Dance Moms star Kelly Hyland arrested for assaulting Abby Lee Miller

Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller Kelly Hyland arrested

In not-so-shocking reality show news, one of the moms on Dance Moms was reportedly arrested in New York after allegedly attacking show star Abby Lee Miller over a casting issue.

Kelly Hyland, who is the mother of dancers Brooke Hyland and Paige Hyland as well as a former student of Abby’s, was booked back in November according to TMZ. The site was told Kelly “freaked out” after Abby brought in a new dancer to try out. Feeling that her kids were being overlooked, “Kelly began screaming at Abby and then Kelly allegedly grabbed Abby’s hair and it became a full-on cat fight,” according to the site.

Dance Moms Kelly Hyland attacks Abby Lee Miller
^ Kelly Hyland gives Abby Lee Miller the stink eye on Dance Moms

Fans should find out more in an upcoming episode because three cameras were reportedly rolling at the time of the incident.

No charges have been filed (yet), and so far Kelly Hyland’s mug shot photo has not surfaced.

Dance Moms Kelly Hyland and daughters Brooke Hyland and Paige Hyland
^ Kelly Hyland with daughters Brooke (left) and Paige Hyland

Kelly Hyland and Abby Miller have quite the history, as you may know. Kelly went on a Twitter rant back in July after her daughter, Paige, got passed over in favor of another student because she refused to learn a new routine on the day of the dance company’s recital. “Never in 40 years of being in the Abby Lee Dance Company has anyone been given a solo the day of the f—king recital,” Kelly screamed on the episode.

Kelly later took her frustrations out on Twitter when the episode aired:

Dance Moms Kelly Hyland Abby Lee Miller Twitter attack

Kelly says that her contract ends after the sixth season, so she only has a couple more to go! Dance Moms is currently airing its fourth season with new episodes airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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  • eh

    Not shocked by this just surprised it didn’t happen a lot sooner

    • ElPerro

      I’m surprised it wasn’t Christie getting arrested.

  • dreah1127

    if I was Kelly.. I would have been arrested along time ago.

  • Hi

    Serious question… and I don’t mean to be rude. I’m just confused. If someone were a dance instructor and dancing all day, wouldn’t they not be so overweight? But then again you never actually see her dancing on the show. So if that’s the case, how can someone be a dance instructor without actually dancing? Can anyone help? I’ve tried watching episodes of the show to get answers and google and there’s no clear answer.

    • DM

      She has assistant choreographers so I would assume that they’re the ones that actually demonstrate the moves to the dancers.
      Otherwise on her other show, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, they showed her choreographing the dances and some of the mothers commented on how she is much different than other choreographers because she doesn’t dance. She marks the movements and explains the steps as she goes and the dancers follow along doing the moves.

      • Hi

        Ohhh okay. Interesting. Very interesting. Thanks for explaining :)

        • Brittany

          If you’ve danced for a long time time, especially ballet, they will just tell you the movements and you are expected to know and pick it up. I’ve had instructors who both demonstrate and also just say the steps. If they want something a little different or unusual (usually a modern or interpretive step or arm movement) they usually demonstrate that, as well as corrections.

    • Evie

      Do you see all of those overweight coaches (football, basketball, baseball, etc…) playing the sport they coach? You can teach something without doing it yourself in most cases. When Abby does need a visual demonstration, I am sure she has many employees on hand to do them for her. In many cases, when someone has done a vigorous sport their whole lives, their bodies can no longer handle the stress of doing so in their older age.

  • Valerie

    Oh please, like none of the moms have any money……please, Kellly, just pay your fine and go. Brooke looks miserable every time she’s on there and Paige is constantly getting told that she’s dumb by Abby. All of these moms are COWARDS!! I would NEVER allow someone like Abby treat my kids that way.

    • Tamtam

      I don’t understand why they put their kids through that… for TV money?

      • Valerie

        Probably cuz these mothers are too lazy to get a job

    • Sarah

      I agree. It is outrageous that these parents keep these kids in this situation. I can’t understand why CPS hasn’t pulled the plug on this whole thing. The emotional abuse is beyond what would ever be allowed to happen in someone’s home or a school so I can’t understand why it is able to continue when it is documented on national tv for the world to see. While Abby is the abuser, these moms are even worse for allowing someone to mistreat their children this way. It shows no judgement or ability to protect their own children.

      • Valerie

        These poor kids will never understand that dance is supposed to be about fun. Just wait until they get older cuz I be they’ll resent their mothers for allowing Abby to be rude to them

        • Valerie

          I meant to say I bet

          • Sarah

            I agree…..and will probably have a hard time knowing how to act in healthy ways with others because they have lived in such dysfunction.

        • Abbyfan2

          You don’t understand that these woman knew Exactly what Abby was like when they signed on with her. She creates Winners and gets results, that’s what a Competition Team does, Win! It’s Not a dance class, you can see those going on. The mother’s need to back off and not butt in Abby’s decisions. Do the mother’s of a football team get to run out on the field and scream about why their child doesn’t get the position she wants them to have? No, they don’t.

    • kscott

      Exactly! If it’s so bad, pay the fine and go. Kelly creates way more drama than she should and who is paying for her temper tantrums…? Her kids are; she just can’t see past her own ego.

  • Good.

    Glad someone finally went off on that mean ol’ hag.

    Abby is a b*tch and always will be. SMH

  • Nikki

    She replaces the girls with kalani.

  • xo

    I’m having a hard time believing that their contracts are that long. The show is in it’s fourth season, do contracts really run that long?

    • DM

      They just recently resigned them. Back in season 3 when they made it seem like the moms were all protesting because they wanted Kelly to come back… Well they were ACTUALLY protesting their contracts with Lifetime. They ALL ended up signing on and extending their contracts.

  • Barbara

    Kelly makes me sick. All she does is whine. It seems Abby can never please her plus she is jealous of Maddie and of Asia when she was there. I wish she would leave the show

  • Evie

    Christy and Kelly both really are a piece of work! All they do is complain and make fun of Abby. If their kids are being so mistreated…then leave!! Simple as that! I know some of the things that Abby does may be a little harsh, but most coaches of any sport gets nasty and mean sometimes because they want to win, as wrong as that might be…it’s a fact.

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