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90 Day Fiance - TLC

As if weddings aren’t stressful enough, the five couples on 90 Day Fiance, a new docu-series by TLC, have one extra factor to confront: The foreign brides are really getting to know their American fiances for the first time. They then have 90 days to determine whether the relationship is meant to be — or else the women will be sent back to their home countries.

Although there seem to be genuine sparks between the couples, there are also unique challenges: The women struggle to adjust to American culture. The men question their potential brides’ motives. The partners’ expectations and personalities clash… As one man said, “If I wasn’t under a 90-day time limit, there’s no way I would be moving this fast.” (In other words, it sounds like great TV!)

Here’s the information provided by TLC

In 90 Day Fiance, follow four couples taking a life-altering chance on a cross-border romance. Four foreign brides-to-be and their potential husbands will discover whether their happily-ever-after is meant to be. Using a unique visa (known as a K-1 visa) available uniquely to foreign fiances of American citizens, these women travel to the States to meet and live with their prospective husbands for the first time. The couples have to marry before their visas expire in 90 days or else the women must immediately return to their countries. In addition to living together for the first time, these couples must overcome language barriers, culture shock, the stigma of being thought of as a “mail order bride,” and skeptical friends and family — all with the clock starting the moment they step foot on U.S. soil.

Kirlyam, 21, and Alan, 29


“Alan met Kirlyam while he was on a missionary trip to Brazil. This devoutly Mormon (and sexually abstinent) couple have only seen each other a few times in short two-week intervals. They have never lived together or slept together, and they still have a lot to learn about each other. Not only will they feel the natural pressures of a couple’s first shared experiences, but Kirlyam will also face new everyday challenges when she leaves the back-country of Brazil for the fast-paced L.A. lifestyle.”

Aya, 30, Louis, 33


“After his divorce, Louis, a father of two, decided to try his hand at online dating. He found Aya’s profile on an international site, and the two began talking. At the time, Aya was also talking to several other men. It took some time before she decided to date Louis exclusively. After a 7-day trip to the Philippines for their first face-to-face meeting, Louis decided to propose. To date, the couple has only spent 14 days together in person.”

Aziza, 21, and Mike, 31


“Mike and Aziza met on an international language learning website. Mike wanted to learn Russian for an upcoming trip, and Aziza wanted to learn English. The site paired them up, and they began speaking to each other regularly online. Mike visited Aziza in Russia, and after spending 6 days together, the two decided to get married. As a full-time student, Aziza has never had to take care of anything but her studies. With Mike eager to start a family, Aziza will face a steep learning curve as she leaves the comforts of her familiar culture, sheltered life and studies for a new world filled with first experiences and a whole lot of pressure.”

Paola, 26, and Russ, 27


“After moving to Colombia for work, country boy Russ met Paola at a local house party. Just when their romance started to take off, Russ’ job called him back to the U.S. They’ve been separated ever since, except for the trip he took to propose on their anniversary. Paola, who is used to fast-paced city life will be moving to Russ’ hometown in Oklahoma, where a big night out means watching a football game.”

Alina, 23, and Len, 48


“Len is a successful businessman and considers himself one of Scottsdale’s most eligible bachelors. While traveling in the Ukraine, Len spotted Alina in a coffee shop with some friends. The two hit it off right away, and when Len returned to the U.S., they started video chatting daily. Soon they joined up for a one-week vacation together and decided to pursue a more serious relationship. Len asked Alina to come to the U.S. on a K1 fiancé visa. Alina just graduated from college in the Ukraine, and only knows basic English. To be with Len, she’ll have to give up her active social life at home and settle down in the suburbs of the American Southwest, where the only person she knows is Len.”

90 Day Fiance premieres on TLC on Jan. 12 at 10/9c.

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  • Cheermom_1975

    “I know these girls have enough pressure coming to the states, but let’s stick a camera in their face & cause more pressure and confusion. It will be funny..entertaining” …..said the money hungry execs of TLC.

    Their “fiancées” need a swift kick in the rear. These girls probably have no idea what American Reality TV is all about.

  • Douchebag

    The Mormon couple is nothing special. Getting married within a few months is normal for them!

