MUG SHOT Jenelle Evans arrested after alleged fight with boyfriend Nathan Griffith

December 2013 Jenelle Evans mug shot

Just days after announcing she was expecting her second child with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested Saturday after an argument with Nathan got out of hand.

“She was arrested at about 6PM tonight on a charge of Breach of Peace and has been released on bond,” North Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer Patrick Dowling tells In Touch. “I will not have details until Monday when I can get an incident report,” he adds.

UPDATE – Dowling has since released more information about the arrest from the original police report that indicates Jenelle and Nathan were involved in an argument. Click here to find out more!

The tabloid spoke to a neighbor of Jenelle and Nathan who says Jenelle “locked [Nathan] out of the house” and then revealed, “He was banging on the door, and someone must’ve called the cops.”

When police arrived the neighbor says Jenelle was reluctant to let them in, but finally relented. Officers entered the home and “next thing you know she was being brought out in handcuffs,” says the neighbor.

This is the second run-in with North Myrtle Beach police for the couple after Nathan was arrested for a DUI and resisting arrest in September.

So far all has been quiet from Jenelle on Twitter, although she did tweet, “Oh man that was funny.” just before 8PM EST, although it’s unclear if that was in reference to the arrest.

UPDATE – That didn’t take long! Jenelle just took to Twitter to tell her side of the story, saying whole thing was blown out of proportion and may have been the result of their neighbors trying to make money selling a story:

Dude u can say what u want. The cops r sooooo annoyed by my neighbor constantly calling the cops on our dog and sh!t..

Went as far as my mom yelling at my neighbors if they don’t stop she will sue them. She did it to sell a story.

I’ve been in my house all day long… She even said Nathan was outside yelling at my mom on the phone… Lmfao no he wasn’t

she even snapped pics of my mom and myself… The cops were SPYING for 3 hours from MY NEIGHBORS WHO CALLED! It’s all BS…

Tweeter: You love at the jail now? Because if you went to jail you’ve not been in your house all day!

I’ve been home all day… I was only in there for 30 mins , none of u even knew a f***ing thing until she sold the story

my mom is sooooooo mad at the neighbors she even wanted me to stay with her tonight to get away

dude I was about to head to @DolphRyan house for a few days! No lie , that’s why my mom even drove here to see wtf was goin on

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  • Red


    • Derek’s Driveway


      All kidding aside, I wish I could like that comment about a thousand times. Thank you for making my entire weekend! I needed a laugh today.

    • ashley

      Best. Comment. Ever.

    • blue

      Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Thank you!!

  • sweetangelbaby

    jenelle getting arrested and then denying anything happened… i am shocked (note the sarcasm) awww Nathan you dumb arrogant sh*t, you might as well start organising your defence attorney now, because the next step is going to be accusations of beating her knowing this girls M.O

    • Ashley

      EXACTLY! They’ll break up, she’ll say he hit her, they’ll get back together cus “he’s changed’, break up again, miscarriage cus he hit her.

  • DeeDeDee

    So they cuffed her, arrested her, and booked her… for no reason?

    • lol yeah right

      Totally ! Don’t you know it’s everyone fault but Jenelle’s ?

    • sweetangelbaby

      well duh!!! coz shes like such a celebrity and everything 😉

    • Red

      Uhm, DeeDeDee?? Can you read?? This is JENELLE they are talking about here. Jenelle never does ANYTHING wrong. She is a victim. The whole world is out to get her.
      Plus, we know she has a GREAT track record for telling the truth!! She gave us a PERFECTLY logical explanation.


      • DeeDeDee

        Well looks like I was right! She was arrested for no reason! She was yelling and cussing at police officers and they interrupted her tirade and took her to jail! Seeeee! No reason!

        • Red

          Police brutality.

  • Tamtam

    I’m glad she isn’t my neighbor.

  • lol yeah right

    Look Baby a picture of me when I was pregnant with you ! Perfect Baby Book Item !

    • sweetangelbaby

      bahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahaahahahahahah!!! ok this made me laugh cause i can just imagine that

    • Derek’s Driveway

      You say this as if she’ll have custody.

      After this, I hope Babs makes the right decision and takes off with that baby as soon as it pops out.

  • nanaboo

    And cue the miscarriage….

    • LexiconD1

      That was EXACTLY my thought reading the headline…

      Bets on how long until?

    • ameliaBedelia76

      ahhh snaps!! you know it!

    • anjealka

      Right now I would be happy to hear this was another fake pregnancy but this time I think it might be for real.

  • M

    What the hell is wrong with her eyebrows? Doe she pluck them that way on purpose?

