VIDEO The Teen Mom 2 Season 5 trailer is here!

Chelsea Aubree Teen Mom 2 Season 5

The much-anticipated Teen Mom 2 Season 5 trailer is here and it’s somehow even more explosive than I imagined! Here’s the clip, posted by MTV earlier today, followed by bullet point highlights for each of the gals:

“You think you know these moms? Just wait.

“This January, they’ve grown up in ways no one expected and their lives are more complicated than ever.

“On Tuesday, January 21st, they’re back and so is their drama.

Teen Mom 2 premieres Tuesday, January 21st, 10/9 Central on MTV.”

Here are each of the cast members with my thoughts on what we can expect from each based on the trailer:

Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert getting a divorce during Teen Mom 2 Season 5?

Leah Calvert

Leah and Corey continue to seek medical treatment for their daughter Ali, who is seen in the clip in an electric wheel chair. Though both are obviously distraught over what appears to be some bad news, Corey remains positive while Leah seems overwhelmed and less optimistic.

Leah and husband Jeremy Calvert argue over finances, something fans will remember was a huge issue with Leah and Corey (and most couples for that matter) as well. In a shocking scene Leah is talking on the phone with someone and says, “He’s going to file for divorce tomorrow.” Noooooooooo!!! I hope Leahmey wasn’t having serious trouble behind the scenes!

Jenelle Evans decides to have an abortion in Teen Mom 2 Season 5 trailer video

Jenelle Evans

In the clip Jenelle reveals that she is pregnant, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise to fans. But, she drops a HUGE bomb when she states quite calmly, “It would be selfish to Jace if I had another child. I decided that I am going to get an abortion.” Wait, what?!? Jenelle had an abortion?!? Or did she just decide at one point to have an abortion before having her miscarriage? Or is this an entirely different pregnancy?!?

And it looks like we will be seeing A LOT of Jenelle’s new boyfriend Nathan Griffith! And apparently he and Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans didn’t exactly hit it off, judging from the scene featuring the two of them screaming at each other over Jenelle’s heroin use, which ends with Babs yelling, “You know what, F**k you! I didn’t put a needle in her arm!”

Strangely absent front he trailer (and possibly Season 5?) is Jenelle’s husband Courtland Rogers. It will be interesting to see how MTV handles the transition from Courtland to Nathan this season!

Teen Mom 2 Season 5 will feature Kailyn Lowry's wedding, second pregnancy and buying a house

Kailyn Lowry Marroquin

Kail pretty much sums up what we can expect from her this season when she says in the clip, “We have a wedding, buying a house, and a baby on the way.” (I love it when she’s getting a sonogram and the always-direct Isaac declares, “Take it out!”)

But, it looks like there was A TON of behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the wedding including conflict with her ex Jo Rivera and the difficult decision whether or not to invite her mother to the ceremony. “I just don’t want my mom to come because I just don’t want pain around my wedding day,” an emotional Kail says in the clip.

I can’t wait to see Kailyn Lowry’s happy ending with Javi Marroquin this season!!! The wedding, the child, the house… all of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind go to court in Teen Mom 2 Season 5 preview clip

Chelsea Houska

With Chelsea Houska it looks like her major story line will be about her ex Adam Lind and his girlfriend Taylor Halbur. In case you missed it, Adam and Taylor had a baby daughter this summer, and I’m sure the concept of “step-mom” and “step-sister” “half-sister” is going to be difficult for Aubree to get used to and even more difficult for Chelsea!

Plus, it appears that Adam is going after Chelsea in court, more than likely battling for additional custody rights of Aubree. Let’s just hope his jaw-dropping history of run-ins with the law, including three separate DUI arrests, means Chelsea has little to worry about.

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  • steph

    I canยดt wait!

  • Guest

    Got the DVR all set!!!!

  • Hayzii

    Looks like it’s going to be good! Anything is better than TM3 so bring it on!

