REPORT Real Housewives of New York in danger of cancellation

Real Housewives of New York Season 5

The second longest-running series in the Real Housewives franchise may soon come to an end: According to sources, Bravo executives may end Real Housewives of New York if ratings don’t improve during the upcoming season — which seems likely, considering no major changes were made that would give the show an edge over the previous season.

“Insiders are worried,” a source told Naughty But Nice. “If this season does not do well in the ratings, I’m not sure if they will recast it or just face the fact that it is over.”

Previous attempts at recasting — which included replacing more than half of the cast after the fourth season — did little to help popularity: Current cast members LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson haven’t gained as much traction with viewers as previous Housewives.

What’s more, the new cast and Bravo executives had quite a conflict last spring when the ladies demanded higher salaries. Both sides compromised and proceeded with filming. But, that feud may have sullied the relationship between the Housewives and the network.

“The Housewives took the modest pay increases Bravo was offering for season 6 rather than continue to hold out for big raises and risk getting booted off the Big Apple version of the multi-city reality franchise,” Deadline reported at the time.

Ramona Singer - Sonja Morgan - RHONY

For now, it seems Bravo will move forward with RHONY season six in February. New shows last aired in Fall 2012, making this the longest gap between old and new episodes in Real Housewives franchise history.

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  • Walker

    Hope it doesn’t end! Ramona is TV Gold!

    • Kevin Leigh Gerhardt

      Entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

  • Kevin Leigh Gerhardt

    If this season does fail, the only re-cast that would work is to back the former cast- the ones they fired in the great housewife cut. They need to follow suit of Miami with Alexia and Jersey with Dina, and in less permanent terms- Lauri with OC.

  • Lex

    Its about time! This show is the worst one of out of all the franchise since D.C! I hope it does get cancelled.

  • micro OP

    Once Bethennys television show gets cancelled for good they need to get the original cast back. No Sonja no Kelly. That can save it.

  • Stephanie

    It starts out as a “reality ” show, that morphed into a scripted show, but it ends up the women that are cast are not good actors? Is the word reality even in the article?

  • emily robin

    I liked the first cast best, just add Sonja Morgan to that cast. The new people added are not that interesting.

  • Michele

    Get rid of Ramona and have her take Sonya with her and then maybe the ratings will go up