith? No thanks..

  • Myndee

    Congrats on the new baby Barbara! Lord knows Jenelle won’t have the child long

  • Lola Fernandez

    wow chelsea is the only one from this season who hasn’t had 2nd/ 3rd pregnancy or miscarriage (that we know of)

    • mdb

      And none of the girls from the first Teen Mom have had a 2nd pregnancy!

    • shebee

      I was just thinking the same thing. Chelsea, surprisingly is the only one who hasn’t been married/divorced/and or pregnant again. I would have thought based on her lack of decision making skills that she would have been the first to do something dumb. Then again,since Adam won’t marry her or get her pregnant again, that maybe why it hasn’t happened because we all know her world revolves around him even though he has moved on and doesn’t want her.

    • M

      People are forgetting that Chelsea had a pregnancy scare with Adam that was shown on Teen Mom 2. I think she was only a bit “late” but enough so that she had an on camera conversation with her friend about being worried about it. She admitted having unprotected sex with that loser..,. which may or may not have been around the time he was dating Taylor. I really don’t think Chelsea would have been *that* upset if he had gotten her pregnant again, lots of girls think more babies will finally get the guy to commit to them.

      Just to be clear, I don’t hate Chelsea like a lot of people but seeing her desperately want that scumbag is really depressing, and if her storyline this season is all about her being mad that Taylor was stupid enough to get pregnant by him that will be especially annoying. I know he was probably her “first love” but how much more does he need to do beofre she gets over him? He’s a repeat drunk driver with a long rap sheet, who wasn’t exactly super involved in Aubree’s life. She should feel sorry for pathetic Taylor who will inevitably end up in Chelsea’s shoes, not jealous.

    • spottedgiraffe

      True but she did have unprotected sex with Adam and had a pregnancy scare. The teen mom 1 & 3 girls are more responsible it looks like disregarding Mackenzie

  • Ashley

    It looks like she’s sticking her stomach out.

  • shebee

    so this is really happening, huh??

  • who knows

    Kaiser, that’s the name of some hospitals/clinics here in California. So me it sounds like she’s naming her kid Blue Cross lol. As for Marie I swear every other girl, mostly white trash, around here gives their daughter that middle name. As for Lydia it’s just meh.

    • Chelsea

      My middle name and my mom’s middle name is Marie and we are both far from white trash….

  • Sad.

    The idea of Jenelle and Nathan being alone taking care of a newborn or infant that will not care about their constant arguing, partying and xbox playing is scary. Jenelle had Jace (with her mother living there to help out a lot) for maybe a week and was already asking to put him into daycare, not because she had a job, but because taking care of a newborn felt like being in “jail” to her. She wasn’t in school full time and was not working full time, she just did not want to be a mother. At the time I thought it was because she was a teen but as far as I can see she hasn’t matured at all. She was recently arrested again for being a loud, immature brat enough so that her neighbors had to call the cops to shut her up. Are they going to scream at the baby when it wakes up at 5 AM because they’re too hungover and sleeping? Does anyone really see her waking up to feed this child all hours of the night? Or Nathan who doesn’t even have custody of his own child? This poor baby will be with someone else quickly because it’ll cramp their dysfunctional lifestyle or he or she will be really neglected and ignored. Can you imagine if they had a colicky baby!? She’s really still in the mindset of a 14 year old. She’s playing house, that’s it, she wants a girl to dress up and post pics of twitter yet I highly doubt she is ready for day to day parenting.

    • dee

      I totally agree with you. I just think she is incapable of having that “motherly instinct” or “motherly connection”, for whatever reason it might be. Reading the first part of this paragraph it sounds like she has changed, but then she says she let Nathan pick out the “guys” name. That just sounds wrong to me and I’ve never heard anyone refer to it that way. It’s not just another “guy” Janelle, it’s your baby boy! I know, minor, but to me it shows how she lacks that connection.

  • Rene

    I’m sorry but why does she keep having unprotected sex with these losers! Is no one worried about aids or stds? Why does she keep getting pregnant?! What happened to her IUD she was proudly showing off on twitter that time? O yeah it made her sick or whatever. Poor Babs, she’s too old to raise a baby and a toddler!

  • Groreja

    Ok being British, I’ve never heard of Kaiser bread rolls… All the word Kaiser reminds me of is from history lessons at school learning about Kaiser Wilhelm II, the final german emperor, who was famously emotionally stunted, brutal, anti-semitic and led Germany into the First World War. In fact none of the German Kaisers were that great… Jenelle should definitely do her research before she names her kid something like that!

  • Lisa Tate

    One question… What about Jace? How does her first son fit into this situation and what’s going to happen to him during all of this?

  • Demona

    Here are some boy middle name suggestions (in no particular order)
    1. Chance – you know like chance Nathan’s the father, chance you’ll grow up and be his mother, chance you won’t sign him away, chance he’ll see adulthood……
    2. Hok’ee – you can stick with the way it sounds out as a good enough reason but your added incentive is it’s Native American for abandoned.
    3. Lorne/Lorn – forsaken
    4. Desert – hey all famous people like funky names and well…do I have to explain this one?
    5. Jim – for Jim Beam his daddy was drinking to pop a seed in you.

  • Yolanda Martinez

    I personally like the named Kaiser. It’s a classic name 🙂

  • sammi

    Kaiser as in Kaiser rolls lol. They are my favorite rolls to make a sandwich with btw. Great for eating, not so great a name lol

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