    • anjealka

      Plenty of Momon missionaries meet their future brides on their mission. I know many personally. Can someone explain how Alan the Mormon missionary is 29? Men go on missions at 18 (maybe 19 but not 27-29, in fact I believe 23 is the cut off and only with special permission) so when did Alan meet her when she was 12? The age difference makes no sense.

      • notbuyinit

        there’s no way he is 29…and he has a mean jealoous streak, she better watch herself. she can do much better than him just as a model, she is exquisite.

        • anjealka

          There is something not right about this whole story. I discussed it with a few of my devout Mormon neighbors. He didn’t meet this girl on his mission, just not possible. There is a huge creep factor with him. TLC found another oddball again!

      • twocharacters

        I was wondering about that too. I found it very convenient that they all had “how we met stories” that didn’t include finding them on some kind of mail order bride site.

      • David

        The age cutoff is actually 26 so it is possible he went when he was older and then they have just been talking over the internet for a couple years.

      • J. Walker

        Being a mormon he probably did meet her when she was 12…

    • David

      Very true. It is not uncommon at all at BYU to get engaged 2 weeks after meeting and then to get married a couple months later. You can’t have sex before marriage and if you do slip up during the engagement you risk not being able to get married in the temple and then EVERYONE will know that you had sex. Then you are faced with having a civil ceremony and waiting a year to do the all important temple ceremony or delaying the wedding for a few months until your bishop thinks you have repented sufficiently for having sex.

  • MarieAntoinette

    I really wish the best to these women, who are probably brainwashed on the American Dream just like I once was.
    I hope their man ends up loving them dearly and that their relationship never turns into a power struggle in which these men have the upper hand because they brought them to this country.
    Unfortunately, I have many friends who have experienced the less fortunate scenario (moving to the US, ending up in an abusive marriage and feeling completely dependent and not able to leave the man).

    • Guest

      they deserve it. and i dont feel sorry for any female who uses a man to get american citizenship.

      • MarieAntoinette

        How in the world can you pass judgment on women who are only trying to
        find a better life? I’m sure that if you had experienced the same
        terrible social, political, and economic circumstances for your whole
        life, you would try to find a way to find a better place. So until you
        have lived in a third world country or in a country where your basic
        needs have never been met, you really shouldn’t pass judgment on these

        • Sweet Venom

          They could get jobs. It’s hard for me to believe that women from Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines cannot get jobs and move. I know plenty of single women from the Philippines that moved to Canada and now work and live by themselves or with family that have moved over. They are young enough…I can’t believe that they had to resort to marrying American men. Something else could have been done.

          If I am wrong about this, which is a possibility, then I do hope these men treat them with respect.

          • Sanoga

            With all due respect, it’s kind of ignorant to assume that immigrating is an easy process. As a first generation American, I know intimately the struggle that people (not just women!) face when leaving their native countries in pursuit of better life / opportunities.

            • Sweet Venom

              I didn’t say it would be easy, but you know what? A lot of things are hard! That doesn’t mean women need to resort to marriage. It’s kind of ignorant to assume that I thought it would be easy. I know it can’t possibly be a simple transition but hell, immigration is so damn hard I’ll just marry an American citizen instead, because THAT’S easier lol.

              • Leif

                You obviously have NO clue about the subject which you are commenting on. Please, go educate yourself at least a little, and look into the rules on different types of visas. 😉

          • London Bella

            yeah, it’s a dream for any University grad from an economical unstable country, to move to Canada to clean toilets…………
            ignorant judgemental fool

            • Sweet Venom

              How am I being the judgmental one here? I never said immigrating to a new country would be a “dream”.

              Now pay attention here. What I said was there is no need to marry an American if you want to leave your country. There is probably a better way that does not involve marrying someone you do not love. For example, you could get a job. What would you rather do London Bella? Would you rather clean toilets until better prospects open up, or would you rather marry someone you met online and probably do not love so you could live in a country where judgmental people who are hypocrites can put down cleaning toilets on a forum?

              Reading comprehension people. You can’t pick out from my comment what you THINK I said. Immigration is no picnic, I never said it was. I said I think MARRYING someone is not the answer for THESE specific women.

              • Thorleif

                I take a bit of umbrage to your comments also. My wife is from Bolivia, and she is college educated, was at her job for 13+ years and never thought she’d get married or have kids, due to a lot of machismo in the culture. (at least not until two friends who had met guys from Germany and Spain, made her a profile and she thought she had a computer virus because she was getting a lot of emails from strange guys, LOL… until the company tech guru told her about her profile!)

