VIDEO Habitual DUI offender coma prank goes viral

Viral DUI coma prank video by Tom Mabe

So how do you teach a friend convicted of five DUIs to change his ways? Easy. The next time he (or she) passes out drunk, set up a fake hospital room complete with hospital bed and equipment and have people in nurse and doctor uniforms there when he wakes up to reveal he’s been in a coma for ten years after a drunk driving accident.

Serial prankster Tom Mabe and his friend Jim pull the elaborate prank on their unnamed pal and explain in the clip, “He has five DUIs. We’re trying to prevent number six and save lives.”

Although the hoax appears to work on the confused pal, after it is revealed to be just a prank, the guy just starts laughing, so I’m guessing he is going to celebrate the hilarity of it all with yet another drink. Even so, kudos to Tom and Jim for the epic attempt! (And extra props for the added news report revealing Miley Cyrus was arrested for cooking meth in 2015 before getting into further trouble for pooping in her neighbors’ yards in a Kentucky trailer park, Hilary Clinton has been elected President and has a national Hair Care Program that is driving US citizens into Canada, and that Justin Bieber and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. are lifetime partners celebrating their ten-year anniversary.)

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  • SS

    5 DUIs, he should be sitting in a jail cell. That’s it. Sorry. 1 DUI is bad enough–you didn’t learn your lesson? you did it 4 more times? He probably drove drunk more times than that, it’s just he only got caught by cops 4 more times. They should have let him wake up and think that he had just killed a family of 5 with 3 young children–lets see if that would have had any effect? He should do us all a favor and kill himself since he doesn’t have the self control to keep himself from killing innocents on the road. If I could find him and punch him in the balls repeatedly, I would. I’d kill him.

    • frontdoormom

      Jesus he should just kill himself? I understand the “one is too many times” speech but holy hell to tell someone to kill themselves or threaten to do it is a bit much. Crazy.

      • SS

        I think you’d feel different if, on DUI #9, he killed one of your children. And then you found out that he’s done it so many times before. Pretty sure you’d have a different opinion. But I hope to god you never experience that.

        • frontdoormom

          If anything the system is failing to keep us safe. He shouldve been locked up a long time ago. And i do have a 5 yr old so yes i would be incredibly angry had something that horrendous had happened. For future reference, dont bring children into the equation because trust me as a parent we do think of what ifs like this but its never okay to bring up a death regarding someones still living child. Thats just foul. Some people, and in this situation never learn control. So why not petition for them to be locked up for awhile as a slap of reality? We cant do anything…the system can buttheyre not. That is also a major issue in that mans life.

      • Sam

        I completely agree with you frontdoormom! I absolutely think this guy needs help and should be sitting in a jail cell or rehab right now, but to sit there and tell him “he should do us all a favor and kill himself since he doesn’t have the self control” is a bit much IMO.

        • Sam

          I meant to say that to SS, not Frontdoormom. My apologies.

          • frontdoormom

            Its okay 🙂

  • mileysdoomed

    bahahahahaha miley cyrus. I busted out laughing.

  • Kelly

    The news report was gold.

  • bambiglanville

    The news report. I’m still laughing.