REPORT Being Amber, Being Catelynn and Being Farrah specials to air early 2014

Being Amber - Being Catelynn - Being Farrah

On the heels of Maci Bookout’s successful post-Teen Mom MTV special, Being Maci, the network has reportedly decided to give each of the original Teen Moms their own one-hour shows.

According to our friend over at The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, two productions sources confirmed the girls are filming catch-up specials. Each show will likely follow the Being (Name) format, which means you should keep an eye out for Being Amber, Being Catelynn and Being Farrah specials.

This is exciting news, if not altogether surprising: It was a poorly kept secret that Amber Portwood, Gary Shirley and Leah Shirley filmed some kind of special when Amber was released from prison last month.

Farrah Abraham’s dad, Michael Abraham, then teased his daughter’s special via a Facebook post last week.

“This coming weekend we will be busy filming with family and friends… For a surprise for everyone early next year! I can’t tell you yet but you guys will see Farrah, Sophia, Debra and I and ‘friends’ on a special show soon!”

Farrah also shared a picture of Sophia wearing a mic.

Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia filming a reality show

Then there’s Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who were the least inhibited about revealing they are filming with MTV: Tyler shared the following picture yesterday, adding, “What’s a day without cameras all up in your face? Can’t wait to be back on your guys TV screen soon #MTV #KeepAnEyeOut”

Being Catelynn MTV Special

Catelynn and Tyler’s adoption specialist, Dawn Baker, also shared the news on Twitter.

“If you’ve missed @CatelynnLowell @TylerBaltierra you’ll be happy that they are filming this week w/MTV,” she said last week, adding today that she is filming with them.

The Ashley’s sources say the shows will air “early next year.” We’ll keep you posted!

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  • Jenn

    This seems kind of pointless. I get why the did one on Maci; she had gone mostly quiet of TM ended, but we don’t really need an update on the other 3. Farrah is clinging to those 15 minutes of fame and as a result, every pathetic thing she does is reported on gossip sites. Catelynn was on Couples Therapy and Amber’s prison release was captured by the paparazzi.


    ill be watching the Amber and Catelynn specials but there is nothing Farrah is doing that i would watch.

  • meg

    We all know what Farrah has been up to, really MTV like we need an update about her.

    • awoman

      Like they are even going to cover it! I HIGHLY doubt that will go over the porno, all of the surgeries, partying all night and doing blow in bathroom stalls of night clubs. It will just be Farrah lying and pretending to be a good mom for the cameras. They won’t ever depict the countless days she is NOT with her daughter.

  • Agnes

    Being Farrah: spending the whole life on someone’s di(sco sti)ck while your daughter is “doing her own thing”.
    Being Catelynn: hopelessly beilieving that the guy who keeps deceiving you for like 8 years will finally marry you, despite the fact that he openly discusses not getting laid often enough and not being sure if he loves you on TV.
    Being Amber: pretending that 1 year in jail was enough to fix your totally and completely mental self.

  • shebee

    MTV must be struggling for ratings if they are reviving these former teen moms. If the series aren’t doing well then drop the whole concept altogether. I mean with social media and in some cases other media we pretty much all know what these women are (and aren’t) doing. It would be great to show them going to college, raising their kids, working normal jobs, have fun as young adults (similar to what Maci’s special was like with a little less college girl antics) but sadly in at least 2 of these girls cases we know none of that will be the situation.

    • Jenn

      I’d like to see them continue with 16&P and drop TM completely. Then they can do periodic follow ups the girls that do 16&P. This would be a more accurate depiction of what teen motherhood is.

      • shebee

        A continuation with 16&P would be acceptable if the show actually helped combat the issue of teen pregnancy rather than continue to glorify it. I totally understand that an epidemic as huge as teen pregnancy could not be fixed with one television show however, the point and purpose of 16&P was to depict the reality of how being an underage parent changes your life drastically (and not always for the better). With the addition of Teen Mom it seemed like girls were lining up to be chronicled on 16&P in hopes of getting a shot at Teen Mom fame (and MTV pay checks). Since there have been multiple seasons of 16&P and no shortage of babies being born to teenage mothers maybe MTV really should reevaluate its purpose for the reality show series.

        • bambiglanville

          preach it!

        • Pat Brown

          the purpose is and was to make money, MTV is a business, they are in the business of making tv to make money!

    • awoman

      What would really be nice is if they would make a show called, Real Teen Moms and showed real teen moms who were successes or failures…..not moms who already had publicity from their 16 and pregnant episode. Not teen moms who already have their mtv money to fall back on. Teen moms who have lived a real life as a real teen mom…..who needs a job to put food on the table…..or relies on their parents because MANY real teen moms do.

      Once you already give them MTV fame on their 16 and pregnant show and announce who they are so social media can follow them, it is totally corrupted.

      Instead, follow some actual teen moms who don’t have fame and who show what a real teen mother life is like.

      And no, don’t just show success stories because statistically they AREN’T success stories.

      And do ONE freaking season.
      The moment you give anyone fame and money, they are no longer living a normal teen mom life. You shoot the season before you change them.

  • Pat Brown

    these four are all losers, every single one of them, they were given every opportunity to really better themselves, and NONE have, Maci included. Drinking going to clubs, with hopeless losers, and sitting around with a house full of wanna bees. Catelyn and Ty should be the furthest along, they didn’t even raise their child, but yet neither one has graduated from college, and BOTH continue to milk their 15 minutes. None of the girls from any 3 of the shows, were Harvard bound before getting pregnant, none were after and none are now. When Mark Zuckerberg was their age, he was the CEO of Facebook I mean come on already! Loser Central that’s it!

    • Truth

      21 years old and they were both behind in school.. they both did what they needed to do so how would they be done this soon?.. sounds like you’re a hater.. and most children because they are children getting this kind of money wouldn’t have gotten this far is them hater

      • Pat Brown

        They both should have graduated from either a trade school, a 2 year or 4 year college by now, like they said they would do, They are losers looking to milk MTV and Bethany adoption, which is a baby mill, that makes bank for selling babies, and anyone that thinks there is no money involved in that is crazy, You can’t adopt a little white baby without lots of money, adoption is for the rich not poor. It’s disgusting, this whole show needs to go away!

  • Cheermom_1975

    Is it even legal for MTV to air what Farrah has been up to? Lol, her parents are filming a friends part of the special. You are so horrible Farrah that you don’t even have ONE person to call your friend. Oh, that’s right- they’re all too jealous of you…..

  • SammyG

    I can’t wait to watch these train wrecks again! Woo-hoo!

  • Demona

    Who had the bright idea to call them all – being (teen mom name) because none of us want to “be” these girls