                After deleting the profile her friends made for her, she made one for herself, and browsed some profiles out of curiosity. She likes to tease me about my profile, as most guys just wrote a brief paragraph, and mine was like 2 pages long! 😉 I was 100% honest about who I was, and what I was looking for… most importantly a lady who loved Jesus Christ and was born again. I explained about being a single dad and a young Christian, and that was what caught her eye.

                Anyways, we’ve been married now for 3 1/2 years, and we both love our in-laws. She cares for my teenage son as her own, and he has thrived with her in our life, as he absolutely adores her… as do our almost 2 year old twins! :)

                My wife has struggled the most with the language barrier and changing from a professional working woman to a full time stay at home mom… but she rocks it! I’d choose no other woman I know to be by my side, and the babies are growing up bilingual. What a fantastic experience it’s been for all of us, even with the trials… God never intended for us to just float through life, but to learn and grow, together… 😉

                BTW, my wife doesn’t look down on cleaning around the house, even though she had a maid when she worked full-time.

                Keep an open mind please, some of us are more than VERY happy with our foreign born wives! :)

                • Sweet Venom

                  How is any of what you just said relevant to what I said? You just like to see yourself type don’t you?

                  • Thorleif

                    Well, my comments were given to hopefully show that not all women are marrying an American man because they feel the need to leave their country. Some actually DO find love on the internet! *gasps* I know, what a shocker, eh?

                    My wife doesn’t feel that she “settled” for me… even though I am just an average guy, blue collar and all. Personally, I think I got the better end of the deal… but that just motivates me even more to do my best to show my wife how much I love and appreciate her as a woman.

                    One of the reasons I replied to your post though, is due to you stating that “They could get jobs. It’s hard for me to believe that women from Brazil,
                    Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines cannot get jobs and move.” If you do some research, you will find that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a single, young woman, from a third world country to get a different type of visa…

                    That’s right, they CANNOT get a B-1/2 business visa, nor a tourist visa, and good luck winning the lottery for a student visa for them. Go read about the different types of visas on the government website, please. To even be considered they will have to prove that they have very BINDING ties to their home country (ie. they are married and own a substantial business, or have left behind their kids, etc.) before they will even look at their application, period. Our government doesn’t want people just coming here who MAY decide to just slip off the radar and stay illegally. I know, sometimes it’s hard to believe, with all the illegal aliens who are already here…

                    There is a difference though, if a woman comes from a country like England, Germany, Australia, etc… first world country citizens are MUCH easier for them to get approved for a tourist visa, student, or business visa, etc. So, your whole premise isn’t realistic, sorry.

                    There are many more things I could point out, but maybe I don’t want you thinking I just like to see myself type… LOL

                    I do find it rather ironic when you speak of marriage as something to be “resorted” to… if you’ve had a bad experience before, I’m sorry… but I’d never refer to my marriage that way personally. Peace! :)

                  • Jennifer Williams Wiegand

                    I a agree with you 100%. Most of these women are gold diggers. I met “Alina” from the Len and Alina episodes here in the Bahamas while she was 3 timing. She’s had her claws on my brother in law for the last 9 months. That’s why she went missing from Len for a few weeks. Not only was she with Len and my brother in law she was also in Jamaica with an Indian guy who ratted her out to my brother in law. My brother in law has taken her to vairous US embassy’s to try and get her a fiancee VISA but she is being deined probably becuase she didn’t show up for her visit for Len’s Visa. This woman is a cold hearted psychopath! She was mute most of the time she was around us and on the few occasions that she spoke to my brother in law it was to snarl at him and bark orders. She has zero personality or true emotion. He was fawning over her has given her everything she wanted from a huge engagement ring to a nose job and yet she recoils every time he touches her. He is brain washed and has fallen into her trap.

                • Janet

                  I agree with Sweet Venom…why did you have to go to Bolovia to find a wife? You sound very chauvinistic and probably needed to be this “white night” who rescued this Bolivian woman, even though she seems like she’s smarter than you, by the way you described her….perhaps she tricked you into marrying her?

              • Leif

                Wrong! For THESE SPECIFIC women, MARRYING an American guy IS the ONLY way they can come to the States… I suspect for 3 of the 4, it is the ONLY reason they WANT to come here. (Aziza being the exception according to her own words.)