  • kim

    Isaac was so cute when he was telling them to take the baby out

  • Jean

    Can’t wait to watch these train wrecks!!!

  • MarieAntoinette

    Not looking forward to seeing Kailyn take away Isaac from his dad and her whine about it. So infuriating.

    • natlee

      Joe actually moved away first to New Jersey.

      • MarieAntoinette

        The distance between New Jersey and Pennsylvania wasn’t much at all. Jo was still able to see his son every week because he drove back to his hometown from on the week ends.

        Kail moved away to Arkansas or some state like that (from what I was able to gather) because of Javi’s orders from the military. Jo is therefore not able to see his son on a weekly basis anymore and Isaac cannot be around his dad’s family as much as he used to. Selfish, if you ask me knowing how much they were involved and how much Jo takes his role as a father seriously. She pretty much took Isaac away with her just so she could have her white picket pence dream and start a new family with Javi regardless of Isaac missing out on being with his father once a week. SELFISH!

        • groreja

          Actually Kailyn only moved to Delaware. Apparantly it’s the same distance from Jo just in a different direction.

    • AshlyLynne

      Kail doesn’t take Isaac away from Jo…SMH. Way to make assumptions…that’s infuriating!!

    • hi

      Kail is definitely one of the most annoying/controlling moms of the series

  • amberc88

    yayyyy looks like a good INTENSE season!

  • Katie

    At least this season looks more recent then the ones they’ve had.

    • shebee

      I was thinking the same thing. I guess MTV scrambled after seeing the ratings for TM3 and filmed some fairly recent footage for TM2. I wonder how they will fill in the gaps of the last what, year and a half almost? I think.

      • AshlyLynne

        They will probably do a special before the season airs

    • AshlyLynne

      It is…they were filming over the summer into September & October I believe. ๐Ÿ™‚

      They were already done filming when TM3 aired.

  • Amanda

    Just a little FYI, Taylor’s daughter isn’t Aubree’s step sister. They share a parent, therefore, they are half sisters.

  • A.J.

    Aww, I love how Isaac is so concerned. “Mommy, stop crying.” I can’t wait.

  • ManBearPig

    Jenelle still looks cracked out as shit.

  • Pat Brown

    a great season, they all used their gifts and opportunities from MTV to better themselves, ALL of them graduated from college, are pursuing careers, are in the Peace Corps, Harvard bond, finding a cure for cancer, feeding the poor, visiting the elderly, thriving in very healthy relationships , and are seller examples to society at large!

    • please

      Come brag when you’ve done all those things too, Saint Pat.

      • Sam

        Pat Brown always has something negative to say about these girls and their families. S/he must live a perfect life (eye roll)

      • Pat Brown

        i’ve accomplished far more than any of them, without the HUGE tools MTV provided to all of these losers. my daughter who is closer to their ages did too. She graduated from an IVY league school with honors, went into into the Peace Corps proudly served, speaks 6 languages fluently, has just graduated from medical school! I can tell the difference between a brilliant humble hard worker, and a lazy entitled loser!

        • please

          Don’t you think you’re a little out of the target market to be so interested in this show?

          Also can you please provide me tips on how to be as awesome as your daughter? I’ve always wanted to be perfect, but I thought it was unattainable. now i see that I was wrong!

          • Pat Brown

            she’s far from perfect, no one is perfect, I stumbled on the show years ago, while looking for something else, and I started watching, but yes, to have a truble free child it takes a lot of work, it was not easy, although she was a great kid, we always stressed to her that actions have consequences, you come home prego, it’s nails in your coffins, you pay for YOUR actions, we thank goodness didn’t have problems like these girls have, I think they had way too much freedom, and very uuatentive parents, they have a BIG part in their children;s failuers, look at Amber’s parent’s how toxic and dysfuncainal they are, hard to have a GREAT kid with parents like that. I can watch what I want per the constitution.

