PHOTOS Target uses thin pregnant model for “plus-size” dress

Pregnant model on's Merona Women's Plus-Size Short-Sleeve V-Neck Maxi Dress - Black/Cream

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but it has been approximately nine months since Target came under fire for labeling “heather gray” dresses as “manatee gray” for their plus-size versions, and now the retailer is once again in a plus-size heap of trouble after it was discovered they used an otherwise svelte pregnant woman to model their plus-size version of a Merona maxi dress. (Click the screen shot above to enlarge.)

In the listing for the dress on (originally posted by Jezebel) the model can be seen with one hand resting on her pregnant belly. Here’s a photo of just the “plus-size” model zoomed in:

Target uses thin pregnant model full-size dress marketing
^ Merona® Women’s Plus-Size Short-Sleeve V-Neck Maxi Dress – Black/Cream

And just in case you’re curious how the full-size dress looks on a thin pregnant model from behind, here’s a rear view:

Target plus-size pregnant model rear view

Target has since deleted the listing, but have not officially responded to the controversy. If the story gains traction online then I assume we will soon be getting something very similar to their apology for the whole “manatee gray” thing:

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  • Tear

    People will bit*h about anything

  • Sanoga

    I don’t see any problem with demonstrating how a garment can accommodate a variety of shapes / sizes?

    • A_Nicole

      I think because its a plus size dress. So it doesn’t make sense to use a pregnant model (its not maternity wear) nor a skinny model because those are not the people buying the product

      • twelfthnight

        It would have been great if they’d used both a regular plus sized model and a pregnant model. When I have kids I could see myself buying plus sized clothing, especially maxi dresses, to wear instead of some maternity clothing.

  • MarieAntoinette

    Lots of useless irrelevant articles on starcasm today. slow news day?

  • frontdoormom


    • bailey

      Something funny, Frontdoormom?

  • Jenn

    Was it really that hard to put the dress on a plus size model? Jesus