                MANY women overseas do NOT want to come here, they do so because they believe they have found love and a man who will treat them better than they have found in their country.

                So, no, there is NOT a better solution for these women here in the US. Marriage IS the BEST OPTION, and their ONLY option. Stop speaking out of ignorance… you sound VERY foolish to anyone who actually DOES know more about K-1 visas.

              • Emmy

                I agree!

          • norman y

            Yes, you are correct in stating that they could get jobs and
            move to a first world or fully industrialized country like the USA. That path is extremely hard, very expensive and
            possibly dangerous. Many clearly do not
            have the finances to make such a dream come true. For many women in the world it is still a
            primary goal to find a husband and have a family. However, family is just not the preferred
            choice for many women in the USA. This
            is one of the major differences between women in the USA and foreign countries,
            which is reason that American men seek women from outside the USA.

            • Thorleif

              Well said Norman. I agree, many of the women I met here weren’t interested in marrying and having a family, or they had so many issues with roles in a relationship/were crazy/or just never seemed to look at me for who I am. YMMV, but I wanted a conservative wife, who wanted a traditional marriage, didn’t have many of the typical attitudes that so many American women have, etc.

              I’ve never said ALL American women are bad… only that many men prefer women with more traditional views of marriage/family/kids, etc. My wife is very well educated, but family comes FIRST… not her job, her time with the girls, etc. She was doing quite well for herself in Bolivia and didn’t NEED to move here to get out of a bad place! Many women in other countries may feel a need to leave or are in bad situations, economically, or whatever… others, like my wife just wanted a good guy who will treat them well (and hadn’t found it where they are from.)

              Her moving here WAS and IS a sacrifice, as she misses her family. However, we have our own family, and every year or two try to visit, or have some of them come here… our marriage was very much a choice, and a deliberate one! :)

          • Leif

            Sorry, but you ARE flat out wrong. A single woman from another country can’t just decide to move here and find a job. For these women the K-1 is almost the ONLY way to come here (legally… I guess like many others they could hop the border and take their chances, and always wonder if ICE will actually d anything to them if caught.)

            Being married to a Bolivian women whom I brought on a K-1 visa back in 2010, I know a bit about the process… like you though, I hope they are treated well by their men. To me, it doesn’t matter where they are from… some men are good, some are bad, in any country. American women hook up with losers all the time, but some find a good one and build a happy home together… same thing with foreign women. Many of them have pretty good BS-meters though and can tell when a guy isn’t aboveboard.

        • Leif

          Many women who go through this process are NOT fleeing their jungle hut with no running water, desperately trying to get to America! My wife wasn’t excited about coming to a strange land where she had no family nearby, didn’t speak the language, couldn’t drive and couldn’t work even with her college education! Add in her first husband and a stepson, when she is 34 years old, and she would have preferred to stay in her country where she had her own home, family was nearby, she knew the culture and language, had a well paying job, etc… BUT, she chose love over an easy loveless life. If I could have moved there, I would have and it would have been me struggling with the language, etc. I hope we’ll be able to for retirement, or maybe be snowbirds and maintain a house in both countries to change every 6 months… 😉

        • Susan Fields

          No problem if these women come with honest intentions and not just for the green card

    • doopy

      You make me sick!!! Not all American men are like this!!!

    • Ruby Thomas Kloss

      I have watched the show from the first episode and I haven’t seen Alina and Len on the show…have I missed something?

      • Jennifer Williams Wiegand

        They weren’t on the show long because she was three timing Len with my brother in law and another guy. Both were taking her on romantic vacations all over the world. I had the displeasure of meeting her personally. She is one of the rudest, most calculating creatures i have ever met. She may be young but she sure knows how to manipulate!

    • Leif

      Len is the one who most strikes me as odd too… I mean seriously, 25 year age difference? She’s barely out of college and in another 15 years or so he’ll be around retirement age while she hasn’t even hit 40! She looks like his daughter.