  • kelly

    we havent even got the last season in AUS yet ๐Ÿ™

  • Brynn

    Ali is so freaking cute. So proud of her for walking :’-)

    Am I the only one who finds it kinda weird that this preview doesn’t mention anything about Leah’s pregnancy or Addie, though both Jenelle’s and Kail’s pregnancies seem like big “storylines”. I guess Leah’s segments will be more about her embarrassing relationship drama again than anything going on with her kids.

    • AshlyLynne

      Leah already had Addie when they started filming for the season…that’s why you don’t see anything about that, you do see her carrying the infant seat around tho ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Maryanne

      I think Aleeah is absolutley gorgeous and it’s pretty sad that everyone always seems to ignore and talk about how cute ali is.The poor kid seems to get no attention on the boards and leah and corey seem to devote all their time to ali.I wanna see more beautiful Aleeah.I hope she recieves love and doesn’t feel pushed to the side.She is precious andi love her feisty personality and big blue eyes.

      • Tamara

        I agree Maryanne.Watching this clip you would think leah only had one daughter.It’s COMPLETLEY obvious they and everyone else favor ali over aleeah.

        • please

          Um I wouldn’t say that…. when one child has special needs OBVIOUSLY they are going to need more attention paid to them and that’s something no one can help. Plus MTV edits it to make it part of their storyline. It’s pretty ridiculous that people think Ali is the “favourite”. Leah may be a lot of ridiculous things but it’s clear she loves her girls to death, equally.

          • Brittany

            That’s not true. They CAN help it. I’m in the health field and people with a special needs child are often told in therapy to set “special time” for their other children individually because they often get ignored and pushed to the side. They also are told to not ignore their accomplishments but celebrate them as accomplishments (as they should!). The child’s life revolves around the child with special needs and they often get no recognition for positive actions (awards from school, grades, etc.), which sometimes leads to negative behaviors in order to get any kind of attention at all.

            • Seriously?

              How do you know Leah, Jeremy and Corey don’t set aside special time for Aleeah? You’re making unfounded accusations. Until you’re in her shoes, it’s difficult for any of us to KNOW how we would react to having a child with special needs. You know what you see on TV. MTV can’t show you every single second of these peoples lives.

              • Brittany

                All we can go by is what we’ve seen. I have NEVER seen Aleeah get alone time with her parents. I have seen her scream loudly when Leah is on the phone or trying to talk to others at a restaurant, etc. etc. From what I’ve seen, it appears as though She is screaming for attention: good or bad.
                Of course Ali needs special care/attention, but that tends to overshadow the other children because the parents think the others are fine as long as they have their health. I see it all of the time. It happens often.
                And DUH of course I’m going to judge by what I see. What the f*** else can I do? You can only go by what you’re given. That’s like asking me not to judge Jenelle by her past (and current) actions. Life doesn’t work like that. People go by what they see now and what they’ve seen in the past, even you.

                • Tamara

                  Exactly.All i see is ali getting attention heapped on her while poor ali gets dropped off to a relative like discarded trash.I can’t believe she when and had another kid when she can’t even pay attention to aleeah.I’m sure addie will be relegated to the backround and disposed of any storyline for the Ali show.That poor kid is acting out because she gets no attention.Leah is always posting about ali and always tweeting about ali and the “fans”are even worse.I have seen people put down aleeah and rave about ali like she is the cutest/smartest thing since slice bread.She ain’t that cute and that has nothing to do with her disability.She is nowhere as cute as Aubree.It gets a little tiring hearing people talk about her and gush like she is the second coming.Makes me wonder if she was the one with glasses and special needs would they fawn all over aleeah?Leah’s FB and Television without pity are the worst towards aleeah.I really hope we get to see more on aleeah and her milestones then just being dumped off to her grandparents or a prop to ali.Ali is the not the first kid to have a SN and won’t be the last.

