VIDEO Couples Therapy’s Dr. Jenn Berman admits she doubted Farrah Abraham’s goals

Farrah Abraham - Couples Therapy Season 4

We knew it seemed too perfect: Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham made her faux-to shoot debut with “boyfriend” Brian Dawe just weeks before jetting out to California for season four of Couples Therapy. (Not to mention the rumors Farrah tried to employ a fake boyfriend for the third season.)

Now Dr. Jenn Berman admits Couples Therapy crew was so skeptical about the authenticity of Farrah’s relationship that they called in body language experts.

“We had a body language expert who came and did some exercises and she saw the picture and she said, ‘This is a woman who is genuinely happy in the presence of this man,'” Dr. Jenn told The TV Page of Farrah and Brian. (Be sure to check out the full interview for Dr. Jenn’s insight on Taylor Armstrong!) “So to me it became less important that this therapy work I did with her was so authentic.”

Although Dr. Jenn seemed to doubt Farrah’s goals before therapy began, she said she quickly realized Farrah was eager to accept help.

“I felt that she did such authentic therapy and this was a woman so in need of therapy that there was no question in my mind that we did great work,” Dr. Jenn said. “If I can make a difference in someone’s life and help them to make less painful choices, then I have done my job.”

Viewers also got a sneak peek at Farrah’s emotional experience in a new video from Couples Therapy.

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Dr. Jenn added Farrah was willing to do whatever it took to improve her emotional health — including inviting Dr. Jenn to speak with her parents. Indeed, those chats seem to have helped Farrah’s relationship with mom Debra Danielsen.

Farrah Abraham Christmas - Debra Danielsen

Couples Therapy premieres on VH1 on Thursday, Jan. 2 at 9/8c.

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  • frontdoormom

    Sweet jesus that face. Looks deflated as hell! Is she trying to look like a blow up doll?!

  • Arya

    Her face looks like the Scream mask. The fact that there’s a licensed
    plastic surgeon out there that did that to her face is scary. What’s
    even creepier is that Farrah probably thinks that she looks better! It
    looks like her face is melting! I couldn’t stand her on Teen Mom but I
    never thought she was “ugly” physically. She was ugly with her
    personality and attitude but she was a physically a naturally cute girl.
    Now she’s a mess inside and out.
    I worry about Sophia though. She
    already had her eyebrows waxed at 3 (to “prevent bullying” which is
    sadly ridiculous looking back now…. as if she isn’t going to be
    bullied for the p*orn her semi famous mother made) I predict Sophia will
    end up with one surgery or another by the time she’s 16. Farrah would
    make the scariest stage mom, I could easily see it happening once she
    stops getting jobs.

  • EttySpaz

    I used to really like Farrah on Teen Mom, during the first and second season, even though her personality was kind of bitchy and annoying she never seemed like she was purposefully neglectful of her daughter. Now as she’s “grown up” it’s become more obvious that she is just an over excited famewhore who’s hoping to be the next Kim K. I’m not going to defend Kim K here but it takes a lot of money to be that vain and Farrah is no where near that level, and she never will be! And for f***s sake FIX YOUR FACE.

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to see how Farrah’s ugly cry face that we all know and love stands up against thousands of dollars of plumpers, fillers and Botox. Clash of the Scalpels! Release the “Michael”!!!!

  • sammi

    Does anyone actually take Dr Jenn serious as a legit therapist?

    • edelweisspr

      I’ve always wonder the same!

    • HappyGirl!!

      Nope, Nope and NOPE!! A legitimate therapist does not do a reality show. A legitimate therapist would never put mentally ill people in front of an audience!!.

  • boogerhead


  • domino123

    Dr Jen took valuable time away from real couples making me doubt her proffesionalism forevemore! She shoulda realized Farrah has the same constitution as Casey Anthony & Jodi Arias. God help her mom.