      My wife is Bolivian and 6 1/2 years younger than me (33 and 40 when I met her online), but I’ve always been guessed younger than my age… until folks look closer and see the salt in my beard. I married way up though, she’s college educated and I’m not (military and blue collar background), she’s a looker and I’m just average… but she seems happy even after almost 4 years of marriage and a set of twins, so who am I to complain? To some extent she is dependent on me, of course… she just got her driver’s license last summer, and while she wants to work outside the home she is a sahm with having two babies under two and my 14 yr old son. (I make plenty of money to support the family.)

      Our story may not be typical though, as we met online, 5 months later in person for a week (Aug 2009), married the next June 2 days after she arrived from Bolivia… we speak Spanish at home now, and we visit her family, or have some visit us every 2 years so far… :)

  • shebee

    Some of these couples scream “mil order bride” although none of their stories suggests that they are. I am pretty sure these women understand reality TV and many have probably dreamed of the American life. They may actually be less aloof than the men they are marrying. Such as the couple Aya and Louis. The description says she was talking to several men before she decided to “date” Louis exclusively. That translates to Louis having the best offer to get her to the States.

    • Thorleif

      Or maybe Louis seemed to be the type of man she could see herself marrying and living her life with… 😉

  • Jody

    If it wasn’t for the cost of those visa’s my boyfriend and I would have already been married and together for good.

  • shells

    Russ seems gay.

    • lefttoright

      Amen to that! My wifey is from Colombia and said the same thing! Something seems weird about that relataionship but I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.

      • Andrew

        Yeah, my gaydar was totally going off on Russ.

    • HappyGirl!!

      Yep that is what I got also!! He is gay!! I bet they made some kind of deal to get her here to America!!

      • carolina diaz

        i think that is a really stupid way to think, how someone is gonna pay so much money to bring a girl in here all the hard process just bc he is “guy” you make laugh, and how stupid can be if she can not find someone better and accept that just bc the stupid american dream< she is pretty and has her own company.. keep believe that all people want to have the american dream, ignorant… i bet that you are never being out of this country…

      • David

        Paola doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who would agree to a loveless marriage. She has a lot of stylish clothes so I don’t think she was exactly impoverished in Colombia and desperate to come to the US. Colombia is a middle income country and now that the drug war has died down it is quite safe. She really seems to like Russ.

        • Ruby Thomas Kloss

          I agree with David, do not think he is gay.

          • J. Walker

            Sorry Ruby but Russ is clearly gay.

            • Leif

              Sorry J Walker, I don’t see it… maybe he is, but like David said (and being married to a latina also), I don’t believe Paola would agree to a loveless sham marriage.

              Russ has the spikey, semi-rebellious hairdo like lots of young guys have these days, not just gay guys… personally, I think they portray him as being too much of a momma’s boy. From what we are shown by tlc, he needs to man up and discuss finances with Paola. I would have thought he had done that long before he brought her here, but they are both pretty young so maybe they didn’t. She needs to know how much they have to spend, and hopefully she is like my wife and good with numbers… my wife rocks our budget, and in less than 4 years I am in a better financial place than I’ve ever been in, debt free and getting ready to go house hunting with a substantial down payment. :)

      • cerridwen

        i agree on that one to.but i like the girl.

  • Gina

    There is no way you can truly get to know someone within 90 days. The women should remain where they are from due to the cultural shock alone. They have to learn to love. Both parties are simply using one another.

    • Gina

      What is wrong with these guys that they can find an American woman?

      • lefttoright

        Were sick.

      • lefttoright

        It’s not the guys, it’s the women. Please don’t try to blame us, it’s your fault.

        • Shawn

          The girls are just looking for a better life and the MEN are the one taking advantage of the girls..sorry try again

          • lefttoright

            not true

      • Sam

        Look at the men, most girls wouldn’t date that..Girls have higher standards in western countries

    • Thorleif

      They started getting to know each other long before the 90 days ever started. My case went pretty quickly… we met in March 2009 online, in person in Bolivia in Aug 2009, after some delays in getting all her paperwork done and to me we filed the petition in Jan 2010, her interview was in April 2010, she got here June 23rd, 2010, and we married 2 days later. Now we are happily married with 2 babies (and my 14 yr old boy from my first marriage, who has lived with me since the divorce 8 years ago), and very much in love… with each other, and with our Savior! :)

      Please educate yourself before you make foolish comments, as you apparently don’t know anything about the K-1 or K-3 visa process. I would have preferred to marry her back in 2009, but we couldn’t get all the paperwork done before I went down there the first time. After months of constant talking online, as well as on the phone, I knew her better than many couple here in the States who date and go out to the movies, etc, for a few months… you can find someone great at your local supermarket, but then again s/he may be some weirdo or pervert that hides it for a while, also… 😉

  • Lauren

    Russ is going to have his hands full with Paolo. I could already see her using the hell out of him. I would like to find out stays together after 2 or plus years on down the road.

