Farrah Abraham says sex tape “ruined my life”


Don’t know if you guys heard the news but that girl from Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, did a porno. You know, the “sex tape” that made her the most googled celebrity last year, the one that made her the 2nd most viewed post of 2013 here at Starcasm and #1 at Gawker (they shared the preview goods and got nearly 11 million views). You know, the flick that Farrah promoted during numerous in-person appearances and defended relentlessly via Twitter.

Now Farrah is claiming that Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom “ruined her life” because of course she is…


Farrah told InTouch:

“It made it hard to have friends and a private life and to trust family, who I feel use me for money. If I went back in time, I would not have done it. The sex tape ruined my life. Knowing my sex tape was out there for everyone in the world to see … was overwhelming. I wanted to hide my face and not go out or pick up my phone.”

Abraham then went on to promote her current run on Couples Therapy by stating that Brian Dawe, who claimed to us that their relationship was fake, abandoned her. “Therapy helped me understand I can’t continue experiencing life [the way I had been], that I’m more special than sex tapes. Hearing others tell me my worth is [all based on] my body. … I’m stronger than that,” she added.

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  • Stefani

    “I wanted to hide my face and not go out or pick up my phone”

    …..Says the girl who who insisted on getting VIP, front and center at all of the porn conventions she went to while promoting her porn video.

    • HappyGirl!!

      Exactly!!! So glad you called her out on that!!

  • mouthpumper

    STFU you fame ho !!

  • Farrah’s B***hole

    BAHAHAHAHAHAH……. excuse me… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So she let them make a mold of her nasty *** because her life was ruined. Riiiiiiight…

    • Marti Gordon

      LOLOLOLOL You’re name made me laugh ALOT

  • Sara

    Complete Bullshit. I don’t believe her for a second. Even if it was true, she should have thought of that before.

  • brebay

    Stop calling it a “sex tape.” It’s a porno.

  • frontdoormom

    She didnt hide too long. Wasnt she out buying pregnancy tests the next day it came out? Lol. I wish someone would just beat her up already. I know, its not a nice thing to say but SOME people need to get slapped around a little to get anything through to them.

  • Jenn

    I really think she is more mentally ill than Amanda Bynes

    • Kara

      Leave Amanda Bynes out of this.

  • Jeanie


  • Chelly

    Stop slamming her for her choices we all make mistakes, if she learned from them like she sounds than give her the benefit of the doubt. All that pressure to be in the limelight with all the fake friends following for the same attention it’s probably hardshe is still growing herself. What she needs is someone that really gives a shit to say cut it out

    • andi

      The problem is she seems to treat everyone in her life terribly. The way she treats
      her parents is terrible. She acts like a spoiled brat.

      I think she has a lot of issues she needs to address! And she needs to get over herself, she seems to be blaming everyone around her for her life.

    • HappyGirl!!

      Her mom did try to tell her to cut it out!! Did no good!! To be honest her mom is probably the only one who really gives a crap about her!! Yet she treats her like she treats everyone else in her life, like crap. She looks like a idiot and a hypocrite saying a sex tape ruined my life and then going to make a mold of her gross vajayjay so everyone can see what it is like to be with her!! She choose to go this route. Remember she is a “business woman” What a joke!! She had plenty of time in between the sex tape to think about what she wanted to do about it. Someone who regrets doing a sex tape does not go and make a mold of their vajayjay! to share with the world!! BTW, the only reason she is saying it ruined her life is because no one bought her stupid sex toys!!

  • Panama

    Go back home to mama’s teat and live the deranged life that you love to live, horse face!