                  • Eve

                    Oh, come down from your high horse, Tamara, especially if you’re going to say negative things about Ali (“she ain’t that cute!” “…nowhere near as cute as Aubree” your exact words). You’re doing the same thing to Ali that you claim the public is doing to Aleeah. You are NO BETTER than the rest.

                    • Nicole

                      Aubree is the cutest and i also don’t think Aliannah is that cute,but everyone is always gushing over how she is the cutest.Are you going to tell me how i should think too?

                    • Mysti

                      I’m not telling anyone how they should think LOL. I don’t give a rat’s ass what your opinion is, or hers. I’m just saying that if you’re going to call out someone for doing something (ie, saying one kid is cuter than another or isnt that cute at all) while doing that same thing yourself, it makes you less credible. I’m just saying she’s no better than the people she’s complaining about.

                    • Eve

                      Sorry, posted that under my other name on here. I’m Eve or Mysti.

            • please

              No, they can’t help that Ali has special needs and that naturally more attention will be drawn to that. That’s what I’m saying. I agree that yes they can make sure they spend the time to ensure that Aleeah does not feel excluded or unimportant. They have every control over that. But most importantly, you don’t know whether they take the time to do that or not! You have no idea. Neither do I. but people are suggesting that Ali is Leah’s “favourite” because of her special needs. No, Leah just needs to worry about her more because of those needs. And since it is a more compelling storyline, MTV will feature Ali’s issues as part of the story. Which Leah also can’t help. It’s not about her loving or preferring any child more than the other.

          • Tamara

            Please yourself.Everything on twitter and Facebook is Ali,Ali,Ali.All leah does is tweet about ali and post pictures of ali.Nothing about Aleeah’s milestones and the general public is much worse always talking about how ali is the cuter twin and how ali is smarter twin and how she is the favorite.That’s f’ed up and i know if i had twins and people were constantly talking about how one twin was much cuter then the other i would be pissed.If you pay attention you will also notice that if leah or jeff post pictures of both girls Ali will have 12,000 likes for example and poor Aleeah only 3,000.It’s screwed up and Aleeah might as well not even be on Tm2.It’s not like we get to see any of her milestones she might as well be scenery for the ali show.I really wonder if Aleeah was the one with special needs if everybody would be fawning over her.It’s pretty shitty how people are always saying how wonderful and adorable and pretty her sister is and she pretty much gets shafted.No one the poor thing acts out she gets no attention with everyone fawning over her sister.

        • Jules

          I think it’s funny that now people say they favor Ali because I remember a time not so long ago that everyone accused Leah of favoring Aleeah. They don’t control how MTV edits things and the fact of the matter is that people are interested in hearing about Ali’s conditions. No one else on the show, or 16 & Pregnant if I remember correctly, has a child with special needs other than Leah.

          • Jessica

            I actually think Aleeah is the cuter twin.I would love to hear more about her and her milestones.

      • Brynn

        oh PLEASE.

        I never said “Ali is cute and Aleeah sucks!” I love Aleeah too and think she’s beautiful, but I’ve never seen Ali walk before, and for a while no one knew if she ever would, so yeah, it’s a big deal and I’m proud of her. And Ali is in the preview more, so I noticed her more here. *shrug*

        It was an innocent comment, no need for people to get all defensive about Aleeah and try to make me or others feel bad about saying Ali’s cute. I don’t prefer Ali, I honestly just feel like I know more about her because we’ve been on this health journey with her and feel that she has more obstacles to overcome. Just because we love and are proud of Ali doesn’t mean we don’t love Aleeah.

        I was excited for Aleeah and Aubree and the other kids when they started walking too, and for all their milestones.