  • Iysis

    Tomorrow’s story will be: Jenelle has boyfriend arrest for abuse and fears miscarriage. She has a pattern of announcing on twitter how “happy” her and a new guy are then maybe a few weeks later she is crying about how he beats her or is cheating on her. Does one ever wonder why that is? Not every guy is a bad guy but yet and all every and I mean EVERY guy she has dated she has accused of abusing her. Kieffer, Courtland, the army guy can’t think of his name, but I give it a week maybe and she’ll be filing charges about him beating and the baby and she miscarried again.

  • Alex

    Another mug shot for the collection…..LOSER ASS WHITE TRASH HONKIE

    • ameliaBedelia76

      lol Honkie.. i haven’t heard that in years. Thanks for the laugh

  • A_Nicole

    Yes because cops always hide out at the neighbors so they can arrest you. Is she for real Jenelle is always full of BS and I love how her mindless followers will believe anything she says.

  • Harper

    Cops threw her in cuffs for a reason…not because the neighbors are a- holes. Sorry Jenelle, I don’t buy it….grow up and stop acting like a trashy little punk on a Cops episode. I hope CPS is taking note.

  • Whocares

    Yea, because cops always arrest people for talking on their phone outside.

    • Anon

      Lol I just laughed out loud. That’s how ridiculous she sounds though… She was arrested for no apparent reason!? She’s so dumb, and it’s just so entertaining watching her lolol.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        for serious, that is the story that she thinks people will believe! She is such a joke

  • Surprise, surprise

    How in the hell does this girl still have fans and defenders on twitter!? What is wrong with people? I get giving someone the benefit of the doubt but at some point it gets ridiculous. Yeah it’s sooo annoying dealing with cops when you fight so loud that strangers have to call the police to shut your up. That not being nosy, it’s a last ditch effort to shut up rude, trashy people that have no consideration for their neighbors! But yes, of course it’s not Jenelle and Nathan’s fault, it’s their mean neighbors picking on super celebrity Jenelle! Do they just choose to forget that these two have broken up multiple times since they’ve been dating and that it’s not unbelievable, considering Jenelle’s dating history, that they were fighting loud enough for cops to be called?

    Seriously though, I’ve seen cops show up for noise complaints (I live in a condo) and I have never witnessed someone being arrested for it. If they are, it’s because they were belligerent/aggressive with the cops or some other type of crime was occurring. Jenelle was not taken in simply because of a noise complaint. What a stable wonderful relationship this is, perfect for a baby! Whoever said countdown to when she claims he beat her and has a miscarriage is right, I put nothing past these girls after what Nikkole pulled off. Anything for RadarOnline to pay them, it’s disgusting. And I’ve always defended Barb but if she’s supporting this relationship then she’s just as bad for Jace as any of them. I just wonder how much of her agreeing with Jenelle’s boy hopping is about being on MTV and getting money from it. Barb supposedly loved Gary and Courtland too, she’s not a good judge of character. Jace should have been adopted out at birth, as this new baby should be.

  • Michael

    I don’t know why tabloids bother to run these stories since we know it will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be someone elses fault.

  • Coco

    ‘People change… I’ve changed’…. Yeah right jenelle..

  • ameliaBedelia76

    so if they weren’t fighting then what cause would the police have as a reason to arrest her? The police would not suggest that she file any type of suit. She acts like she is some sought after celebrity that these neighbors want to sell stories about her. I bet her big a$$ dogs can be annoying too

  • bambiglanville

    why does she believe people care enough about her to “sell stories”… I wish she would wash up and vanish. ffs I am so tired of hearing about this nobody.

  • Anomynous

    Which clearly proves that she has not changed.

    This human being has a handful of problems, she should’ve not had gotten pregnant after miscarrying the first baby, it was a sign that she wasn’t supposed too and now that she has gotten pregnant a second time the poor baby will have to live a poor life like her first child.

  • shebee

    That was right one cue. Someone here called it. A pregnancy announcement, a arrest, then here comes the dramatic story surrounding the end of the pregnancy ( I am in way making light of miscarriage but this is Jenelle), a tweet about moving on, then an instagrammed trip to the bar or tattoo parlor or both.

    • sammi

      By June she will be with another man, another accusation stating that Nathan abused her, and more sources stating how happy she is with this new man. Somewhere in the midst of all those events, Courtland will weasel his way back in the tabloids. Its always the same BS with this little girl.

  • Krispy Kreme McDonalds

    #psychobitch #childsocialservices

  • Sara

    So did she lose this baby too now?

  • LaDy

    Why does she think anyone cares what her mom says/does? “My mom wants me to sue” “my mom wants me to stay somewhere else tonight” – big deal?

  • Molly

    And this is why it’s such a great idea to “plan” a pregnancy with a guy you’ve only been dating a few months…oh wait. What a train wreck.

  • Megan

    Totally hawkard after watching tonight’s episode….. #liar

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