The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold shares cancer updates, chemo photo

Little Couple Jen Arnold no hair from chemo cancer treatment

Earlier this month The Little Couple star Jennifer Arnold revealed that she was battling stage 3 uterine cancer and the 39-year-old neonatologist and mother of two has been keeping fans updated on her condition through the holidays via Twitter with lots of photos, including the one above featuring a smiling Jen with no hair that was accompanied by the tweet, “Day2 inpatient chemo- sleeping alot, liking new anti nausea med this time, & looking to get home today! #GetWellJen”

Here are some more photos and tweets from Jen from the past couple weeks — be sure to send your well wishes to her and her family on Twitter either by tweeting @JenArnoldMD or just add the hashtag #GetWellJen or both!

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  • Lanie_Lane

    I just love her! #GetWellJenn!

  • Valerie

    She’s a good person

  • BoycottMtv

    I love her! Such a sweet woman I hope she gets well soon

  • Twinsmommy

    My heart goes out to this family! Why is it always the good ones who have to suffer? Here are two smart, educated, professionals in a loving relationship and first they have to suffer from infertility while 16 year-old girls with no education or ability to provide for a child get pregnant everyday. Then when they finally are able to start the family they so desperately desired this poor woman gets cancer! It seems so unfair!

  • LexiconD1

    That picture of Will in the green pajamas is so darn cute! I saw it yesterday on my Facebook feed. 🙂

    Hope Jenn comes through this happy and healthy!

    • Dollface

      It seems to me that Jen and Bill set their priorities a long time ago and have been able to make tough decisions and get through rough times because of their strong foundation. You can just feel and see the love and respect that these two incredible human beings have for each other. I am just humbled by them and I have to admit that I’m a little wistful when I wonder what that feels like to have such a relationship.
      They took to parenting like they had been doing it for years. These two are a team and maybe that’s their secret. Jen is going to come through this and she will go on to live a long happy life with Bill and her lovely children. This tale will have a happy ending!

  • LoLo

    What a brave lady on top of being a great doctor, wife, mother & human being. Best wishes.

  • StilettoCutsQuick

    My best wishes to you Jen and your family, you are in my prayers. #GetWellJenn!

  • casey

    Rooting for Jen!! What a beautiful person and an inspiration!

  • Mrs C.

    You’re a strong lady you’re going to beat cancer! Wishing you great news this coming new year!

  • ericasoul

    Hi Jen, You and your hubby are so inspirational. You have accomplished so much in your lives, and now have two beautiful children. There is no doubt that you will beat this disease and will live a long and productive life with your family! My best wishes to you and your family!!

  • Just Wow

    Love them! Prayers, good thoughts, & love to them during this time! GET WELL JEN!

  • Stacy

    This couple is incredible. I truely hope she pulls through. I’ve read several articles about her and Bill this past month and have not read one negative comment. That itself speaks volumes in this society. The world needs more people like Jenn and Bill. God Bless their family.

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