        • Mysti

          I’m with Brynn on this. It’s not our fault that MTV chooses to show more of Ali than it does of
          Aleeah, therefore some viewers feel like they have slightly more of an emotional connection to Ali than Aleeah. It’s as simple as that. That’s not the public’s fault. We just don’t see as much of Aleeah. Like Brynn was saying, I just feel like I KNOW Ali a little better. That does not mean I prefer her over Aleeah or think Aleeah is less special of a girl. IDGAF about these girls’ Twitters or Facebooks so I don’t look at those, therefore I only go by what I see on the show.

          It’s not our fault that MTV put several scenes of Ali and barely any of Aleeah into this trailer. obviously people are going make more remarks about Ali here. It’s not our fault that MTV chooses not to show Aleeah’s accomplishments like it does Ali, therefore the public doesn’t comment on how proud we are of Aleeah’s milestones – how can we if we’re not shown them?!

          • Amber

            You know Ali better cause they never show Aleeah!!!LOL.When do we ever see the poor kid besides getting dumped on her grandparents they can fawn all over ali?How the hell whould you expect to know her?The poor kid gets labled as a brat while ali is the sweet/intelligent/cute one.That is f’d up.

            • Mysti

              No one here called her a brat?

              • Amber

                No not here,but on other message boards like the website Televison without pity and on Leah’s facebook and other sites.People say really nasty things about aleeah and talk about how bratty she is and how ali is so much cuter and well behaved and how ali is the cuter twin and no wonder leah pays more attention to the “cute”one,etc…it’s really shitty and f’ed up.I feel bad for the poor thing living in Ali’s shadow.

        • Tamara

          so maryann can’t voice an opinion that wasn’t even aimed at you?If you go to Leah’s twitter people are calling her out right now that she favors ali over aleeah.Alot of people are not happy with the blantent favorticism.She was making a point that you along with everyone else are always fawning over ali.Every since this trailor people are finally speaking out on aleeah’s behave.

          • Brynn

            “wasn’t even aimed at me”? It WAS aimed at me if it was literally a response to a comment that I posted, which it was. If you’re just writing a general comment, you don’t write it as a reply to something someone else said. I’m not on Twitter and don’t look at their Twitters and don’t care to. I don’t care about the moms enough to do that.

            I’m just so sick of people acting like every person who watches the show either favors Ali or Aleeah. I’m literally saying I don’t. I SAID I love Aleeah too. I was just “fawning over” Ali in this preview because I’ve never seen her walk before. I’m not all over the internet saying Ali is cute and ignoring Aleeah. Other than Starcasm I don’t look at these girls or the babies online. It was just a one time comment on this trailer. I honestly had no idea it would trigger this.

            • Amber

              They do at least on other boards.Go to leah and corey’s FB pages and sites like TWOP and you will know what everyone is talking about.People are always talking about how ali is the cute one and their favorite.People actually say nasty things about Aleeah and how she will never be cute and intelligent like ali.It’s been going on for ages now and it is completley vicious.I don’t know how much Leah moniters her FB page,but if i had twins and people were always talking about how one is so cute,intelligent,thier favorite and putting down the other then you better believe it would not be pretty.This entire trailor is all ali and no sign of aleeah or addie.I don’t think it’s what you said as it’s so much the entire internet and TM Sites and years of blantent favoring ali over Aleeah.I don’t know what leah and corey do behind closed doors,but what i do see is one kid reciving wayyyy more attention then the other.Constant FB posts and pictures,tweeting,songs dedicated to ali.The main problem is the general public who put down an innocent toddler and completley gush and fawn over her sister.Jeff will post pics of the girls and Ali will get 800 comments while poor aleeah gets 50.If you follow leah’s FB and other TM sites you will see it too.

              • Brynn

                As I said, I have no interest in going on their Facebooks or Twitters. I believe what you’re saying, that people appear to favor one over the other. I understand what everyone’s saying. But I’m not going to look it up myself. I don’t like Leah and I’m not going to find her on social media just to see people say negative things about her children. No thanks.

                I’m just saying, if everyone’s so bothered take it up with the people who actually SAY bad things about the twins instead of just with someone who said one was cute because she was the one shown doing more things in the trailer.