    • lisa1022

      she’s to high maintenance for that straight laced, white bread family! I like her though. She’s the typical feisty latina from Colombia! He will have his hands full.

    • lefttoright

      What is strange is why the heck would anyone bring a women here and live with mom and dad, really? just doesn’t add up/make sense.

      • J. Walker

        Russ is clearly gay…

  • lisa1022

    The Russian girl has no interest in her guy!

    • lefttoright

      True dat, I think he even knows it too. Just trying to get on tv and maybe a piece or two.

    • kerrryz

      I agree; her body language says it all. I feel sorry for that poor guy.

      • jj

        well don’t. he’s 31, out of shape, and looks like he doesnt even take care of himself… do you think he would be “in love” even though he doesn’t know her, if she wasn’t young and pretty? he’s just as superficial and deserves whatever he gets!

        • cerridwen

          i hope he strangles her.bitches like her remind me why there are serial killers arround.

    • David

      She even applied for a work visa first and was denied and then all the sudden she is in love with him and wants to marry him. He seems so convinced that she really loves him though. I don’t know how he can believe that the way she acts around him but I guess we believe what we want to believe.

    • cerridwen

      no that bitch doesnt love him at all.and he is a fool not to see this bitch is using him.i would kick her arse back to russia as soon as i could if i were him.are u smoking?she asks?how desgusting.well didnt he tell u?now only now that shes in the usa she finds out?that tells me a lot.shes in it for the green card.i hope they wont marry at all.for his sake.

  • pmo

    sofia vergara 2 and fat redhead mama going to butt heads. the morrmon’s girl is already trying to model, the big bald headed guy is being take for a ride big time.

    • lefttoright

      Hilarious, the typical “Colombian discontent” look she gave her not-so-future mother-in-law about Paola being a joke.

      • Thorleif

        I thank God my parents never acted like Russ’ mom, when they met my gorgeous Bolivian wife! I would have been mortified, and said something to my parents if either of them had made some comment about them not wanting Russ to come back with a wife. Maybe that’s a small town thing, but heck I almost wanted to smack his mother for that nasty remark!

        My dad is 74 and always wants to chat with my wife and practice his Spanish when we talk on the phone… and my wife loves my dad too! She is always so thoughtful, family truly is everything for her. My mom gets along fine with her too, but different dynamics, not such a close relationship. For myself, I wish it was possible for my mother in law to come live with us, have an in-law suite or something… she’s an angel! :)

        I felt sorry for Paola… what a harsh thing to hear the first time you meet your fiance’s parents. I am sorry they are casual and didn’t want to dress up a bit to meet her. First impressions can set the stage, and I thought she looked great in a pencil skirt and heels, very classical/tastefully dressed. My wife used to dress like that, but after a couple babies and being home much of the day, she is somewhat more casual now… although she can’t stand all the American women at Walmart in flip flops, with no makeup on, sweatpants, hair pulled back, and looking like they just rolled out of bed after sleeping in their clothes! I agree with her… she dresses better than that even with having two little babies along, because she has some amount of pride in her appearance! :)

  • Katie

    For now only the mormon relationship seen ok. Rest are mail order brides. Girls from Russia, Ukraine and Colombia do everything to come to us. And maybe thats sound harsh but its true. But not feel sorry for guys, come one u are 40 and think 23 years one love you? The girl from Russia doesn’t show any interns in the guy! Like i said doesn’t feel sorry, afters 2 years probably non of this marriage gonna last.

  • pmo

    paollo should refuse to go back to the homestead. that mother disliked her on sight. russ would have to rent me a short term motel or motel 6. hard enough getting to know him without the family. russ’ father is a decent looking guy, think mama fatty patty is the typical cheerleader type who let herself go, resents any nice looking females around first glance I too felt russ looked gay.