                I feel like I just keep repeating myself on here. I’m done.

    • DM

      You can see Addie in the preview.

    • ChelseaWasLyke

      There’s a subliminal hint that she’s pregnant when she tells him “it’s more than just a cold”… I’m probably wrong but that’s the way I took it

      • Chelsea

        Just kidding, Im stupid. I remembered incorrectly

    • spottedgiraffe

      It shows her feeding the new baby in the trailer. They probably didn’t explicitly state anything about the baby because Leah had a small segment after the baby was born so they probably assumed the baby is already common knowledge

  • Krispy Kreme McDonalds

    All of them come off looking like selfish jackasses!!!

  • Miss

    Does anyone know where I can watch this outside of the US? I can’t find it anywhere ๐Ÿ™

    • CJ

      I hear ya – I’m in the same boat. Can’t find anywhere to watch this…

      • Jackie

        its on youtube, search teen mom 2 season 5 and filter results to today upload

    • SmrtLikeStik

      download the Hola app for google chrome and you can watch US shows in Canada and other countries

    • Kara

      You can watch it on Tubeplus.

  • Hey there

    This trailer actually looks like it is going to be a good season. I hope they focus more on Ali’s condition than they have in the past.

    • Roo

      Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with Ali? I thought it might have been so rare form of MS (saw Leah retweeting about it). I hope they finally have a diagnosis, and it’s so good to see her walking!

      Quick question, I’m from the uk so the education system is a little different. But why did Ali and Aleah start school at different times? With them being twins I thought you’d start them together?

      • Kaycee

        Typically, they would start together and go to the same school. But I think, though I am not certain, that Ali possibly goes to a school for her special needs.

      • Kallie

        She looks like a Dwarf.Her body is severly out of perportion with those club feet and deformed bowed legs.Her forehead and head are huge and the stubby chubby limbs and cross eyes and heavily bloated trunk and belly are all signs of dwarfism not to mention she is WAYYYY shorter then The other twin.

        • sammy

          And what is wrong with YOU, exactly?

          • Angie

            Sammy,why are you attacking Kallie?She was just describing ali and her symptoms.I personally think/thought ali had dwarfism as well.No need to jump down her throat.

      • Kendra

        At first i though she had dwarfism but now i am hearling mitochondrial disease or Ms.I don’t know how mito could explain the fact that she is so much shorter then aleeah.Her limbs are much shorter too as well as everything else.I also thought she was a dwarf/little person.

  • Katie

    How has no one commented about Jenelle’s abortion bombshell yet? That really threw me for a loop. We all know her “miscarriage” last January was a lie… but did she really abort the pregnancy instead?!

    • Katie

      Hold up. The footage from this season was filmed over summer 2013. That means Jenelle’s abortion comment was in reference to ANOTHER pregnancy, one that we had never heard about. WTF.

    • Brittany

      Yes she was pregnant again. People that follow her on Twitter know.
      Gary leaked it to pretty much any and everybody. She drank during it because she knew she was going to get an abortion and Gary told her not to drink until she had it. It’s speculated that she was pregnant by Gary’s friend, Ryan Dolph, who had a girlfriend of a very long time. Jenelle pretty much broke them up.

      • Katie

        I follow her on Twitter but somehow I missed all of this. Wow. Just wow.

        • Brittany

          You gotta be fast, the girl moves quickly.
          But I guess I shouldn’t say “follow HER on Twitter.” I actually don’t follow her but the people who air out her dirty laundry and lies with proof. The girl is such a devastating mess. She really does lie constantly and even about the dumbest things.

    • Xx

      Exactly! How many times has this girl actually been pregnant at this point!? So trashy.

  • Laura

    Taylor is not Aubree’s stepmother, but she sure acts like she is. It’s disrespectful.

    • please

      What is Taylor supposed to do? Treat Aubree badly?