    • David

      And what is with making them sleep in different bedrooms? As if they haven’t already had sex in Colombia and won’t have sex when the parents aren’t home or in some other place. I don’t see the point in parents enforcing a rule like that on two adults. I can’t wait to see what happens between her and Russ’s mom.

      • ddebebd

        Looks like russ family is conservative. Im sure they already know that russ and rhe girl had sex already. My parents are like that. A home suppose to be sacred therefore only married people are allowed to sleep together inside there house. So if you want to sleep together then do it somewhere else lol.. i am just saying ok? People has different views and rules so we just respect that. I am sure after they get married then theyre allowed to sleep together in his bedroom.

        • David

          I come from a conservative religious culture as well so I do know all about parents who have a “my house my rules” attitude even for children well into adulthood. I can certainly understand that for something like drugs but it makes no sense to me for sex. After a certain point I teach my kids my values and let them do as they please. If they make a choice that is different than what I would prefer I’m not going to make a point of forcing my standards on them whenever I can. But I do get that different people have different ideas of what is acceptable. Like I said I myself would draw the line at illegal activities such as drug use.

  • pmo

    agree the Mormon has a mean jealous streak. he was irate that captain jack sparrow, johnny depp, was near his lady. he screamed no touching please!!!!

  • gus the critic

    Wow! Alan seems like such a bummer to be around! He’s jealous as hell, has a chaperone come over, and just seems like a self righteous slug. Hope that poor girl finds her way back home from a supposed “better life” in America. Paola is smokin hot! can’t see her being to happy with her new american family, especially the mom whos seems to have all but given up on taking care of herself.

  • me

    I agree women dont need to marry men to get out of a bad situation in their own countries but they do and it happens a lot. The mormon guy is scary, I hope they dont end up on 48 hours. He seems like he has an ager problem. Russ seems gay I cant believepaola doesnt see it. Im thinking tlc hired a couple if actors!!!

  • lefttoright

    She’s from Brazil, of course she knows what she’s doing.

  • Jody Wells

    It makes me so very sad because it seems these women don’t realize what they’re getting in to.
    Someone really should clue in Paola that her fiancé Russ is very gay.

    • J. Walker

      I noticed that Russ has effeminate qualities…there’s no way he could satisfy the hot and wild Paola.

  • Deb

    I hope people will not judge right away to these women. I myself was one of them. I came from the philippines. I met my husband from a dating site. He visited me 4 times in 2 and a half years of our relationship. He stayed 3 weeks every visit except the first time we met was 10 days only. He is older than me but i did not mind. He is a good man and i love him. We’ve known each other for 6 years and married for 4 years with 2 wonderful kids. I hope people will not judge till they are in the same situation. Yes, some might come here for the citizenship but plenty like me come over here coz of love. If my husband just don’t have kids from first marriage i would love for him to live in the philippines with me that way i don’t have to be away from my family. But becoz i love my husband i have to sacrifice being away from my family in the philippines. But i never regret i married my husband he may be not rich but our marriage is full of love and happiness plus a 2 wonderful beautiful and healthy kids. And for me, that is the most important thing.

    • Leif

      What a beautiful little girl! :) Thanks for sharing that picture… My wife has been here almost 4 years from Bolivia, and like you, she made the sacrifice for love because when we met I had a 10 year old son. It IS a sacrifice for her, as her entire family is still there and established. I hope for retirement we can move down there… much better climate (never below 40F in winter, usually not above 95F or so in the summer, but humid.) We’ve been very happy and have no regrets also! Best of luck to you all! :)

      • deb

        Thank you.. People are easy to judge when they are not in the same situation but i could careless what they say.. our marriages are happy..

  • Ruby Thomas Kloss

    Aya and Louis:
    I think Aya will regret chosing Louis only because of his ex (freak of a) wife and his out of control two boys. The ex-wife will make her life a living hell and the boys will not be told what to do by daddy’s new wife….plus he is obviously broke and slob.
    Aziza and Mike:
    She is obviously not attracted to him….she refuses to eat in front of his parents and sister, acts like she is bored out of her mind all the time….I don’t blame his parents for being apprehensive it’s very clear that she has mental problems and maybe low self esteem.

    • Angela

      I totally felt that Louis was like that also. The freak of an x wife that thinks she can make this wedding happen or not happen is a joke. She is ok with her relationship but not Louis having one. The chick is just freaky and you could see her all happy trying to get Aya’s goat. Why the heck would you get her to come over if you can’t afford a weeding that she deserves? I mean come on, so now she is stuck in the U.S. with a deadbeat. living in a dump of an apartment and dealing with fat, sobbingly kids.

  • tamcar04

    Aziza is NOT ATTRACTED TO MIKE!!! It’s so uncomfortable to watch’ #poormike

    • AngelaS

      The only reason they had sex was that she got jealous of those women around him. She can’t lose him before the wedding or she wouldn’t be able to stay in the U.S. You are right no accent and it is beyond obvious that had she not of seen him with other women chatting then she would not of had sex with him. Now I do have to say that Mike is a little bit creepy to me. It is very awkward watching because he does give me the heebie jeebies because he watches her like he wants to pounce every single minute you see them together. I don’t know it just feels icky to watch him. I hope they don’t get married for Mike’s sake as he will be miserable with her EXTREME jealousy. There is more to this story with those two that I know will come out as time goes on but I wish they would just freaking show it already lol

  • J. Walker

    Why is it that Aziza does not have a Russian accent?

  • J. Walker

    I have suspicions that this show is scripted with actors. Russ is clearly gay…Aziza has no Russian accent…Kirlyam and mormon boy have not had sex and has his buddy chaperone them…Mike the unemployed slob is scared to death of his biker freak ex-wife and lets her boss them around…Russ’s mom is scared that hottie Paola is going to sleep with her husband…sheesh!

    • Angela

      I think you are absolutely correct about Russ. I thought I was the only one that thought that, lol.

    • Morgan Gorby

      I agree about her accent… I’ve noticed a few times it completely being gone and thinking to myself how weird and suspicious that was.

      • J. Walker

        Yes, and in addition to not having a Russian accent she also speaks with the mannerisms of native english speakers…

        • anon

          I’m argentinian and I’m currently living in Buenos Aires. If you listen to me speaking in English you’d think I’m an american. Accent isn’t that hard to learn if you’re specializing on learning a foreign language. I had subjects like “English Phonetics and phonology” when I was in college. Don’t judge Aziza

          • J. Walker

            Very difficult to accomplish. I have studied Español for years and I’m sure nobody would mistake me for a native (pick latin country) speaker.

            • anon

              I’m getting my B.A. in Conference interpretation of English, so that explains a lot. But yeah, I agree it’s not easy.

              • J. Walker

                Kudos to you. Sounds like you’re doing a great job.

  • Emily Morgan Chamberlain

    Is it just me or is everyone being TERRRRRRIBLE to Paola??? Yikes. Maybe it’s just editing, but the Okies are eating her ALIVE!!! Come down to Texas beb ; ) You and I will have a little tequila and do some shopping. You seem like a sweetheart!!!!

  • twocharacters

    My skepticism has more to do with TLC, they’re known to have the most contrived reality shows. I think some of the relationships portrayed on that show are probably genuine. I’m still pretty doubtful of that Mormon guy. For the record, it’s not anachronistic since those sites do exist.

  • Janet

    These guys are such losers and so cheap..not prepared to be married and start families…poor communicators who get these girls from other countries as American girls know how cheap, naive and dumb they are.

    • Ardeare

      American women have been doing it to men for decades. Don’t get self righteous now.

  • Kim Jones

    Kim i

  • Kim Jones

    I REALLY feel bad for that beautiful Kirlymn?(spelled wrong prob)- All i foresee happening is her blowing her chances of becoming a very rich, beautiful, model and her idiot fiancé’ totally ruining it for her! What an idiot he is he is sooooo annoying!! Hopefully, she’ll open her eyes and realize- he’s just jealous-and insecure! I don’t blame him. She is strikingly beautiful!!1!

    • Ardeare

      There are actually women out there who aren’t gold diggers, superficial, and conniving……….guess that leaves you out!!!

  • Misti Pittman

    I don’t get it. Most of these people from these countries had jobs and money. Then they come to the US and live off their fiancé’s money. Where is the money they had? I.E.: Yamir on this year’s show, he was a “major” pop star, where is his money? Mohammed on this year’s show, he said he gave up his job in Tanisia. Where is his money? Danielle paid for his flight and his travel to the US. Why?? Where is his money if he was working? Anyone have any idea? Thanks!