      • Laura

        Of course not, she just needs to know her place.

        • Question

          “Know her place?” Not that it matters, but how would you like her to treat Aubree?

          • Laura

            It’s not about how she treats Aubree.

        • please

          How do you know she doesn’t “know her place”. Just because crying Chelsea says “she’s not a stepmother!!!!” doesn’t mean that she’s trying to be.

    • frontdoormom

      How is she supposed to interact with her? You should always respect a child. Should she ignore her? Smack her around? You keep saying, its not about the way she treats her. So what is it?

      • Laura

        She’s playing house and posts photos of Aubree.

  • Brittany

    I love Jenelle’s response to Jace saying “oh f***,” as if it’s nothing. That’s a pretty shocking thing for a 4 year old to say. A normal person would have been astonished and at least given him an “excuse me” or something. Can’t wait to see Teen Mom so I can watch her not be a mom!

  • frontdoormom

    Omg kailyn annoys me so bad! I hope to see one of these girls working or something! Thats what irritates me more. How is Chelsea out of all of them, never been pregnant again?! That is mind boggling but the rest are squeezing them out like crazy.

    • Xx

      I think Chelsea had a pregnancy scare last season after she had unprotected sex with Adam (gross)… unless I’m confusing her with someone else. I’m actually shocked she didn’t try to “accidentally” have another one with Adam in an attempt to get him back. She was supposedly still sleeping with him while Taylor was pregnant. Why these girls want that bald, drunk driving loser is beyond me.

      • Stephanie

        I am so glad that I am not the only one who looks at that guy wondering wtf is wrong with these girls. He is an ugly jack ass and I am lost about why Chelsea is obsessed with him. Is it normal for someone his age to be balding? Are there really no other males in South Dakota? I hope Chelsea gets over him, I would like her more if she wasn’t so shamefully and desperately obsessed with him.

  • chellove teen mom2

    This looks great!!! been a big fan of the site and Teen Mom2 my fav, Starcasm has kept me so up to date on the timeline of this. MTV IS gonna show Leah have her babygirL They cant hide that FACT she was pregnant first especially if Chelsea was goin through this issues with Adam baby mama, I feel for Chelsea that has to be crazy hard to see the guy u love step up for another woman and make a child and do right but, he and Chelsea couldn’t make a way, Kailyn may her and her family have the best and she should look to her children in interest, she has two Hispanic boys o protect her Jenelle, jenelle… what can u say she is an active girl but she needs some guidance and no matter how much she cries but let her know u love her, shell be ight though she tough. I cant wait =)

  • Iysis

    I don’t know why but I never really liked Kailyn very much. Jenelle… well that’s a lost cost at this point lol. I wish Chelsea would just move on from Adam and find someone worth her time! She is a really pretty girl and seems really nice so why is she so stuck on him? I feel almost the same about Leah as I do Kail at this point after she did Corey, but it’s nice to see her daughter beating the odds!They are both cute little girls !

  • Renee

    Aubree is a total doll!!My Fave.

  • Ashlee

    I have never seen to twins that look so different.Ali and Aleeah don’t even look like they could be cousins let alone sisters.If i saw them for the first time i would NEVER guess they were even related,besides the fact that ali looks much younger then aleeah and is extremley shorter in stature due to her genetic syndrome.My mother is a faternal twin and i have seen many twins that were not idenetical but at least has similar features.It’s crazy how different they look!

  • Jenette

    Sadly is looks like ali may not have a long time to live with the disease she has which is a rare form of muscle dystrophy.Most children make it to their early 20’s and die or are bound to a wheelchair after all their muscles are eaten away at and eventually spreads to the heart and the body shuts down completley.It is a fatal disease and there is no cure.It looks very bad for the poor little girl.

  • Demona

    Leahmey? Really? You gave them a pet name? They have as much long lasting staying power as there is film to be put on television.